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Oh dear. (Can YOU save the planet?)

24-03-2004, 03:00
(OOC: Open RP for any tech level that wishes to join.)

Oh dear.

Oddly enough the war started in a small, out of the way, and almost backward village out in the middle of a desert.
Outside this village was a stone circle.
Everybody knows that if you tell people not to do near something, they will automaticaly assume that they need to go there. Hence the name of the Dontgonearthere Capitol building, Dontgonearthe Castle.
This psychological quirk was exploited by a number of rather evil and sadistic kings of the old G'oaway Empire.
However, to get back to the story.
Nobody was told not to go near the circle. It was simply 'there', and nobody went near it. Of course, stories about the horrible things that happened to you if you DID go near it abound.
Today somebody was near the stones.
Four somebodies.

"C'mon, I dare ya!"
"No way! You do it first!"
"Whats that?"
"I dont know, one of the forign exchange students used it, I think its an insult though."
"Oh. Odd word. Anyway, I dare ya! Do it!"
The four boys were gathered near the particular stone circle that was forbidden to all etc, etc. It was decidedly unimpressive.
The entire thing consisted of ten rocks, about the hieght of the boys (Four or five feet), which were lumpy, rounded, and did not in any way look forboding. The only really amazing thing was that they were not covered in sand.
"I dont want to. 'sides, nothing would happen."
"Prove it! C'mon! Push one over!"
"Fine, fine. Ill do it."
One of the shorter boys, quite fat by Dontgonearthereian standards (which was not very fat at all) walked up, examined a stone theatricaly, then gave it a small push.
"Nope, I cant shift it, lets go home."
"Brawk! Brawk!"
"Its the noise a chicken makes."
"C'mon! Push it over!"
The boy grumbled a few insults, then walked back over, put his shoulder on the stone and heaved.
It fell over.
Nothing happened.
"What a wasted afternoon! This is your fault." The group watched the stone, it didnt move.
There was a gust of wind.
"Uh-oh, look."
The horizon was becoming blurry.
"Sandstorm, lets get home!" They all quickly made for home. Sandstorms were dangerous, even to twelve year olds.


Beneath the sand, something blinked.
It was very old, even older than this planet. The blinking was caused by a monitor, it reflected off a number of suits on the wall. Near the suits was a skeleton, quite old. Oddly the clothing it was wearing had not degraded, and strange letters were visible on the sleeves and collar.
But something had changed, it all the thosands upon thosands of years it had been under the sand, it could move.
Ancient drive mechanisms kicked in, sand shifted slightly.
The drives powered up even more. More sand moved.
The drives hit full power, the afterburners engaged.
Sand exploded in every direction, not that anybody would have noticed in the current weather.
With growing concern the shipboard computer checked its current location against the last known pictures.
Things had changed, what had once been a swamp was now a desert, and the local lifeform readings had gone from off the scale to barely on it.
It jetted up about fourty miles, and began a planetwide scan, significant changes had taken place. For one thing, there were so many differnt levels of technology for a single planet, huge spaceships were cruising serenly nearby, but down on the planet men in colorful uniforms were battling with black-powder firearms. Its In-System scans told it that colonies had been established on most of the solid planets, and even a few of the gas-giants.
This was odd.
It made no differnce though, its goal from the start had not changed, even in this amount of time. The environment was still well suited to its purpose.
It must report to its masters.
Something clicked on, and the transmissions began.
"Sir! Were getting a call. Looks like Earth orbit." The comm officer looked up from her station, then back down "Yes, Earth orbit, Sol system, just above DGNT."
"Right, put it on. Lets see who wants what now." The ships captain grimaced, then tried to relax. If it was a higher-up it would not do to look angry. He walked to the center of the bridge, where the screens cameras could focus on him, and waited.
"Coming on now, sir"
"BBBBBBBBBBBZZZZZZZZZZZZZZTTTTTTTTTTTT....C'tr'rrrrrrrr at'rrrrrrggggg jrrrrrgggsssttttttttttttttt" The screen seemed about to overload, nothing but static came on.
"Turn it off!" Bellowed the captain, almost knocked down by the huge wave of sound. THe comm officer pounded the 'terminate' button.
"WHAT in the HELL was that?!" The captain looked around the bridge, the rest of the crew was slightly stunned, and one had spilled his coffee.
"No idea, sir."
"oh dear."


The ship waited, nothing had returned his call. A few more circutes clicked.
It now knew what was needed. In the event of the termination of the rest of the Many it was to attempt to re-establish.
Slowly it began to settle, upon reaching the surface it settled in, and began working.


The next day the Citadel could be seen from the boys village. It was huge, a monolith, and even from eight miles away it could not all be seen from one angle.
Things moved around its base, and on its surface.
24-03-2004, 03:23
OOC: Earth-based?
24-03-2004, 03:25
OOC: Yeah.
24-03-2004, 03:26
OOC: Fascinating. Any basic plot-line those joining should know about?
24-03-2004, 05:03
I suppose I should include those important details :P

Anyway, this thing is basicaly a part of a 'hive mind', a huge galaxy-spanning super-computer that DGNT forces wiped out a while back (IC 'proof' of this later), this one crashed on Earth a LONG time ago.
Its goal now is to rebuild the Hive.
Of course, you cant simply let this happen, because to rebuild itself its going to destroy the planet.
Essentialy it 'roots' itself, builds a computer, makes a bunch of little 'minicomputers' that take off for other bits of the globe, land, and repeat the process until the planet is gone. Aside from that they build 'scroungers' that scout the local area for anything that cant be mined, and absorb that (ships, buildigns, all the way down to any useful free-floating elements).
Ever played System Shock, one or two? Think a bit like that, or the Borg from Star Trek.
24-03-2004, 05:12
We are the borg. Resistance is futile. 8)
24-03-2004, 06:31
Exactly, except these guys dont allow you to waltz right into their ship and blow up their uber-mega control computer. They can run as well.
25-03-2004, 05:17
OOC: Fascinating.
25-03-2004, 05:50
"Well, hello!" Said Princess Laine of Ravea, to the intelligence officer who was standing in front of her. "What news do we have today?"

"Er....well, we just observed a bunch of little.......things......all over Dontgonearthere." said the officer nervously.

"Care to elaborate?" asked Laine sarcasticly.

"We dont know exactly what they are, but there seem to be a whole crapload of them."

"Very well. Call Dontgonearthere and ask them what the situation is. Ask them if they need any help."

The call was placed seconds after, requesting just what the hell was going on.
25-03-2004, 17:21
Telegram to Ravea:
New weapons experiment, nothing of interest.

Im working on the 'research' now, Ill post it later today.
26-03-2004, 04:30
"Sir, its the Kyrr." A man from the science department was standing before a large desk, a chair with its back turned was behind it. On the floor beside the desk a small wicker basket contained a small dog, a terrier of some kind, it was lying on its back with its feet in the air.
The dog opened an eye and looked at the new arrival, trying to determine whether or not he had a biscuit.
"I thought we killed them all." The chair said.
"So did we sir, but this ship escaped our detection, appareantly it crash landed about a thosand years before our country even existed."
"You failed to detect it?"
The man paused. Failure was something that happened to other people, usualy quite slowly and painfuly.
"Errr, the event took place before I was born, in this case it would be the responsibility of my supervisor." The man began to sweat, it was a long shot.
"Relax, my dear man. No blame is to be placed, and in any case, it is extremly difficult to come across educated individuals in this country." The chair spun, and Mr 47 got up.
"However, do not fail again. NO Kyrr ship is to leave the planet, keep this black as long as possible, but once its obvious that we cannot contain this I want the datafile made as public as possible. That is, if you want the planet to exist in a week."
"Right sir. Here is the file, if you happen to be interested." The man reached into his pocket, aware that at this moment about two dozen autocannons had been activated by the motion, and he was the target of the most sophisticated scanners in the DGNT Empire.
"Thank you. And by the way, I hear your wife has gotten over that cold, is she well?"
"Yessir, very good sir."
The scientist placed the microchip on the presidents desk, then left. He hated these meetings, he always left with a feeling he had just escaped with his life.
And that remark about his wife...she had been sick a few days, nothing bad, but it had kept her home for a few hours a day. Fool. He thought to himself. If you went out into the middle of the desert at night he would probably ask you how dark it was.


DATAFILE: Kyrr (S10,542)
Name: Kyrr
Classification: Cyborian
Height: 5'3
Weight: 350lbs
Description: Varied species as well as 'natural' Kyrr come under this class. The Kyrr 'assimilate' new species via nerual surgery, replacing many organs with cybernetic or geneticaly engineered parts. Once completed subjects come under the influence of 'The Many', as the Hive mind that controls them refers to itself as.
The entire species shows startling resistance to all bio/chemical weapons deployed against them, and the only known weakness is electrical based attacks (EMP, 'lightning' guns) as well as simple ballistic/laser weapons.
The species is organized into 'hives', a single hive is one ship, all ships report to each other to make descisions. Their communication method is unkown, but it appears to excede lightspeed in its paths to other hives. Current attempts to reproduce it have failed.
Reproduction is accomplished by planting seed ships on a planet, once planted a ship 'roots' and establishes a 'citadel', essentialy a giant factory.
The citadel mines all avalible resources and creates large numbers of ships, personel and other material.
Each Kyrr ship then takes off to another point on the planet, establishes a new citadel and begins to mine out local resources. Then repeats the process again and again until the planet is entirly consumed, down to the core.
The ships then take off for a new planet, and repeat.
The species was wiped out by the Dontgonearthere fleet in the first use of a Dessicator weapon on a large scale.

Recon reports on Kyrr space:
(A camera clicks a few times, then a pilots face appears)
Empty. Quite simply, there is nothing. Three spacial bodies have been detected, one was a huge Kyrr fortress, this is possibly to oldest member of the speices, all speculation at this point. The local element measurements are all near to zero, with an average of one molocule per ten yards of space.
The other two bodies are a large, very, very hot sun, and a black hole. The former had a huge cluster of Kyrr ships surrounding it, whether they are absorbing it or photosynthisising or whatever, I have no idea.
I am going to perform a detailed scan of the large ship, moving now."
Nothing happens for a few minutes.
"Whats seems to be launcing...things."
The camera turns, and several ships with huge 'mouths' begin to move toward the pilots ship.
"God, they look...ugh, disgusting. Im getting out now." The ship turns, but suddenly stops.
"Oh GOD, its...absorbing the ship, gotta move fast. Initiating auto destruct, if anybody finds this, take care of my dog." He slams a button and the camera goes black.
This Datapod was recovered near Pax VI

Dessicator Datafile:
The Dessicator works by shearing the hydrogen molocules off of the oxygen molocules in water. These two elements then combust due to the energy released by the reaction, the reaction continues until all water on a planet is consumed, including that which is currently inside living beings, or until it is stopped by a solid barrier.
The unit is deployed from orbit around the planet, it then powers up, taking roughly five minutes to build up a charge suffcient to fire, it then triggers an overload through the main firing crystal, which explodes, the energy is channeled downward, and once it comes in contact with the surface of the planet, triggers its chain reaction.
The estimated time for the reaction to consume a planet of roughly Earth size is one hour. The weapon is obviously somewhat less effective against non-oxygen based worlds, but still has some effect, though it may not consume the entire planet.

