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New Proposal: Creation of the United Nation Grand Army

Great Carpathia
21-03-2004, 04:54
It has been observed that the World in which we live in is not a safe place anymore because of the growing threat of Terrorism, Ethnic Violence and Religious Fundamentalism and Extremism. It has also been observed that the majority of the UN members do not adhere to the voted Resolutions passed by the UN.

In this era of World History where nothing is safe and constant, the Global Carpathian Federation believes that the United Nation should have a United Force which would be able to enforce Resolutions and protect its members from renegade and violent forces. The absence of this FORCE has led to instability in the UN.

Therefore, guided by the Principle of Global Unity and Sovereignity, we propose the Creation of the United Nation Armed Forces, which would serve as the Grand Armyagainst threats to UN Stability and Peace.

This Resolution calls for all members of the United Nation to give to the United Nations 10% of all their Military Property and Resources.

Since it is imperative limits to the power and jurisdiction of the United Nations Armed Forces (UNAF) be set, this Resolution also calls for the Creation of the UNAF Grand Tribunal which will be composed of 15 elected UN members which would serve as Chancellors for 3 months (in NS month). The Tribunal will be headed by the High Chancellor which would be elected by the Chancellors and would also serve for 3 months. If approved, election of the members of the UN Grand Tribunal will be held immediately. (We will use the FORUM for this)

The Laws governing the Employment and Deployment of the UN Grand Army will be drafted after the enactment of this Resolution.


Please Approve this Resolution pending in the United Nations. Please pass the message to other Regional Delegates... This is for greater World Peace and Stability.