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Completion of first Sigma Octavus spacestation

Sigma Octavus
25-02-2004, 05:43
Several years ago, the first interplanetary travel capable ship in our history was completed in the orbit of the earth. This ship, the SOSC Moonlight Shadow was constructed at a disposable orbital berth. Not wanting to destroy this landmark, scientists and astronaughts sent to the Moonlight Shadow have constructed the first space station using the cradle as a skeleton for the station.

The station is now completed, featuring a permanent ship dock and construction yard, a railgun for planetary bombardments and possible use for long range shipping, a landing bay with four Kokumei assault transports and enough housing and supplies for 1,050 people.

Construction on the next ship, the SOD Kunai, a battleship. This ship shall take a while to construct, but will soon increase our military influence on the earth.
25-02-2004, 05:46

This is ours, proper for a Modern-Tech Experimental that upgrades such....."old"......stuff, eh? Good job, btw, also. :)
Sigma Octavus
25-02-2004, 05:47
(I'm a modern nation, just expanding slightly into the future, 2050-90ish.)
25-02-2004, 05:56
OOC; Join My 'Return to Skylab Delta' RP in some way, or face the wrath of a Far Inferior Nation! Muhahaha!