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Embassy (ATTN: Melkor)

20-03-2004, 12:24
TO: Melkor Bauglir
FROM: Alexander Kazansky, President of Allanea
RE: Creation of Embassy

It is well known, within certain circles, that our nation is not at relations with yours at the moment. I suggest we negotiate some form of mutual benefit treaty. Please open a telecomunnications channel for farther discussion.

Enclosed please find 10,000,000,000 Allanean Dollars to aid your military build up.

With Love :D ,
Alexander Kazansky,
President-For-Life of the Free Republic of Allanea
Melkor Unchained
20-03-2004, 21:05
Foreign Minister Reaven sighed heavily as he shifted through his mountain of paperwork, the cigarette between his lips bouncing up and down comically as he mumbled various obscenities to himself: he liked his job well enough, but yelling at foreigners was always a lot funner than this paperwork shit.

With a yawn, he reached for his stein as he came across the Allanean missive. He lifted the stein to his lips and read. Needless to say, the contents of his mouth were expelled in surprise as he read the sheet: that was, in fact, a staggering sum of money. Lord Melkor would likely be pleased, but dubious. Protocol of course called for him to accept the offer, so he quickly followed the instructions on the communique and at once sought an open diplomatic transmission with the sender of the letter.

He punched several buttons on his holopad, put out his cigarette, and smoothed out the wrinkles in his shirt. He composed his respose quickly, for he was rather interested in this response:

"Your request will of course be honored to the best of our ability. Perhaps a good start would be to arrange a meeting between myself and Mr. Karpa or an appropriate agent, as this will be a matter I will attend to personally on account of the ridiculously large amount of money you sent us. I'm sure Lord Melkor will be more than pleased with your donation, but be warned that money alone does not buy you allies as powerful as the Imperium.

I know not what the desired stipulations of this treaty are, but in sending us funds you're sending a fairly strong message that you wish to be directly allied. If I may bother you to ask why, all of a sudden, you have this interest in the Imperium?"

--Jay Reaven
20-03-2004, 21:18
TO: Lor Reaven
From: Alexander Kazansky, Allanea President-for-Life

We're able to support such donations as our government does not have many programs other nations think to be absolutely necessary. For example the Americans (Hah!) spend about 20 billion per year on the drug war (federal level only). We have no drug war as all drugs are legal, so we could easily support another such donation. However, we suggest the following terms for the treaty:

No tariffs on Allanean goods coming into the Imperium
No tariffs on Imperium goods coming into Allanea
Allanean merchants will have the privilege of ferrying goods that are currently illegal in the Imperium through Imperium land (without selling them to anybody within the Imperium, of course).
Due to the current status of Allanean foreign affairs, we're unable to offer or ask for any military aid.
Enclosed please find an engraved, custom made Piranha handgun, made by Allanean Arms especially for Lord Reaven. The value of this arm is circa 10,000 Allanean dollars.
21-03-2004, 00:45
High Orcs
21-03-2004, 06:36
"Filthy Humans and their displaced value on currency amuses me constantly," Belca Bristleback, the honored Pointblade of the 13 Clans (A title given to the absolute greatest of all lesser Orcs), chuckled. "As if it meant anything. All that paper does is allow you do grin smugly while wiping your hairy ass. At least it should be clean before they kiss it I suppose," Belca laughed.

"They should be talking to us, not him," The Pointblade boasted. "After all, it is we whom maintain and protect this region. He just wants to buy a shield to hide him as he messes with things he should not. Truly pathetic. I wonder if he realizes that his guile is as false as it is obvious."
Melkor Unchained
21-03-2004, 11:26
Reaven and Intel head honcho Torometi Bavadra sat at the Foriegn Minister's desk. The room was thick with smoke.

"What do we know about them?" Reaven grunted, investigating his awesome new pistol.

Bavadra furrowed his brow and sifted through some reports. "Well, some time back they sponsored a revolution in Edolia some time ago--got their asses kicked by Pilot and their government went into exile.

Reaven looked across the desk to the man, still fiddling with the gun. It was really nice, after all. "What sort of rebellion was it? What did the rebels stand for?"

Bavadra dug some more and squinted as he read the words. "Religion, it would seem. Christian fundamentalists."

Reaven nodded approvingly. "That's always been a good angle for us, ironically."

Bavadra continued. "Then there's a lot of hot air for a bit and Allanea gets re-invaded by Edolia and Pilot. Or something like that."

