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Welcome to the Empire. Now get the hell out.

21-03-2004, 07:38
Clad in his usual black flightsuit, Lord Reil Tian, Emperor, stares at the camera. To his left and a step behind is Agent Delta, face hidden by the shadow of his hat. Opposite the Agent is Fleet Admiral Munro, the youngest and most headstrong female Admiral in the Empire. Behind them, a garrison flag(means the biggest sized) of the Empire is hung.

Lord Tian speaks softly, forcing viewers to listen and not just hear what he was saying. "Imperial citizens, world leaders... I have just signed a document that will change our foriegn relations drasticly. The following nations are about to have their embassies seized and their ambassadors sent back to their respective nations.

"Eris Kallisti, Resi Corp, Roania, Pantera, California and Alaska, Santa Barbara and Slagkattunger."

He pauses. "There are five squads of Strike Marines aprroaching each embassy. They are ordered only to fire if attacked and to use non-leathal force. That is all." He turns and leaves, followed by the Admiral, but Agent Delta stays for another moment, then moves off as well.


At the gates of each embassy named, a dropship settled down and troops stepped out, in full battle armor and weapons, followed by officers in duty uniforms. At each one, the officers order the ambassadors to be ready to leave in four hours.

OOC: I'm TGing all nations listed now.
21-03-2004, 07:40

Copying the Japanese Shoganate policies eh? One day it will backfire.
21-03-2004, 07:42

Copying the Japanese Shoganate policies eh? One day it will backfire.I was about to kick you out too. Decided not to as my nation has a high Jewish population.
21-03-2004, 08:07

Copying the Japanese Shoganate policies eh? One day it will backfire.I was about to kick you out too. Decided not to as my nation has a high Jewish population.

Shalom :wink:
21-03-2004, 08:12
OOC: Crimmond, ask yourself this, my friend... do you really think you can invade Roania?

Really? I pity you. I mean, you're in Eastern Europe... and I'm on the otherside of the frikkin world. And on a big island. Full of monsters.


What's up?

Oh, and if you're doing this because I'm allied to Resi, you're an idiot. Ask Resi yourself. ICly, I'm planning to invade him and Eris, and kill everyone.
21-03-2004, 08:14
OOC: Roania... you don't get it. I am ONLY after Eastern Europe. Just that you conflict with the next couple stages of this streched out RP which will end on the 26th.
21-03-2004, 08:15
OOC: Um... still don't get it. I don't like the Eastern Europeans any more than you do.

And Resi and Eris are also in the Pacific. And Pantera quit.
21-03-2004, 08:18
LAST OOC response tonight: All will bcome clear. Just wait and watch. Oh... and RP something between now and when I heck the thread after I get some sleep. Night!
21-03-2004, 08:25
OOC: You're very strange, Crimmond... but I'm telling you, Pantera quit, and I haven't seen hide nor hair of Slagkattunger for months!


The ambassadors left, and the Roanian government has remained strangely silent. Oddly enough, however, a massive call up of reservists has been initiated, and the military is now at 2/3 its full strength of 30 million.

((All you're getting for right now, I'm tired, perplexed, and hurt.)) :(
The Resi Corporation
21-03-2004, 09:04
Having naught but a few office buildings within Crimmond's borders, the message is forwarded to the e-mail addresses of every employee working for Resian industries inside the nation of Crimmond. Resian guard robots stationed at the buildings are ordered to terminate the buildings first, then themselves. That night approximately ten tons of file papers and thousands of computers and networks are destroyed by robotic hands. This is but a minor setback for the Resi Corporation, which simply makes a small $.50 pay cut across the board to keep stocks up. They do, however, send something back to the authorities of Crimmond.
To the Potentate of Crimmond:

Times change, we realize this. Your decision to remove us from your soverign nation is well within your rights, and we only hope that this severing of ties between your nation and our corporation will turn out best for you. We trust you to do your part to sculpt the world to become a better place, whatever that may entail. The Resi Corporation, which attempts to be unbiased in all things, will not take this as a sign of hatred, nor as a sign of disrespect. We will still offer our services to you, should you ever require them.

