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Political pressure due to economical problems

09-03-2004, 07:05
Report from Hazatak, by Wzati Tuine, from Daily Hazatak

"Our economical crisis is getting worst day by day. Hazatak got a strong economy when the country was founded, but since then, it only got worst, and now our economy is weak. We started from mark zero, meaning that we had no past refferences of how to deal with economical issues, for example. Hazatakan President Mono, although exceling on social subjects with his leftist tendencies, seems to be failing on his duty, and the right-winged oposition is getting more and more support. People seem to getting anxious and concerned about the next elections. Maybe our young country of Hazatak will get a new turn within the next years, a decisive one."
09-03-2004, 15:54
Comrade Mono, president of The United Socialist States of Hazatak sent a letter to the Daily Hazatak:

"In response to the article published by Wzati Tuine, I want to make two points clear.

First: the well known journalist, who even took place on the formation process of our nation, is right; we started from zero. As we all know, our past was practically erased by the war over than a half century ago, and the experience the 70 years old and above people is not really good - they grew up in an era of ambition and corruption, and didn´t know the glorious past of our civilization.

Said this, I want to make it clear that no one on this country can criticize the work of their leader, unless they can do better. And, believe me, it´s not easy to deal with a totally new society, and the international community that doesn´t respect our present limitations, as an entirely new country.

Second point: This journalist is trying to raise an opposition to my government that doesn´t exist. A recent survey states that I get 89% of popular aproval, more than the 86% we did last year. The Hazatakan people is united on our side, on their side, and Mr. Wzati Tuine should be better informed before he unresponsabilly writes his articles on a great newspaper like this.

We are expecting a new economical growth at the end of this year. We are aware of the recent retraction of our industry, but measurements are being taken to strenghten our economy.

Comrade Mono, President of The United Socialist States of Hazatak."