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Archduke Agones searches for a wife

23-02-2004, 15:58
**Tape sent out to all national headquarters with the following recording**

"Good day, my friends. My name is Archduke Ceron Agones, the recently elected Public Ambassador of the United Socialist States of Umojan. My half-brother, Marshal Recanter Agones, ruled over Umojan with the people's blessings for 20 years without a wife, and not it's my turn for at least 10 years. However, I would not like to live alone, I wants to have a wife share my life and experiences with until death draws us apart."

"I am a peaceful man, but some likes to not call me man, as I am Half-Elven, not only human. I believe in full equality and that religions should be private, even though I am an Lutherist."

"To find out more info about me, look into our ambassady (
in your nation and you will find more info as well as answers."

"I do not wish to marry someone for purely political matters, and I do NOT think that ANY race is lower than the other, we are all equal."

"I thank you for your time, and I wish that we will meet in the future."
Archduke Ceron Agones
Public Ambassador of the United Socialist States of Umojan
The Half-Elven Archduke of the Umojan Defence Ministry
23-02-2004, 16:17
My dear Arch Duke,

I hope this missive finds you well my friend. As a relative newcomer to the political arena I would like to offer you the hand of my beloved niece. her father was my dear brother Tauron who died in the late unpleasantness that placed me in power. By accepting the hand of this lovely nineteen year old maiden you will not only be making her life far more stable, but ingratiate yourself within the borders of my land as the people adore their Lady Neesa greatly. As dowery I can offer trade concessions, monetary compensation and of course a nice piece of land in the Traikis countryside for you and your new beloved to share on those long wintry evenings.

Regards and blessings,

Warlord Anatole Traikis,
Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces
Doctor of Philosophy in the arts of Culinary design
Masters degree in Horde Management
23-02-2004, 16:21
I thank you for the offer, and I am very interested. There are only a few things I want to have sorted out:

1. Are you marrying her away against her will? I am totally against such actions, and will not let you do that. If not, sorry for asking, just hafta be sure.

2. Can you please post a picture of her? This is not crusial, but a bit more interesting if you do.

3. I hope that you DO know of my age? There is a bit of difference between us, and some may see that as a problem. However, I don't.
Archduke Ceron Agones
Public Ambassador of the United Socialist States of Umojan
The Half-Elven Archduke of the Umojan Defence Ministry
Alcona and Hubris
23-02-2004, 16:32
A somewhat odd videophone message is sent.

Your Grace,
Let me introduce myself. I am Elizabeth Wittlebach Crawford, Markgravine of Both. I have been advised that you are intrested in finding a wife. As such I have also been told that I myself need to find a husband for the good of the Dynasty. I'm not against marriage but really what are you like? I'll be completely honest, I'm a workholic. But perhaps we can schedule a date in your nation or mine sometime.
Markgravine Both
Commanding General of the Eastern Marches
The Dual Duchy of Alcona and Hubris
23-02-2004, 16:37
How I am? I am a peaceful man at home, but in war when I am out in the field, one should not cross me.

I am a man of peace, but sometimes war is the last resort. I puts the people first, as I am only a Public Ambassador, not a leader as a president and the like.

Some would call me weak because I have compassion, but I would call the imporsoned. :D Haha, only joking of course.

Well, a date would be something to look forward too, any suggestions wehere and when?
Archduke Ceron Agones
Public Ambassador of the United Socialist States of Umojan
The Half-Elven Archduke of the Umojan Defence Ministry
Alcona and Hubris
23-02-2004, 16:42
Ah, about a nice play in Torhall? That's the nearest large city to my present station. There is unfortunatly little to do in Harrisville. (laughter off screen) damn it Barson I didn't say that as a joke. Excuse the interuption, my new cadet is being a pain. Ah, well there is a production of 'Noises Off' at the Grand this weekend.
23-02-2004, 16:57
Sure, I would love to attend there. I will jump into one of our planes and be heading to you ASAP. I will meet you at your most major airport, see you there.

Also, how old are you? Could be good to know.
Archduke Ceron Agones
Public Ambassador of the United Socialist States of Umojan
The Half-Elven Archduke of the Umojan Defence Ministry
Alcona and Hubris
23-02-2004, 17:03
It is advised that you land at Torrhaven International as that is the nearest international airport to Torrhall. I'll have one of my sister's aides pick you up to drive you to Torrhall I'll likely be flying over on a military rotodyene directly to the Residenz.
Markgravine Both
23-02-2004, 17:14
The plane was in the air and a man in a black suit walked up to Ceron.

"Where are we going, sir?"

"We are going to the Torrhaven International airport, right outside Torrhaven, one of the major cities in Alcona and Hubris."