Things change, hopefully the next change will be beneficial to both of us.
Signed: Dae Narasagi
The Resi Corporation
21-03-2004, 09:07
((OOC: You do know that if you invade an embassy, you are essentially declaring war on that nation? See, the land embassies are built on belongs to their respective nations, just like their homeland does. We, being a corporation, don't work like that, though. Our land is yours, we pay you taxes for it, so we have to respect this as an eviction notice. I'm pretty sure you know all this, but I'm just saying this to make sure you know what you're getting in to.))
California and Alaska
21-03-2004, 15:31
Sandra was relaxing in a hot tub with a few of her female associates when the call from General Xander Marx came.

"Miss President, I hate to bother you like this but a situation has occured just hours ago in the Imperial Totality of Crimmond. We have been asked to remove our ambassadors from their embassies there, while I have no idea what the reasoning behind this decision is we must act quick."

Sandra stood up in the hot tub and got out putting on a terri-coth robe before walking into her office. "What do you mean we're being expelled from Crimmond?, I thought we were pacted with them diplomatically!"

General Marx gave a sigh "Sandra, I don't know what the hell is going on, but some of Crimmond's armed forces have come to the embassy and have demanded we leave or be forced, right now everyone in the embassy has just about everything packed up all the papers they couldn't take with them have been shredded or burned, all of the data from their computers has been saved to optic disks and the hard drives formatted. Something isn't right here, we're allies of Crimmond... and this is happening. I cannot stress the importance that we get our people out of there — people here are scared Sandra."

Sandra sat transfixed by the information and asked "What are we going to need to get them out?"

General Marx wiped his brow with a bandana and replied "So far the people have asked for a heavy cargo plane and a few smaller aircraft to get everyone out of here. I am suggesting an MC-130E Hercules, four CH-47D Chinook helicopters to get them out... also we're asking for four MH-53J Pave Low III helos and two OV-22 Ospreys in case anything goes unfavorably disastrous."

"Marx, I am authorizing you to send anything you need... I hope it doesn't get violent... but arm the MH-53J's and the Osprey's just in case, just do everything in your power to get our people out of there." Sandra then hung up the phone, she sat there thinking for a minute on how this situation reminded her of when South Vietnam fell. Not wanting to take any chances she called up the Sovereign Californian Air Defense and the Western Division Military Headquarters and put them on full alert.
Sandra M. Devnostræva. President,
the United States of Sovereign California.
Potentate General of Sovereign California
President & Founder of the CSMP
California and Alaska
21-03-2004, 18:07
Bump for Crimmond.
21-03-2004, 20:07
OOC: Actually, the Officers were the only ones who entered, the armed soldiers waited outside.

IC: A man stepped into the Californian(?) embasy and walkedinto the main building. He looked just as he had on the newslinks. "Tell the Ambassadors that Agent Delta is here to see them. Now." It wasn't often the Misinter of Foriegn relations paid a visit to an embassy ordered to be evacuated.


Lord Tian sat in his office. "Any signs of resistance?"

"No sir, but there is a lot of destruction of papers and data going on."


"As you instructed, Agent Delta is meeting with the Ambassadors from California and Alaska."

"Good. This will be a quick operatoin before we can move to stage."
Santa Barbara
21-03-2004, 20:14
"Well, if I had been informed that we had an embassy in that country when I asked for a list of all Federal Government foreign assignments to date-" Abadas was in a mood, and, over the telephone, let the Foreign Minister know it.

"Technically, my Lord, this wasn't a Federal Government embassy. The PCC set this up even before the Public Assets Department was formed, and just sorta got lost..." pointed out Adler from his corner.

"So who are they?"

"Sir?" the Foreign Minister asked.

"Not you," Abadas snapped. He eyed Adler once, annoyed at having to.