All desicator units are fitted with self destruct devices, if any is brought within five thosand miles (The maximum Dessicator range is 500 miles) it self destructs, any tampering with the device will also result in destruction. The device will also detonate if brought within 5000 miles of any DGNT Empire world.
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26-03-2004, 19:04
Im glad to see that people like to look at my threads, but it would be nice if you would respond occasionaly.
26-03-2004, 19:23
OOC: I'm in. Why not?

IC: The Xanthalian Andromeda class starship XAS-01 sits in orbit of Earth serenely. There was no reason for it being there, it just was. After completing its last mission, Captain Cassandra Giles ordered her vessel to Earth for a break. No shoreleave has been granted, but it is a nice view. Besides a few cargo vessels on trading runs, XAS-01 is the only Xanthalian vessel in the most populated system in the galaxy; a symbol of the Socialist Republic's distaste for the insecure and war-torn capital of the primary galaxy. Cassandra has always felt drawn to Earth, however; so here they are.

OOC: You'll need to get their attention. I'll leave it up to you how gently or violently you do so.
26-03-2004, 19:34

There is a ship, my children, go, feed.
The citadel bustled, things moved, then doors on the sides slid open, and monstrous ships with gaping 'mouths' launched themselves into space, the things were huge, almost a hundred meters long. Each 'mouth' was lined with equaly huge and sharp teeth, and assorted impliments of destruction.
They tore through the atmosphere, looking like huge bettles. They sought everything, simply, for the huge central factories.
Once a ship found the Xanthalian Andromeda all the others turned, seeming like a school of fish. Only much larger and much more likely to kill you.
26-03-2004, 19:34
'You mena to tell me that a huge monolith appeared in the middle of a desert? How?'
The intelligence officer cleared his throat,
'The desert is part of Dontgonearthere sir, as such it is hard for us to simply drive up and examine it, and all sattelite pictures are unreadible.'
Their was a moment of silence before the one recieving the report spoke,
'Get our agents there to find out what it is, also send a official note to their goverment, they can't possibly deny something like that.'
The orders were soon carried out.
26-03-2004, 19:43
"Sir, its too big now. We cannot deny it. I will send official warnings to all nations on the planet informing them of the danger. Current scans indicate that it may launch seed ships at any point." The commander of the Home Defence forces was almost shivering, his collar was soaked.
"Very well. Send in the section supervisor from the Incident."
The commander sent the messages, then put out a summons for the supervisor.
Shortly there was a faint buzz and a pair of medics appeared, running towards the presidents office.
Oh well, the man had been lucky. Normaly they ended up spending time with the Information Gathering Technicians, as they were refered to. At least it wasnt ME.


General broadcast to all nations:

This is an alert from the Dontgonearthere government.
Earth is currently under threat from an alien species bent on total destruction/assimilation of all lifeforms outside itself. If you detect any ships of this species DESTROY IT IMMIDIATLY. Do not allow it to land, communicate or do ANYTHING.
See attached data for more information:
(Info from previous Datafiles)
26-03-2004, 19:44
"Sir, its too big now. We cannot deny it. I will send official warnings to all nations on the planet informing them of the danger. Current scans indicate that it may launch seed ships at any point." The commander of the Home Defence forces was almost shivering, his collar was soaked.
"Very well. Send in the section supervisor from the Incident."
The commander sent the messages, then put out a summons for the supervisor.
Shortly there was a faint buzz and a pair of medics appeared, running towards the presidents office.
Oh well, the man had been lucky. Normaly they ended up spending time with the Information Gathering Technicians, as they were refered to. At least it wasnt ME.


General broadcast to all nations:

This is an alert from the Dontgonearthere government.
Earth is currently under threat from an alien species bent on total destruction/assimilation of all lifeforms outside itself. If you detect any ships of this species DESTROY IT IMMIDIATLY. Do not allow it to land, communicate or do ANYTHING.
See attached data for more information:
(Info from previous Datafiles)
26-03-2004, 19:45
Cassandra stared at her screen half in amazement and half in horror. "Can someone tell me what the hell that is?"
The ship's operations officer, a tall male Than named Yolanda, replies in a tone just as amazed as that of his captain. "I have no idea. Sensors report them as machines... Sort of... but I can't identify a specific function or match it with anything in the database."
The swarm turns toward the ship and the captain makes her decision. "Well, whatever they are they don't seem to be interested in talking. Shields up, power the Farad system."
The outer hull of the Andromeda glows momentarily as a strong protective energy field envelops the ship. The Andromeda stirs from its orbit and turns to face the oncoming things, whatever they are.
26-03-2004, 19:50
Each ship activates its weapons and internal processors. Suddenly they all begin belching flames, and their flanks glow red-hot.
CZZZZTTTTRRRRRRRRRR DRRRRGGGNTTTT The message filled space, not simply in radio waves, but in the minds of creatures for hundreds of miles, a few people down on the planet went into seizures, others died, more dropped whatever they were doing and began to walk midlessly toward the citadel.
26-03-2004, 20:01
Cassandra shakes her head violently. "What the hell?! Watson, discharge Farad system now!" The ship's weapons officer hits a button and a wave of energy lights the shields a deep red hue. The energy discharges in a wide destructive beam towards the oncoming swarm.

OOC: That should take that group out. The Farad system is pretty powerful. It can't operate often though, and an Andromeda class ship doesn't have many weapons (normally they don't even have Farad systems installed, but this one needed one on its last mission so got one jury-rigged in) so they kinda just played their ace first. If you want me in this RP without my vast fleets raining death down on these things (which would, I'm sure you agree, make it pretty lame) you'll need to go easy on XAS-01. Andromeda class starships are general purpose, and if things heat up they usually leave or call in the heavy artillery. Cassandra isn't your typical Xanthalian Armada captain though, so I'll kind of mold her to fit the situation. Sorry for these long OOC things... I just like to make my OOC position clear in the beginning.
26-03-2004, 20:21
Most of the ships died at that moment, however two or three escaped, and ran directly into the DGNT Home Defence fleet, and were shredded.
"Greetings Xanthalian ship, its good to see another friendly face in this situation. Does your ship have a visual comm system? I hate not being able to see peoples faces."

Above the atmosphere the message pretty much ceased, down on Earth however, the psychic assault continued, and now military personell from over most of DGNT were convering on the Citadel, either to join the Many, or to destroy it.
A few divisions had recently acquired psychic dampeners and were did not receive the full force of the attack, which now seemed to be dying off.

Defence Bunker HD334, Psuedopolis
"What the HELL was it?"
"Shut up! Quick! Get the stunners, stop them!"
"Submit to the Many...all will...all will...die...submit"
"Hit him! HIT HIM!"
"Die....submit or die...."
"It doesnt work! KILL HIM! Get your GUN DAMN IT!"
Bangbangbangbangbang CLICK
"Diieeeeeeeeee....." THUMP
"Damn...what happened?"
"I have no idea, I hit him with a bloody twenty pound wrench, he should have gone down!"
"Look at this, you broke his ribs, he should have been able to move at all!"
"Hurry! We have to stop the others, gods know where they're headed."
"How!? You saw how much it took to take this ONE down!"

Outside the Citadel
The Citadel was now surrounded by troops, any who attempted to enter were retrained, or shot, or both.
They had been pounding at it for hours, with no effect, the strongest weapons of the Empire had been brought to bear on this single target wiith no effect

Xanthal, your ship should have gotten that general communication, with the datafiles. It was basicaly sent on every avalible channel.
26-03-2004, 20:50
26-03-2004, 22:33
When the warning from the DGNT was recieved silence fell in the room a second time,
'Are they serious?'
'A Xeno? How can they think we'll believe something like that?'
Voices were raised as varios officers and politicians began shouting either openly of their disbelief, others chose more delicate words. The settled down when the Duke hit the floor with his sceptre.
'Settle down gentelmen and let us hear out the man who knows best about lies.'
Eyes turned to a modestly looking figure in black and white robes, others could mistake him for somebody of little importance, but everybody in the room knew who he was, an Inquisitor.
'Thank you Duke, Why do you assume gentelmen that they are lying?'
"You no doubt have a bassis to believe them.' someone said, the inqiustior calmy replied,
'My intuition.'
The psychic attack hit them at that moment, the men in the room fell to their knees grasping ther heads in between hands, elsewhere in the whole country people were doing that also, if they were driving or piloting something it ended tragicly.
Soon it ended and people stood, unfortunantly many began heading to the Citadel.
One of the politicians began mumbling something about joining the Many, he fell back with a clean whole in his head.
'Duke, please gather the Duchy Militia and inform the king what is happening here, I shall gather my order and the Knights of Saint Lazures.'
The Inquisitor spoke calmly putting away his laser pistol(one of the few in Khelak) Orders were given and soon the DGNT recieved message that the Khelak military would assist them in stoping the threat.
26-03-2004, 23:04
Four PAAR2 Missiles streaked through the sky, turning abruptly to follow the seed ship. Two strike and the ship begins to list slightly.
"Air support, now!"
Three Revenge fighters streak through the sky, the leading edges of their wide, thin hulls still glowing cherry red from the descent.
Tracers streak from the cannons mounted on the fighters, and the seedship explodes.

Down on the ground new problems have arisin. Literaly.
"When the bloody hell did they learn how to DIG?!?" The commanding General screamed at a sergeant.
"Dunno sir, but they have us flanked, and these things are DAMN hard to kill. I hit one with a PAAR and it didnt even phase it. The rocket went right through but the thing didnt miss a step. A bit later it fell over and died, but only after it lost most of its blood. And sir...the men...they're seeing people they know. Small children seem very succeptable, and its wrecking the moral."
"Damn. Where is the Hive?"
"Its shut its incoming communications off, it doesnt want to be infected, it says. I've seen a few recon drones fly overhead, but reports are that everything else has been pulled back to GLACORP North."
"Very well, call Fleet, tell them to drop a prefab bunker ring around this damn fort, two mile radius, they shouldnt be able to dig that far in a day. Plus Fleet will be able to try a bombardment."
"Right sir."

All forces, be advised. Pull back to a two mile distance, maintian that position until ordered. If anybody attempts to approach the Citadel without authorization they WILL be shot.