"Well, why? You haven't visisted that nation once, and honsetly, I haven't even heard of it, nethier from you nor the books."
The man started to get nervous.

"With all the nations in the world, it would take a sage to know all of them, and you are not, nor am I. Why I am going there is not you damn buisness, just give the coordinates to the pilot and lets go."
Ceron sounded a bit angry in his tone.

"With all respect sir, I really must know why we are going there. I need to know how hig sec..."

Ceron stood up and yelled:
"For christ sake, Jonathan, just go in front, tell the pilot and then get three handguns, one for you, one for me and one for Jimmy, you two are now my appointed bodyguards!! However, if they ask you to relieve yourself of the handguns, do it, and follow their orders even if it means that you'll have to clean toilets!! DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?!"

Jonathan staggered:
"Yes, yes sir. Thank you for your patience."

--Five hours later--

**This is your pilot speaking, we are right now headed to the Torrhaven International so please fasten your seatbelts and lean back, this is gonna go smoothly**
23-02-2004, 17:47
23-02-2004, 18:23
Alcona and Hubris
23-02-2004, 18:31
The flight (assuming your not going through the warzone) had been directed across the southern Klatchian Sea. At approximatly 2 hours from arrival the pilot was informed. "You have entered Klatchian Airspace, Neubayren control. I have you scheduled to arrive Torrhaven International, please follow the routes on your charts. Thank you."

The Airport seemed to have a good deal of commerical traffic. After all it was in the heart of the Federation. The aircraft was directed to a small older terminal that appeared to have been constructed in the thirties on the other side of the runway system from the new terminals. It had hangers on both sides, and no jetway. Just a waiting external stair (I'm assuming that your in a leer type so it is unneeded.) A second aircraft, an apparent Saab 2000 was also parked by the terminal. It was painted military gray with a large blue cross on the body and wings.

As the jet powered down it's engines, a group exited the terminal and strode forward. It was led by a statuesque blond woman in a kaki uniform with three small spheres on a blue collar tab. A red dragon on a black patch was on her shoulder. She also had red eppulete on her shoulder. The two men following her have similar uniforms but were obviously rank and file. Both kept their hands behind them and their eyes sweeping the area. They carried both handguns and a short sword.

"Archduke Agones? I am Major Haussecker, aide de camp to Landgravine Hubris your Grace. I was informed that you were here for a personal meeting with Margravine Both. I have a car waiting to take you to the Residenz in Torrhall. These two gentlemen..." She points to the men standing behind her, "...are Royal Guards who have been assigned to assist your protective detail while you are here." Her eyes take in the whole group.

"I've tried to keep the whole matter low key, but I'm afraid some of the tabloid press is going to be hounding you this entire stay." Her smile was bright and lively as her blue eyes.
The Lords of War
23-02-2004, 19:59
The Overlord wonders about his aunt...
23-02-2004, 21:19
"Okey, I will send back my own two bodyguards, I trust you for giving me protection."
Ceron pointed at the two guards and then on the airplane. The men seemed worried but went back into the plane.

"And I think that the press will leave as soon as the explotion right behind our plane have detonated."

"But don't worry, it is only a small but loud explotion, but enough to scare them away or making them report all day about it, believing that it was a murder attempt against me."

He followed the blond woman into the car and as soon as he closed the door the explotion detonated and in the panic afterwards the car could leave without any problems.
23-02-2004, 21:19
"Okey, I will send back my own two bodyguards, I trust you for giving me protection."
Ceron pointed at the two guards and then on the airplane. The men seemed worried but went back into the plane.

"And I think that the press will leave as soon as the explotion right behind our plane have detonated."

"But don't worry, it is only a small but loud explotion, but enough to scare them away or making them report all day about it, believing that it was a murder attempt against me."

He followed the blond woman into the car and as soon as he closed the door the explotion detonated and in the panic afterwards the car could leave without any problems.
Alcona and Hubris
23-02-2004, 22:07
OOC: Take more time with your posts...

IC: Major Hausecker wasn't exactly used to the idea of a distracting explosive. Nor did she wish to be arround when the s*** hit the fan. There were going to be some nasty calls from the Outer Ministry about the Archduke.

Not wanting to be unpolite she led the Archduke through the terminal. Her heals clicking on the marble of an edifice that looked more like a mosuleum than an airport terminal. She showed the Archduke into the waiting limo and motioned for the guards to follow in a somewhat odd looking SUV.

The whole group started moving after Hausecker entered the car. The group followed the access road to a tree lined divided highway. Several hatchback cars pulled into the intersection, allowing the group to turn north. As the black limo excelerated, The Major smiled at the visitor. "So is this your first time to the Federation?*" She asked.

Outside the country side was somewhat rolling hills, but on the right the Archduke could glimpse the blue of a large river. Large manor houses, some old, some new seemed to appear every few miles between the road and the river bank.

