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21-03-2004, 04:07
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Introduction - Kajal


The Imperium of Kajal arose when the first emperor came to power in the nation of Mejar, one of many that existed on the planet at the time. Mejar soon expanded its borders, eventually annexing the entirety of the planet, or welcoming new nations to it as states. The first planetwide government was established 45 years after Mejar had become the only nation, and it dubbed itself “Kajal” after the name of the world on which it resided. Economically and technologically, the nation is on par with any other nation of its age, but a few generations behind nations such as Menelmacar, although ‘primitive’ gravship technology has been in use in the nation for several decades.

Geography - Kajal


Pleiades cluster, approximately 320 light years away from Sol. It borders a region of nations referred to as the ‘Federation of Races.’

Map References: Pleiades, M 45

Area (Total): 1,797,343,006 sq km
Land: 870,747,000 sq km
Water: 926,596,006 sq km

Derivia: 435,840,000 sq km
Land: 130,752,000 sq km (30%)
Water: 305,088,000 sq km (70%)
Kajal Prime: 490,010,752 sq km
Land: 162,550,000 sq km (33%)
Water: 327,460,752 sq km (67%)
Ljusalfheim Secundus: 423,872,254 sq km
Land: 215,290,000 sq km (51%)
Water: 208,582,254 sq km (49%)
Solanna: 447,620,000 sq km
Land: 362,155,000 sq km (81%)
Water: 85,465,000 sq km (19%)

Note: Ljusalfheim Prime is a protected planet. It is uninhabited and undeveloped.

Area (Comparative): Four times larger then Earth.

All known climates. Derivia and Ljusalfheim Secundus similar to Earth; Kajal Prime 90% tropical, Solanna 99% Desert.

Terrain: All known terrains.

Elevation Extremes: Sejar Ocean 0 m
Krejer Mountain 6,232 m

Natural Resources:
All known resources that occur on Earth; Kajali elements shre-na (primary ingredient in Kajali ship hull alloys), grer (crystal that is harder then diamond), senares (diamond-equivalent), murais (Platinum equivalent, far rarer).

Land Use:
Arable Land: 6.34 %
Permanent Crops: 0.12%
Other : 93.54%

Geography (Note):
Third largest country in Federation of Races region, strategic position between FoR and primary Jump Node. Approx. 60% of the population resides on Kajal Prime.

People – Kajal

Population: 1.482 Billion (July 2500 est.)

Age Structure:
0-49 years: 18.5% (male 148,789,950; female 112,245,050)
50-200 years: 68.6% (male 537,747,778; female 430,198,222)
200 years and over: 12.9% (male 47,324,940; female 134,694,060) (2259 est.)

noun: Kajalan(s)
adjective: Kajali

Ethnic Groups:
Kajalan (Half-Elven) - 82%
Elven - 16%
Human - 2%

Life Expectancy at Birth:
Total population: 225 years
Male: 217 years
Female: 234 years

Government – Kajal

Country Name:
Conventional long form: The Imperium of Kajal
Conventional short form: Kajal

Government Type:
Imperial Dictatorship


Administrative Divisions:
4 quadrants, 1 district*; Derivia, Kajal, Ljusalfheim, Solanna, District of Kajurmani.

10 July 2239 (from Kitara)

National Holiday:
Imperium Day, 10 July (2239)

24 July 2239 (Imperial Statutes)

Legal System:
Based on Kitaran Law, with slight modifications. Kajali Shokur (trial) is carried out by a group of nine known as the Soranni (council). The process of Shiya (literal translation: determine. In context, determination) is performed by the appointed Sora (master) of the Soranni. The entire process is carried out within a Miyar (court), and a successful defense must prove yarro (doubt) in the Soranni’s case. However, the Soranni is well known for its ability to convict 90% of those that appear before them. Disproving Rir (guilt) is extremely difficult.

Not Applicable

Executive Branch:
Head of state: Emperor Liyo Sorath DAJAL II (since 17 April 2439)
elections: none; the empire is hereditary; government officials appointed by the Emperor. The Emperor is also the Head of Government.

Legislative Branch:
Unicameral legislature consisting of senate appointed by the Emperor. Normal limit is 64 senators.

