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Zabadasia reborn

21-03-2004, 05:07
After more than 30 years of being behind in economy, technology and military Zabadasia has stopped paying all debts it owes, cancelled all debts owed by othe nations, and has seized the assets of foreign investors who didn't contribute to the Zabadasian economy.

These are the events of the past week.

This following the landslide election of a candidate of the nationalist left wing Zabadasia Liberal National Party.

Phyrn Galodh was sworn in as president of Zabadasia, ushering in a new age for Zabadasia in which the royal family are only figureheads. Phyrn Galodh is reputed to have said "We will lead Zabadasia to a New Age, where she'll rise up to meet the most advanced nations in the world in cooperation rather then war. We will start developing new weapons, and strengthen our military and defensive capabilities. Our Zabadasia will once again be great among the nations. We will stride into the future with flag held high, heads to the stars, backs to the wind, and boots facing forward in progress, unity, and identity." After Galodh made that speech he started signing papers opening new low pollution factories, and upgrading businesses and factories which had been in disrepair for many years.

"We walk forward in pride, we will help our sister and brother nations, and all those who join us in alliance. We will walk on for 500 years after this great leap is accomplished. No Zabadasian citizen will ever have to blush in embarrasement as he looks at the feats of other nations! I now end with our motto which we have had since our humble beginnings as a league of villages in the surrounding hills!

Wellachs tosed vityen si bito!!! (Until the end of time!!!)"

Crowds of millions all over the country listening to the speech being relayed by Zabadasian senators and the crowd gathered around Phyrn Galodh responded yelling

"Khaitakh ligyetzh badaghin Zabad-dagul!!! (Zabadasia walks with banner high, and with a proud stride!!!)"

The event ended with

"Tonight we celebrate, every month we will celebrate this day, REVIVAL DAY! Celebrate for the day after tomoroow hard work begins! Every month, every year, every decade we will celebrate our hard work!"

Work started immediately. Posters were being printed, and free modern educational textbooks, and computers being passed out to all of the schools.