"We only have names," the Overwatch Program director took his cue. "One Gern Smith, Hope Kennedy and two bodyguards. We don't have a rank on them, but the files show they could be little more than go-betweens; but the files are suspiciously inconclusive beyond a certain cut-off date, and we think this may mean they were somewhat higher ranked in the PCC, possibly old friends of Bob Pratt-- they are likely pseudonyms-- we just don't know. MP1 wasn't around then. We do know they haven't reported to us in recent memory, at all."

Abadas was distracted, Jenna Timothy's voice, which had gotten increasingly nasal over these few years, jabbered on the line, annoying him. "No, no. Don't do anything yet. Ignore it," he told her dismissively, and hung up.

He stood up. "I don't like it. They have no reason to thumb their nose at us. Don't they know the new government is peaceful?"

"Sir, I think we should co-operate with them," Adler said immediately. "If these two envoys were in fact closely affiliated with the previous regime..."

The Lord President nodded slowly. "Yes. You're correct. But they do not expect to be helping us with this. And if what you say is true..."

"-it's just a possibility, sir. For all we know, they are mere gofers."

"-in either case, we will want them here to know for certain. So we cooperate. Get someone on the horn with them and tell them to cooperate fully."

The OP director nodded and excused himself, knowing it would be unnecessary to do so in this case. Gofers or agents, the envoys would have to be fools not to cooperate.


"Yes, Lord President," the Strategic Core Commander said, ten minutes later, staring at a VCM screen. "I can put four eyes on it right away."

Eight minutes after that, four Panopticon satellites shifted their fields of focus to the land of Crimmond, passively capturing everything that could be seen in air, on land, on and underneath the sea; MetaPratt One, consciousness spread throughout global satellites, pondered the data it would receive, thinking, analyzing...

Just four minutes following that, an eleven thousand tonne slab of metals, crew, gases, weapons and sensors named Jake and Jenny began a twenty minute DPF rocket burn, 'walking' it's orbit toward a rough area several thousand kilometers above Crimmond, where it would maintain a powered GEO, observing the expected events to come.
21-03-2004, 20:37
The satalites would se in Eastern Crimmmond, recently annexed, an immense number of military units moving about and in west Crimmond, the homeland, lots of air traffic, copious amounts of military bases and troops moving about, little car traffic outside the cities and the occasional road race on the old highways across the countryside. Obviously the peaceful government Santa Barbara had now was not useful to the Empire and it's military buildups.

When it zoomed in on the capital, it would see a glowing pyramid, a range of hills with a ruined fort on it, a large palace and several embassys with solders standing outside. Outside others, ones that apparently belong to nations Crimmond shall have need of, nothing is happening except normal reactions to the expulsions.

In orbit(But only if you OOC accept future tech....) the Jake and Jenny would see besides all that, the Stardock in orbit over Europe, with the small fleet of light cruisers parked in and around it. But nothing abnormal was happening there, except the dismantling of one of the cruisers.
21-03-2004, 21:51
I'm presuming that you will not be acting similarly towards the Menelmacari embassy, yes?

~Prefect of State Túrelio nos Fingolfin
Eris Kallisti
21-03-2004, 22:11
In a viedo conferance that spontaniously happened right after Crimmond's announcement:

Eris from her limo:
*blink blink blink*
what the hell just happened? I know we had good relations with Crimmond... but I don't remember ever having an embasy set up there... do any of you? Or did he have a temple?

Callisto in the palace:
*flipping through papers*
Not according to my records... we were on decent terms with them Eris but we never had an embassy -or- a temple set up there.

David #23 from hisoffice on Fernando Poo:
We didn't even have any drug trade with them either... all clear on this end.

Alex from the defence base:
*smoking his 32nd cigarette of the day*
I say we let them know of their mistake, and maybe they should figure out who their kicking out of that building before they make some stupid mistake with one of their -real- allies.

Eris from the limo:
Good point Alex... might as well let them know there's no ill will.... *she glances to Jai Resi who's in the limo with her* though they are being rude to some of our allies....

