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Shadows of Evil[open fantasy RP]

22-02-2004, 19:43
OOC: basic plot: evil sourcerer obtains most deadley weapon ever and forms a huge army of minions. You may play the role of anyone you choose but I will play two, one of which will be the evil guy, anyone can be evil too. Also, there can be mystical creatures such as elves. Have fun!

IC:The two brothers stood in the dark room. Their weapons drawn. They knew what their attackers seeked, the very things they carried. Their swords had a history more painful than theirs. If their attackers obtained them then once they were joined they would form the most deadly weapon of all.
"We must join them ourselves then," one brother whispered.
"It takes magic, basides it would give away our position. I can smell them." Once this was said there was a blur then the sound of steel on steel. Their fight had begun. The evil beast swung their weapons only to have them swatted away by the brothers. The beast were defeated quikly with swords through their hearts. The light was lit and the brothers thought they had won. Little did they know what approached them. A creature so evil no one dared speak its name. As it tuned the corner their spines tingles. It launched itself at them with unreal speeds swatting their weapons. One of the brothers regained his weapon. He swung just as the creature ducked. It then leaped into the air landing by the other unarmed brother. With a swipe the brother was dead. As the creature picked up the second sword the other brother tried to fight but was immediatley killed by the creatures magic. The creature known as a Leigan then smiled as he left to return his prize to the master.

OOC2: I won't be able to post for a while but anyone else may.
23-02-2004, 00:01

IC: At the foot of the Dark Tower the Leigan stood. He then opened the massive doors and began up the staircase. Finally he found himself in the chambers of Mergan his master. Mergan stood waiting for the swords. When the Leigan placed the swords on a table Mergan smiled. "Very nice work." As he approached them he ordered his minion to leave. Once gone Mergan joined the two handles together. When he uttered the magic words a flash of light followed. The final product was a wizards staff, still sharp, but now capable of magic. "Nothing can stop me now," said Mergan.