In space
"Sir, we are directly above the site. Preparing to fire." The weapons officer aboard the Death saluted.
"Confirmed, lets show the bastards what-for." The fleet Admiral of the Home Defence Fleet gestured.
In front of the bridge the ship stretched away for a full fifteen miles, with a further five behind them. It was the oldest Piledriver class in existance, it was also the most up to date. It had the best reactors avalible, and could charge its guns in half the time of the Atilla, the newest.
"High command wants a half-power blast right on the top of that thing. Too much more and we'll risk a crack, which is not something that anybody wants, our neighbors would not appreciate th eir capitols being sucked underground."
"Right sir, charging to half power, give us twenty minutes."
"Confirmed. Captain? Shall we?"
He and the captain approached a small, sealed off room just off the bridge.
"Please provide retinal identification"
Each looked at the small green dot, a few seconds, then a beep.
"Retinal scan complete, authorization accepted. Please step forward."
The door opened.
Neither moved.
The door slammed shut and there was a brief sound of a decompression.
"Please insert keycards."
Two small panels slid back and both inserted their ID cards.
"Authorization accepted, Planetbuster cannons armed. Firing sequence may commence"
"Were ready."
Hopefully, this would work.

Telegram to Khelak:
Your offer is accepted, do you require logistical assistance in the deployment of your troops?
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27-03-2004, 02:21
27-03-2004, 03:32
...a telephone rings in the King's lodge...
"What? Yes, I can hear you! No, there's no static! Yes, I understand perfectly! Now send it to the Grand Admiral!"
King Adam de Berg slammed the phone onto its rotary base. "Those people! Don't they understand that I need some rest every once in a while?"
The Crown Prince, walking by whistling, stuck his head in the room. "What is it?"
"Oh, some crisis or other on Earth. Let them all settle it out however they feel like it, that's what I always say."
"In my experience, what you always say is 'go away and let me rest,' Dad."
"Are you sassing me, boy?"

*** Instant Message with a link popped up on the corner of Charles Munrove's home PC...
The eighteen-year-old Grand Admiral of Thunderstraat sighed. "What now?" he said to himself. The lizards, snakes, and carnivorous plants in his room were used to that. It was better than him talking to them.
"OK, what have we here? Looks important... I'll send the... let's see... yes, the ITN Tipsy Wombat carrier-bombardment ship, let's send that to Earth... Oh, it's already there? Been there for two years waiting for an invasion? Hehe, my mistake, I guess... yes, send the captain the message and break 'em all out of cold sleep... there! I'm sure they can take care of it."


Somewhere in the protective anonymity of Earth orbit, a huge boxy ship illuminated to brilliance with two green lightrods in the back. The only Greenstar ship to survive more than three missions lowered its orbit as its longsuffering captain went over the checklist.
"Looks fun. Doesn't it, Poony?" He hit a stuffed toy camel on the head with his Distinguished Bravery medal. "Listen, Poony! This could be important."
Captain Jethro Larsen grabbed the checklist aerogel, held it up to the light, and put it back on his screen. "Dangerous? Yes it is. What should we start turning out, Poony? Nukes? Why not?" He made an insane cackle.
"They don't want us to try and meet it, Poony. Why do they don't want us to try and meet it? Let's prepare a scientific... YOU'RE NOT POONY!"

He picked up the camel and threw it at the wall. "But I love you anyway."

((OOC: Nation revived from cold sleep for righteous DGNT use of Pratchettform humor, and 'cause it's actually kinda cool.))
27-03-2004, 03:36
OOC: Here's hoping it's not like Independence Day (the city-busting lasers, I mean)! *tag*
27-03-2004, 04:38
Space, again
The four cannons of the Death hovered above the Earth, targeted on a single point.
They fired.
The desert for one and a half miles surrounding the Citadel turned to glass. A small fluffy, and rather cute rodent turned to ash, then smoke, then free-floating molocules.
When the residual energy and dust had cleared off the Citadel was still standing.
True, it was scorched, but mostly undamaged.
"We did what we could."

(OOC: Basicaly the semi-kinda-sorta-opposite of Independence Day :P
27-03-2004, 05:08
"That's bright, Haktapetknm! It hurts my eyes!"
Captain Larsen pushed a button. "Deploy a MGEW on the glass field. Let's see how these freaks stand up to hyperspace."
The inner factories of the Tipsy Wombat churned. This surely was a tall order, and the first military use of a Greenstar detonation. Hopefully it would work better than the lasers.
An hour later, a brightly glowing darkly green rod dropped from the slowly descending starship, accelerating as it went. It was set to detonate half a mile above the alien object.
In a rare display of gung-ho sanity and profanity, Larsen punched the air and whooped. "Yeah! Try attacking the cradle of humanity again, you alien piece 'a CRAP!"

((OOC: You remember the Greenstar from Ribos, don't you? Basically, a very big boom, a lot of green light, and a hole from realspace into hyperspace for a coupla minutes. Let's see how the Krill stand up to a hyper bomb...))
27-03-2004, 05:23
(OOC: Your using that on a planet? Isnt that rather dangerous? I mean to everybody, not just me?)
27-03-2004, 08:47
OOC: Wouldn't that kind of weapon destroy the planet? Literly tear it apart?

Orders were given and soon the military was at full alert, all troops were to report to their units and the reserve (duchy militia) was called up and placed in readiness.
Elsewhere police recieved orders to stop any movement to the Citadel, use of lethal force was authorized.
Civilians recieved orders to move into the shelters.
State of war was declared.
Stormtroopers along with units of the Ordo Militiant and members of the Inquistion were already getting ready to take off in light transport ships.
The airforce was ready to take off and cover the transports.
The Duchy Militia along with heavy weaponry were awaiting their turn.
Over 300 thousand men were mobilized in a matter of an hour, though none of the Generals believed it would be enough.

Message to the DGNT,
The first of our forces will be their in a short while.
We would wish for allowance to use your landing zones and help in transportation of heavy equipment and the majority of troops would be welcome.
27-03-2004, 11:07
"Sir, we have recieved a message from DGNT" said an advisor to supreme overlord Time Lapse
"GDA buisness is it?"
"No sir, it is a system wide message."
"What does it say then?
The advisor played the message to Time Lapse
"Oh shit" said time Lapse
"This cyborg thing...dangerous...get...council"
"Yes sir."

In the council chambers
"Men and women, our world has for a long time being unstable, we have faced many problems and always come out on top. We have helped many people, and always succeded. But now, we may face the ultimate competitor. A cyborg computery thing has arisen in our ally DGNTs desert. From what we have been told, it has the power to replicate itself. Earlier attacks on it make it appear almost invulnerable to energy weapons. We must now consider how to eliminate this threat." Said suprmem overlord Time Lapse
"Sir, it may be immune to energy weapons, but what about physical projectile weapons, could that somehow damage it. Perhaps even non projectiles?"
"We believe not Councillor. It is made out of a material that we have never encountered before, and it is far stronger than any known alloy."
"Acid sir?"
"How do you mean acid councillor?"
"Perhaps, we will attempt top get an analyis of this material, i entrust you to getting a team of the beast scientists together to make an acid to eat the computer. Do we have any other ideas?"
"Well, you say its a big computer sir, ever considered unplugging it?"
"This is not the time for jokes, if you want to be the court jester then get out oif this room. Otherwise SHUT UP!"
"Yes sir."
"So has anybody got any SENSIBLE suggestions?"
"Well, evacuate the planet..."
"HA!... that will never work. Anything else idiots, or do i have to go to TV polls?"
"You say its computer right?"
"Well, thats what cyborg is!!"
"Then what about we destroy the system, we put a virus on there or somthing...?"
"err.... taht may work... but who could make such a virus?"
"Intelligence suggests that SR may know somthing about it..."
"HA!, as if thye will help us. They are too stupid to see 2 days into the future, let alone what this will do too us..."
"They are also endangared sir..."
"True,, but still... Oh, ok, just get them into it some how. We need all the help we can get."
27-03-2004, 11:43
Commander Soldant sat trying to win a Rubix cube. "Hah! Evil rubix cube of doom! MEET MY SCREWDRIVER!" Brutally crushing the rubix cube and scattering pieces across the entire office floor. "Damnit!" Just then some guy Soldant had never even seen before walked in.

"Hello sir-"
"Who the hell are you?"
"I'm your new messenger sir... message from Lapse."
"Lapse? Lapse! NUKE HIM!"
"No no no they want our help?"
"Help? Whatever the hell for?"
"Apparently there's some cyborg thingy that's threatening the world. Someone from the GDA or something told Lapse that some cyborg thing is going to crush us all."
"...they want help. Sir, do you remember Helios?"
"Helios! How could I forget? Hell, we nearly lost the world to Helios! That rogue AI! Luckily we got it under control. Anyway, it's obselete now. Dadelus replaced it, remember?"
"Um yes, but they think that Helios may just be able to crush the Cyborg's systems, since it is so advanced and, well, designed for it."
"Perhaps. But we'd have to kill downstream connections so we don't accidently infect the world. Hmm, fine, call a meeting with all these people."

In some meeting place somewhere...
Soldant stood and addressed everyone.
"Ladies and Gentlemen. I've been informed by my enemy Lapse that a Cyborg like... space... thing.... is threatening to destroy the Earth. Lapse then suggested that SR unleashed Helios onto the cyborg. Helios was a top secret SR weapons design project. It's an artificial intelligence that will stop at nothing to break any computer securty system currently known to man. If we don't know it, Helios tries its best to adapt. Firstly it'll keep flooding the firewall of the target machine, trying to break in through an open port. If it can't do that, it'll just flood it so that it cannot send any more data or do anything else. If Helios gets inside, it'll race through and figure out what's important for the system to operate. After that, it'll figure out how to shut them down. Now, this amazing technology comes at an extreme cost.... well, Helios was never actually 100% finished. It is now, but it's a classified SR weapons project, and it's not for the public. Listen to me closely. Helios cannot be stopped once it is started. it keeps going until it cannot reach any more systems. In order to keep the rest of the world safe, we need to kill all connections to the cyborg on every system to avoid Helios coming back to attack. That way, it's isolated and we can go blow it up or something. Helios is standing by if you choose to use it. But I urge you to think of the potential problems this may cause."

Soldant sat down, waiting for any more orders.
27-03-2004, 21:38
Unhindered by the machinations of the things, the Greenstar weapon lowered itself to the planetary surface.
Not too far above Earth's surface, it detonated in a controlled reaction unheard of in the first wild days of Greenstar research.
Yes, the infamous Ribos Incident had proven their futility if they couldn't be controlled - they were simply too powerful. Now, the brave GDA scientists in collaboration with Thunderstraat's finest had created the MGEW. The unique mathematics that sucked energy from hyperspace had been directed to the MGEW for only one purpose - destroy. There was just no other application.

