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Information for New Nations to New Sparrow

10-03-2004, 07:26
About New Sparrow

New Sparrow is a democratic region. The government consists of a UN Delegate, Vice Delegate, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Immigration Minister (Recruitment) and an Immigration Minister (Orientation). New Sparrow also has a parliament which processes proposed legislation. The parliament consists of the elected government officials, five parliamentarians and the UN Delegate.
Regional security is handled by the Executive Branch which consists of the Founder, UN Delegate, Vice Delegate and the two Immigration Ministers. The Executive Branch oversees the Endorsement Law (see below) and also deals with any threats to the region of New Sparrow.

OK, I'm in New Sparrow, now what?

If you have or eventually obtain UN membership you must endorse the UN Delegate as per the Endorsement Law (see below). You are free to endorse any other nation in the region.
Once you have done this feel free to join the forums (see below) and become involved in the region. You only get out of it what you put in!

New Sparrow Forums

These can be found at:

Please register under your nation’s name and participate in the debates and votes as they arise in our region. The link to the forums is also listed in the World Factbook Entry section of the New Sparrow page in NationStates. Only UN member nations are permitted to register on the forums.

New Sparrow Constitution

The New Sparrow Constitution is posted in the Regional Message Board section of the forums. This document contains the laws and processes of the region as well as a list of the current government officials and parliamentarians. An alterations to the constitution that have been enacted through parliament are posted in the New Sparrow Constitution thread.

Endorsement Law

As a condition of entry into New Sparrow you must comply with the Endorsement Law. Basically the law states that every UN-member nation must endorse the regional UN Delegate. A summary of the Endorsement Law is in the World Factbook Entry section of the New Sparrow page in NationStates and a more thorough description is posted in the Regional Message Board Section of the forums.

Inactivity Law

Any nation that is inactive (i.e. has not logged on) for 15 days or more without informing the UN Delegate, Vice Delegate or Founder of their absence risks being ejected. This prevents our region from becoming cluttered with discarded nations.


Do I have to be a UN member to reside in New Sparrow?

No. But non-UN nations are not permitted to register on the forums, run for government office or parliament or vote.

Why do I have to endorse the UN Delegate?

A strong regional UN Delegate means a secure region. The Endorsement Law was installed to provide the most secure region possible in New Sparrow. By having the maximum possible endorsements, the UN Delegate is secure from region crashing groups therefore protecting the region as a whole.

How do I get into government or parliament?

Every three months elections are held in New Sparrow for government office (Vice Delegate, Speaker of the House of Representatives and the two Immigration Ministers) and for parliament (5 parliamentarians). To nominate for election you need to announce your candidacy in the forums on the appropriate thread created by the Speaker. Elections are then held via a vote on the forums in a poll created by the Speaker. Remembering, non-UN nations are not permitted to run for government office or parliament onr are they permitted to vote in elections.

What is SECO? How do I join?

SECO is Sparrow Elite Covert Ops. This is the military arm of New Sparrow which protects New Sparrow, Sparrow and allied regions from region crashing groups. If you are interested in getting more information on how to join SECO please telegram the Commander, Borogravia Moldavi, or the Sub-Commanders, Tygaland or Schizoids united, in NationStates.

If you have any questions please telegram Tygaland or BeJaminSAT in NationStates.