Nia also in the limo with Eris and Jai:
Whoah whoah whoah... we can't afford to piss anyone off right now. I say we help Jai move his people out if he needs us to, but getting fully involved is deffinately out of the question.

Eris in the limo:
eh... good point I guess... Janey? Send them a transmission and let them know of their mistake....polietly....

Janey from the press office:
Of course Eris. I'll get right on that

Nix from its room in the palace:
Fnord *laughs*

all of them, practicaly in unison:
*nods and chuckles* exactly


Video transmission sent from Janey Ravenhurst of Eris Kallisti to the leaders of Crimmond:

It saddens us to know you are cutting your ties with us, but as long as there are no hard feelings between our two good nations, we see no real problems with this split.
*She smiles a little*
We would like to inform you that you seem to have made some mistake though. Eris Kallisti never had an embassy or any temples in your nation, and you never had any in ours. We're not sure how a mistake like this could have been made, but we hope your careful on how you handle it. We'd hate to see you lose any of your strong allies over such a small missunderstanding.
May the chaos swing in your favor. This is Eris Kallisti, signing out
Janey Ravenhurst, KSC
Press Secretary
The Empire of Eris Kallisti (
21-03-2004, 22:35
Lord Tian smiles back over the commlink. "But... you do have a temple. It's in downtown Skye. You set it up after the religious riots by my request."

He responds to Menelmacar. "We would, but you don't have an embassy in our nation."
Eris Kallisti
21-03-2004, 23:04
Lord Tian smiles back over the commlink. "But... you do have a temple. It's in downtown Skye. You set it up after the religious riots by my request."((OOC: LOL I forgot about that!))

*Callisto takes over the comm*

by the Goddess... how could this have slipped through our paper work. I apologize for our lack of organization, but you must realize that being who we are, being organized is not our top priority. *She chuckles softly*
If you would like, we can move our people out, but as far as I know there is only a group of five in the temple. The rest are citizens of your great nation who were trained in our faith. I'm not sure what you'r trying to accomplish exactly, but if you do not want your own people there either, feel free to send them to us.
Of course, your wellcome to leave the temple, its yours, and on your land. Do whatever you please with it. We'll send a jet to pick up the preists and priestesses, along with anyone else you might want to send with.
I hope that you might want to speak with the Empress and myself soon. We'd like to know what brought about this sudden change of heart, but as always, there's no hard feelings.
High Priestess Callisto, KSC
Temple Management
The Empire of Eris Kallisti (
California and Alaska
22-03-2004, 01:20
Californian Ambassador Marc Johnston stood impatiently waiting for Agent Delta. Just minutes ago he received confirmation that the planes and aircraft were coming to evacuate them, he sat thinking about what the reasoning behind this decision was with Crimmond's foreign policy.

Pulling a cellular phone he dialed up the capital in Greater Los Angeles and inquired on how soon it would take for the aircraft to get there.
Sandra M. Devnostræva. President,
the United States of Sovereign California.
Potentate General of Sovereign California
President & Founder of the CSMP
22-03-2004, 01:37
OOC: Until I started listing nations, so did I. :p

IC: Reil looks off to the side at someone speak out of the pickup's range. He nods at them. Then it appears they talk even more and he shoos them off with a glare.

"I understand, we let things slip at times as well. Usually it becomes a problem at the worst time. What I am attempting to accomplish will be... revealed in a matter of days. I would enjoy speaking to both the two of you and Jai after the plans are revealed."

He looks off again and blinks, then his eyes widen. In the next instant horror comes across his face. A flash and a sound muffled by the pickup, and an instant later, before Reil is knocked away from the pickup, the back of his head explodes with a pop.

