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Kelonian States
20-03-2004, 01:28
OOC: Because I use them in numerous roles, I know sooner or later people are going to start saying "I thought they were counter-terrorists" when I deploy them for riot control, so I have decided to give a full definition of precisely what the VQB is.
VQB is a contraction of 'Valor Quin Bahil', ancient Celhonian for 'Strength and Silence' and the name given to the elite soldiers of Celhonium during the War of the Ancients (400BC). Kelonians today are descendants of Celhonian tribes, and in honour of these ancient warriors, the Kelonian government has given then name 'Valor Quin Bahil' to it's group of elite guard.

Their roles ranging from intelligence to counter-terrorism to bodyguarding government officials, The VQB operate with a mixture of secrecy and force - instead of being one combined force, they are divided into 'cells' of 2,000 men each - each unit is also equipped with Mi-24 Hind and Mi-28 Havoc helicopters for larger counter-terrorist operations.

Their weaponry consists of FN-P90s, though specialist troops are also armed with automatic shotguns, MP5s, grenade launchers and sniper rifles. The troops number at 40,000 broken down into 20 'cell's, the most elite of which is Cell 17, and the greatest honour a soldier in the Kelonian military can receive, above any medal that can be awarded, is an invitation to join the elite band of soldiers that is Cell 17.

I was just wondering as to what sort of layouts other people had for their 'top troops', if they have a top division of their army at all...
OOC: I know this should probably just be dumped in the 'Military' field of my nation's factbook, but I havent quite finished putting that together yet...
Lunatic Retard Robots
20-03-2004, 01:31

Kelonian States
20-03-2004, 01:33
OOC: Whoops. I knew I'd got something wrong. Cheers. *goes to edit other post*
20-03-2004, 01:38
The Principality military can be divided into three general branches: The Army, the Navy, and the Fürstentum Schützt. The FS are the "elite" troops.

The FS is something like a blend between the Waffen-SS of WW2 and the USMC. They operate their own ships and aircraft, have numerous ground troops and are fanatically loyal to Skeelzania. Here is the quote from my factbook on them:

The Fürstentum Schützt are the elite soldiers of the Principality. They form the guard of the Grand Prince and his family, and also act as a paramilitary force at home and abroad. They embody the Skeelzanian spirit of militaristic attitude, respect of technology, and disdain for religion and other species. Unlike most the Skeelzania’s grunt forces, the FS are composed entirely of citizens.

The Principality Mobile Suit Corps is entirely composed of members of the FS. The FS also operates some of the more advanced ships, including the Typhon battleships.

As of 2112, the FS could field 3 infantry divisions (30,000 men) and boasted 2,000 in their Naval and Mobile Suit wing. Their Organizational Anthem is the Glagolitic Mass: Intrada.
20-03-2004, 01:39
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20-03-2004, 02:45
There are two main elite ground troops. There's the Totenkopf Marine Brigade, which is 1800 men, each equipped with power armor, and it also has a battalion of tanks. The other main elite force is the Presidential Security Force, which is a regiment of 600, and another tank battalion.

Here's a pic of a Verniian tank.
20-03-2004, 02:49
The nation of Weaponania has a question... what does OOC stand for?
20-03-2004, 02:53
Out Of Character
20-03-2004, 02:56
There are three major elite services. They each have many sub-divisions but in general, non- regular army elites can be divided into three forces:

Rabid Gerbils
The Rabid Gerbils are the main elites of Edolia. Special operations forces, they are skilled in guerilla operations especially though in general they are highly versatile.

Red Palace Guards
These are more military police than soldiers but they are about as lethal as anything you can imagine. Skilled in urban peacekeeping, they protect the homeland from terrorists.

Death's Head
These are Edolia's elite assassins. Trained to obey orders without question, they are frequently sent on suicide missions.

I could get into much greater detail but my stomach hurts... so I dont' really have the energy.
Lunatic Retard Robots
20-03-2004, 03:42
The LRR military consists of the Army and the Airforce, under the command of Duke Lenni (both modern and future), the Navy, under the command of Grand Admiral Lorman McAuliffe (both modern and future), the Space Fleet, under the command of Grand Admiral Hugo West, (future only), and the marines, commanded by local generals.