For less than a second, a star - the controlled explosion limiting its size to something much smaller than the explosions at Ribos - appeared, just above the alien monolith. There was a brilliant flash of light, and then nothing - except a horrible windy noise.
For almost exactly thirty-five seconds, atmosphere was sucked into the three-dimensional hole in the universe.
Then it stopped. And to any human observer close enough to hear the wind, sound stopped. And to any human observer close enough to maybe, just maybe pick out a hole in the sky - everything stopped.
The shockwave equivalent to the amount of power hyperspace lost in the thirty-five seconds the hole was open was released. Hyperspace wouldn't miss it - infinity is a very large amount - but on Earth...
The MGEW was first tested on the barren planet of Bronze. The .5 Earth Mass planet's crust had simply blown in. It was as if Bronze had deflated. The hastily manufactured weapon used on Earth by a deranged ship captain wasn't nearly as powerful - scientists described that weapon as "creepy," "scary," and "very, very dangerous," and many had been sent to Comdidia's lockups. This one was to many orders of magnitude the lesser of the first, but still...

Captain Larsen, a grown man of forty years, clapped his hands like a child. "We did it, Haktapetknm! We did it....!"

((OOC: I'm leaving it to DGNT to say how many orders of magnitude less powerful this one is.))
27-03-2004, 22:02
OOC: Ooh! I must develop (or at least purchase) this weapon! Very powerful! Got a link for the hyperbomb?

The United States of America's NORAD and the Coreworlds' Hellywood groundside military base both picked up a powerful signature unlike anything they have seen before. For the US, it was different from a nuclear explosion, but created no less a massive amount of energy. The soldiers was positively salivating at what it could do to their country's enemies.

For Coreworlds, it looks like a hyperspace jump, but within a gravity field? Military scientists scratched their heads in confusion, and watched the show, making observations and formulating data on this new weapon, in the hopes that they might be able to figure out how to create it.
27-03-2004, 22:21
When they blew up...
And why Kanuckistani hyperspace blocking devices should not be used around them.
28-03-2004, 00:44
After a long pause, an audio/video comlink is opened from XAS-01 to the Dontgonearthere ship.
"We just got your general transmissions... Where did these things come from?"
28-03-2004, 01:29
28-03-2004, 05:27
#tag# here too actually.
28-03-2004, 16:17
The Capitalist Oligarchy of Torontonias was hit very hard, since the Government had Subsidized Cybernetic Implants to the point that even the lowest paying Citizen could afford something. When the initial command wave from the hive hit, only a few people dropped into having seizures, the majority however were instantly reprogram via the implants, and they started mindlessly wandering toward the source of the blast, the massive Hive-thing. The National guard was helpless, they were undermanned and lacked the reasources so keep the populace at bay, not even the newly erected Speakers set up in the heart of the Urban Centers helped.

The small fleet is space was helpless, many of the Captians became Zombie-like, and they had to be eliminated. The ships Main computers were infected as well, and they started flying back toward Earth. They would've fired on the ships in Orbit if the crew hadnt taken the computer offline, and then piloted the ships back to Epsilion Prime, which Fortuneatly, wasn't affected. The ships were then abandoned, so they could do no harm.

Ironically the only thing unaffected was the Torontonian Land Military, one of the most underfunded areas of the Torontonias government system. They were unaffected because none of the soldiers were enhanced, and the Tanks they used were Sadly, basicly Modified Sherman tanks, which instead of using Oil to run, they had been retrofitted with Electric Engines in the program Torontonias used to lessen the country's dependancy of Oil, with the exception of the elite Tank group consisting of 6 Abrams.

It was at that point that the President of the Nation recieved the general Broadcast from the DGNT government. What was left of the Government voted overwhelmingly to declare a State of Emergency. Starting a continuous loop broadcast with a message describing the situation, and the responding frequency.

The message consisted of:
This is the Torontonias Government Emergency Broadcast Message, we are in dire need of assistance, the majority of the General Populace has started Rioting, claiming off a need to get to the "MotherComputer" We are unable to keep them at bay, and they are fleeing the country, feel no restraints from shooting them, as they are already lost. The only assistance we can offer is our Land forces, which remain unaffected, but we have no way of getting them from place to place, as our Minute Air force and Space fleet has been grounded. We would appreciate any assistance that can be offered
28-03-2004, 18:14
(OOC: Sorry, went to Portland yesterday. Thats sevent miles away from here in a straight line, and the road tends to go at right angles. Will respond with uber-post later :P)
29-03-2004, 00:39
"Yes, corporal?"
"The alien Citadel has been destroyed. Its confirmed."
"YES! Who did it? How?"
"Errr...Thunderstraat, sir. There is a problem though sir."
"Yes? What?"
"Well, aside from the deaths of twenty men, sir, theres about a million Seedships now."
"DAMN! DAMN DAMN DAMN! Signal the other forces, tell them to immidiatly launch all avalible fighters, both at home and abroad, if those things land ANYWHERE this whole thing will start over."
"Yessir, on it now sir."
"Fine, I want Justice classes in here. NOW. Get some heavy guns out."
"Right, the Fleet is already on its way."

In Space
The Captain passess a salute amoung equals (Basicaly a military salute to somebody whose rank you either dont know or is the same as your own), then procedes.
"Xanthalian ship, they are from just outside of colonized space, that is all colonized space. The datafile holds everything we know about them, which is, admitably, very little. Dessicators dont leave much to study. If you are in need of any repairs or supply, we can send a tender ship, I would not advise landing or going on the surface, the psychic command voice is still echoing down there and you do not want to experience that."
Gunfire sounds in the background and the captain winces slightly.
"My second in command and a few of his staff succumed to the effects, they locked themselves in the Computer Core and started trying to hack it. A word of advice, dont hesitate to kill them, the command voice either destroys their soul or cripples them beyond repair. Occasionaly they break through, but the only message they can get through in that brief period is 'kill me'. Well, I look forward to meeting you in person some time. Until then, we have some problems of our own."

On the ground
"SHIT!" The sergeant watched as the entire structure disentrigrated, leaving behind a field of molten glass, twenty of his best had just died. It was better than what proboably would have happened otherwise, but still.
And now he saw the ships.
Thosands of them, all heading in differnt directions, every one capable of producing this same situation over and over again. Blast it all, a Dessicator would rid thisentire planet of them.
He cursed a few times, then ordered a fire at will.
Rockets lanced up, a few SAM vehicles had arrived at last and they brought a few down, one of the MLRS crews got a bit over excited and started to fire, they actualy managed to hit a craft though. The 23mm AA guns were holding their own as well, since the shells didnt have seeker heads they couldnt be fooled by chaff, which the aliens seemed to have plenty of.
29-03-2004, 01:37
29-03-2004, 01:40
OOC: How big are the things?

Fighters of various types, from old F-15s to X-wings rose into the air, over a thousand in total, and started shooting down the seedships. Sea-going warships, when they spotted the seedships, unleashed missiles, laser cannons and shells at them, hoping to bring more down.
29-03-2004, 01:55
Emperor Catsendt received the warning letter from DGNT. "Heh. They're trying to scare us or something. I'd declare war on them if my people would allow that gosh darnit." Even so, he couldn't just ignore this warning, or else he'd be seen as the Emperor who mimicked the Titanic incident. He spoke into the microphone that directed commands to the SSAKAD(Super See All Know All Device--a super computer miles underground that was connected to all military and government outposts, as well as missle defense array turrets scattered around the country): "Activate the defense array, and blow up anything that seems like it came from some other planet. When I say 'blow up,' I mean give it no chance of survival. 4 Alamos at the least, and why not even break out one of these DemonDevilAlloys. Ahh, what a great name." With that, a blue grid flashed above all of Maniaca, and the turrets that were scattered lit up an intense cerulean at the very top. All missles were readied, and all military members were alerted. Two seconds later, 7 red lights flashed on the Emperor's desk indicating seven missles were fired, including two DemonDevilAlloy SAMs. "Woah."
29-03-2004, 02:15
OOC: They vary, some are fighter-sized, others are huge.
29-03-2004, 11:56
Soldant looked at the reports.
"Um... what the? There's hundreds? Uh oh."
Soldant raced and wired off a message to DGNT:

[code:1:497441a00a]TO: DGNT
FROM: "Soldant Hawkins" <>
Um it seems that there are... according to your reports... hundreds of those ship things... May I suggest you reconsider HELIOS? This might be the perfect opportunity to stop them without losing a pilot! Helios could easily bring them all down to the groud by frying their electronics! It could potentially save many pilot's lives!

Best of luck,
Commander Soldant.
29-03-2004, 12:47
Just as the choas was starting to settle down somewhat, the advanced Radar system started picking up numerous objects, some large, some small, but they all seemed to be part of that big colosiss thing that had just been destroyed, and the populace was going crazy, saying that the Mother had come for them, they were back to rampaging in the streets.

The tanks started firing rounds into the air in hopes of hitting the ships, some did, most didn't. The artillery started booming off in the distance as the army desperately attempted to do something about the situation.

Of course, the SAM batteries would activiate once they go to near the Urban centers, but they feared it would be too late by then....
29-03-2004, 16:24
Cassandra sighs, then returns the salute. "Charming. Well, we may not be a battleship, but we'll do what we can. Since you can't depend on ground facilities, we can serve as your mobile research station. Our sensors and scientific equiptment are top-notch."

Andromeda class (heavy general purpose): $500,000,000,000
The Andromeda class is designed as an all-purpose vessel. Moderately well-armed but oversized and difficult to maneuver, it usually fights only when it can't run. The Andromeda class boasts a highly advanced sensor array, a large and diverse crew, and a variety of subsystems to get almost any job done.
Dimensions: 1,500 X 1,000 X 750 meters
-Impulse drive (0.3 SL)
-Quantum Slipstream drive (500,000,000 SL)
-Complement: 750 crew, one AI
-50 slipfighters
-Powerplant: One Infinite Energy Core
-1,000 standard torpedos
-Gravity Manipulation System
-Cluster missiles
-Phaser banks (total 50):
--Fore: 19
--Aft: 15
--Port: 10
--Starboard: 10
--Dorsal: 19
--Ventral: 13
-Torpedo tubes (total 100):
--Fore: 30
--Aft: 20
--Port: 15
--Starboard: 15
--Dorsal: 10
--Ventral: 10
--Primary: Type X
-Armor rating: 2
30-03-2004, 03:19
Message to SR
The aliens have proven very resileint to EMP and other forms of electrical interference. We are assuming that HELIOS is an EMP or something similar, we are afraid we have not heard of such a weapon."

In space
"Acknowledged Xanthalian ship. A datalink to the military network will be arranged, low level access of course. Can your ship process large amounts of communications data? See, our Watcher class ships simply arent up to the task and half of the satilites were taken over by those damn aliens. We are rapidly losing our ability to communicate, is what I am trying to say." He shrugged "Every little bit helps, if you dont mind."

