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Xanthal seeks to import media from other nations.

10-03-2004, 19:57
The Socialist Republic of Xanthal is renowned for its cleanliness, utter lack of crime, devotion to social welfare, and top-of-the-line technology. At the end of a hard day, Xanthalians turn on their TVs and watch... Historical movies? Documentaries? Educational programming? Where're the cartoons? The sitcoms? The soaps?

The answer is that there are none. And to get any a Xanthalian citizen needs to go to a government building. The Xanthalian media, run ineffectively for years by the Ministry of Social Affairs, is now in the hands of the Ministry of Communications. The XMC is aware of the nation’s shortcomings in all forms of media, and is seeking to import the most popular entertainment channels and programs from other nations. Translation would be handled by Xanthal, and payment for both series and streaming channels would be provided to the exporting nation. Television is only one aspect of this endeavor though. The XMC is also seeking to import web pages, newspapers, books, magazines, and virtually every other kind of personal media. If your nation can provide any such goods or services, please contact the Xanthalian Ministry of Communications for pricing information and import procedures.
10-03-2004, 20:20
"Dear Sir/Madam,

The Imperial National Network Solar Governing Council has, after deliberation, decided to extend the following offer to the Xanthalian Ministry of Communications;

* the creation of INN XanthalTV, in order to help fill the niche entertainment market in Xanthal, which will be a subsidary of INN Solar
* the supply of 15 on-the-fly instant translation/accent localization TV channels for the consumption of the Xanthalian viewing audience, including but not exclusive to: live sports from Earth and the Solar System, sports news, interactive stellar news (from INN Solar News 1, 2, and 3), interactive current events programming, interactive general viewing entertainment channels, interactive art/crafts channels

* the supplication of a sub-contracts to Rivette MI Corporation and the Imperial Space Networking Co-Operative (IsnCo), which will supply trimensional visor units to the Xanthalian population, in order to further extend the viewing audiences potential enjoyment of INN programming
* the rapid integration of Xanthal into the widespread TVC (trimensional) transmission network via the supply of satelite transmission units from IsnCo, to facillitate the usefulness of trimensional visor units
* the creation of INN XanthalTVC, a subsidary of INN Solar, to provide TVC services to Xanthal
* the supply of 260 on-the-fly instant translation/accent localization TVC channels for the consumption of the Xanthalian viewing audience, including but not exclusive to: live sports from Earth and the Solar System, sports news, interactive stellar news (from INN Solar News 1, 2, and 3), interactive current events programming, interactive general viewing entertainment channels, interactive art/crafts channels

* the creation of INN Network Radio Xanthal (INN NRX1 to INN NRX35 inclusive)
* the supply of 35 radio stations, of various type, including but not exclusive to: live sports from Earth and the Solar System, sports news, interactive stellar news (from INN Solar News 1, 2, and 3), interactive current events programming, interactive general viewing entertainment channels, interactive art/crafts channels

We at INN Solar (the Solar System's largest entertainment network) are hopeful that an appropriate franchise license can be arranged, and look forward to bringing the INN experience to the People of Xanthal."


The INN Solar Governing Council

~ Electronic communication from INN Solar to the Xanthalian Ministry of Communications
10-03-2004, 23:35
The Xanthalian Ministry of Communications is delighted with your offer, as it was exactly what we are looking for. Our initial plan would be to charge customers a monthly fee for use of the service. Of the profits, INN would recieve 70% and the Xanthalian government would claim the other 30%. The details have yet to be worked out, including buildings for you to move in to, but as a general template does it sound like an acceptable deal?
12-03-2004, 22:24
The Xanthalian Ministry of Communications is delighted with your offer, as it was exactly what we are looking for. Our initial plan would be to charge customers a monthly fee for use of the service. Of the profits, INN would recieve 70% and the Xanthalian government would claim the other 30%. The details have yet to be worked out, including buildings for you to move in to, but as a general template does it sound like an acceptable deal?

"That would indeed be acceptable. We would, of course, attempt to employ a majority-Xanthalian workforce with regards to the new corporate setups, in line with INN Solar policy.

"If it is appropriate, I have been given permission to come to Xanthal to 'iron out' any further matters that require special attention."