The LRRA, LRRAF, and LRRN, and LRRSF are tasked with conventional warfare tasks, such as air/sea/ground defense, exploration, humanitarian relief, peacekeeping, defense of allies, and prevention of genocide, naziism, or imperialism, mostly collaborating, depending on time period, or where the situation permits operating by organization.

The LRRMC often operates alongside the other forces, but the marines have several major differences with the other main services.

The marines are attached to the navy, so they are not actually a seperate service.

Firstly, whereas the LRRA is primarily a home defense unit, being highly mechanized and therefore not prone to air transport (except for the Uhlans batallions which will be discussed later), the marines are a highly mobile (internationally, in LRR territory, the army has the upper hand, being its home turf) fighting force. While they tend to use lighter, smaller vehicles than the LRRA, who rely on heavily armored wheeled and tracked APCs for infantry mobility, they get around this problem with the tried and true ride-on method for armored vehicles, where infantry rides on back. The marines also have no heavy tanks, only light anti-tank and infantry support vehicles.

The marines have the closest training to special forces that there is in LRR. While the LRRA troops are trained in making their vehicles work well and in large unit, armored and anti-armored tactics and strategy, the marines are less concerned with armor and more concerned with infantry.

Marines are trained to operate in groups as large as a brigade or as small as a four-person patrol squad. They are required to maintain excellent physical fitness throughout their service. They have airborne assault and seaborne assault training, with increased emphasis on covert operations. They are heavily trained in unarmed and close combat, and Capoeira is part of every marine's basic training.

Armement varies due to mission, but on a standard infantry mission (like in ANL), they would carry AN-94 assault rifles or SA-82 assault rifles, minimi light MGs, H&K .45 UCP automatic pistols, or a variety of other weapons. In terms of vehicles, they use Sabre light tanks, Land Rovers, Pinzgauers, BTR-80s, and motorcycles. The marines are equipped with Lynx and Ka-52 helicopters.

Even more elite than the regular marines is the light assault regiment. The 8,000 personnel in the LAR are extremely highly trained in small-unit activities and light raiding, as well as assassination and kidnapping. They are required to adhere to very rigirous standards of physical fitness and intellectual ability. They are recruited from regular LRR units, mostly the marines, and given much more training. They are experts with firearms and explosives, as well as all sorts of bladed weapons. Excellent martial arts ability is required before entering rhe LAR, and the martial arts used by the LAR is a mix between Capoeira and Karate, designed to make each LAR trooper extremely dangerous armed and unarmed. In missions that require high levels of stealth, or where no weapons can be reliably concealed, LAR troopers will be sent unarmed, because their martial arts skill is at such high levels. As for weaponry, they use the FN-90 SMG, and Dragunov SVD sniper rifles as primary weapons, and usually carry a 9mm silenced pistol as a backup.

The Uhlans batallions are the recon elements of an LRR regiment, but have become increasingly independent of their base regiments. They have the purpose of performing battlefield recon, light attack, patrolling, and are the primary urban warfare troops. An Uhlans batallion consists of infantry and vehicles, with the infantry based from vehicles. This means that there isn't much infantry, but it is fully backed up by vehicular support. The Uhlans use the same troop equipment as the LRRA, but use different vehicles. Land Rovers, Wiesels, and BMP-Rs form the Uhlans vehicle pool, as well as, in terms of aircraft, Gazelle II recon helicopters, Piver, and Brevel UAVs.

The Black Watch is LRR's heavy infantry regiment. They are essentially regular LRR infantrymen except specialized in amphibious assaults, but are excellent in plenty of environments. Basically shock troops.

The part of the LRR armed services we are most proud of is the part that uses no weapons offensively. The engineering and medical corps is made up of more than 1 million LRR troops of the airforce, army, navy, and space fleet. They are some of the best UXO disposal, civil engineering, and on-site humanitarian personnel in the world. They have won many awards for their actions, especially in Royal Palms.
20-03-2004, 04:17
Umm... we have a .08% military... basically EVERYONE is special forces grade :P

But of special Note, is the Elders Group:
Raysian Public Broadcasting Special - The ELDERS

Tonight, we tell you almost everything you ever wanted to know about Raysia's biggest heroes, the Elite Leading Defense/Espionage Reconnaissance Scouts team known in short as "The E.L.D.E.R.S."

