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Mustafa Al Kabiria

20-03-2004, 01:39
This is a message to all my dissatisfied brothers out there who have been hounded by these liberal pigs that dishonor the Koran and the true Muslims.
Please join Mustafa Al Kabiria, this is for the furtherment of our cause. We are accepting all disaffected nations who find themselves victims of these Western pigs that invade our sovereign regions, and claim to be the "Enlightened Muslims".
Mustafa Al Kabiria upholds the honor of Allah, His Prophet, and His Believers.
We are currently a new region, and just by telegrams, this region has grown exponentially, filled with refugees fleeing the wrath of the pigs, which includes me.
With this message, we launch our recruitment campaign on a global level. We anticipate a favorable response. Please do not disappoint us, because if you disappoint us, you disappoint Allah and His Prophet.
20-03-2004, 03:23
Bumpety bumpety bump