After several seconds, a man whose face is above the screen wearing a black suit says three words that the pickup transmits. "Goodbye, Lord Tian." He hits a button and the transmission ends.
The Resi Corporation
22-03-2004, 01:43
Jai shrugs.
"They aren't my people, they're just Crimians (?) who happen to work for our company. They're their people, and our land was their land. I'd try and find new jobs for them, but I don't think they'd like me interferring too much now. If they want to be isolationist, whatever, it's just hurting them more."
22-03-2004, 01:50
Agent Delta allowed himself to be led to the Ambassador and looked at the man.

His face was still hidden, but even though, he seemed to stare. He wore a black suit and a black overcoat over it. "You are the one nation we are removing that is most like ours. The only problem is that you do not fit with my new vision for the Empire... As of right now, Lord Tian should be out of power. When I return, I will take power and lead Crimmond into the future."

He smirks. "And don't bother calling to warn him... My people screened all his calls."

OOC: Resi, my leader just got his head blown off in front of the commlink to your car. And it's Crims. :wink:
The Resi Corporation
22-03-2004, 02:38
OOC: Resi, my leader just got his head blown off in front of the commlink to your car. And it's Crims. :wink:((OOC: Ah, the forum was being stupid when I posted that, so I only saw Eris' post, which I was responding to.))
"Mother of goddess..." Jai utters, "Tian! Do you read me? TIAN!"
Gritting his teeth, he takes a second to collect himself. He'd fought in a war, he's faced worse things than hearing a man being killed thousands of miles away. After taking a deep breath, he spoke into his cell phone.
"Sara, honey, you'll have to hold."
After pressing the hold button, he spoke plainly into the phone.
"Message to: CNN HQ. Begin. Lord Tian of Crimmond has been assassinated while speaking to CEO Jai Resi and Eris Kallisti on a comlink. End."
He sighed.
"Well E," he said to Eris, "Looks like this has been one interesting day so far, and it isn't even half over. So much for getting to relax, eh?"
22-03-2004, 03:23
((I like the plot. Taggishness.))
22-03-2004, 07:01
.........and Slagkattunger."

He pauses. "There are five squads of Strike Marines aprroaching each embassy. They are ordered only to fire if attacked and to use non-leathal force. That is all."

"Well thats a surprise, I suppose we should of been paying more attention to our NS Earth Embassy reports then we have been." The Prime Minister of The Star Kingdom of Slagkattunger said to Lady Purrlinda. "You know how to handle them best My Lady I leave the response up to you."
"Yes Prime Minister, one will do her duty." replied Lady Purrlinda.

The Slagkattungerian Embassy staff preform all the security requirements needed as they prepare to leave, their final act was to remove all the "bugs" that had been placed by Crimmond intelligence personal to show that they had only heard what they were wanted to hear.

"We are sadden by this turn of events and we will remove our Ambassador & personal from your nation, may our nations re-establish diplomatic relations again after what ever caused this to happen dies out."
Lady Jade Purrlinda
Ambassador to NS Earth
The Star Kingdom of Slagkattunger
Politics is war without bloodshed while war is politics with bloodshed.
My Nations GDP (
Slagkattunger Fact File (
22-03-2004, 07:15
"Reil Tian's reasons are as dead as he is. We will announce our intentions soon enough."
Agent 283
Head of Intelligence, Second in command of Black Staff
22-03-2004, 19:09
22-03-2004, 20:45
Thought the Lord Reaver has refused to comment in an official capacity, sources in the Seastone Palace claim he is in high spirits, scoffing at the actions of Crimmond, which he refers to as "The chamber pot of the Allied Powers."
23-03-2004, 05:44
23-03-2004, 08:50
The Roanian Foriegn Office has made another demand for information. "We, and the Most Holy Principality we represent, demand to know the reason for this act of hostility."

Duke Darquis, the Minister for Foriegn Affairs and Trade, has apparently placed the entire Crimmond embassy under lock and key, and has cut off all communications and food-supplies until the Ambassador gives an explanation.
23-03-2004, 15:38
Agent 283 leaned back in Lord Tian's chair. "There is no aggression. We have moved no armed troops onto the embassies. We have only demanded what is our right, to choose who has embassies in our nation and who does not. If you will not remove your ambassador, we will provide transport."