Reaven winced. "Ow. Them's some cozy relations, eh? What's the scoop on Edolia? Do the Allaneans still hate them?"

"Edolia's in the UnAPS, which is rapidly looking like it's the 'new' Anti-Arda. I don't like the look of anyone in that alliance, as you well know."

Reaven laughed. "I'm given to understand we're mentioned directly as 'badguys' in their propaganda pamphlets. Interesting stuff."

Bavadra leaned forward and folded his hands over a small stack of papers. "You may be interested to learn that there's been a recent little incident involving the alleged smuggling of arms from Allanea to Edolia. That's probably the explanation for that odd little clause in there about 'ferrying illegal goods' through our country. Might also explain their sudden interest in establishing relations. I think if something flares up with Edolia they'll ask for our help if we sign anything like this."

Reaven set his pistol on the desk and lit a cigarette. "That's most interesting indeed. It's entirely possible that they're anticipating a flare up sometime soon, judging by the situation. Give it a little time, and they'd become valuable enough to us that whether or not we'd want to, we'd intervene militarily to save their asses." He shrugged. "Just to keep our investments alive."

Bavadra shook his head. "Well, then we can't let this happen."

Reaven ashed his cigarette and reached back to crack his neck. "Indeed. I'll be examining these stipulations closely. Anyway, I've got a lot of work to do. Thanks for coming out here to give me the lowdown, I appreciate it. I'll be responding to them shortly; I think we've got this pretty well figured out if I do say so myself."

Bavadra stood and bowed. "Always a pleasure, Mr. Reaven."

"Woah, woah, don't get ahead of yourselves. We need to sit down and talk this all out first: these are trying times, and the Imperium has had more than one extra-alliance trade parter go rogue on us before. If you'd like, we can meet in Ali'Staan to discuss this in person, as I'm afraid I cannot so hastily agree to this. Protocol, you know."

--Jay Reaven
21-03-2004, 15:33
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*cough* ... *propagandises*
21-03-2004, 16:01
OOC: tag, just to watch. I think I'll stay out, though. Everyone is bigger than I am. **looks up in wonder** :shock:
Wombat News
21-03-2004, 16:52
Everyone is bigger than I am.


That's a very full and frank admission. But perhaps better in the General forum!!


21-03-2004, 17:21
TO: Lord Reaven
From: Boris Karpa, Allanea President-for-Life
Re: Trade Treaties

If it is at all possible, I would like to meet you in Ali'Staan within two weeks, accompanied by my secretary and representatives of Allanean Arms and the A-NRA to discuss this. As a jesture of good we agree to unilaterally lower tarrifs on your goods by 50%.

P.S. We also have some interesting info for you which we'd like to discuss in private.
21-03-2004, 18:02

Well, well, well, funds transferring in large blocks to build military forces. Interesting, very interesting. (Info treated as priviledged knowledge of course)

Secretary of War-UnAPS
21-03-2004, 18:09
<<OOC: Oh! I feel so important!>>

Deep within the underground bowels of the People's Intelligence Agency Headquarters...
"Hmmm... interesting..." Rack von Lafter read over the report. Turning to his associate next to him, he held out the paper. "What do you think of this, Jill?" Jillian von Troff looked at the report. Her bangs bounced up and down as she skimmed the graphs and accompanying reports.
"A major jump in communications activity between Allanea and Arda... I wonder what that means."
"Probably nothing good. This report is going straight to the top."


And it did. Within five hours, Erik von Blatterschplitt, Imperator of Edolia was reading the report. Furrowing his brow, he nodded at his Intelligence Secretary. "This could be... significant for us, don't you think Tomast?" The other man nodded, his bald head reflecting the lamp light and sending little flecks of luminescence across the room.
"Yes sir. Relations with Allanea seem to be improving, but they've done that before. We must remain wary. If you ask it, I will see what my people can do about trying to intercept some of those messages."
"Do that please. It would be nice to know what they say."
"I'll get right on it, sir."
21-03-2004, 21:47
Ali'Staan Airfield

A large, black-coloured passenger jet touches down at the airfield. The door opens as the Allanean President-for-Life and his entourage get out.