*Federation=Federated Klatchian Coast which A+H is a member state.
23-02-2004, 23:02
OoC - I can but I really don't want to control other characters than my own, fear of godmodding I guess. :D

As Ceron looked out thru the window he realized that this is one of the most beautifull countries he have ever been into, counting Umojan as well. He turned to the Major and said:
"Well, yes, and I am both glad and sad about it. It's sad that I haven't been here before as it is plain wonderful the enviroment you have here, but I'm glad that I haven't been here because almost every nation I've been in I have been in as a soldier, as the Archduke I am, and this is one nation I really wouldn't want to be put down by our forces boot."

He smiled and continued:
"Also, I am very sorry about the explosion and I will pay for any damage and trouble I have dealt with my own money, but it's just that I have a problem. I am not very long-minded when I'm not in war, and that's why our enemies won so many votes the last election this year. Cause you DO know that I am just recently elected, don't you, Major? I have replaced my bigger brother, Marshal Recanter Agones, just last month."

As the car slowed down Ceron realized that he was nervous. How is this Elizabeth? Is she unpredictable? How old are she? These things would be answered someday, but now it's time to enter this Residenz.
Alcona and Hubris
24-02-2004, 03:27
OOC: Just it took a moment to understand the path of that post.

The Major just smiled..."Ah, well I know you haven't been to the Federation. Very few invaders have ever found this a pleasent place to be."

She said nothing of the flashbang incident but elswhere things were becoming a mess due to that little manuver. And the delays in a large portion of the Inter-Federation air travel was going to cause problems.

The car reached a point where the hills became steeper to the west. Then more signs of a city appeared. Then almost at once the car turned around a forested corner and the city of Torrhall appeared rising on both sides of the river. Several tall office buildings of gray concrete stood to the west, but most of the city appeared to still be surrounded by a massive city wall. The car travelled through a gate and began to negotiate the narrow streets up the hill. Then the car turned a corner and began to follow a street which had a massive stone wall. The car turned through a gate and along a dark tunnel into a paved court. Around all four sides rose buildings made of a warm yellow stone. Three stories tall with an arcade running along the bottom on three sides, they seemed to be transplants. On one side the building was higher than the rest of the court and a single massive doorway and small slits made up the bottom level. Above, large windows with iron railed balconies denoted the first and second floors.
The limo stopped and the Major exited the car, leading the Archduke through the heavy doors and up a wide marble staircase. A few royal guards stood at intermidiate landings. They came to attention and saluted as the Major strode upstairs into the Reception hall.

The Reception Hall was 30 ft by 40 ft with a frescoed ceailing 18 feet above the black and white marble floor. Three of the walls were covered with a six foot wainscotting of white marble with a tapestry above. Two large fireplaces stood at each end of the room. The opposite long wall had 5 large french doors that looked out over a walled garden and the city beyound. Between them stood several larger than life bronze statues, each was holding a sword and wearing a crown. Even from a distance one could see the bullet holes and slight mangling they had undergone at one point.

The furniture in the room was primarily upolstered wood with a red and blue covering. They formed small groups around the room.

From a nearby door swept in three people. At the head was the Markgravine, she was dressed in a camo uniform with a holstered gun at her hip and her blond hair back in a pony tail. She walked forward towards the other group, her blue eyes boring into the Archduke.

"Ah Archduke Agones, I'm afraid I'm running late at the moment. Give me a moment to change won't you? This is my swordman Jhon Phillips..." A tall man with gray eyes and black hair gave a click of the heels and a bow. He was carrying a very large sword under his arm as well as a submachine gun. "...and this is my Aide de Camp, Lt. Python." A young man with blond hair and green eyes also gave a short clip of the heels and a bow. He seemed to have a large metal case with a phone attached in one hand.

[insert Archduke's greeting here]

"Now I really need to get changed...Python make sure the Archduke is comfortable."

She swept out of the room through another oak door towards her private appartments. The group looked at the Archduke for a moment and then Python spoke up.

"Would you like a drink your Grace?"
24-02-2004, 04:10
Greeting: [Good day, m'lady, it's nice to be here.]

"Well, I would like a Russian Vodka, y'now, from the old days, when Putin was still in power and Russia was united."

Python sent a servant out thrue a side-door and came back with a shot of Vodka. Ceron drowned the drink in one sweep and shook his head as he gave the glas back to Python's servant.

"Well, that'll do it. You got some real drinks here. This nation have done nothing but continued to impress me. It's could also be that I am not accustomed to great luxure, I usually live in an ampartment or Ambassadies around the globe, because I have no large need for luxury. The only luxary things I have is the ones I get when I'm visiting and/or conquering other nations and the Scorpion Destroyer I have at home."