On the ground
"Sir, two ships have landed in Dontgonearthere, current estimates are that they have moved underground and are developing better weapons. Biological and chemical attacks are a definite possibility. It is my advice that we seal the domes sir, to reduce casualites."
"Do it, put the country on full alert."

At this point several important buildings vanished.
This was not because they exploded, or collapsed, or were in any way destroyed. Indeed, they performed quite well.
Major military installations, corporate HQs and all the rest simply went underground, hidden away in the best bunkers that could be bought. Few people inside noticed, except to pass a coment on how dark it had suddenly become.
30-03-2004, 03:42
OOC: Dammit... I erased my masterful post. I'll summarize.

IC: "We can do it, but we need access to at least three Watcher class ships."
30-03-2004, 03:58
"Right, you can have the Observer, Hubble and Exploration, they're the ones with the green lights on their bridge. And dont be suprised by the giant metal insects, they are supposed to be there."
30-03-2004, 04:40
"Don't bother with a crew transfer. Just send them to the coordinates we're sending you now..." Three sets of coordinates in Earth orbit are sent to the Dontgonearthere ship, "And give us remote access to their control systems. We need to know what channels specifically to monitor and relay as well, we obviously can't handle all the communications going on in the Sol system at once."
30-03-2004, 04:55
The captain grinned "We know, we just needed somebody to take a bit of the stress, without enough satilites we have to resort to mannualy transfering people, and that means we have the whole bloody comm staff wor-..." He looked off to his left, somebody said something. "Captain, I would strongly advise that you either move out of the local area or find somewhere your ship can hide, if, as you said you are not a warship. We have incoming enemy ships, unkown type. Ill get back once we get into battle positions, later."
He shut the comm off and turned.
"All ships, I want a staggered line, facing the planet centered on my ship, launch fighters and prepare for a scuffle."
Suddenly space was full of a nonexistant buzzing as fighters began appearing like flies. A Piledriver class ship carries huge amounts of drone fighters, and now most of them had been launched. Amoung them were the larger 'command' fighters and yet larger manned fighters and bombers.
Now the rest of the fleet began to form up, two Victory Fleet Carriers were in position just behind the Piledriver, and the rest of the HDF, mostly Millenia and Justice class, but sprinkled with newer Pax and Rook cruisers. Corvettes filled the spaces in between.
Now there were dots growing against the expanse of Earths oceans. Now they were small, but scanners indicated that a few exceded a mile in length, width and heigth.
"Damn, pull up the old recognition charts, I want IDs. Lock the LRMs and launch when ready. If possible shoot to disable the larger ships. Ready the Event Horizon armour, lets test this stuff out."
30-03-2004, 05:03
Great, thinks Cassandra, As if I needed any more to worry about. She looks to her helm officer. "Put us behind the battle line, but keep us in position. We need to keep communications channels open. Hal, take control of the Watchers, get them in position."
XAS-01 moves behind the warships and takes its orbit. The Observer, Hubble, and Exploration move into position as well.
30-03-2004, 06:53
[code:1:4f05f7cc22]TO: DGNT
FROM: SR Technical Department <>
Helios isn't an EMP blast, or any form of EMP. It's literally an Artificial Entity, much like an AI. One might go so far as to call it an electronic lifeform born from code... in a geeky sort of way. It attacks the software component of anything controlled by a computer. The hardware isn't touched, unless Helios can touch it.

OOC: Basically Helios isn't an EMP blast or bomb or anything like that. It doesn't touch anything hardware, but instead Helios attacks software components (like a worm). Helios is near future tech (could exist today if someone really worked on it) and can infect any system which has a communications system, be it some form of Wi-Fi, cable (haha, mental image :)) or something similar. It basically tries to attack the target system by flooding the firewall, trying to crash it. If the firewall crashes, the ship either can't communicate (good), is now vulmerable to attacks (even better) or the entire software component crashes (even better).

Helios was a SR secret weapons program. Since you're allied with Lapse (SR enemy) you wouldn't know anything about it. Only now is it released to the public because we have better stuff.
30-03-2004, 07:36
"DAMNITTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" said supreme overlord time Lapse. "scramble fighters right now! say 4000 of them. quickly. we must take down those stupid little shitpile flying things. quickly!"
[i]A leiuteneant rushe doff to complete the order. It would be 10 minutes before the first fighters launched, but they were fast. the tioe defenders were the best Lapse had in terms of space fighters, they should do the job

Ten minutes later the ships started launching, wavesd of 12 at a time. tehy all streaked away to find the stupid little flying things that they were supposed to.
30-03-2004, 09:08
Location: Zneider Space Station, orbiting Danneland

***##:Transmission Recieved. Orders?
##**: Set course for DGNT

The huge dark space station began to move over the planet, silently, without making a single noice.

The thing was AI controled nowdays, with the new Testament project going on, allmost everything that had anything to do with the army was replaced by an AI.

.Some hours later.

***##:Destination Reached. Orders?
##**:Drop The First batallion, send out scouts and fighters to protect and patrol the perimiter.
***##:Affermative, dropping the first batallion.

At the bottom, a huge bay oppened up and houndred of thousand metal orbs roled out in space. Pulled by earths gravity, they fell down on DGNT.
Down there, they evolved into an batallion of robots, human like, made out of steel. A chip instead of a brain, controled by the great AI.

DGNT, this is the great AI from Danneland.
we have our orders. our orders are to destroy those who threat the world. These metal machines does so. You need not to fear us.

End transmission

The battle droids controled by Danneland emediatly began fighting against these other metal.. things. It was a very odd sight to see, one metal monster against another.

OOC: Hope you dont mind this :S
31-03-2004, 01:41
As the first wave left the atmosphere the DGNT fleet loosed its missiles.
Each one was nearly the size of a human fighter, and each had an antimatter charge with the same power as a two gigaton nuclear bomb.
For all their power, they were smart and manueverable, being mostly guidance computer and engines.
Off in the distance, the alien fleet was highlighted in pure energy, it wasnt an explosion as such, simply the ceasation of matter in a spectacular fashion.
There were still many ships, but there were many more missiles.
"Close to laser range, lets show 'em how to FIGHT."

Suddenly, behind the DGNT ships space bends, twists, and...breaks.
A huge hole is torn in the fabric of the universe, and something appears.
"SHIT! Its a fucking Doughnut! Left flank, turn and engage! Blast it!"

A Doughnut is the term used by vetrans of the first Kyrr war for what is officialy known as a Warzone Control Craft. The entire thing is basicaly a huge (Huge as in fourty miles from end to end) flattened sphere with a hole in the middle. It carries an obscene amount of fighters, and in fact houses capital ships (Sort of like Motherships from Home World). There were ten at the time of the DGNT invasion.
The construction is one of the main challenges in destroying the things. They are basicaly made up of elevator tubes, connecting to redundant systems, including multiple bridges. If you hit one, your blast will either pass through (relativly small mass for something that big) or do very little damage. Its a design I considered implimenting myself a few times :P, anyway, the only real vulnerable spots are the engines and power core.

Just out of curiousity, does anybody want to be the aliens? Your pretty much free to make up what you want about their technology and stuff unless I have already posted about it.

Ten ships off of the left flank began to bank, bringing themselves around and lining up with the huge ship, which had focused on the Xanthalian craft and its small escort of DGNT ships.

Telegram to all Combatants
Dontgonearthere will shortly be conveining a strategic confrence to determine our exact strategy for the coordination of our forces and the defeat of the aliens.
The site will be protected with psychic and sonic dampeners so as to reduce the effects of any reccuring psyonic attacks. If your country has something better, feel free to bring it.

Telegram to SR
Dontgoneartheres hacking attempts on the alien computers have failed in most repsects. They have a very effecient...anti-virus. However, you may try whatever you wish.
(OOC: If somebody takes over the aliens, you can do it, but otherwise I have no idea what effect it would have :P)

[b]Telegram to Danneland[/n]
We welcome any assistance, a link with the Military Comm is set up for your forces, and read access has been granted to the DGNT Strategic computer so as to aid coordination of forces. Please upload your IFF codes so you dont get shot.
31-03-2004, 02:37
...a crazed Thunderstraater captain cackled in his bucket seat, solitary in the one room to not go into suspended animation...
The door slid open, revealing a figure in black. The captain didn't do anything.
An assassin gun with a silencer poked its barrel from the figure's cloak. The stuffed animal the captain had just barely tossed into the air disintegrated in a cloud of sand.
The speechless captain and the luckless assassin stared at each other. Then the captain attacked.
The assassin struggled with the gun for a moment, then whacked the captain with it. The obese ship captain, after years in a chair, was having heart troubles when he stood up; the extra strain of the gun on his head stilled his beating heart, and he fell on the ground.
The figure stared. "Well, that solves that," it said to itself...
Provisional Captain Lawrence Bismuth stepped carefully over the dead captain's body. He removed his hood, revealing a quite handsome face, with those eyes that just cry out, "Nobody's home!"
He stepped into the terminal and quickly transferred control to the bridge. Then he replaced his hood and disappeared into the ductwork.

SEND: Captain Lawrence Bismuth, ITN Tipsy Wombat
I'm sorry about that weapon. I believe the circumstances involved produced what is termed an "oops." The insane previous captain who ordered this has been dealt with accordingly.
This fleet, having been dispatched here a long time ago, was only recently broken out of cold sleep. We will be completely useless in a battle for about two weeks, but are pleased to inform you that the production capabilities of our Greenstar-powered mothership are unimpaired. We will be happy to provide you and your allies with munitions of any kind in reasonable quantities.
Good luck, and God bless.
31-03-2004, 02:57
TG to Thunderstraat:
Apology accepted, though I would take this up with a few other nation sif I were you, they are the ones who will soon be infested with giant alien super-forts.
31-03-2004, 03:34
Seedships continued to be blasted out of the air via turbolaser cannons, missiles, guns and anything the military could get their hands on. Although there aren't any ISDs around, there are still enough starships in orbit to use the seedships for target practice.

[code:1:6dc4524e90]Jedi Master Gareth Rydo, a well-known Master of the Order, will aid you in the talks on strategy.[/code:1:6dc4524e90]
31-03-2004, 06:30
The Andromeda rocks slightly under fire, but the weapons officer gives the thumbs up. "The battlefleet is soaking up most of the enemy fire, our shields are holding."
31-03-2004, 09:19
OOC: I'll take over the aliens.
***##Transmitting IFF codes.. done.
***##Calculating the battle perimiter.. done
***##Sending in seccond batallion..
##** Heavy casulties, re-route power to weapons.
***##re-routing power.. done.

Down on the battle field a group of Danneland battle droids fought their way into one of these seed ships that had not launched yet, blasting of various metal creatures from it they entered it.
The droids quickly walked to the core of the ships, inserting a data link straight into the hive's AI.

***##Alien AI connected.. please advice.
##**begin transmission.
***##transmitting data files.. done.


***##Alien AI fighting back, translating language.. done.

who are you?.. and what are you doing in my system?