The President looks much younger than his years - in fact, he looks like a boy in his late teens, with large, thick-framed glasses making him look geekish. He surveys the barren Harad landscape and says, turning to the A-NRA representative:

"Hey! This place is cool!"
21-03-2004, 22:12
((OOC: same here... I do tend to do faily well in information technology & computers 'n stuf. I don't know if you used a homing pigeon or whatever to deliver that message but uhm, to paraphrase RL roleplaying...

*rolls dice on intercepting one the transmissions using his "OMG COMPUTAS" ability*

Scandavian States
21-03-2004, 23:27
OOC: Shit Allanea, you just can't stop pushing UnAPS' collective buttons, can you? Keep this up and you won't get the SOS out to Melkor fast enough.

"Sir, we have a sharp increase increase in comms between Allanea and Arda." A section chief reported.

"Indeed? What do the messages say?" Domingo Chavez, Director of the External Security Service, asked.

"We don't know, the encryption is Allanean and we haven't had cause to break it." The chief replied.

"Very well, keep tabs on the volume of traffic and send any relevent info and a request for direct intel to the Special Collection Service." Chavez ordered.

[Nobody outside of UnAPS, and very few inside, know about the SCS. Any info found about the communications will be entirely IC, but sources will not be divulged.]
22-03-2004, 00:44
HFIA HQ: Severnaya

Director Zhukov sat at his desk with the blinds open to let in the warm Hattian sunlight as he worked on some menial paperwork necessary to keep the bureaucracy that was the intelligence abilities of Hattia running smoothly. He looked up as there was a slight rapping on the door, "Come in." The secretary opened the door and walked over to his desk, "Sir, I have a message from Division H872-5443." Zhukov raised his eyebrows, it was rare that he got a message from him, they normally reported to the high echelons of the military. He whipped out a pocketknife and sliced open the folder. He pulled out the papers and began to read.

Greetings Director, we have recieved reports from our allies in UnAPS of heavy comm traffic between Allanea and Melkor, we have not had any need of monitoring communications from these nations before, we recomend initiation of Operation H55056MONITOR 45% Allanea immediately. We request your approval. If you approve, destroy this message immediately and inform the minister of Intelligence and the Prime Minister immediately.

Zhukov looked up, just noticing the secretary. "Sorry Tatiana, you may umm... take the rest of the day off." She nodded and walked out of the door. "It's going to be a long night." He picked up his secure telephone, after waiting for the secure connection he punched in a few quick numbers. A gruff voice came over the reciever, "Space Command." After saying the code word he began, "This is Director Zhukov of the HFIA, I have top secret orders for the Director of Space Command, they are Initiate H55056MONITOR 45% Allanea immediately." The voice pondered this for a second. "Yes sir!" Zhukov hung up the phone. He looked at the papers on his desk, he picked them up, crumpled them and dropped them in his cup of water. The paper dissolved quickly, he then drank the cup.

Earth's Orbit

Upon recieving orders from Space Command, multiple satellites changed their orbit trajectory to take them over Allanea constantly...
22-03-2004, 16:50
Melkor Unchained
22-03-2004, 19:24
Mr. Karpa's craft, after finishing a lenthy taxi to reach the end of the Ali'Staani runway, was immediately surrounded by a large, heavily armed convoy of assorted military vehicles. Nearby, a gravitic limousine crept slowly towards the strange foreign craft, and stopped w healthy distance away. Out of the car stepped a group of three men, the tallest of which travelled in the center with his companions on either side. His uniform was a deep crimson with silver trim, and he wore a flowing black cloak which caught the breeze as he walked towards the craft, the men of the convoy watching the Allaneans intently.

Finally, the party reached the Alleanean president and his entourage, and the tall mean bowed deeply and took a step closer to them while his companions stood at rigid attention behind him, the silver on their uniforms glittering in the sun. They didn't appear to be armed.

"Greetings, my friends. Welcome to the Imperial City of Ali'Staan. I am Batallion Overlord Sayyid Angamaitë, and these are my men. You'll kindly pardon the guns and trucks and so on," he gesured vaguely at his men as he spoke, "but as you know these are trying times."

He stepped aside and outstretched his left arm, indicating the limousine that was to take them to the Foreign Ministry. "Come now, you and Mister Reaven has much to discuss."

Melkor, Lord of Darkness
He who Arises in Might
Emperor Eternal of the Imperial Dominion of Melkor Unchained, Lord and Master of Arda
22-03-2004, 21:51
22-03-2004, 21:52
The First Republican settled into his office, it took a moment before he noticed the man standing by his drapes...