"Well, enough about me, when is your lady Crawford coming back? Is she like most ladies and takes a lot of time dressing up or is she something *expectional*?"
Ceron smiled as he saw the Markgravine coming back the way she left, and he suddenly straightened up.
Alcona and Hubris
24-02-2004, 19:42
OOC: I'll Rp Sofie, Elizabeth, and Mark as they are some of my Major characters...

The Archduke was mistaken as it was a small girl who ran over yelling 'Auntie Sofie...' and grabbing Major Hausecker's leg.

The girl was followed by a man in a simple blue silk shirt and grey linen pants. He was 6'2" with brown hair and brown eyes. He laughed at the small girl ran to her Aunt. "I'm sorry Haussecker, she want's to show you her newest creation in clay." He turned to the Archduke, "I am also sent to inform you that your date is ready but has been momentarily diverted by a call from her older sister."

Python looked down at his case for a moment with a puzzled look, then his face cleared into a wide smile. "Ah, your Grace may I introduce Captian Merryweather, of the Alconian Naval Air Division." The man took the same formal bow the others had. "And the permanent fiancee it seems to Elizabeth's sister," He added with a laugh.

"Well you should have just eloped like I told you to. Now your stuck waiting for Vic to get herself back from the Privy Council in Port Olympus, again." Elizabeth glided through the door in a dark blue dress that had a neck line that went to her navel.

"Now, Sophie send the car around to the garden gate. I want to have a nice chat with my suitor before we drive off to the Grand, we'll eat after the play."

She took the Archdukes arm and led him out one of the french doors onto a terrace. Python, Phillips, and the two royal guards followed. She then turned and led him into a somewhat formal garden full of trees. It was surrounded on three sides by stone builings, but the fourth side had a wall that had several cannon stationed along it. Next to some of the old artillery peices stood royal guards with submachine guns. They seemed to ignore the couple and their followers.

"Now tell me all about yourself. I mean I know your an Archduke and somehow you have now replaced your brother as the Public Ammbassador of your nation, but what of your Hobbies? Family? Favorite Poet?"
24-02-2004, 20:10
Ceron was impressed, it was years ago he saw such well-kept artillery pieces and he would look into buying some when he came back to Umojan. He turned to her:

"Well, my hobbies is pretty trivial. Even though I love peace, I collect guns and rifles, nothing special, just those AK-47 first series and old Tokarevs, nothing fancy really. I lso like role-playing games, me and my two brothers usually take a day in the week playing Dungeons and Dragons, but otherwise governing a nation takes up a lot of time, as if you didn't know that."
He smiled and continued:

"As you know, I am unmarried. I have two brothers, my older, Recanter, is an experienced commander and leader, and the younger one, Jhonny, is a Sergeant and ambassador, commanding 10 Protectorate Marines in the Imperial Navy if there's a war, but as a ambassador, he is also stationed in the IN.
Our father and mother died in a terrorist attack ten years ago, but they didn't like our ideals and seperated themself from us so we didn't really grieve about it.
My favourite Poet is Johan Antitla, from the former Sweden. He wasn't really a poet, he wrote songs, but I like him very much and now he have moved to Umojan to get funds from the state, and most of the citizens enjoy him.
My favourite movie is "Bowling for Columbine," if you count that as a movie, not a documentary.
The favourite book is "Das Kapital," as that is the one that founded our nation's ideals."

He suddenly shook his head.
"Oh, I'm sorry, I've been babbling without even letting you have a word in it, but how about you? What is your interests? How do you spend a saturday evening?"
Alcona and Hubris
25-02-2004, 00:45
She led the both down a path towards a tower in the far wall.
"I'm afraid I'm a bit of a homebody recently. I used to go sailing all the time and enjoy a good vampirhassen hunt. Most saturday nights if I'm not involved in some formal state function, I'm curled up on the couch watching a movie and trying to reduce my backlog..."

The went down a set of stairs and through a heavy pair of gates. "I mean I don't rule an entire nation like my father but being the military govenor of one territory and the Markgravine of another has proven to have a good deal of paper work..."

They enter a larger garden below. This appears to be filled with people who stop enjoying the park and turn. The men give bows and the women curtsy as they pass. She smiles and nods her head in recoginition and continues

"...Although my sister has it far worse. She is the equivilant of a military commander for the entire Federated Klatchian Coast. I don't know how she is ever going to have time to actually rule Alcona and Hubris, have a family, and maintain her duties to the Federation."

They have come to a large fountain, down a side path is a gate and the limo beyound.
25-02-2004, 01:20
"Well, it is not all impossible. Myself is the so-called ruler of Umojan, but also the Archduke* of the UMD**, have a hobby that takes up at least 7 hours per week, and I am the Ambassador for Umojan in most nations but I am still looking for a family to call my own."

