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New Ship Under Development

24-03-2004, 03:10
The proposed Iroquois class Battleship, the second ship class to be given the Battleship designation, is being developed to replace the aging Bellerophon class Heavy Cruiser (mainly because the picture for the Bellerophon isn't working). The Bellerophon, designed to allow for quick deployment of sufficient firepower without the cost of deploying the larger Destroyer class of ships, has been unsuccessful due to the small number of weaponry turrets. Though it sports two Heavy Beam Cannons, each capable of damaging or even destroying capital class ships, it's relatively small amount of Laser Turrets and lack of high yield warheads makes it highly inefficient when engaging numerous targets at once, which is most likely the circumstances which would require such firepower.

The Iroquois, should it be constructed, shall be likewise armed with two Heavy Beam Cannons, however, it's Laser Turrets will number 26, even greater than that of the massive Orion class Destroyer. In addition, each Iroquois will be deployed carrying three unrestricted Harbinger Warheads, their blast range exponentially larger than the restricted version (which is what is normally deployed). Though no single man ships will be stationed aboard the Iroquois class the sophisticated sensor arrays, stationed at 60 degrees around the entire hull, provide enough targeting data to allow the Laser Turrets to function quite well as fighter deterrents. Thus, there is no need for Flak Guns which provides more energy and room for other systems.

The specific detailing for the ship is under way, and will not be completed unless the Admiralty gives the go-ahead for construction of the Iroquois. At our current development speed we should have the construction designs done within the year, hopefully we will receive our confirmation long before then.

OOC: The reason I didn't have it already completed is because I don't have a picture. My normal picture creator is not available right now and I need a substitue. Anybody feel like making an image for me?
24-03-2004, 05:16
BUMP for comments, and for people to apply for the picture making job
24-03-2004, 05:22
you have Doga?
24-03-2004, 05:24
L1, but I'm horrible with it. Besides, you can't make anything good with L1
Capsule Corporation
24-03-2004, 06:05
I got lightwave... as you know.

Is there any trend/style/tech you want me to follow? Or do I heave free license to make whatever :P
The Bactrians
24-03-2004, 08:25 improvement. The old ship seemed kind of worthless, as it was unable to move its weapons in time to face the ships that it was supposed to face. However, this one is quicker. Nice.
24-03-2004, 21:12
CC, just try to keep it in line with my other ships. Don't make it look completely unconnected to other Klonor vessels. Other than that, go wild.
24-03-2004, 22:11

What's the link to your storefront?

Are these Beam Cannons on turrets or spinal?

These sensors at 60 degrees... does that mean the ship is to be cylindrical or polygonal or something?

Is this ship going to be atmosphere-capable? If so, can it land on ground?
25-03-2004, 00:00
My concept:

This has the exact armament you asked for, I believe. Comments? Corrections?
25-03-2004, 02:37
My storefronts: ( ( ( (

The ship looks nice, except for the Beam Cannons. The Beams look more like just little bumps on the ships rather than actual cannons. You can see them on almost any ship. Little circles, you can't miss 'em.

Regarding their placement, could you put one Beam Cannon at the front of the ship and one at the back? That way they can still use them even if their enemies are all around them.

The ship will not be atmosphere capable, so it can't land on the ground. If it tried it would most likely collapse under its own weight.
25-03-2004, 03:12
25-03-2004, 03:15
Excellent ship. You should be seeing it in action sometime soon :twisted:
25-03-2004, 03:53
The Iroquois may now be purchased at the fabulous Klonor Ship Store for the (relatively) small sum of 40 billion.
25-03-2004, 06:36
Psst, move some of the laser turrets to the underside; huge gaping blind spot.
25-03-2004, 23:55
There actually are several Laser Turrets on the bottom, you just can't see them.
26-03-2004, 12:57
There actually are several Laser Turrets on the bottom, you just can't see them.

Ah, right; invisible guns. Got'cha :wink: :P :P :P
26-03-2004, 21:06
Actually, they're just blocked from view by another part of the ship.