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Andaluciaen Defense Ministry Press Announcement Thread

13-03-2004, 17:02
On this thread the Andaluciaen defense ministry will make announcements of varying degrees of importance. We will not declare wars from this page, but announce purchases and other decisions of the like. We will also list the total Andaluciaen armaments here.
13-03-2004, 17:05
92,900,000 Combined service tally

45,000,000 Army Personnel
5,000,000 Marines
21,900,000 Navy
20,000,000 Air Force
1,000,000 Special Operations

Armored Units:

30,000 M1A2 Abrams Tanks
17,000 AA-9 Tanks (similar to Russian T-90)
22,000 M2A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicles
13,000 AA-12 Infantry Fighting Vehicles
4,000 AA-15 Mammoth Tanks
5,000 AMTRACs
4,000 Marine LAVs

60,000 Fuel Bowsers
57,000 ATAA-2 Heavy Transports
50,000 AT-3 HMMWV light combat transports

Air Force:
7,000 F-22 Raptor Air Superiority Fighters
4,000 JSF
5,000 F-15 Eagle Air Superiority Fighters
5,000 F-16 Fighter Bombers

3,000 F-111 Aarvarks
2,500 B-52 Mk. 2 Bombers (BUFFS)
125 B-2 Spirit Stealth Bombers
105 B-3 Bombers
275 F-117 Nighthawk Stealth Fighters.

600 E-3B Awacs

2,500 RAH-66 Comanche Attack Helicopters
2,500 Blackhawk Helicopters
3,500 UH-1N Helicopters
3,500 Apache Attack Helicopters
2,500 Harrier Mk. 3 vertijets

Naval Aviation:

4,000 F/A 18 Fighter Bombers
2,500 F-14 Fighters
3,000 JSF Fighters

40 Battleships of the Norse Class
45 Iowa II class battleships
40 Nimitz Class Supercarriers
600 Aegis II Equipped cruisers
700 Aegis II Equipped destroyers
700 All purpose Frigates

500 Virginia Class Submarines
300 Los Angeles Class Submarines
300 Seawolf Class Submarines

100 Ohio Class Submarines (full nuclear complement not included in later tally of nuclear armament)

100 Andrewtinople Class Boomer Submarines (full nuclear complement not included in later tally of nuclear armament)

Nuclear Complement

20,000 Nuclear Warheads total

4,000 ICBMs
5,000 W40 Warheads for cruise missiles or gravity bombs.
20 orbiting warheads
20 Gigaton Warheads for use with B3 bomber

Experimental Corp:

200 Delta Class airships-armed with anti-missile lasers, airborne cruise missile launchers and Aegis III radar. Other defenses not detailed.

35 Anti-Missile laser satellites--Star Wars Program stuff

2 Space to ground Ion Cannon Satellites

1 Ground Based particle cannons with accompanying space reflecting mirrors.

2 "spaceships" basic ships, gravity carousel, missiles anti-missile lasers. No shields no hyperdrives.

That is all. This is not God-Moding. My nation has 1.97 billion people. It has an established military which recieves large portions of funding, and to top it all off my economy is Frightening and my tax rate is about 100%. So yeah.
13-03-2004, 17:07
These are the totals of the Andaluciaen Transport Divisions Equipment, a civilian arm of the Andaluciaen Defense Ministry:

3000 HT-12 Maritime Transport Ships
1500 ALX-19 Airships
200 C-5A Galaxy Transport Planes
2000 LT-13 Maritime Transport Ships
50 CC9 Maritime defense destroyers
13-03-2004, 17:10
Andaluciae has announced that the time has come to activate the selective service reserve corp. This is the first time such a step has been taken. We have 5% of our population, or 92,900,000 soldiers in the volunteer force. We will activate another 2% of our population for the Conscripted force. This will add 37,160,000 personnel to our armed forces. They will undergo a 2 month (game time) training period and then be ready for service. The addition of the conscripted troops will allow Andaluciae to have a military of 130,060,000 personnel.

We will also be temporarily nationalizing vital industry temporarily and all airlines will be required to temporarily surrender all of their larger planes(747, A380)to the Andaluciaen Transport Division, but will be allied to maintain their smaller planes(727, 707).

The Nuclear corp will henceforth be on war alert, and any incoming object will be shot down and retaliated to.

The quick strike ready force is being assembled and sent to Fijar aboard the Andaluciaen transport divisions airships and heavy transport planes. This will total a force commitment of 60,000 soldiers and 1000 tanks with all support.

The Andaluciaen nation is to henceforth be considered on a war footing. A final decision is pending consultation with our allies.

General Henry J. Tschanz
Supreme Consul Andrew von Beppler
15-03-2004, 17:25
As of today the 12th infantry and 3rd armored divisions have teamed up with the forces already in Fijar to form the IV Corp.

The 9th Infantry division, the 2cd heavy armored division and the 190th Marine brigade have arrived in Fijar and are preparing to form the VI corp.

Light transports and Fijarian transports will be used for any naval actions taking place.
02-05-2004, 17:17
The Andaluciaen Navy is selling the Norse I class battleships. We intend to replace these with Norse II class battleships. As such, we have already received offers for 25 of the ships, and we are using two as memorials. The others will be sold.