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Allied States of Yolande-Roselle.

21-03-2004, 16:34



Welcome to the Yolande-Roselle National Travel Directory. It is the responsibility of the NTD to ensure that you know all that you need to know to become aquainted with the Allied States of Yolande-Roselle. Let's begin with a few basic facts, shall we? Our land is bsically divided into the two nations of Yolande, and Roselle. These two nations are situated on a series of two islands, very close to one another. The northernmost island is the largest, somewhat crescent-shaped, and holds the nation of Yolande. The second island is more ovular in shape, and contains the nation of Roselle. Yolande, though the larger of the two, is very old-fashioned with an economy based mostly on local farming that keeps the people fed. Roselle, the smaller nation, is another matter. Roselle is known for being very industrious, making automobiles, brewing soda, and engaging in general retail. Yolande has existed for 500 years, and Roselle has existed for around 200. They joined together as a single nation 100 years ago for mutual benefit. Rosellean industries got the work-force of Yolandeans immigrating for jobs, and Yolande got some benefits of the modern industries of Roselle. The link that started as an alliance solidified into the Allied States of today 50 years ago, in a treaty signed by Queen Miranda Meinwen I of Yolande, and President Jack Baker of Roselle. For the most part the nations act on their own locally, but act allmost as one in international affairs. When one protests something, the other usually protests as well. When one goes to war, usually the other follows right after. Fortunately, neither nation has ever gone to war with anyone yet. Neither of the Allied States has a Military for that matter. The current ruler of Roselle is President Melvin Deforrest Colten. The current ruler of Yolande is Queen Elain Heledd Meinwen I. The local government of Yolande is, as you can guess, a Monarchy. There is an Advisory Council, but ultimate power belongs to the Queen. There have been very few male rulers of Yolande. Roselle works more like a Democratic Republic, in that there is a House of Representatives, and a Senate which collectively make up the Rosellean Congress. There is also a President who is elected every 5 years. The number of terms someone can serve as President is limited to three by law. No woman has ever served as President, though law allows it. Any further information is available upon request.
~Carol Lowe. National Travel Director of the Allied States of Yolande-Roselle.