~ INN Solar Council Delegated Spokeswoman, Urylla Menjda-Rihad
12-03-2004, 23:04
13-03-2004, 00:07
That would be quite satisfactory. A ticket for a Xanthalian Ministry of Transportation passenger liner departing from Earth orbit has been sent to you. You can ask either to be beamed up or take a private shuttle. You can leave on any of the transports in the next two days.
02-04-2004, 06:37
[OOC: Oops. Sorry. - If you want, we can just skip ahead to the arrival of the delegate... If you'll post an opener, we can get (re)started. :)]
02-04-2004, 09:44
OOC: Yo. I was wondering if I'd get you back here... Forgive me, I'm gonna reuse a description that I posted on another thread, just because it's a good one.

IC: The Xanthalian transport (flight 50015 from Earth to Aellis V) makes its final decent and touches down gently on its landing pad at the New Krytan Spaceport. The Enkidu class ship is fairly small as starships go, and doesn't take up much space. After a short wait the sound of securing clamps is heard, then the light thud of umbilicals connecting the ship's doors to the arrival area. The doors open and allow the passengers, including Urylla Menjda-Rihad, into the arrival area. It is a solitary and enclosed room in the center of the spaceport, connected to the other buildings in the port by an enclosed tram line that is accessable through a series of sliding clear steel doors. There is an arrival room like this one for every commercial dock in the port and several terminals as well as an assortment of other buildings that handle lugage, immigration matters, etcetera. Currently the doors are closed and no tram is at the station. A row of windows behind him provide a view of the ship she just arrived on against the night sky and lights of the port and city beyond. Along the wall are a few phones and information phamplets written in several languages. A looping track playing from ceiling speakers repeats the message "welcome to New Krytan Spaceport, Aellis Five, Xanthal. Visitors should report to an information desk at any terminal for instructions on how to proceed" in several languages, including Xanthalian and galactic trade standard as well as the native language of Ma-tek itself. On the wall opposite the phones and phamplets a rotunda begins to turn and the surface shimmers momentarily as the baggage from the arriving ship is beamed over.
The instructions that had been mailed to Urylla were in her pocket, they read "After you arrive, proceed to terminal six and identify yourself to the representative we have sent. He/she will be standing in the outer terminal holding a sign with your name on it. Please obtain any translation equipment or other information you need before leaving the terminal, as it will not be readily available to you once you have left the spaceport. I trust that you will be able to pass into our nation without incident.
Best wishes and safe journey,
-Sota Illian, Minister of Communications and Media."
Kay Son
02-04-2004, 09:57
The Public Broadcasting Station of the PRKS is interested in opening such a deal. The KSPBS is famed mostly for it's historical dramas, often detailing the lives of famous kings and generals of Old Kay Son. On the side the KSPBS also features detective stories that are quite popular. The most notable of those stories is PI Davis, a former naval MP gone into the business of helping others who cannot help themselves.
02-04-2004, 10:03
We would not want the entire network, but we would be interested in aquiring rights to translate and broadcast those detective dramas, especially PI Davis. What kind of price are we looking at?
Kay Son
02-04-2004, 19:11
The KSPBS is selling you approximately 10 detective dramas- with an added 2 television movies in the PI Davis series for free. The price would be 240,000 for each drama, paid every 2 years on the length of time your station would like to air it.
02-04-2004, 19:18
Urylla peered at the flexisheet on which her 'instructions' were copied; she did not waste time, but instead strode directly to the stated terminal. She did, however, take the time to glance around. Hmm. Not much different to an IsnCo Spaceport... the design of these places must be pretty much universal, I suppose.

Her two attendants - both from the ITC Guard, but not carrying weapons, and not obviously 'military' personnel - pushed her baggage along behind her, sparing more exacting examinations of their surroundings.
03-04-2004, 06:58
Kay Son: 120,000 per year?

Ma-tek: The tram gets her to the appropriate terminal in about ten minutes. The terminal is a starkly drab and undecorated affair, with only a few clear steel windows looking back into the landing areas. The tram leaves the station behind her, leaving her facing a wall a few meters ahead with ten portals through it. The five on the right are marked clearly with a red "X" above them, the left five are marked with green arrows. Extending slightly from the wall around each door is the casing for the device that surrounds the openings, an identity recording and verifying device. Standing beside each one is an officer in Ministry of Transportation uniform, flanked by a computer terminal and a table. One of them, a short male Than (if you don't know what a Than is, they're Human-sized green bugs), beckons to Urylla and her attendants. He would have smiled, but Than can't smile any way discernable by a Human.
OOC: Is Urylla even Human?
Kay Son
04-04-2004, 10:07
yep- unless that's too expensive for you..
05-04-2004, 00:27
Kay Son: Since we're buying in bulk, how about $1,000,000 annually for all ten?
Alcona and Hubris
05-04-2004, 02:58
Paxium Brothers would like to offer several syndicated programs for possible subscription.