Ceron nodded to a little girl that waved at him and he smiled.

"I have waited for years for a family, and now I'm 29 and I am not getting any younger. That is why I send the tape to all HQ of the nations in the world. My older brother is sterile and my younger don't want to have a family, so it's up to me to bring our heritage forward, a heritage that is centuries old."

"By the way, what is that Vampirhassen for kind of animal? I don't think we have any of those back in Umojan."

Suddenly, a large group of reporters came running and as soon as Ceron saw them he said:
"Holy crap!! It looks like we will have a lot to answer for now."
*Formal title for Commander
**Umojan Defence Ministry
25-02-2004, 16:42
Intel scan: Cyle 34009
Message type: broadcast - KCN


"This is KCN with a live update from Toorhaven International where an apparent divsionary tactic by a foreign prince has caused massive headaches for travellers all across the Federated Klatchian Coast...


The officer printed the contents of the news broadcast. With the current war with Dozle and possible increased tensions with the UE, the intel outposts were on high alert.

Soon, an analyst digested the broadcast and quickly sent a brief memo to her superior. A message was soon composed and sent to the relevant authorities.

Encryption - MAX - FKC route - route complete
To: Outer Ministry; Alcona and Hubris
From: Vrak Military High Command - Intel
Subject: incident at Toorhaven International

Would you have any further details regarding that incident?
Alcona and Hubris
25-02-2004, 18:02
The reporters found themselves trying to form a line as several royal guards appeared and formed a picket from the fountian to the car.
Several shouts of "Markgravine...what are you doing in Torrhall"
"Is this a new alley on the war with Dozle...."
"Why was there an explosion at Torrhaven International"
"Archduke Agones why are you seeing the Markgravine..."

Elizabeht just waved and turned towards the car. The rest of the group followed. She entered the car and took a seat looking towards the rear. One of the guards and Python also entered. The phone on Python began to ring and he picked it up, listend for a moment, and turned to the Markgravine.
"It's Marbrow, seems there is a problem with Usra-Bahah"
Fine, I'll take it.
"Marbrow what's up? Huh? He wants to go raiding against who.....listen....listen damn it....tell Usra-Bahah that if he and his merry men try that I'll....I'll haul his a** infront of the Grand Puba if he does....Yes I do mean it.....That is what to tell him....If not crush the blighter....fine, call me if you need to but....listen I think he just wants some....yes that is what he wants....Good....Over and out."

She turns a somewhat pained smile to the Archduke. "Well hopefully no more interuptions tonight."

Encryption JDF Alpha Alpha 4
To: Vrakian Military Command
From: Office of Alconian Chancellor
Subject: Report on Incident at Torrhaven International

At the present time it appears that the weapon was used as a diversionary tactic. I have just recieved a report on the incident from the Torrhaven Intenrational Response Team stating:

[code:1:3706f14d66]Weapon used appears to have been a noise and smoke device of a large calibre designed to approximate a large attack on an aircraft. Debries from device were found in an approximatly 60 meter radius from burn marks on pavement. Some debries were found located on Runway I.
Device appears to have caused no damage but debries were found to be a possible hazard to aeronautical aviation.
Total Damage none:
Disruption: Closure of all facilites for approximatly 45 minutes while security sweeps were done. Closure of Runway I for 3 hours due to clean up and inspections. Flight delays within the Klatchian Air network 1-2 hours, eight cancelled flights.

I have also included a preliminary report from Major Sophie Haussecker who was on the scene at the time of the incident.

At 3:45 I greeted the Archduke of Ageon from Umojan at the diplomatic Terminal of Torrhaven. I welcomed the Archduke and informed him that he would be meet by the Markgravine at the Residenz in Torrhall. I also informed him that some of the international press had recived word of his arrival. He proceded to dismiss his security forces back onto the aircraft and made a comment that the press would not be interested in his activites for the rest of the evening. He had arranged a diversionary tactic. Upon entering the terminal a large explosion could be heard outside. We proceeded to ground transportation.
The Archduke appologized for his actions on the car ride. I made no response.
My personal opinion of the Archduke is that he has some sort of military career spent invading forigen lands. He also has shown somewhat poor judgement as the "Public Ambassador" of his nation.

I have asked for an IISD report on this Archduke as soon as possible. It appears I will have to have a meeting with this person after his date with Markgravine Both.
25-02-2004, 18:54
"Political problems? Anything I can do to help, no offence of course? Hey, it's the least I can do after me and my advisors most unfortunate judgement on the Torrhaven International."