"For gosh sakes Colonel, can't you just make an appointment like everyone else?"

Colonel Aldred smiles "How can I make an appointment when I don't exist? Here I thought you might want to see these." he tosses a folder to the First Republican

The First Republican flipped through the folder as Aldred kept talking " The Allanean President for life left Allanea, we tracked his craft to Arda, to Ali'Staani in fact. It looks like the intelligence was right, but so far there does not appear to be anything but normalization talks, nothing military."

The First Republican shrugged "Then let's ignore it, if Arda wants to buy shoddy Allanean crap that's up to them, they're both big boys and can take care of themselves, just keep me apprised." he then returned to work

Aldred chuckled "not going to say good-bye?"

The First Republican looked up "To someone that doesen't exist, that's just absurd."
22-03-2004, 22:37
OOC: Summary of IRC RP

The party is led in by a small group of blackjacket infantry and The Overlord they met on the tarmac, who had been silent since their entry into the FOreign Ministry. Tapestries hung from the walls depicting various figures of state and the ever-present crest of the Imperium. The meeting room itself was a large room filled with many ornate decorations,
with a breathtaking black chandileir in the center of the ceiling, under which stood a large, glass and steel meeting table. Reaven stood at once as they enetered the room and strode to the entrance, extending his hand. "Greetings, Kazansky. I'm impressed with your punctuality. Welcome to Ali'Staan."
Alexander Kazansky shakes Reaven's hand with a smile, as his faithful secretary Pavel stands by with a draft agreement.
"Beautiful city, Lord Reaven."

The entourage leave the room, leaving only Pavel, Kazansky, Reaven and his guards.
"Beautiful indeed. I am here on two matters. One is a national matter, another is semi-private."

Pavel gets the hint and leaves, leaving the draft papers on the table
One by one, the blackjacket guards file out of the room behind their Alleanean counterparts, and stood at attention just outside the door. Reaven stepped aside and gestured to the table. "Come, sit down. Do you need any refreshments?"

- "I heard they make fine wines in your nations. Speaking of wines, my legislature pressures me to ask you for a free trade agreement."
"I also understand your nation manufactures fine metamphetamines. If that is correct, our nation needs a large amount for our military. Would you agree to sign such a treaty? And how much would you ask for a contract for pharmaceutical supplies?"
Melkor Unchained
25-03-2004, 06:07
"So, what do you think of my offer? asked Allanean President Alexander Kazansky.

Reaven pours hismelf a glass of scotch as a serving girl strides in from behind him with a tray of tall wine glasses which she presents to the Allanean president for his selection. Reaven leaned up against the wall, and took a sip. "I beieve it could work but any further discussion of the matter would probably mean we're getting a bit ahead of ourselves. I'm the Imperial Foregin Minister, I'm no specialist in economics." He paced slowly before the table. "I was under the impression that we were here mostly to dicuss matters of state, namely why you're coming to us all of a sudden wishing for trade and mutual prosperity. It's not often one takes it upon themselves to initiate friendship with us out of the blue." He shrugged absently and took a quick glance out the window. "We're very cautious people. We've had bad experiences with non-Ardan trade partners in the past."

Alexander Kazansky claered his throat. "It's very simple, my lord. We want your meth. You want our grass. Besides, we like the freedom your citizens enjoy, and we would like to support you. I am sorry for being unable to offer military support at this point, my Lord, but you're surely welcome to purchase our weapons at discount rate."

Reaven laughed a bit. "All the better; we don't need it, to be honest, nor do we really need any bulk deals for weapons, although that pistol you sent was rather excellent."

"You understand, being that our nation is currently at very bad relations with Edölia, we fear a military treaty could be construed as a desire to..." he trailed off, trusting that the nature of the Imperium would speak for itself.

"This is how we make weapons," he continued, referring to Reaven's comment about the pistol. "We have a cultural affinity for the art of war and weaponmaking. I can promise you quality in that. An Allanean soldier in the field with an Allanean rifle is a terrible thing to face, my Lord".

"As is a Veriag, or a Southron, or an Easterling," Reaven retorted. "Our armed forces are more than sufficient enough for our own purposes. Quality is not an issue with our weapons." He paused. "Well, except the Uruk guns, but we dont really care about that too much."