The ELDERS team was founded 3 and a half years ago, made up of 5 highly qualified Soldiers, trained to be the best in everything... sneaking around, piloting, navigating, dogfighting, ground fighting, a knowledge in all weapons military and urban, every known anti-terrorist tactic known to man, and foremost they are trained to give their life for national security.

The ELDERS fly heavily modified versions of the Su-37. All stats nearly the same save for their ability to VTOL through lift jets and vents under the fuselage, and have been upgraded to use the RF-11's VisorScreen system. They have also been equipped with several built in jammers and ECMs, along with a few scanners, extended radar, and digital cameras. If it were sale, it'd go for 150 million US Dollars.

To accommodate the VTOL ability and the heavier weight, Raysia Electric revamped the entire engine design. Using a variant of the General Electric Pulse-Detonation/Jet Engine Hybrid, classified simply as the REPH-1818, the jet can redirect thrust through vents on the underside of the plane, similar to the Boeing JSF's engine. This engine was later redesigned and used in the newest RF-11Variants.

Among all the unique features of this plane is an unusual anti-Hijacking system. Because the plane can VTOL, it is bound to wind up someplace out in the open, unguarded. So The ELDERS themselves came up with the idea of having the security system embedded into their monomolecular-edged swords that they all wield. In short, there is a broken computer circuit behind the cockpit, near the emergency canopy release. Inserting the sword into this circuit sends a transponder signal to the computer, and allows it to be activated.

The top speed of this jet is Mach 0.9 normal, Mach 1.95 with afterburners, and mach 2.89 with post-combustion detonation (pulse engines).

Because the ELDERS are not a secret at all, we have been allowed to disclose full profiles on each member.

Jacen "Legato" Sa'Fyre, age 23, is the beloved husband of RNN news anchor Sariah Sa'Fyre. He grew up in the Raysian Air Guard flying UCAVs in High School after attaining a full rank above Eagle Scout and achieving a 4.0 GPA. He went to formal military training right after High School, where his abilities and training were completed and he became known for his smooth, flowing tactics and style in everything he ever did, both in the military and with women. Because of this signature style of his, he began to be known as "Legato", flowing from one point to another without stop.

Age: 23
Height: 6'1"
Kill Record: 741
Religion: LDS Office: Elder (Naturally ;))
Weapons of Choice (Carried): Monomolecular-Edged Sword, Dual Desert Eagles, Scope+Silenced FN P90
Weapons of Choice (In the Air): QAAMs, Precision Air-to-Surface Missiles
Position: Elder One
Role: Leader

Ammon "Tac" McKnight had a life very similar to Jace, in fact they were best friends growing up, rivals in everything. They were the first two to be called to be part of the ELDERS group at age 19. He married a member of a popular musical ensemble at age 21, and already has one baby daughter. He is Jace's most trusted advisor when it comes to tactics, thus his cllsign, "Tac".

Age: 23
Height: 6'3"
Kill Record: 723
Religion: LDS Office: Elder
Weapons of Choice (Carried): Monomolecular-Edged Sword, Flashlighted Desert Eagle, Scope+Silenced MP5-SD5
Weapons of Choice (In the Air): QAAMs, Precision Air-to-Surface Missiles
Position: Elder Two
Role: Advisor/Navigator/Tactical

Emma "Starfire" Sterling rose through the ranks very quickly, most especially for a girl, heck, most especially compared to a man too. At just barely out of school, she already has a service record in the Raysian Air Guard similar to that of most 10th year servicemen. Growing up in a military family in the city of Ascension, she was flying UCAVs by age 8. She recently replaced a former pilot who unfortunately died on a mission. She is currently dating Elder 5, Muloki Hack.

Age: 19
Height: 5'8"
Kill Record: 502
Religion: LDS Office: None
Weapons of Choice (Carried): Monomolecular-Edged Sword, Dual Micro-Uzis w/ laser sight
Weapons of Choice (In the Air): QAAMs, AIM-120s
Position: Elder Three
Role: Analysis

Lemuel "Eagle" Horrocks is the oldest member of the ELDERS, being the former top pilot of the Raysian Expeditionary Air Force. He was the Fourth man to be asked to join, and used to be the former Elder 3's Best friend before his untimely death in the line of duty.

