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OOC: Official Angelus Ignore List 2

10-03-2004, 20:28
Since my last list went the way of the buffalo, I'll present a new list.*
1.*Rave Shentavo, and all her bastard offspring. (Anyone surprised?)
2. Xanthal (*sigh* I thought you were getting better?) *
3. Foe Hammer (FOOL HAMMER!)*
4. Crimson Blades (Not sure if he still exists, just making sure)*
5. Whispering Voices (Not by my choice, mind you)*
6. Orm Embar (Nope.)*
These nations are diplomatically shunned. I do not ignore them, but I refuse to play with them.*
1. Ma-Tek and his EOTED goons*
2. Automagfreek*
That should be it for now. Yes, Kalessin is no longer on my list. Neither is Dragonisia or the EODS. However, Kal was dropped because we talked, but EODS was dropped because it's a universally understood ignore.
10-03-2004, 20:34
And you need to state this because...? I certainly don't care, although some people might, but really, I think those who are ignored know they are ignored and rarely have any kind of interaction with you now anyway (obviously)

This is Kain Shentavo btw