"But enough about me, I want to know more about you. Hehe, I don't even know about your age nor what that Vampirehassen was for kind of animal. I always end up talking and talking without letting the other part getting a word in the comment. It's like the time when I was discussing war and peace with a terrorist and I just talked and talked, he didn't even get to say more than three words per sentence. In the end he was putted in a class-III prison together with other dangerous enemies like Jimmy Hoffa and..."

"Damn, now I'm doing it again."


What is an IISD report?

And sorry for the short response. I had one longer written, but NS ate it.
Alcona and Hubris
25-02-2004, 19:02
OOC: International Security Division, Called IISD to keep it from being confused with its sister orginization Internal Security Division -ISD.

having an explosion at an international airport was not a very smart move on the part of the Archduke. Especially when parts of the Federation are under attack. We are just going to have to rp this out...

IC post in a moment....
25-02-2004, 19:05
Well, it adds more flavour, doesn't it? :D

But actually, I regret it happening, but too much have happened now, so we will jsut as you said RP it out.
26-02-2004, 03:12
On regular news outlets in the Kingdom, the incident at Torrhaven was not mentioned. The only possible indicator that something was amiss would be any Vrakians that where on the planes or that had their flights cancelled. Instead, the usual war reports about Dozle was being broadcast. However, the intelligence department was certainly more active…

Encryption – MAX- JDF protocols – FKC route – route complete
To: Office of Alconian Chancellor
From: Vrak Military High Command – Intel
Subject: Umojan

Excellent. We will conduct a background check on the Archduke of Ageon and also the nation of Umojan. We are curious as to why the Archduke would unilaterally decide to create a diversion since your personnel are quite able to keep the press at bay.

We will share with you any information as soon as it comes to light.
Dyelli Beybi
26-02-2004, 11:07
Teatime O'Booze, had supposed to be having a lie in, but as representative of the Province of Dyelli Beybi, it hadn't worked out that way. Some plane had blown up at the airport and now he was expected to make a comment on it, and he'd be damned, as he didn't know what was going on anyway.

So now he was in his office, his secretary oposite him, "Hrrm right....what to it....are you taking this time...errr down?"

The secretary bobbed her head, "Ready when you are."

"Klatch has often, in it's long history, been exposed to terrorism. Yet it stops here. The fact that we are in a State of War does not in any means imply we will not pull out every stopper in our quest to seek out the perpetrators and bring them to justice."

"Is that all?"

"Yeah....nice snippet for the can release it." Teatime grinned at his own brilliance, "Oh by the way, does anyone know who did it?"

The secretary shook her head, "The boys from the Checka havn't got a report done yet."

"Oh well...this looks neutral enough."
26-02-2004, 17:51
Suddenly, a phone rang from inside Ceron's pocket.

"Hold on a bit, m'lady."

"Yes.. Who? No! You gotta be kidding me! You know, lying is considered threachery!! Okie, I understand. Yes, I'll ask her."
Ceron turned off the cellphone and turned, angry looking to Elizabeth.

"Excuse me, but our intelligence show that you have something serious against socialist nations. And you should know, that we are a socialistic democratic state and I tolerate no such disrespect from people that we may get friends from. What do you have to say to defend yourself?"
Alcona and Hubris
26-02-2004, 19:51
She raised an eyebrow. "Sir, of course my family has a serious problem with socialists! Although as a general rule we tend to attempt to be socialble to those governments and people who live under those systems our own experience..." She decides not to beat around the bush.

She turns her head and barks an order. "Drive to Temple Square" The car turned and shortly arrived at a large square. Old buildings, mostly flying the flags of Torrhall University, stand on three sides. The other side is filled with a massive temple like structure dominating the square from its raised postion. In the center of the square was a massive fountian. It was comprised of four large cenotaphs of black marble, and a central nude femal holding holding a lighted flame. The phrase Never Again was etched into the base of the central statue. The cenotaphs had water pouring over them, but one could still read the thousands names etched in the dark stone.

The Car stopped and she pulled the Archduke infront of of the fountain. "Eighty years ago the Kingdom of Hubris fell to a socialist revolution. " She began with scorn in her voice and anger in her eyes..."They shoulted phrases of equality and peace, and human good will. Well their human good will filled mass graves for sixty years." She pointed at the memorial fountian.
" People were shot for not obeying, for having dissent, for being of noble blood. All of these were crimes against the state. The state was the sole being on this island. But not really, it was those who ran the state. They had the power, and the greed. They lived better than kings had in the Residenz as the common citizens watched their standard of living fall. Watched as their basic freedoms were destroyed. Watched their young men and woman thrown into countless conflicts over the Outer Islands with the Grand Duchy of Alcona to the south."

