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Exiled Aerion Princess Visits Imitora

19-03-2004, 07:56
The private leer jet of the Princess came to land at the private airport located outside of Northampton.The first to step out was Lieru Awle, whom was an woman in her mid-fourties with her hair tied in a bun, wearing a black skirt, and simple black tunic. The next to step out was the Princess herself, a beautiful thin woman with arabic facial features, and black hair tied up into an ornate bun with two sticks ornately placed through them. Her deep green eyes gazed across the runway, as she descended the ramp, followed by two rather large men wearing suits. She wore upon her body a simple, but elegant black dress. Around her neck a diamond necklace glinted. Her personal butler came behind the guards, then two aides or advisors dressed in elegant fashionable suits, and various servants. She smiled at the men waiting her, offering a regal nod of her head as she stood with her entourage behind her.

(This is specifically on the visit of Princess Ruthen to Imitora. Other visits made on her "tour" will also have their own threads later on. This is from )
19-03-2004, 08:28
The Marines nodded back, but were more focused on the airfield. They were dressed in semi-civilian clothing; OD Cargo pants and black Tshirts, with LBVs over them, and desert style cammo boonie hats. Several wore black or colored mirror Oaklys.

A man weairing a suit and tie appraoched from the Lexus. "Princes Ruthen, I'm Ryan Griffon, from the Diplomatic Reserves. Welcome to Imitora." He bowed slightly, and extended his hand out wards towards teh limmo. "Right this way miss."
19-03-2004, 08:30
The Princess nodded slowly, gesturing to her entourage, as she spoke for the first time, "My entourage will need other vehicles, I wish to ride in the limousine by myself." She glances at the man with a look as if she does not wish to ride in the limousine even with him, as she steps toward the limousine in a dignified gait as if she were queen of the world.
19-03-2004, 08:35
"Very well," Ryan said, smiling. He looked over at one of the Marines, and gestured to him. Seconds later, three more black 4Runners rolled around, and parked next to the plane.
20-03-2004, 07:05
All the staff begin filing into the 4Runners, as well as the assistant. The Princess herself steps into the limousine, as gracefully and peacefully as possible.
28-03-2004, 20:32
Ryan slid into the Lexus limmo next to the princess. At the far end of the spacious interior, another man, dressed in black pants and a black shirt, with a tactical style vest, nodded. He tapped on the window behind him, and the blac car began to move, followed by the 4Runners.

One of the Toyotas moved forward in front of the limmo, and overhead, two MH-6Is, armed with .30cal miniguns and rocket pods, kept an overhead watch. "I can assure you, your safety is our number one priority," Ryan stated, offering her a glass of a local wine.