Childrens Programing/Family

*Sea Pigs--Group of bumbling Pig sea pirates led by a polar bear known as Black Jack. Group continually runs afowl of the even more bumbling Commadore Smeltsnort (Walrus), who's success is only possible by his first officer Melvin (Otter). Educational: somewhat
Popular with 5-16 Age Bracket and older since dialog hits at two levels.

Episodes: 12 per season
Movie: Made for T.V. 2+ hours panned by critics (poorly written by licenced Fox International.)

*Parson's Island
A fictional story of a group of settlers in the Eastern Marches trying to build a new life in the untamed jungle. Usually considered to be somewhat *sappy* in season 3. Both season 4 and season 5 were found to be well written.

Episodes:14 per season

*The House of Vauhn
Eight Part Miniseries: Historical Fictional account of the Rise and Fall of the House of Vauhn and the reasons for the creation of the Socialist Hubris State:
(Note: we will not offer you the sequel, The Last Puba since it is highly anti-socialist...well communist really but we degress)

*Black River
Highly popular in the Terran Sphere but not in the Dual Duchy
A recurring soap opera that has run almost ten years in which the rising fortunes of the Macbee's and Otheran families vie for control of the Black River. The local yeoman farmers also take part and usually are shown in a good light compared to the greedy upper mobile Gentry.

10 years
52 Episodes Per Year.

Ah...the rest of our shows would likely not go over well with a 'socialist' government....
05-04-2004, 03:02
Alcona and Hubris: What's wrong with the rest of your shows?
05-04-2004, 03:09
We would be more than willing to offer TSNN shows, ranging from medival drama, fantasy, various art and enternments like Teritoran music concerts, plays, operas and other programing.

OOC:By the way I am willing to RP with you on the crack down thread Xanthal.
05-04-2004, 03:20
OOC: I know. I tried to post there earlier, but the forum croaked on me. I just posted.

IC: For such a wide variety of programming, perhaps you would allow us to simply "jack in" to your own networks. We would pay for the linkups, and give you... Let's say $10 million a year for use of your programming. How's that sound?
Alcona and Hubris
05-04-2004, 03:27
Well the word 'socialist' has come to be synonomous with 'horrific depravity, inhumanity, and crulty in our nation. Before flying off the handle, (as a younger nation did recently) a breif explination is needed:

The Duchy of Alcona fought three nasty wars with the so called "socialist" government in Hubris from 1918 to 1982 over the Outer Islands. The socialist government in Hubris was better labled 'physcotic dictaorship' that left it's people poor, bankrupt, and a government that ened in a murder/sucide. (Involving pictures of sheep being raped...)

Out of that history, the term has had added somewhat extreame negitive conotation in general use, like used in place of say the word. "mother f***, pedophile, or other such depraved individuals.

We at Paxium Brothers understand (and have been told by the government) that all socialist nations do not follow the same depraved goverment system. The younger generations have had more exposure to both the Teran Sphere as well as other, more socially forward nations. Unfortunatly, the phrase is common in some of our writer's vocabulary. Not wanting to offend you, or annoy the writters guild has left us with a limited selection at the moment.

OOC: Offically the government is 'neutral' to socialist governments.:
If that's the way your people want it, and can live under it...fine. We don't really care as long as you buy our stuff. And if you don't want our stuff, fine we'll just make the stuff you do want. Wipping out anti-socialist behavior isn't a high priority...and is going to take several generations...
(In reality I just ran out of show ideas...but the whole Hubris buisness I've Rped before)
05-04-2004, 03:46
CBS (Cattian Broadcasting Syndicate) would be pleased to open up a free media trade agreement. Our CEO, Nole Whylee, would, however, like to adress the issue of the slight... racism in many of our programs. It's not strong, but it may be deemed inappropriate by some viewers.

We await your favorable reply.
05-04-2004, 03:53
Alcona and Hubris: I see... Well, while we certainly don't wish to censor our media we can see why such programming would go over poorly with our people, who have come to regard capitalism in a similar (though less severe) negative manner. That in mind, we'll take your word for it and leave our selection to the shows aforementioned. For recordings of and rights to broadcast all four shows, we offer you $100 million. Is that acceptable?

