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The 1st Division Change of Plans

24-03-2004, 17:52
(A complex of three squat semi-trailers sprouting a forest of antennaes painted in desert camoflage, placed in a hill in the middle of the badlands of Southern Andaluciae)

General Stillen: Captain, who's flying in?

Captain: It appears someone to be from the high command, Sir.

General Stillen: Thats odd, a commandant coming unnanounced?

(door slams)

Major Harkinson: General, I have been sent by the high command. You have new orders.

Stillen: What might those be, major?

Harkinson: You are to immediately abandon your training exercises, you are to pack up your troops and prepare to have the division transported to Fijar via the airship.

Stilllen(angry): What...

Harkinson: Do not question my orders, your division is the best equipped in all of Andaluciae, follow these orders, they come from the highest levels.

Stillen(condescending): Yessir, Major, right away (to the Captain) Recall all the forces, the mammoth tanks will take some time getting ready.