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Java: fantasy RP Sign Up

26-03-2004, 14:31
A leaflet has been pushed through your door saying:

Welcome all!
The new Java Adventure Guild invites you on a quest!
We are looking for three or four experienced adventurers to join a cooperative from the Guild on a quest to find a precious book.
Rewards will be high, although all applicants must be willing to take risks.
Apply at the Cardinal’s Error, Catia. Ask for Jet.

Thank you for your time.
26-03-2004, 16:58
Welcome, discerning traveller!
Welcome to the Cardinal's Error, Catia. I am Jet.
Please, feel free to come over and have a chat -- we are very open-minded here in Java!
So please come, name your character and let us begin our quest!
26-03-2004, 17:11
*tag* for possible involvement...
26-03-2004, 17:52
*tag* same as above...
29-03-2004, 13:10
Here's the deal. We have to break into a mansion. Simple enough, eh? No, not so simple. This mansion is on the island of Cayo, not so far away from where we are stationed. Still sound simple?
We will be stealing the book with the precious necromatical incantations contained, as well as all the 'owner''s notes on said book.
Rewards for finding the book are high, but the 'owner' is the richest guy around- Aril Verkess.
Most people think we're mad to try this... so if you want to come, you'll have to make sure you're in this for good... *gryns*
Also, we could do with some weapons experts, as well as thieves, rogues etc.

*surveys the group* If you think you're up to it, let.. me.. know...

- Jet :eyes: is watching you...