Cattious: Racism is a part of life in many nations. We do not shield our public from the harsh realities of the Universe. If it is a free exchange agreement you want, then you shall have it. We will pay for the appropriate uplinks if you confirm your willingness.
05-04-2004, 04:12
OOC: I know. I tried to post there earlier, but the forum croaked on me. I just posted.

IC: For such a wide variety of programming, perhaps you would allow us to simply "jack in" to your own networks. We would pay for the linkups, and give you... Let's say $10 million a year for use of your programming. How's that sound?

That sounds good, an bit more than what we were expecting but good.
Alcona and Hubris
05-04-2004, 04:30
Paxium Brothers will agree to a one time subscription fee of $125 million USD. However you will have to assume responsiblity for paying artist risiduals under the current contract:

All royalties based on per 1,000,000 veiwers in market, per episode.+
*Sea Pigs
movie $60,000

*Parson's Island
season 1,2 $16,000
season 3 $24,000
season 5,6 $18,000
series finale $38,000

*House of Vauhn
Total: $90,000

*Black River
seasons 1-4 $5,000
seasons4-8 $8,000
season 8-10 $10,000

+Example: to show an Episode of Sea Pigs nation wide (A+H) costs

12,000*1,600,000,000 / 1,000,000 = $19,200,000 in risiduals...
(You know I started out with reasonable numbers, then applied my pop and things just went off the chart... :shock:)
05-04-2004, 04:39
Alcona and Hubris: Unfortunately, that is out of our budget range for this endeavour.
Alcona and Hubris
05-04-2004, 05:02
Understood...Perhaps we can reproduce these shows under contract using local Xathalian actors and avoid the risidual problems and translation costs?

(I'm still trying to get over how much that would cost...the problem is total population...Oh well, now I know why in the hell Alan Alda is one of the richest T.V. stars ever...)
05-04-2004, 05:08
OOC: Yeah, no crap. How the hell much do your people pay for basic cable anyway?

IC: That might be acceptable. What kind of price range would that be in?
Alcona and Hubris
05-04-2004, 05:24
(OOC: Well think about this that if say 60% of the population had basic cable at $20.00 USD per month*...that translates into
$19,200,000,000 from subscription fee's alone (per month!) That doesn't include alone what the cost of adversting to a market of 1.6 billion would cost...The amounts are huge because, well my nation is huge...)

Well, we could sell you the right to use the scripts for say $20 million but if you need help reproducing them, say we form a Xanthalian division with profits/costs shared 50/50 between Paxium Brothers and yourselves?

add: *Find that price RL please...
05-04-2004, 05:31
We'll take the scripts, but we hesitate to form a cooperative division with you, considering the network of costs that seem to be associated with the media in your nation. If we are to cooperate with you, we must be exempt from costs outside of the reproduction itself.
Alcona and Hubris
05-04-2004, 05:46
Ah, no the residuals are "artist royalties". As the artists in question are not being part of the production, besides the writers who we can fob off a few million to sign a release, the risiduals would not come into play. Hell, we might export a few shows back to Alcona and Hubris if labor costs are low enough.

Also, we are proposing a joint venture subsidary corporation. Inherent costs from Paxium Brothers would never become part of the bottom line of our joint venture corporation. We might be capatalists, but we are not underhanded theives, attempting to rob you by some accounting tricks. Our shareholders would kill us...literally.
05-04-2004, 06:00
OOC: Jesus Christ... Give me a nice socialist nation any day. Oh wait, I already have one. Well, thanks for reminding me why I don't run a capitalist society anyway.

IC: Um... I have no idea what you just said, but I ran it by the Ministry of Economics and they okayed it, so yeah. We have a deal.
Alcona and Hubris
05-04-2004, 06:04
OOC:Actually, that was fairly simple...

IC: Ah, well we now see that we attempt to explain capatalist enterprises and terms to you when needed. We hope this proves to be a mutually benifical arangement.
05-04-2004, 06:08

--Teritora and Alcona and Hubris: Deals accepted.
Kay Son
05-04-2004, 06:43
That would be acceptable. Expect a plane to arrive at your nearest airport carrying the tapes.
05-04-2004, 06:47
Kay Son: Don't bother trying. We'll handle transportation. Somehow I think your plane will have difficulty making the twenty light-year trip to Aellis V.
05-04-2004, 06:51
Yes, this deal sounds very reasonable Xanthal. It's been a pleasure doing business with you.

Even though we didn't do all that much business.

Nole Whylee
Alcona and Hubris
05-04-2004, 06:52
An Airport in old Xathalian Earth...