She stopped and just looked at him, "I'm not condeming that all socialist nations. Many are not like that. We enjoy good relations with Terran Sphere to our East, and many of our allies are far more socialist in nature than we. But how many times has the word socialist been used to let mad men and mass murderers into power? Hitler, Stalin...they all used the appeal of socialism to raise up the lower masses, over throw the old regime and install themselves as absolute rulers. Ones who make the regressive monarchies they replaced look wildly progressive."

She stopped and turned towards the statue..."And my family, my Great-Grand parents were executed by the rise of the Grand Pumas. They just mass murdered my family in cold blood. The only reason I exist is my Grandmother escaped to the south."
She turns and her eyes seem to almost be onfire, a blue fire of anger. "The Island of Hubris was rescued from it's so called socialist leaders by my father. Not by strength of arms but by being the only person left fit to rule when the Grand Puma and the Lesser Puma killed each other...
"The Dual Duchy is united under a monarch, capatalist, and proud. We have ecconomic classes, but our poor is better off than most. We have no reason to change, nor will we trust any socialist nation without great hesitation. We know our freinds, and our enemies."

She pauses again, and the face is cold, almost frightening as she snaps her fingers. The swordsman arrives at her side. He removes the claymore from under his arm and holds it infront of himself.

"If of socialism offends you then leave. Your title of Archduke misled me greatly. I am of royal blood and obviously a monarchist. I have never said otherwise."

Note the Royal Guards are standing on both sides of the area as a crowed has gathered, milling about. Several preistess now look down on the square from the temple steps. A few in have visibly brought swords out with them but have not unsheathed them.* The crowd grows full of youmg men and woman, some appear in cadet uniforms others in less formal attire but have the same military demenor as their more formally clad breathern.**

*The Order of Athena is very supportive of the Monarchy for several reasons. Least of which is their surpression by the socialists and renewed vigor under the Dukes of Alcona and Hubris.

**All college students in A+H must join a branch of the military and serve for four years in the Navy or Royal Guard, 8 years in the Militia, or join the security services, so you've got a whole pile of to be military personel around you.
26-02-2004, 20:07
"First off, we are not like them. They were Stalinists, and obviously miss-used their power and became a so-called "father-know-best-state" but this is not what we have achieved. We have a fair goverment, we are class-less, we are equal and the people are happy with it. And now, now you calls forward a lots of guards around you when I have not showed one little bit of hostility against you, I just asked you to confirm a bit, although maybe more harshly than needed, but that does not mean that I am defence-less.

He lifted his cellphone and turned the attena a quarter of a half and suddenly the area had three average looking cars around, all surrounded by 3 armed men each, although not pointing their weapons against anyone. Ceron drawed his handgun he had inside his coat* and said:
"Now, I will leave, and no bullets will be fired. I will return to our airplane and we will leave without interference. I am sorry we had to do it like this, but I didn't have any idea of your hostility against the pure political ideals."

He turned against the cars and started walking, only to stop right outside the one in the middle.
"Also, the title "Archduke" is only a formal one, monarchy haven't existed on our island in over 300 years. I am sorry about this, but if you had asked, I would've answered."

*Look post from the airplane to see what I am talking about.
Alcona and Hubris
26-02-2004, 21:02
He turned against the cars and started walking, only to stop right outside the one in the middle.
"Also, the title "Archduke" is only a formal one, monarchy haven't existed on our island in over 300 years. I am sorry about this, but if you had asked, I would've answered."

*Look post from the airplane to see what I am talking about.

OOC:First, you dismissed your guards second of all where in the hell did you get the cars? Off the aircraft? If so they are each going to have a tail on them from ISD.

"Attention!" yelled one of the Royal Guards. The whole group snapped at attention. The otherone took off his gun and sword and handed it to one of the cadets. "Return this to the Residenz..." he stepped forward to the Archduke. "Ah sir if I might accompany you to your aircraft? I think I can prevent anymore unpleastentries from happening. I also assure you that I am unarmed. And that no one was intending to prevent you from leaving...."
(OOC: most people were there from curiostiy, but I understand how your character would feel threatened...)

[disregard if not allowed into the car]

"Ah thank you. Airport security has been a bit 'edgy' since a recent explosion closed it down. Now may I make a quick couple of points? First, you may not realize this but you did unintetionally bersmerch the honor of the Crawford family and the Markgravine herself. Which was for the reason for her calling up her swordsman. If you had called her a liar to her face, she would have demanded an appology or statisfaction. She is a bit more honor bound than most of us...and the students just came to see what her yelling was all about really...I didn't see any other guards..."
He looks out the window...

"...As for her anger against socialists...well, no one is accusing you of anything are we? In fact we've had cool, but non-threating relations to most socialist states for obvious product of our bloody history. Although I wonder what state feels we are personally agitating against them. As far as I know most of our wars have been against physcotic dictatorships and Arda, there was that little scuffle with the Drakonian Imperium but that was caused by the Tzarists who are not even remotely related to the Crawfords."

