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Out in the Shadows (at 2004DW Yuggoth)

The Black
24-02-2004, 00:19
Eight light-hours out, space sickens and dies in an infinite-dimensional hailstorm of silver spheres. A lightminute away, tesseracts fail and fail and fail to manifest. Through the spheres come two vast superdreadnoughts, posthuman entities sweating with fear.

The name reverberates through the Sphere nets, even as assorted militarists ply their trade insystem.


It's been hiding out here for noone knows how long. Most would prefer it had stayed hidden.

Radio transmitters begin transmitting, saturating nearspace but taking great care not to transmit in the insystem direction.

The object you are approaching is presently under quarantine. We request all ships maintain a five light second no-fly zone.

[OOC: Quarantine or blatant land grab? You decide! In any case, don't be surprised if your brain ends up in a jar when you breach the blockade!

I know most of my people on scene are blatantly f*cked in any case...]