"Ah, what are we supposed to do with these?"
05-04-2004, 06:54
Contracts with Ma-tek, Kay Son, Alcona and Hubris, Teritora, and Cattious have already been signed! You too could be paid for your TV shows!
05-04-2004, 06:56
Don't worry about transportation, Xanthal'll handle it.
Alcona and Hubris
05-04-2004, 07:00
It was a joke...
Kay Son
06-04-2004, 07:43
the PRKS also offers documentaries about Kay Son's culture and history. These documentaries detail mostly about Kay Son's early years and how our nation became to be. Some of them are shot in black and white with others having actors to mimic actions that of our heroes. The price would be the same, of course.
06-04-2004, 08:07
No thanks, Xanthal doesn't have a shortage of documentaries.
Kay Son
06-04-2004, 08:09
how about travel documentaries or soap operas?
06-04-2004, 08:09
Soap operas, mabye.
06-04-2004, 09:30
We here at Nili Cosmic Broadcasting offer a variety of gameshows, television series, and soap operas...


"Whos that immigrant?!"

Watch as foreigners from around the globe fight and struggle their way to citizenship. The excitement is pulsing and the stakes are unbelievably high, and those with weak constitutions are advised not to watch. Unfortunately only 50 episodes(6 seasons) were filmed due to a nuclear war.


Thanks to neuro-technology new plateus of possibilities and obstacles are open to the contestants as they fight for survival in everyone's favorite adrenaline pumping show "Advance!!!". From midevil Europe to Prehistoric Earth and beyond watch as both young and old work together and doublecross team mates. 80 episodes aired but season 11 is on it's way.

Soap Operas

"This Life"

An old classic about life and the costs of true love in the Sharom Warring period. Updated for present watching pleasure, this (some what sappy) soap opera drama trully captures what it was like to live during the time. Spanning 30 years and a few thousand episodes make sure to have a box of tissues handy for some of the more emotional scenes. The final episodes really end with bang.

"The Good Life"

A first hand look and experience into the corruption, decadence, and deceit of the wealthy living in the town of Palma Valley. Taking place during a somewhat modern period of time, this soap opera lasted 6 years but was eventually cancelled due to the lead actor being shot during a press conference.


"The Red Squad"

Set on the front lines of one the largest wars in Nili's history. A very memorable drama about the team known as the Red Squad, often sent into the most dangerous hot spots to secure locations. Even with this dark, dramatic theme there is still time for some comedic moments during certain episodes. Spanning 98 episodes and spawning one made for, this is far more than an action packed blood-fest, and had a deep message about the horrors of war.

"The Rise and Fall of Zaito-Ishi"

Zaito-Ishi, famous for the slaughter of the monks of mount Zeira, the slaughter of Fort Gafelt, and the fire of Yurka City. Watch as this drama brings you up close and personal to the man behind legacy, thanks to numerous found journals. Join us while we go behind the propaganda and show you his ascension from a young boy to the charismatic general of his own army, all the way up to his capture and execution. 12 hour-long episode mini-series.

"Zero Man"

Futuristic animated series of an android fighting to find out about himself while protecting his friends from the government trying to retrieve him. Zero Man may be a bit mature for younger viewers due to animated gore and some harsh overtones. 80 episodes.
06-04-2004, 19:01
How much for all seven shows?
07-04-2004, 01:53
Well it really depends on how much YOU are willing to pay, we're willing to negotiate but how about the following prices? They are a bit low since royalties aren't given after production within Nili.

"Whos that immigrant?!"= $2,200,000 USD


"This life"=$8,000,000 (A real bargain since theres 30 years of episodes)

"The Good Life"=$3,500,000

"The Red Squad"=$2,800,000

"The Rise and Fall of Zaito-Ishi"=$2,500,000

"Zero Man"=$2,500,000

Special Total for all of them at once= $20,000,000 USD (Open for negotiation)
07-04-2004, 01:56
That's fine. We'll wire you the cash as soon as we recieve the tapes. Thank you for your contribution.
07-04-2004, 02:35
Think nothing of it... First we'll need to know where exactly Aellis V is located before we send a spokesperson with the shows.
07-04-2004, 03:22
You want to handle transportation yourself? Very well. The Aellis system is approximately twenty lightyears from Sol. We've sent you the exact coordinates, though we are rather surprised that the Aellis system is not already on your starcharts. It is a major galactic hub, after all.
07-04-2004, 05:21
I appologise, there is a bit of a communication problem between the three major systems which comprise the empire. We've just informed a nearby scout and he will be delivering the tapes shortly...