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New Land Found! [Large Pics]

21-03-2004, 20:24
A new land has been found on Earth!

The island of Luthuarnia, is located to the South West of Ireland, yet North West of Portugal.

Governor Arnie has named the new land Lithuarnia, and taken controll of it for the Wandering Peoples of Arnie. Now, the nomadic people have a home, which they hope will be recognised by the worlds powers as a fair and peacefull land.

We would also like to establish Trade links with nations within the area, including Europe, Western Africa and maybe the East Coast of America.

Governor Arnie has also proclaimed that we must have a small military to defend ourselves, and that we must throw down our pointy sticks and take up real arms. We would be honoured if any nation would be willing to sell us some weaponry, to amass a small military. We are expecting to enroll approximatly 0.5% of our population in the military, of which a majority will take up Naval Vessels. Maybe 8-10 Vessels could be budgeted for at a reasonable price?

So, without further adoo, The Land of Lithuarnia.

Well, I'll knock a picture ore two up when my acount is not provisional at Freewebs
, or untill I get a better plan....