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Rebirth (Open Action/horror RP)

20-03-2004, 01:53
The giant factory complex. The building itself was three miles by two miles big. Surrounding it werr hundreds of smaller buildings, and warehouses, and labs.
Two miles from the complex was the town. This was once a happy place, but now no citizen could be seen, just workers who came to work after the catastrophie. A plauge spread through the town and complex, ravaged the entire population, now their were thousands dead, just lying around. Those still alive were being evacuated out of it.

Arthur Smith, a P.I. drove in his car, the tan vehicle shining in the sun.
Driving down the completely empty road to the complex he looked through the report on the case, not much.
He reached the complex, and had a little argument witht he guards, but the finally let him in. He walked around a bit asking questions. He asked most of the questions to Kyle Blake, who was driving a left truck that had a box of something.
"SO what is in the box?" Arthur asked,
"You don't want to Know," Kyle replied.
"Actually I do, or I wouldn't have asked."
"Fine, they the disease that came through here killed 90% of the population of the town, and the complex, and the remaining 10% are being decontaminated and evacuated. So this box is full of..."
"Dead people," Arthur finished taking notes in his note pad.
"Yah," Kyle said.
"What is it called?" Arthur asked.
"What?" Kyle asked, stopping the lift truck.
"The disease plauge thing," Arthur said,
"It just swept through do you think we have a name?" Kyle asked.
"They did with the black plauge," Arthur pointed out.
"The scientists call it rebirth," Kyle said.
"Because they say it will wipe out the human population, and evolution will take place again, everything will start from the begining, life will be reborn."
"Ah," Arthur said, writing in his notepad again.
Then along the dirt road behind Arthur two big black motorcycles drove by, making a loud noise.
"Who the hell are those?" Arthur asked.
"No clue," Kyle answered.
Without another word Arthur ran off following the motorcycles.
20-03-2004, 02:02
[OOC: Woops I forgot this part of the opening. Ok you guys can join as a Private Eye who was hired by a nongovernmental person to investigate this. It is important that the employer is non-governmental, he or she doesn't work with the government, or at least the United States government, which is where this takes place. Or you can just be a citizen who stumbles upon this place. You can send in sqauds, but only squads, of your military later, when I say you can. But if you do I suggest that a PI gets sent first to find out about what happened.]
20-03-2004, 15:00
[OOC: In case you want to get more interested in it, here is what will happen eventually, the dead will all rise from the dead, becoming blood thirsty zombies. They will attack all the people they see, and so forth and so on, just to let you know. But no one knows that will happen yet.]

The two motorcycles stopped, the bikes themselves were rather large and blocky. Both wheels were about three feet wide, and half a foot thick. They were jet black, and evn though the shape, they were fast, and they made barely any noise.
The two riders stepped off, one was about in his early thirties, he had blonde hair spiked forward, and had a chin that was almost never completely shaven. He had a watch on his wrist, and a sleevless gray shirt. On his neck were dog tags, reading the name; Philip Hirzel. On a belt that held up his baggy dark blue jeans were two holsters, that had two desert eagles in them.
The other man had white/silver hair. Despite the color of his hair he appeared to be only about in his late twenties. He had on a t-shirt, and baggy khakis. On his belt in a sheath was a long katana, with a blade about three feet long. He had no dog tags on or anything.
"Sirs," A guard said. "We are going to have to ask you to leave the area. A terrible plauge swept through. This area is unsecure."
"Philip Hirzel," Philip said, then motioning to his partner. "And this is Alonzo FLores, we work for the IUUO."
"IUUO?" The guard asked.
"Investigation Unit of Unnatural Occurances. This my firend, is an unnatural occurance."
20-03-2004, 16:25
Arthur caught up with the two motorcyclists.
"Who are you guys?" He asked.
"Who are you?back." The blonde one asked
"Arthur Smith, a private eye," Arthur answered.
"Well I am Philip Hirzel, and this is Alonzo Flores," Philip said. "we are from the IUUO."
The IUUO, Arthur knew what that was. It was a non government organization sent to investiagte government activity.
"What is going on here exactly?" Philip asked.
The guard told him the same that Kyle told Arthur.
"Hmm," Philip said. "Alonzo, think we should inspect one of the bodies?"
Alonzo nodded his head. "We might need to."
21-03-2004, 15:14
"I don't know if I should allow you too," The guard said. "You look more like mercenaries than Investigaters."
"Who ever said we weren't?" Philip asked. "Now please bring us to the bodies."
23-03-2004, 04:08
They were taken into a giant warehouse, and I mean giant. All around them were, body bags.
"It smells like burning flesh," Philip said as they walked downt he lone hallway.
"We creamate the bodies, to prevent the disease from spreading any more," A man said, walking up to them. "John Hayyes, I am in charge of the clean up crew."
"Phlip Hirzel, and this is Alonzo Flores, we are fromt he IUUO."
"I've heard of them," The man said. "We have a lab with bodies in it, you can look in there."
Arthur couldn't take the smell, and he quickly left the building and walked a while away from it all.

[OOC: Join up please.]