Age: 31
Height: 6'1"
Kill Record: 1193
Religion: LDS Office: Elder
Weapons of Choice (Carried): Monomolecular-Edged Sword, Dual SOCOMs, Heavily Modified M4.
Weapons of Choice (In the Air): QAAMs, Long Range Ballistics
Position: Elder Four
Role: Sensors

Muloki "Phantom" McKnight kicks every form of butt when behind the trigger of any weapon big or small. He is the man to go to whenever you want anything or anyone taken out.

Age: 24
Height: 6'3"
Kill Record: 920
Religion: LDS Office: Elder
Weapons of Choice (Carried): Monomolecular-Edged Sword, Custom-Made Shotgun/Grenade Launcher, .50 Cal Sniper Rifle.
Weapons of Choice (In the Air): Fuel bombs, heavy Anti-Ship missiles/torpedoes, QAAMs
Position: Elder Five
Role: Heavy Weapons

This concludes our segment today on the ELDERS, join us next time when we go deep into the heart of the Raysian Council.

Have a Good Night

*The narrarator smiles and signs off with music and a logo* (
The Golden Simatar
20-03-2004, 04:49
The Republic of the Golden Simatar's Armed Forces are small by most standards. For security I won't tell the weapon types and the size of each unit since our military size system differs slightly.


1st Ranger Battalion

1st-7th Tank Division

1st-9th Infantry Division (the 6th is Air Assault)


1st-5th Pursuit Squadrons

1st Long Range Bomber wing

1st Attack Helicoptor squadron


1 submarine: scrapped.
Lunatic Retard Robots
20-03-2004, 04:55
The specialty of the LRRA is anti-tank warfare. The LRRA can kill any, I mean any tank out there in future and modern tech forms respectively.

The Ikv-92 anti-tank vehicle is an awesome thing. Its modular and can carry all sorts of stuff. The only problem with the LRRA is that the dedicated anti-tank vehicles are usually less or equally armored as another tank. Therefore, if we can get it, it can also get us. But still, if you are looking for an anti-tank force, we're the guys you call.
Soviet Haaregrad
20-03-2004, 05:55
Haaregradia has many elite units, there are of course your typical frogmen, conventional special infantry, special amphibious assualt troops, special airborne troops, ect. The of course there are elite 'normal' units, airborne divisions, the marines, ect.

Then, on top of that, exists Rogue Squadron and Dark Squadron. Rogue Squadron is an elite fighter wing, trained in similar roles to conventional special forces, but airborne. Dark Squadron is trained for elite reconnaisance and infiltration missions.

Typical missions for Dark Squadron would include high speed survailence runs over enemy territory and stealing enemy aircraft.

Rogue Squadron is typically sent to do very high priority missions, such as attacking heavily defended enemy targets or defending areas from enemy assualt. In the Metropolis Industries war they held the skys above Trotskygrad for three days with no further assistance, until reinforcements could be diverted from other bases. Their kill ratio during the time was 96-0.
20-03-2004, 06:13
We have three major divisions of the military: People's Army, Air Brigades, Sea Brigades.

We also have non-military, but military-affiliated elite groups in Zeronia. Below shows our current figures.

Zeronian Anti-Terror Unit (ZATU): 1 500 (maximum: 1 500)
Special Forces (ZSF): 3 000 (maximum: 3000)
National Police (PEZ): 11 440 (maximum 12 000)
Zeronian Guard: 9 450 (maximum: 10 000)
High Guardians: 500 (maximum: 500)

ZATU and PEZ (Protective Establishment of Zeronia) serve as national general protection agencies. ZATU is focused on terrorism, obviously, and PEZ is our national police, like combining the FBI with the CIA, but with more authority.

The ZSF are essentially used for covert military operations, and some high-priority domestic operations. They often collaborate with ZATU.

The last two are almost sub-branches of the military. The Zeronian Guard is composed of the best of the best. 95% of Zeronian Guards will never participate in international disputes. They are essentially defenders, and will fight to the death in defence of Zeronia.

