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Mitsubishi to Merge With GACZ

20-03-2004, 21:06
Greifan Financial Press

At 9:00 AM Universal Greifan Time today Asakura Hojo, CEO of Griffin Associates Corporate Zaibatsu, has announced the finalization of a merger between GACZ and Mitsubishi. The CEO's of the two companies released this joint statement:

Over the past centuries we have witnessed the expantion of markets from a global to an intergalactic scale. Mitsubishi, at one time Earth's finest producer of automobiles, has found itself on the losing end of this expantion. Mitsubishi has slowly shrunk, becoming an insignifcant corporation amongst the mega-conglomerates of our known universe. We have this morning finalized an agreement which is to remedy this situation. By the merger agreement Asakura Hojo will remain CEO of our corporate group, which will be now known as the Greif-Mitsubishi Conglomerate. We reserve the exclusive right to use the Mitsubishi logo for all our products. Mitsubishi's engineers are to undertake the massive project of the modernization of our space fleet. We hope this merger will benefit both our corporations, and trust it will help preserve the tradition of honor, integrity, and success which is synonymous with the Mitsubishi Clan and their corporation.