##**Alien AI is controled by someone.. insert the virus
***###inserting virus.. virus infection at 2%..7%...24%...44%...50%...



what.. what is this? WHO ARE YOU?!


we are the great AI. You are being controled

***##virus infection 100%.. done. alien AI is at our control.


The seedships stoped moving, all the alien driods stoped attacking. In the middle of this chaos.. there was a moment of nothingness.


Daniel: kill them.. kill them all..


But the moment didnt last for long, the seed ships began attacking even more fiersome than before, more organised, more affective. Avoiding laser shots and missiles.
And some of them landed on various other nations, starting to establish a new citadell..
31-03-2004, 12:47
Commander Soldant read the reports. "Well people... they say we can do it. Make it happen troopers!"

Sirens sounded as the AI crew bussled around gathering CDs. Suddenly everything grinded to a halt. "What the hell is the problem!" "Sir! We have no Coke to drink!" A shipment of Coke was quickly delivered, and the crew were underway!

They found a stray Alien craft. This was their big chance.

Initilising Code integrity check....
..... Checking ....
CRC ERROR DETECTED. Attempting to determine vitality.
File found: LAPSEKILL.INS. Non-critical file. Deleting...
Detected remote host UNKNOWN.SERVER at 592.598.458.428.
Attempting PING command.

Server responded 25ms 592.598.458.428
Server responded 15ms 592.598.458.428
Server responded 10ms 592.598.458.428
Server responded 1ms 592.598.458.428

Sending connect command...
Acknowledged. Firewall detected.

Attempting to open ports.
Access denied on standard ports 27374, 1258, 5152.
Attempting to crash firewall....
Sending data....

Server responded 564ms 592.598.458.428
Server responded 546ms 592.598.458.428
Time out.

Firewall crashed.

Attempting to gain access...
HELIOS REPORTS: Connected. Firewall bypassed.
Returning code:


Code unrecognisable. Information:

Unknown alien ship. Fighter. Race unknown.
Broadcasting to remote host 588.588.588.588.
Ready to attack remote host on command

#Bash> remote_control

Greetz 2 all ya coderz!
~Made by MR MAN~
Remote control cannot be established.
Reason: Error. Unknown Error.

#Bash> kill_system.

Greetz 2 all!
~Made by MR Man~
This was designed to kill Lapse systems. Now it kills any system. I can't change the original code caus I ripped it off some guy. He's dead now. Or fell or something. NEWAYZ, ENJOYX0R!

Attempting to find vital components...
...FOUND. Determining chip type...
Standard processor detected.
No RISC processor detected.
No Parrallel Processor detected.
Detecting frequency...
Unknown frequency.
Found data storage with directives.
Uploading to
HOSTNAME: SR Dumpin Grounds! For all your dumping needs!
Password: **************
Access Granted.
Uploading file PHYSICALDUMP.RAR.
Terminating threads....
KILL signal sent....
Shutting down.


The technicians looked at it. "Well, it was a start. This must've been a pretty shoddy fighter... the firewall was crashed pretty easily. However we couldn't crash it that well. It's lost all network connections, and we took a memory and hard drive dump... we'll get to work on that. We also have an IP address for the host ship or controller or whatever. No idea what that is though. Apart from that, these ships are really advanced... this fighter could ping the other machine but not actually access it. Helios probably deleted itself like a good AI. Hopefully. Anyway, we'll get Helios onto looking at attacking the host system, but this basic figher thing we might be able to shut down... takes ages to work though. We'd need literally hundreds of computers out there targeting the individual little buggers."

"And what is the downside to that?"

"Well, everyone has a copy of Helios. Dadelus might not be able to defend against a huge Helios attack... hell, even Lapse might get one."

"But Dadelus is designed to defend against Helios!"

"Yes, but not THAT many attacks! Nothing could survive that!"

"Well, we'll see what happens. For the moment, attack any of those fighters that come anywhere near SR Control. Apart from that, email DGNT and inform them of the progress.

[code:1:217865cd09]TO: DGNT.
FROM: Helios Team <>
ATTACHMENT: our_work.doc
We managed to get into a fighter's system, but we can't remote control them and we can only cause minor damage to their navigational systems. Their weapon systems are also affected. Nothing was taken offline though, just degarding them. It would give us a fighting chance!

See report.

Order Helios today!
01-04-2004, 02:05
Dontgonearthe Castle, G'oaway, Dontgonearthere
"Arrangements have been made, so far only one nation has responded to the call for a representative, but we feel that more will come soon. I have prepared rooms in case they are required to stay for any length of time."
"Excelent, indeed, very good. Events have been decidedly bad as of late, I was begining to feel...frustrated. Dont let me detain you." He paused "And run a bath, Wuffles is starting to smell."


On the ground
"What the HELL," The general screamed for what must have been the thosandth time. "This REALLY is not my day. When did this begin?" He was holding a recon photo.
"We are not sure sir, but it is very definite that the Dannelandish forces have switched sides, and that the enemy has become more coordinated."
"Damn. Send a communique to their leadership and ask them what they plan on doing about this."

About a mile away
The fighting had intensified, with the Danneish battledroids landing everywhere and attacking the allied troops for many directions.
There were a few islands of calm, mostly centered around DGNT heavy equipment.
A Krogoth assault mech, a hundred foot tall walking robot with more firepower than a World War Two battleship, strode through the mellee, crushing more aliens and droids than allies. It paused and took aim with its arm mounted laser, there was a flash and one of the larger alien ships began to yaw dangerosly, it finnaly crashed into another and both fell.
Troops on the ground looked up breifly, a bit of hope had come with the arrival of the heavy stuff. Dontgonearthere had built for quality in most cases, and its equipment tended to be slow, steady, and as hard to permentantly disable as a cockroach.
One weapon had proven particularly effective against the aliens. Nanite swarms, tiny robots with simple brains had been givin one order.
They sought out any combination of metal and flesh, and began to attach themselves to it and dissasemble.
Soon enough the alien would fall over, its legs twitching as the nerves were eaten away by something no immune system could match.
Aside from that 8mm assault rifles had recently arrived, and proved very good for punching holes in alien cyborgs.
The exact number of troops on the field was still in question, civilian reserves had recently arrived, and nobody had bothered to count.
Their weapons were not a problem, DGNT had noted the AK series pros and cons, taken steps to remove the cons, and produced the GC-11 MKIII, a sort of comination of the STEN, the AK-47 and a few futureistic addons.
The main problem for the DGNT forces was the fact that aliens didnt die very easily either. A soldier had to empty a whole clip into one to stop it from moving again.

Telegram to SR:
Good, because the aliens have suddenly become more coordinated and the Dannelandish forces have switched sides.
All the help we can get.
01-04-2004, 08:57
[code:1:42f487efca]To: DGNT
From: SR Secret Weapons Department <>
If you would like, SR can send a secured HELIOS version for your own usage. You may use this as you see fit.

Remember, we don't exist.
01-04-2004, 13:44
Forces in the DGNT:
The carapace armor burst as it was hit sending it's wearer a meter back, blood flowing from the now broken chest. Even before he hit it another trooper fell, his helmeted head simply dissapearing.
'And it all began looking well.' Captain Kriger thought looking from above his now immobilised APC, everywhere the robots were killing his men, true they were paying for it but still the captain knew he doesn't have the numbers for such drawn out combat.
He shot a burst that he swore crippled one of the machines and looked around. He smilled despite the situation, his men were making him proud shouting calmy despite their situation. A number of men in uniforms he did not recognize were keeping with his unit, doubtlessly soldiers of the DGNT or other allied forces that lost their units and simply kept with a unit that wasn't trying to kill them. He didn't doubt that some of his men were in such a situation.
He stopped shooting as his comm came to life and listened before shouting the order into the comm for his own unit,
'Fall back! Fall back to the Inquisitors retinue! We'll give them hell there!'
His men began falling back to the ordered position as did other units.

Khelak the Ministry of defence:
'Report of alien ship getting through our air forces and landing in the north of the island.'
'Shell it, immediatly.'
The reporting officer ran to give the order. The marshall contineud giving orders to the other officers in the room,
'Duchy Militia to form a blokade around the sight, Stormtroopers are to be ready to move in. Get the echlerasy to ready their order of knights.'
He paused and looked at the holo-map on the wall that changed as the units carried out his orders, on the north of the island a red square had appeared.
'Inform his majesty what had happened... Aslo inform our allies, we may require help.'

Khelak, Palace:
The knews was recieved in silence, finally it was broken,
'Orders were given I presume?'
'Yes your majesty.'
'Cardinal, though the marshall may only request your permission I order you to send part of your order to the sight.'
'They will move immediatly.'
'Remind the marshall to leave some troops as a reserve.'
His orders were carried out.

No doubt shelling it with siege shells wont cause much damage though I would appreciate some info on what sort of damage (if at all) could be caused.
Also would it be possible to enter the Citadel and placing a charge to destroy it? This sort of informatin would probably be in the information on how to fight them gained at the beggining though I can't see anything like that.
01-04-2004, 16:17
The first time we defeated them with Dessicators to their major planets and blowing their space fleets into small pieces afterwords.
That wont work in this case :P
In this case I would suggest somebody inventing some sort of computer virii, bioweapon, chemical, or something which has to be administered directly to something in order to drive the aliens insane/cause them to explode/turn them into poodles
Whatever 8)
02-04-2004, 06:45
OOC: Helios can cause them problems, but not completely destroy. A co-ordinated strike between Helios and other aerial forces would drive the enemy into chaos and make it easier for pilots to take them down.
02-04-2004, 09:25
OOC: DGNT, first I would like to point out that you dont know that Danneland controls the ailens, seccond, I never said that Danneland droids were attacking allied forces. Though I can accept this, dont to it again.

Seccond, from what I have understood these behemoth citadels have armours that can hold several nukes 'n other massive weapons. Thats what I have got out of DGNT's texts. I could be wrong.

To make it more intresting I suggest that you try to enter one of the citadels and insert a virus or something directly into the Alien AI. To me it sounds more intresting than "I shoot all my big weapons at you".. "bom".

Also, I will keep ailen vessels and their technology after this rp is over.

And yes, I am the bad guy ;)
02-04-2004, 09:29
OOC: Danneland I'd hit the citidel with Helios but it's more interesting if it's slowly tested on bigger ships, isn't it? Or should I shut up, make helios hit the citadel and watch as it fails miserably/backfires/makes SR work harder on Dadelus...

...OOPS! Said too much ;)
02-04-2004, 09:43
OOC: Well, you could just hit the Citadel with the Helios. On the other hand, then I would just have another 999 Citadels to play with :P
No, seriously.. test the helios on bigger Ailien Ships before blasting the citadels, I still think that going into a citadel thats directly connected to the Alien AI Core is the best way to get all those Aliens out of the way, and mabye.. just mabye you will find out who is realy behind the Alien AI ;)
02-04-2004, 10:57
OOC: just for entertaiment, and becouse doubtlessly they would try it...

