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Tourism in Techon Space

24-02-2004, 04:12
Holonet News

Recently, while as they have been, Techon has been exploring the unkown parts of the galaxy. Always searching for new things. Well last week something truly amazing happened. While making the dangerous jump into unkown space, a Techon observer came across a nenula, and in the very heart of the Nebula was a white dwarf.
These are of course amazing sights, escpecially when they are in a cloud of gasses and dust, the nebula itself was white, and green, and blue. Of course once the public found out, they immediately started building space stations for tourists to see this awesome sight.
The sector of Space dubbed the Hilmadrian Nebula, was untill this discovery, completely unkown. So of course this disvocery had scientist up all week trying to find out how it got there. They know say that the white dwarf must have recently been a large star, untill it went nova, and now the dwarf is all that is left, and the nebula is what is left of the rest.
The star istelf was dubbed Genorthin or The Riddler. Because of how it stumped the scientist for so long.
So if you are planning a trip into Techon space come visit the Hilmadrian Nebula, where you can enjoy a week in top rated Space Stations, and you can see the wonder of the Genorthin star.
24-02-2004, 04:16
We have discovered a New Solar System called Nova Kentari, its star an unusal Good-Condition White Dwarf Star, with Seven Planets thus far. Shall we join together as one in this attempt to see this new Solar System.

TeleGram me, we shall discuss at your choosing.
24-02-2004, 04:20
In case you do not see my telegram. I said that we shall discuss it in Techon's Pride, ehich you are apart of if I am correct. To let you know ahead of time, I would be glad to help you explore this system. Also a note, I probably won't post untill tommorow, in the afternoon.