"But at any rate, I can almost guarantee you that any such 'arrangement' with the Imperium will result in your nation, at the very least, being watched rather closely from without. Would it interest you to learn that satellite traffic over your nation has increased since your first missives to us? Someone's watching you, my friend," Reaven warned, with a another sip of his scotch.

Kazansky's face was clouded. "I suspected that." He nodded a bit. "It will take them lots of effort to cut through our encryption."
Reaven shook his head. "That's not my point." He sat down and folded his hands on the desk."My point is, what are these people going to think, if they can't break your encryptions? Do-gooders always assume the worst."

Alexander shook his head. "The kind of people who fear my nation becoming a friend of yours are ALREADY my enemies. And what can they do, anyway? We're Allaneans, Lord Reaven. We're a proud people, a brave people, and above all, a FREE people. We don't let people pick our friends for us."

Reaven shrugged, and again lifted the glass to his lips. "Suit yourself, but I can almost guarantee that someome will engage in some manner of ill-conceived espianoge."

The Alleanean President wipes his glasses as he watches Lord Reaven with his myopic eyes. Suddenly he looks even more geekish."Now as per my more personal request." He stuttered, and gestured to the serving girl, who had apparently been just standing there the whole time. "Can you, ehm, get rid of the serving girl, Your Highness?"

Reaven barks an order in the Haradrim tounge, and the woman bowed and scurried out quickly. He leaned forward a bit and hunched his large shoulders over the table. "Do go on."

"It has reached me, your Highness, that the High Vala Melkor is a being of exquisite wisdom and possesses knowledge of the art of rulership, the martial arts, and the general wisdom of life." He paused. "I would like to become his pupil, Your Honour."

Reaven laid his hands flat on the table and arched a brow. He took his seat slowly, thinking for a moment. A crooked grin spread suddenly across his face. "An interesting request. You mean to suggest you wish to dwell in Angband?"

"Yes, Sir. I may rule Allanea just as well by phone, and access to my plane will let me visit dinner parties abroad if time and Lord Melkor will allow."

Reaven tapped his finger on his desk and brooded for a moment more. "When would you like to start?"

"As soon as your Highness and the Great Vala would allow, Sir".

"I shall have to confer with my superiors on the matter, as I cannot make a decision of that magnitude on my own."

Thank you, you Honour. Am I to await the response here in Angband? "I'll have to make arrangements to return my people to Allanea, Sir, and to have my plane transported here."

"Don't be hasty, Melkor may turn you down. Wait here, and I'll have your answer in a day or so."

"Can I make a phone call, your Highness?"

"Of course."

"Thank you, your Highness. This is more than hoped for. And with the trade issue?"

Reaven stands and strides to a desk near the wall, and retrieves a holophone device. "I cannot yet say, I'll have to discuss this with Alkanphel, who will probably be seeing you sometime tomorrow or the day after.

"Thank you, Sir."

Alexander Kazansky gets up and bows. "Thank you, Sir."
25-03-2004, 13:03
27-03-2004, 00:58
"Sir, we have finally cracked most of the Allanean the code. The Allaneans must have developed quantum computers, weaker than our of course, to come up with these codes. The portions from Melkor, we're still working on those." said Igor Varnoff, the head cryptologist of the Feline Department of Espionage and Covert Operations (DOECO), widely known as one of, if not the, best intelligence service in the world. It was the largest, after all, the fourth largest (after the Education Ministry, Science Ministry, and Social Ministry) part of the Feline government, and and had the massive technological power of the nation-state of Feline behind it.

"Excellent. Bring it up to my office." said Fluffy A. Zoxbi, the Director of the DOECO. "

A minute later, Varnoff entered the office, and handed Zoxbi a datapad.

"Here it is sir."

T?: Me?k?? ??ug?ir
FROM: Alexander Kazansky, President of Allanea
RE: Creation of Em???sy

It is well known, within ??????? ci?c???, that our nation is not at relations with yours at the moment. I suggest we negotiate some form of ???u?l benefit ????ty. Please open a telecomunnications channel for farther (NOTE: Preceding war is not certain) discussion.

Enclosed please find 10,000,000,000 Allanean Dollars to aid your ?ili?a?y build ?p.

With Love :D (NOTE: Preceding war is not certain),
Alexander Kazansky,
President-For-Li?? of the Free (NOTE: Preceding war is OOC: Absolutely not certain)Republic of Allanea

"Hmm... This bears importance. Send it to the UnAPS SecIntel."