Judicial Branch:
Sora-Miyar (master court) [Soranni appointed by Emperor himself. Council members serve for life]
Ur-Miyar (high court) [Soranni appointed by Imperial Controller. Council members rotate every 10 years. Two complete council’s worth of members present.]
Mar-Miyar (clan court) [Soranni appointed by Clan heads. Council members rotate every five years. Three complete council’s worth of members present.]
Ri-Miyar (civil court) [Citizens represent themselves]

Political Parties and Leaders:
Imperial Dynasty (97%, 61 senators)
Kajali Liberation Front (2%, 2 senators [undercover])
Democratic Kajal Party (1%, 1 senator [exiled])

Emperor Liyo Sorath DAJAL II (Imperial Dynasty)
Citizen Jiraga Fero SHENAR (Kajali Liberation Front)
Duchess Lirella KERAL (Democratic Kajal Party)

Diplomatic Representation:
chief of mission: Ambassador Jeran LUME

Flag Description:
A planet (Kajal Prime) encircled by a stylized chrono, on a navy blue background with horizontal black stripe.

Economy – Kajal

Purchasing power parity – $50 trillion (2500 est.)

GDP per capita:
Purchasing power parity – $35,282 (2500 est.)

revenues: $22 trillion
expenditures: $18 trillion. [Military expenditures $11 trillion] (FY 99/00 est.)

Kajali Galac [KGC] (₪)

Currency Code:

Exchange Rate:
₪1.00(KGC) = $1.51 (USD)

Military – Kajal

Military Branches:
Kajalan Armed Forces (comprising Land Forces Command, Maritime Command, Air Command, Communications Command, Training Command)

Military Manpower – Military Age:
16 years (2259 est.)

Military Manpower – Availability:
males age 15-49: 44,636,985 (2500 est.)

Military Manpower – Fit for military service:
males age 15-49: 40,636,985 (2500 est.)

Military Manpower – Active Troops:
males age 15-49: 6,502,500 (2500 est.)

Military Expenditures – Dollar Figure:
$11.8 trillion (FY 99/00)

Military Expenditures – Percent of GDP:
23.41% (FY 99/00)

Transnational Issues – Kajal

Disputes – International:
Subdued attack upon Federation of Races member nations by Kiith Furio Prime, a now nonexistent nation. Continued difficulties with Kajal Mars, stemming from the colony’s desire for sovereignty.

Cartographic Division - Kajal

The Imperium of Kajal's exploration division routinely performs spatial surveys of nearby objects, be they stars or nebula. At the time of the last survey, Kajali vessels had surveyed the following objects, many of which were linked by subspace corridors.

The following is a list of catalogued objects within 2000 light years of the Imperium of Kajal. All except those on the Terran list have been surveyed by Shalbatana exploration ships.

[code:1:d7604fd575]Beral/N1647 Cariel/åCar Casaan/ãCas Celir/ÜCar
Cenas/âCen Curan/ÜCru Derol/N1981 Drela/M39
Iciena/IC2602 Jeral/N752 Kaarel/N6726 Kajal/M45
Kajiiv/âOri Laedan/Sol Leraan/N2451 Li/ÜLep
Lirauva/ÜOri Mejiiv/îOri Mersha/California Nebula
Mirauv/ëSco Mirel/Hyades Onaai/ðOri Peraan/åPeg
Peria/ÜPer Scorai/ìSco Seran/ëOri Sei/îPer
Seivra/åCMa Shanais/N2232 Shar/ÜSco Sheraal/M44
Sheroun/éCar Teras/åGem Velar/ãVel Veluun/ïVel

Objects from Terran Databases:
çPer/Sorail M34/Teruul ïPer/Jilal N1746/Kerail
åOri/Sejiiv éOri/Lejiiv ëEri/Veriis ëSco/Scolar[/code:1:d7604fd575]

A Kajali cruiser emerging from subspace over Mars.

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Asgronde resides in the highest peaks on Ljusalfheim Secundus, while Dajar and Kajurmani are on Kajal. Veisgronde is on Derivia.

Solannan cities are reminiscent of Arakeen in Dune.
12-04-2004, 07:05
Your fact book is quite interesting. Do all fact books contain such pictures as yours?
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Your fact book is quite interesting. Do all fact books contain such pictures as yours?Not even. Some people refuse to use them, seeing as they overwealm the text.
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i meant in fact books
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Nice factbook! I like the pictures of the cities, really cool