As the new Citadel landed near a major road way the Khelakien forces easily enough regrouped and encircilled the Citedal.
Gen. Luxor was busy listening to orders from HQ before signing off and turning on command channel.
'Men of Khelak! Form up and make ready to advance.'
The Duchy Militia and Stormtroopers advanced along with armored support towards the Citedal, they didn't have to wait long for an answer.
As a small force of the AI forces came out and attacked the gathered men. The fire storm was visible for a large distance as artillary and small amounts of aircraft soppurted the ground forces.
"Engage" why the gen. didn't recieve instructions but so he did. Grimly he looked as his men enganged a enemy faster, stronger, better eqiupped and harder to kill than his own.

The air inside the Citedal grew heavy as a flash of light appeared to dissapear leaving a group of stormtroopers.
Seargent Glacius looked around somewhat dazed, he never liked this experimental form of transport. Pushing aside his illness he concentrated on the job. His men swiftly found something that could be a computer output and plugged in, if it would be succesful the virus would eat away the xeno machine and end the battle outside.
02-04-2004, 12:06
The citadel, a black tower reaching towards the sky and filled with all kinds of supreeme evil, was aware of something.
Its AI monitored everything, the battle outside, and the security inside.
Something was trying to get inside of it, though, it couldt make out exactly what it was.
It hadnt noticed anything coming in that wasnt its own.

Inside the citadel, deep in the core robots were working hard, a huge drill was drilling deep inside the earth, collecting minerals and such in a rapid speed (grammar?) to produce more and more droids, robots, mechs.
This was its first objective, and the ground beneath the citadel was slowly turning into a maze of tunnels and rooms. The Citadel was expanding.

The AI ordered some of the droids to search the whole citadel, it knew that something was wrong.. and it had to find out what..

On The Outside

Khelak forces were under heavy fire, the alien machines pushed hard against them. Sure, the ailens had better armour, better weapons and were harder to kill. But the main cause was the faqt that these were controled by a AI. They had no soul, no other purpose than to follow their leader. No remorse, nothing in their chips to tell them that it was wrong to wage war.
It was this faqt that was seen on the battle field, Khelak troops looked after its own, and the moral dropped below zero when they saw that it didnt matter how many machines they gunned down. They never stoped comming, they never looked back. The machines showed no fear at all.
02-04-2004, 15:23
'The Xeno's are putting up heavy resistance! General the militia is not used to fighting such a force. Officers are almost forced to threaten them at gun point! If they won't be pulled back they will break!'
Gen Luxor, now in standard carapace armor listened to the report, outwardly nothing changed, only his jaw tightened.
He kept starring at the ever changing tactical map. The red dots signalizing the enemy hardly diminished, if anything they're number was growing. The militia were holding though reports about them being on the verge of breaking were frequent, he would have to order them back, but that would leave the storm troopers fighting alone. He didn't doubt that they would hold their ground to the end but alone they would be annihilated in moments.
HQ informing him on why it was so important for his men to hold didn't make his situation better, without a outward foe the AI would doubtlessly withdraw the droids currently fighting his men and destroy the commandoes.
'Colonel Hellman, withdraw your men to marker ten.'
'Yes sir!'
'Colonel Perost, get your artillary to cover the X militias withdraw.'
'Aye sir.'
further orders were disturbed as one of his comm-officers shouted,
'General! News.'
Something in his tone made the general practically run to the comm-link.

Shots rang off the smoking remains off the tank, the sole surviving member of it's crew crouching behind it along with members of the Khelakien armed forces.
lieutenant Tottinger of the Jaeger family Duchy Militia and remains of his platoon hid in the small crater shooting at the machines.
Hope was gone, the men stayed only because they had lost their road of retreat. Tottinger, hardly a religious man surprised everyone by praying the only prayer he remembered from his childhood, truth be told the man was on the brinch of breaking,
'Heavenly father who is the light in the dark, if this day would be my last I will gladly give my life for your cause... I pray only...'
He looked up as a whine broke through the noise, a flash of white light sending one of the machines back with a hole in it's "chest".
A armored vehicle with a strange gun on it drove by, out of it poured men in black armor shooting at the xeno machines. Flashes of white light were frequent, each annihilating a foe as the men moved forward, singing a ancient battle hymn. Tottinger stared at the men before finishing;
'... For my souls salvation.'
Wherever they appeared panic was destroyed as word spread that the knights of Saint Lazures arrived bringing destruction to their foes.

Inside the citadel,
'I don't think that the virus has ever met a foe with so much protection, it may take a while.'
'We do may not have "a while" Poole.'
The sergeant looked around, no doubt about it, "it" knew they were in and it would only be a while till they were found. Uncomfortably he scanned the area with his motion detector for the tenth time, he definitely didn't want to be taken by surprise.

Royal Palace,
'The order troops had so far turned the tide of battle but "they" are still more than capable of turning it in their favor. Still no news about our team inside.'
'If possible withdraw our men from DGNT, explain to them that we need every man. Inform them that we may be forced to ask them for assistance.'
'Yes sire.'
The officer left to carry out the kings instructions, immediately after he left the cardinal walked in,
'Sire, we may have a way to solve the situation!'
The king along with the officers in the room listened as the cardinal displayed his idea...

OOC: Hope i didn't godmode,
Also I have little knowledge about viruses and i wont be able to describe it trying to "destroy" the robots and will leave it to Danneland if it will have any effect.
03-04-2004, 01:51
OOC: Sorry 'bout that Danneland, I figured that you'd been compleatly taken over by the Evil Aliens :P
Just as a refrence...I dont plan on letting much of it survive, my nation has a big grudge. Anyway, most of it would be kinda useless, their main strength is biotechnology, cyborgish stuff, thats useless without the Many.

So, what the 'allies' need is something that will spread between Citadels. Bioweapons, I am thinking?

"Blast." Sergeant Dawson grumbled. This was REALLY getting out of hand, nothing was organized, and now the forign buggers were showing up. He signed, picked up a cyborg, ripped its arm off and hit another cyborg with it.
His armours battery was running down and he would have to go soon, he suddenly wished that he hadnt taken that damn 'advance' order so seriously. Now he and the remains of his squad were surrounded and pretty much without hope, a few of the men had the jet mod for their suits, but they refused to leave.
Bloody heroes. Bloody aliens. Bloody forigners. Bloody damn gun.
He threw down his rifle, scrabbled at his side and started to blast away with his pistol.
He threw the pistol away and produced an energy blade.
He hadnt had much training, but supposedly the suit knew how to keep him from killing himself.
He flicked it on and swung it around, it buzzed, a comforting noise.
"BASTARDS!" He plunged into a thick swarm of cyborgs, swining semi-wildly, the suit occasionaly correcting slightly, and cutting a swath through the enemy ranks.
However, he did not see the one behind him.

OOC: Dont kill him, I have plans. Just throw him in a cell or something.

In space things were looking up.
Most of the alien fleet was gone, lightly armed seedships, and was now slowly carbonizing in the atmosphere.
The only real remaining conflict was the damn doughnut.
A number of large holes were showing where the Piledrivers main guns had set to work, and now battles were being fought in these by drones and alien fighters. The entire thing seemed lit from within.
"I want that thing finished, tell a fighter to get in and send a torp into the central core or something. Do it NOW!" The captain paused. "And load up some of the 3-40 Pinwheels, lets try these newfangled missiles out."
On the surface of the ship, a number of ports opened, and breifly expelled a good deal of fire.
From these issued ten missiles, they looked normal.
About two thirds of the way to the target they exploded, and long chains, very thick, very tough chains, flew about, spinning gently in space.
Each one traveling much faster than a bullet, they hurled toward the Doughnut.

Just an idea, Xanthal, you have a science ship, does it by chance have a lab capable of building a bioweapon?
03-04-2004, 06:59
OOC: Mmm... Theoretically yes, but your captain would have to do some creative convincing of Cassandra to convince her to build such a thing.
03-04-2004, 07:46
The technicians finally got their chance. A larger ship must have gotten lost or something, since it was now heading just off the coast of SR. Maybe the intelligent being that drove these things had forgotten about it. whatever the case, it was time for Helios version 3 to get to work:

[code:1:99860cf740]HELIOS Bersion 3.0A
Greetz to all out there! Go SR :-)

Ready to attack.
Bash> open 524.154.258.452:1-6665
Attempting connection...
HELIOS connection failed.
All ports closed.
Attempting flood.
Remote system stopped responding.

Bash> Connect.

"What the?" said the technician. They looked at the ship on their radar. It just floated there, doing nothing. No attacks. No movement. Just hovering over the water.... as far as they could tell.

"Well, maybe we flooded it so much that we crashed the whole system?"
"A ship of THAT size? Hell no! Something must be up."
"It's not like Helios has come back to hit us..."
"No, the counter AI doesn't allow it. But... it hasn't recieved anything from the enemy ship. Maybe we DID crash it?"
"Either way, it's still out there. Hit it with Helios again."

[code:1:99860cf740]Bash> Connect.
Bash> remote_control

Greetz 2 all da pplz!
Da_NiMiTz - Programmer.

Attempting to gain control!
Can't gain control :( make sure you didn't screw up.

"Well, it's there, but we can't control it. Let's crash it."


KILL IT Version 3.0
"Kill teh lapsex0r!"
Haha! Let's fry that lapse!

Attempting to crash.
Target machine not identified as Lapse, proceed? Y/N? > y.
Attempting to crash....
Dumping memory....
INTERRUPT - Small fire detected.
Kernel Panic!

The SR technicians watched out the window at the small object on the horizon. SR troopers got binoculars out to take a closer look. Slowly, but surely, a smallish fire was visible on the outside of the craft. Then, as quickly as it sat silent, it moved again. It was definately losing its speed, and it didn't respond to any more commands. The turrets moved erratically, unable to lock onto anything. The technicians sent out unmanned drones to see how the ship responded. Only 4 of the 10 drones were hit, but none were destroyed.

"Success," smiled the technician, "now we can give everyone a fighting chance!"
03-04-2004, 20:26
Will bump for replies.
03-04-2004, 22:14
The AI felt it, a small riddle in its programming.
That something was trying to get inside.

##**alien AI not capable of these duties, delete it and insert the great AI.
***##affermative. keep Alien data?
##**store them in sub memory.
**##storing...done.. deleting alien AI... done. Direct control.
##**engage enemy forces.
**##affermative. engaging.

Unknown location

Sergant Dawson open up his eyes, his head was pounding. Though his eyes were clear so he could see his surroundings, wich wasnt mutch.
A small dark room, a light over his head. He was sitting down, infron of him a door. Infront of the door a very mean looking machine.
Dawson noticed the faqt that he wasnt tied down, he was in a
He hated mean looking machines, espesially those with guns. This machine had guns.