OOC: Again true, I (ICly) haven't agitated against any socialist nations. I've made some snippy comments about some pie in the sky ecconomics but that's been it. Unless someone actually said China Wrighty was a socialist nation. (Who was my only real IC enemy around here...)
26-02-2004, 21:38
OoC - Yeah, I dismissed the two guards, but these aren't my normal guards, these are spies put in the country before and after my plane landed, and the cars are hired by a normal car-renting service.
And the guard is allowed inside...

Ceron let the man inside the car and listened to his speech.

"Well, tell your leader that I am sorry about insulting her, even though it was not my intentions, I just got the information from my advisors that searched about some info about your leader and asked her about it."

"But it is also that I cannot be sure of my own health if I stay in this nation for too long. Why, you may ask. Because even if you or your goverment leaves me alone, I am pretty sure that the possible attacks from your civilians can be many and dangerous. Therefore, I will go back to Umojan but I'll let one of you follow me as an ambassador if you may. I am sorry it had to come down to this."

"Also, I do not care if you haven't attacked one single socialist nation, we don't want to risk to be the first. A war between the two of us would be devestating for both goverments and people, so I'll not risk it."

Not too long after, the cars drove up ON the airfield and the Archduke stepped out and turned to the royal guard.
"You coming with us?"
Alcona and Hubris
27-02-2004, 04:39
OOC: Hmm...well alright but I do hope your taking them with you since ISD now has them marked. And warmongering has never been the Alconaian style. Well on claimed territory anyway. We have a thing about unclaimed islands and peninsulas.

The royal guard had been talking in a walkie talkie for a few moments. He gave a short bow. "Your plane has been cleared for immediate departure from Klatchian Airspace. I suggest you return by the southern route sir. As for exchanging of Ambassadors I would suggest that you contact the Outer Minister about such things. I hope you have a pleasent return trip and good luck on finding a wife." He gives a short bow and steps back with several airport guards who have had a perimiter around the aircraft since the blast.

The pilot hears "Umojan-Alpha this is Torrhaven control, you a cleared for Runway II and immediate departure. Advise that nearest hostile engagement is 1200 km north north west."

A diplomatic note is sent to the Archduke.

Dear Archduke,
I appologize for both the Markgravine's unfortunate display of discourtesy as well as the unfortunate circumstatances that brought you two together. She sends her deepest appologies for any threating actions she had taken when upset.
On the same token I wish to formally open diplomatic ties to your nation and people as desired by his Grace, Grand Duke Alexander III. Although we do have diffrent systems of government and differing veiws of ecconomics, we both reflect a product of our own cultures. As is traditional, we offer both to exchange an ambassador with your nation to represent the Dual Duchy, open trade with your nation, and allow for any future disagreements to be settled in a peaceful manner. We would also like to offer your university students the opportunity to compete for a two year, full tution study abroad program at Neubayren University, so that both of our cultures may begin building bridges of understanding.

Respectfully Yours,
Baron Abrams, Outer Minister of the Grand Dual Duchy of Alcona and Hubris, O.R.G.

Included with the note is a case of very good Vodka with a small note inside. I am sorry for the misunderstandings between us. I wish you the best of luck in your search for a soul mate. -Elizabeth

OOC: If you test the vodka it really is quite well refined, no poisions or anything of the sort. Actually it is from Vrak, since they tend to make better Vodka than any of the domestic brands.
27-02-2004, 15:48
OoC - Yes, the guards follows into the airplane.


Yes, your grace, I gladgully accept to all these ideas, but on one condition: That we are allowed to send one, and only one, guard to follow the students. He can be a student as well, but he must have the right to be armed. This is just precautions, as most students will otherwise be afraid of entering another non-socialist nation. No offence, but it's just our way of life.

Archduke Ceron Agones
Public Ambassador of the United Socialist States of Umojan

Ceron putted forward a small glass and poured a bit of Vodka in it.

"Yes sir?"

"Add this to the message to miss Elizabeth."

Yes, I am sorry as well. But, as life goes on I think both of us will find someone to spend our lives with. Enjoy... - Ceron Agones
Alcona and Hubris
27-02-2004, 21:19
Under current law only a member of the Royal family or a Landgrave's House may have a swordsman or body guard on campus unless a specific threat has been made.
However, the students may be armed, provided that they recieve a licence demonstraing proper understanding and handling of firearms. If one student decides to be armed and follow the others around we will not interfere. Unless, like any student, if he or she becomes dissruptive to class or abusive to others, the University will be forced to take disiplinary action.

We will attempt to accomidate your security concerns within these limitations and laws. We would like to note that the University is not far from Embassy Row such that if you feel it more secure, they may live at your counsulate.