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A Merchant's Work is never done... (ATT: Steel Butterfly)

21-03-2004, 01:36
OOC: I originally was planning to post this in the Steel Butterfly civil war thread, but that would break up what I'd call the 'flow' of the thread.

So, here we go.

And thanks, SB. :wink:


The small convoy moved ever closer to the warring Orion Sector. Symbols of neutrality decorated every surface of the ships. On board the single military vessel, the Captain who had been placed in over-all command read his dispatch.

[code:1:fc5254ccc9]You are to meet with the rebel leaders and offer to arm them and back the rebellion. While the Most Holy Principality of Roania is officially neutral, nevertheless the High Council views it to be very much in our interests for Emperor Nemerov to be overthrown. Thus, you are to take the Burgher, Hoyland Swain, and deliver him safely to the Rebel leaders.

Should you be found out, we will disavow any knowledge of your existence, and request that you be shot as a pirate. This message will crumple into dust in 3 seconds[/code:1:fc5254ccc9]

The message crinkled into dust.
Steel Butterfly
21-03-2004, 04:00
tag...I'll get back to you