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Zeronia reports highest ethnic diversity ever acheived.

19-03-2004, 01:18
Over the past 50 or so years since Zeronia's independence, ethnic and religious diversity has increased steadily. In 1954, the population was almost entirely Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, and Slavic Christians, with a weak minority of ethnic and religious groups being confined to forgotten rural outskirts and deteriorating inner cities. Since 1956, there has been nothing but positive change for these Zeronians. Recently, since Damien Kazzero's induction as Premier, ethnic diversity has increased sharply. There has been a recent immigration boom, while interracial and interreligious marriages are becoming increasingly common.

This sudden increase is most prominent in the black (African-Zeronian) community. In three years, the number of black citizens in Zeronia increased by over 2%. This is seemingly low, but is in fact a staggering amount, considering that this percent increase is equivalent to 50 million! Part of this is not only accounted for by Zeronia's excellent civil rights, growing economy and zero-tolerance for hate crimes, but also by the fact that Zeronia's Premier is in fact of Jamaican descent.

"I'm humbled by the fact that many young black Zeronians look up to me as a role-model. We've seen more Zeronians going for graduate degrees across the board, but it's particularly noticeable among the black community."

In recognition of the growing African-Zeronian community, the Kazzero government plans to open up several youth recreational centres in cities across Zeronia, and set up a national campaign, praising the social and scientific contributions they have made in Zeronia.

Current ethnic and religious composition of the Zeronian citizenry:

Ethnic groups:

Anglo-Saxon: 7%
Germanic: 7%
Slavic: 9%
Mediterranean: 5%
Arab: 9%
African: 6%
Oriental: 9.6%
West Indian: 1.4%
Native Zeronian: 1%
Indian/South Asian: 6%
South-East Asian: 3%
Latin: 9%
Mixed Ethnicity: 21%
Other: 6%


Christianity: 12%
Islam: 11.1%
Judaism: 7.7%
Hinduism: 8.1%
Buddhism: 10%
Confucianism: 1%
Taoism: 3%
Neo-Paganism: 3%
Wicca: 0.7%
Rastafarianism: 1%
Sikhism: 3%
Satanism: 0.3%
Santeria: 1%
Shintoism: 2%
Voodoo: 0.6%
Shamanism: 0.2%
Other African Traditional & Diasporic: 0.1%
Other: 12%
Atheist/Agnostic/Nonreligious: 23.2%
20-03-2004, 04:32
20-03-2004, 04:35
Congrats on keeping your nation stable with so many different people. You'll definitely be an example for others.
20-03-2004, 04:36
I'm glad to see your nation is built upon a civilation that welcomes and treats everyone equally.

Raysia was founded as a haven for all those persecuted for their beliefs, but now we are forming into a similar melting pot.. though religious diversity is slightly more offset.
20-03-2004, 04:39
People in Half-Moon arent worried about race.
Its really hard to worry about peoples skin tone when you have multiple species wandering about.