If the Zeronian Guards are the best of the best, then the High Guardians are the best of the best of the best of the best of the best of the best of the best of the best of the best of the best of the best of the best of the best of the best of the best of the best of the best! This is not an exaggeration. All High Guardians are over 25 years of age, because it takes so long to train for service. Enrolment is limited. These guys serve as sworn protectors of the High Ministry, the Associate Premier, and the Premier. You cannot apply for this sort of stuff. All of them are trained in various martial arts and streetfighting. Some are experts in judo, karate, and thai boxing, while others are masters of kung fu and wing chun. All are trained to use anything to kill someone. They can use their bare hands, or they could use something as harmless as a raw tomato. It has been estimated that to offer the equivalent protection of 500 unarmed Zeronian Guards you'd need 1200 heavily armed, seasoned soldiers from the People's Army. Give the Zeronian Guards the same equipment, and that number goes up to 7000.

They are only used to defend Zeronia's leaders, and if Zeronia were invaded, they'd be the ones holding the last bunker in the last city. :o
20-03-2004, 06:29
OOC: There are some special units that are mentioned, although the OHDF and the Omzian government typically refuses to comment on any (like how the US deals with the Delta Force thing in public), in which there are both military and non-military ones. However, since the 1989 incident in Omzian Nation, most of these units were brought under military control though they do not bear anything military in their names. Aside from the popular Marine Corps, special Navy (SEAL) and Army (inc. the 702nd Airborne), a few also worth mentioning:

-Omzian Public Security Special Fast Reaction Combat Tram (PUBSFRT): tied with the Omzian Interior Affairs Ministry (security services and equivalent to CIA) and Omzian Military Police, these are primarily involved in the protection of the most important governmental and military personnels. In many times when applicatable, they will also be involved in counterterrorism operations. The Omzian government has often declined to comment on this particular unit.

-Special Air Operations Team: No, these aren't the typical raiding teams, but are special personnels in the Air Force. While these are not publically broadcasted, nor do they do any of the actual dogfights (these matters are sometimes left to the elite Omzian fighter squadrons such as the famed "General's Choice"), they are involved in obtaining enemy aircraft, and other operations such as directing defections from other countries by Air Force personnel of that particular country. They are often trained to operate aircraft of near all kinds (mainly to pilot them), although they do have basic air-to-air and air-to-ground combat knowledge due to their previous service in either the Omzian Air Force or Navy. Sometimes, rather unusually, they would also go into combat when necessary.
20-03-2004, 06:38

Roania has 'no' elite troops. Counter-terrorist operations in which the military gets involved generally consist of the building being blown up, the home town of the terrorists being nuked, and the government continuing to do as it wished.

In other circumstances, the polizei and SA deal with matters like that. Occasionally Inquisitors will take part in a military operation, but that's rare.

The Roanians pride themselves too much on their lack of independence and freedom from originality to have elite troops. Everything in the military is made the exact same way, in machines designed for no other purpose but to make things that way, run by MAF employees who have no purpose other than to ensure that everything runs the same way.

Since every piece of equipment that comes out of a machine is an exact duplicate of the piece of equipment that first came out, there only ever needs to be one test of each thing.

This includes WMD, of course.
Kay Son
20-03-2004, 06:39
The elite troops of the PRKS is as follows:

3st Infantry Division, specializing in counter-terrorist activity, famed mostly for the thwartment of Zhang Tao Terrorist activity in the Frenchfor Quarter Provence.

3rd Marine Division, specializing in advanced marine landings. Was one of the original units to rebel against the former government and helped to nuetralize the 4th Kay Son Marine Regiment in the Cay Suhn Region.

SecForce- elements of the former Special Forces and Republican Intelligence Service- a unit that has the executive power to arrest, judge, and execute any person/s who is designated a threat to the PRKS. Due to security reasons, the main base of SecForce cannot be disclosed to the public.

1st Artillery Division- first tank division in the PRKS, previously talented with artillery pieces, helped to prevent the Bei Ting Offensive during the Revolution with only 10 operating artillery pieces, and has been instrumental in reforming the Artillery Core in a more tank based.