He looks at the report of the Crimmond embassy being cutoff. "No matter. Each ambassadorial staff is provide with a direct uplink to the Crimmond Comm Net and knos how to ration food."
23-03-2004, 23:36
He looks at the report of the Crimmond embassy being cutoff. "No matter. Each ambassadorial staff is provide with a direct uplink to the Crimmond Comm Net and knos how to ration food."

The Lord Reaver, while still refusing to comment puclicly has decuided to follow the Roanian example and has ordered the Crimmond Embassy closed and all associated traffic halted. However, he has decided to take the Panteran reprisal one step further than the Roanians and has begun shipping dozens of visiting Crimmond Tourists into the small embassy building, heavily taxing already small food reserves.

Though unconfirmed, reports indicate preperations to bring the iron curtain of the Panteran homeland defenses to full readiness. When reached for comment a minor noble in the Lord Reavers retinue claimed,"We do not know of Crimmonds intent here, but their actions are very suspect. We will not be caught off guard, trust in that."
24-03-2004, 05:15
bump... C&A, you need to post so I can move my story along. ;)
24-03-2004, 05:17
OOC: None of my citizens leave the nation. No roads out, no airports, only the military and government leaves. The populace is provided with everything needed to tour their own nation. :wink:
Eris Kallisti
24-03-2004, 20:29
*Eris grimices,but knows its pointless to try and call to him. She saw his head blow up, plain as day.*

Bythe Gods Jai... that's a horrible mess....but he was a decent man, at least of how much I knew him. We weren't incredibly close, but its worth looking into. My people arn't out yet. I'll have them keep their eyes open and blend in with the other citizens of Crimmond. They've been around so long that very few people will notice them for what they are.

*She pulls up a different screen, putting the other one away. A keyboard pops up infront of her as well, and she taps out a few commands, sending messages via, comlinks to her people in Crimmond, and also to the Department of Discreet Operations.*

They'll let me know if there's anything odd going on among the citizens.

*Meanwhile... in Crimmond: Over the comlinks the five priesstesses hear the commands to go stay in the suburbs, and use their identity switch to blend in. Getting rid of their robes, they attire themselves in streetwear, and slip out through a basement exit of the temple. Kallistians always have a backup plan.*
California and Alaska
25-03-2004, 02:58
When Californian Ambassador Marc Johston heard that Lord Tian had been assassinated he called General Xander Marx in Los Angeles.

"Xander we need those planes here as soon as f××king possible... So far Crimmond's President has been killed in cold blood, since he is dead someone new has taken over. We're fearing for the worst and want to get the flying f××k out of here!."

General Marx answered "Now Marc, I understand your concern but—"

"But nothing, the sh×t has hit the fan here, people are dying... if anything wise is to be done it should be getting the f××k out of here!"

"Patience, we're sending a MC-130E Hercules, four CH-74D Chinook helicopters and four MH-53J Pave Low III's and two OV-22 Osprey's for backup."

Marc sighed "All right... but hurry." Marc then hung up the phone and informed the others that the planes would be there soon.
Sandra M. Devnostræva. President,
the United States of Sovereign California.
Potentate General of Sovereign California
President & Founder of the CSMP
25-03-2004, 04:16
Agent Delta leaves after delivering his message to the Ambassador, but stops at the door, hearing the conversation before leaving the room. "You need not fear. The EMpire never has and never will kill an ambassadorial staff." He walks out.

A half hour later, he arrives at the palace, now swarming with men in suits, assasians and bounty hunters with heavy weapons and soldiers wearing a type of armor never seen before in the Empire.

Above the palace, just under the Imperial flag, the crest of the House of Tian came down. What went up was the symbol of the Black Staff. "We are no longer consigned to the shadows..." Delta says quietly as he enters to make the announcement of the power change.

OOC: Announcement thread:
Drakonian Imperium
21-04-2004, 17:32
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