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Coup in The Peoples Republic of Liamtonia.

20-03-2004, 04:05
Last Thursday the great nation of Liamtonia declared Liam Burke, President indefinately.

This wealthy nation, while small, has a good infrastructure in place, from the previous government.

The President had this to say "For too long people have suffered under the reign of foolish, dangerous government. We have had enough! And as such have over turned the former socialist government. We do not believe in opressing our people, but we also do not believe in not looking after them! The people need a strong leader, not some wishy washy weak-minded fool to lead us to our deaths! For a period as yet undefined, elections will be stopped, until our great country has reformed. God Bless Liamtonia."

In the previous months, protests have taken place all over the small country, mainly against the previous governments placing of the enviroment over that of the people. The economy was suffering, and crime was rampant. The previous Week, "The Peoples Cause" lead by Burke, had mobilised into a militia of 70000, and had taken two major cities with little or no resistance. It seemed only a matter of time before they took the capital, and the previous leader fled before they arrived.

The Defence Minister, Arnold Brestein, a former respected lecturer at the university of Liamtonia, had this to say

"The Great Nation of Liamtonia now looks out to the world for allies in this great struggle against those that wish to opress with their liberal laws! We call for any and all of those willing to help our cause to contact us via a telegram to the president. The time has also come to create a defensive army against those that may wish to destroy us, and we ask that any experienced defence contractors also contact us for possible weapons deals. We thank you. God Bless!"
20-03-2004, 20:26
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