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Erectobia passes Constitution; Democracy is born!

18-03-2004, 05:19
OOC: The Commonwealth of Erectobia has finally gained its independence, President Vince Harris has resigned as dictator and went into exile as the new Supreme Governor, and UN Delegate Lance Miller takes office.


Friends and supporters of democracy! The Commonwealth of Erectobia is now emerging as a democratic state! We will prevail. We are a collective unit dedicated to the prosperation of democracy and we will bring it to our homeland. The corporate infastructure that drives this nation, will pull over right now, for we will run our nation freely, completely and 100% freely.

With that said, we are in the process of outlawing gambling in our nation to protect our children from the outragous behavior of the industry. I, Supreme Governor Lance Miller, put a call out to anyone who would support us in our cause, to help us prosper as a democratic nation, to become friends with other democratic nations, and to finally say we are democratic!

Our new constitution will provide freedoms and security to all our citizens, to all our business' to all our friends, for we are one with democracy. No longer will we tolerate the actions of the Socialist-Authoritarian Party, that party has been disbanded thanks to the Royal Marines.

Give us your call...Your call to democracy!

Lance Miller
UN Delegate and Supreme Governor of the Commonwealth of Erectobia