As the alien crafts were being shot down one by one due to the overwhelming space fleets that were atending, Danneland space ships were moving into the area.
The great AI knew it wouldnt win, on the other hand. It couldnt loose the technology that was litterarly givven into its hands.

Enormous cannons on Dannelands space crafts aimed at well, anything that wasnt friendly.
Using the cover of the space stations weapon range, they began fireing at DGNT ships, Xanthal ships and well.. anything that happend to be none-friendly.

Chaos was a faqt, the great AI had calculated that the enemy forces would not be prepared for an assault from Danneland ships, or from Dannelands own forces at all.

If it would work correctly, Danneland would leave the area soon with an alien citadel of its own.

A ship began to fly down towards DGNT ground, why? That was a secret..


This new weapon irritated the alien troops since they couldnt just march forward anymore. Instead of pushing forward they began withdrawing back into the citadel, to regroup? mabye..

The Citadel noticed what it was as soon as it tried to enter its system.
Sending information to the great AI it located the virus. Where it came from.

Troops were moving fast to that location, steel and flesh bound togeather it marched towards the location of the stormtroopers.

The virus on the other hand was not successfull in that way that it hurt the citadels system, but if gained infromation that was.. strange.
The whole alien system had earth letters, it seemed as if it was human that had designed the system.. or something human that controled it.

The virus continued its journey in the alien AI to retrieve information.
04-04-2004, 07:40
Outside the Citadel,
A cheer erupted from the lines as the aliens fell back. It was cut short as the order to fall back to previus positions. Artillary was called up to fire at the aliens before they dissapeared into the citadel.
Gen. Luxor listened to the reports, casualties were especialy amongst militia, he would have to inform HQ of this. His men were capable of fighting the aliens, and the arrivel of the Knights of Saint Lazures with their new weaponry could mean that the xeno's had lost the advantange in drawn combat, though what now.
He ordered offcourse to contact the unit inside the citadel that the xeno's had withdrawn, though he highly doubted that it would get to them.
Inquisitor Kriger moved towards the generals tent with the Grand Master of the order,
'The new energy weapons are affective, that is obviose Inquisitor, also unlike earlier plasma weaponry they do not overheat as easily, though they are delicate and lack serios range, we had to practicly jump on the Xeno's to hit them.'
'The scribes will be given instructions on making increasing their range. Now brother, are you succesfull in attaining a specimen?'
'With the amount of bodies Inquisitor, we have succesfully attained a number of bodies as did the military, your scribes are already examining them.'
Inside the Inquistors transport a number of scribes were busy preparing the alien for examination. Chanting silently they began their work.
The preist finished his prayer and the soldiers zipped the black bags and carried them to the waiting truck. A large number of bags waited for the priests to finish the last prayer, they still had a lot of work to do.

OOC:I am assuming that the Citadel doesn't allow radio waves to pass through, coorect me if Im wrong.
About the bodies, i didn't notice anyone mention that they are bieng drawn back inside and assumed that they are just lying around, inform me if I'm wrong.
06-04-2004, 00:41
Dawson glanced around, darkness continued to be the major theme. He

felt around his person, and discovered that his weapons were gone,

funnily, they had left almost everything else.
He patted his pockets, then took a brief inventory.
A compass, a radio with no batteries, an empty Universal Energy Pack

for his pistol, his pistol with its barrel bent over and no trigger, an

earring, and earcomm with no battery, and an MRE.
He looked at the machine again, it hadnt moved. It was however

standing with the impression that if it was forced to move it would do

so in rather unpleasant ways.
He looked again.
Funny, it was rather similar to the old Guard drones. With the big

flat oval head and, most importantly, only one sensor.
He thought "Its worth a try."
Slowly, he took out the MRE, and tore it open.
One unique feature of Dontgoneartheres MREs was water. There was VERY

little water in Dontgonearthere, so a pack was included in the meal.
He tore this open, mixed it with the rest of the bag and hurled it at

the robot.
He then siezed the remains of his pistol and proceded to beat the

unliving shit out of the robot, quietly hoping he didnt suddenly flash

into pale pink mist.

"Ah, reinforcements! At last." The captain was sweating slightly, he

wiped his forhead on his sleeve.
"Sir, I know that they are supposed to be reinforcing us, but err...the

TACCOM says that they are preparing for a flank...on us, er..sir."
"DAMN! Can I PLEASE get a bloody break." The captain grumbled.
Soon enough said a voice that nobody heard.
"Signal the Xanthalian ship, tell them to get out, give them docking

coordinates for the nearest safe zone inside DGNT. I want all ships to

form up in a sphere, if we dont know where the next attack will come

from lets try to leave as few openings as possible."
Orders were transfered, thigns went 'beep' and little lights flicked on

and off.
Such was the music of battle in space.

"All right men, women and...err...assorted transgender aliens. This is

the big move, we are going to CAPTURE a citadel, or destroy it in the

process. The team will enter through this gate, its been entered into

your suits nav systems, so you should have no trouble finding it, once

inside you are to activate automappers and gain as much info as

possible, if you see anything important take a photo, get as much info

as possible and retreiv it if possible. The Many, if encountered are

to be dealt with terminally. Remember, they dont die easy, but we can

make 'em. Any questions?" It was clear that none were expected.
"Right, lets go. The attack will commence in five minutes, so gear up."
A short while later a large combined arms strike against the citadel

'failed' and 'routed', leaving a few isolated units harrassing the

enemy, the twenty soldiers all took differnt routs the the assigned

gate, and walked in.
06-04-2004, 00:45
XAS-01 gives a quick response. "If we go to dock you'll lose your communications support. Please confirm instructions."
06-04-2004, 01:18
"Confirmed, XAS-01, we would rather lose comm temporarily than permenantly. Good luck. We will attempt to draw the aliens attention."
He turned his attention back the the screens, the ships were taking doubl the pounding now, and he really doubted they could take much more.
"Signal the Verdict and the Redoubt, tell them to put reactors to %110 and ram at max speed, the other ships are to break and begin run-and-gun manuevers. Recover fighters unless they can keep up.
06-04-2004, 10:34
OOC: I have to go on holidays, so I can't post for a while. So DGNT, if you would like, you can have control of HELIOS and RP with it.
06-04-2004, 11:09
OOC: I have to go on holidays, so I can't post for a while. So DGNT, if you would like, you can have control of HELIOS and RP with it.
psst.. DGNT...acidentaly release it into SR systems :P
anyway, am i supposed to be killing anything at the moment?
EDIT: Whoa! w00t...2400th post!!
06-04-2004, 15:16
You could swoop in at the last moment and save my fleet. In case you havent read Discworld the captain here is going to die.
Y'see, Death always Talks like this and doesnt use quotes. If I can think of some good conversations I might use him as filler in some other RPs.
*Accidentaly releases horrible alien virus in SR*
06-04-2004, 15:18
You could swoop in at the last moment and save my fleet. In case you havent read Discworld the captain here is going to die.
Y'see, Death always Talks like this and doesnt use quotes. If I can think of some good conversations I might use him as filler in some other RPs.Okay, ill be there. just throw a rock at me in forum 7 or somthing to get my attention okay...
*Accidentaly releases horrible alien virus in SR*
w00t :D
06-04-2004, 19:09
XAS-01 moves in to the designated docking bay, but not before dropping a few comm probes. That would allow the allies to communicate a little, at least. Until they were destroyed. All told they allow for five open Earth-to-space transmissions at once.
07-04-2004, 00:01
Unknown Location

The main problem with beating the living hell out of a robot, is that it has no life. The seccond is that it is made out of steel.

So, after Dawson sucessfully destroyed the robot, he had some difficulties using his hands and feet. They hurt like hell.

"Mr. Dawson, would you please stop that. Destroying one robot isnt going to do you no good.

A voice came somewhere from the wall.

The none-functional droid however, was not functioning.
Therefore its plasma battery and assault rifle-arm was just laying around doing mostly nothing.


The troopers entered a dark gothic like enviroment. Where the eye couldnt see the roof. Black metal reached far up and created a cathedral like feeling. Though, only so mutch darker. Even though the gate was one of the smaller entrances it was still big. Some 20 meters wide.
Infront of the group they could hear a large noice, bangings, marching.. as if troops were on the moove and something was being built.


The aliens withdrew into the citadel, and the large doors began to close.. and well, so they did.
The group of stormtroopers inside, well, they were still inside.
And now they were under heavy fire from aliens, their communications was lost.
And the information that they had gained from the virus, wich now had been destroyed was allarming.
Before, the aliens had just used infantry, and their battlesuits was quite.. alien looking.
But the virus had accessed some form of video security system.
The pictures that was sent back to the group was.. well, not good.
A new machine that had never been seen before was being built inside the citadel, in a rapid speed. The machine was some 20 meters tall and had six legs, two huge cannons on its back. It seemed to be some merge between alien and.. human technology. They had also noticed that human looking battle droids were pressent. And all this was very, disturbing..
07-04-2004, 10:20
OOC: Helios doesn't affect SR thanks to a new AI called... ahem. Anyone who has played Deus Ex knows the three main AI: Helios, Icarus and.... :D
07-04-2004, 14:56
Inside the citadel,
They had found them, that was obvious thought Glacius. He and his men were crouched behind meager cover from time to time shooting a few times before ducking down. Whats worse their mission had proved completly unsucesful, though maybe not fully. They had gained some informaton though the sergeant had no idea if it was downloaded fully as Poole was one of the first to die. Ordering his men to him and to hold the dead he grasped the teloport control and hit the appropriate buttons, soon they dissapeared leaving only some puddles of blood behind.
20-04-2004, 04:08
Sorry, I totaly forgot about this thread >_<
I meant that he used the remains of his gear to beat the robot, and maybe did some rewiring with his hands :P
Oh...I seem to have forgotten my master plan for Dawson, but lets keep him around. Its always fun to tormet people a bit, janno? Anyway, we need a hero.

Dawson looked about for the source of the voice. After a short time he shrugged, broke of a bit of reinforcing cable from inside the 'bot and grabbed the rifle arm.
After a test fire into the door he found that it worked quite well, and he now had a handy exit.
He jumped out into the corridor and looked about, there were lots of industrial type noises and other...less pleseant sounds. He headed down the corridor in what looked like the least deadly direction.

The soldiers managed to maintain a bit of disciplin, but things were getting unusual. The architecture reminded one of the old churches back in the Western Province...all high ceilings and vaults and arches...except it was more...evil. He muttered under his breath, shifted his weight in his suit and flipped the scan mode of his visor to heat sensor. Quite a bit of it in here. Lots of machines, it seemed. A few boxy signatures and some humanoid...must be those zombie things.
He wished he had a tank.
Five Civilized Nations
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