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Assassin killed in Okinawa- (Martial arts RP)

22-02-2004, 03:34
With barely a whisper the man crawled across the ground, disturbing not even a single leaf or blade of grass. He slowly approaches the house, moving with the slowness of a professional with years of experience. An expert in a dying art, he elivated his work to the level of a Rembrant painting or a Michaelangelo sculpture, every finished product perfect and unique. The last of a dying breed, he was an Assassin. Not merely some punk with a rifle, as they all were now-a-days, but one trained in the ancient arts, a man who had practiced since his childhood. He was the best, and the best was about to meet someone better.

Finally reaching the building he stands up, drawing the long wicked blade from his belt.

"It ends."

He dashes inside, stabbing the blade into the bed next to the door.

"Yes, it does."

With that the target steps froim around the corner, releasing the arrow help in the bow. WIth a slight whistleing sound is slices through the air, stabbing deep into the Assassin's heart.

"Your one mistake, you made to little noise. The owls are always hooting this time of night. When it's quiet, you know something's wrong."

With that the Assassin closed his eyes, going to the final rest.

OOC: I want other nations to send in assassins (they don't actually have to be connected to your nation) to try and kill the target. I'd like to limit it to one person per nation, and nothing beyond bow and arrow technology. So, come and try to kill me
22-02-2004, 03:52
[OOC: Can each country send in more than one assassain? I mean like, one dies, can we send in another? Oh yah, I want my guys and your to have a big sword fight, so don't like say, boom your assasain is dead. Let me tell you when I want him to die, if I want him to die.]

The assassain crept through the night. He was an expert at his job, on his belt he had a katana. He walked quietly through the woods, making bird noises every so often, such as an owl, or something. He was dressed in balck, with a ninja'x facemask on. He approached the house, making another hoot. He jumped up onto the second story of the building. And walked through the door.
He moved silently through the house, within a second he had disposed of a guards head, he quickly covered the neck, and head, so no blood leaked. He then brought the body into a closet.
He walked down the hallway, the adreneline enhancing his already perfect senses. He could hear everything.
He looked over a balcony, and saw two guards dragging another assasains body.

Poor fool

He continued on, and heard a noise, it was near silent, but there. He jumped and grabbed onto a overhang support, he hid his body. He saw the target walk beneath. He plunged.
Drawing his sword he brought it down, right over the targets head.
22-02-2004, 04:17
OOC: Sure, as long as it's one at a time. Oh, and I'd never say when you die. That'd be godmodding, you can't say what happens to other peoples stuff. But, I do expect my character to win in the end. Just so that this RP can keep going

And seriously, how the heck would he know to make hooting sounds? Is he psychic or something? That would be so neat! A psychic ninja!


The target almost laughed to himself. These people always tried to hide in the rafters. Didn't they think anybody would be wise to that?

As the assassin dropped down he fell to his knees in a pefect breakfall, rolling over his shoulder and coming up into a standard guard with his two swords in his hands.

"You know, your predecessor at least made it to my bed. I doubt you'd even get through the anteroom."

He then dashes forward, striking with both blades
22-02-2004, 04:21
The assasain, who's name was Talvin, parried, and did a backward flip.
"Oh I have seen much of your house, and spilled much of your guards blood already."
He jumped forward, with a kick, swing combo.
22-02-2004, 04:29
"Guards? I have guards? I don't who the hell you've been killing, but I don't have any guards. Do you mean my servants? Wow, you killed a bunch of low paid butlers. Such an accomplishment."

He leaps backwards, putting to much distance between them for the kick to connect. He then swings up one of his swords, catching Talvin's katana at the hilt and pushing. As that arms struggles he pulls a knife from his belt, flinging it at Talvin's throat
22-02-2004, 04:33
Talvin grabs onto the man's arm with lightning speed, and twists it with bull's strenght. He swings at the man with his katana.
"Such an accomplishment?" He asked. "I put a library full of one story to an end, such as I plan to do with yours!"
22-02-2004, 04:38
OOC: So, you just let the knife stab you in the neck? You didn't have him do anything to avoid it

And what does "I put a library full of one story to an end" mean? That doesn't make much sense
22-02-2004, 04:40
OOC: So, you just let the knife stab you in the neck? You didn't have him do anything to avoid it

And what does "I put a library full of one story to an end" mean? That doesn't make much sense

OOC: No, my guy grabbed onto the arm that had the knife in it, the one that he twisted. "I put a library full of one story to an end" meant that he ended a life, and if that life was a story, as is almost all lives, that story would have filled an entire library. Anyway, yah my guy grabbed onto the arm with the knife, so my guy is still living.
22-02-2004, 04:42
OOC: But my guy already threw the knife. You can dodge it, or grab it, or block it, etc. but it's already in the air
22-02-2004, 04:44
OOC: But my guy already threw the knife. You can dodge it, or grab it, or block it, etc. but it's already in the air

[OOC: Oh, I didn't know he threw it, I thought he just swung with it, sorry.]

Talvin grabbed the knife in midflight, right on the hilt. He spun it in his hand, and threw it against a wall. He then pulled out five ninja stars from his belt, and tossed them all at once at the other man.
22-02-2004, 04:52
"Assassins with bows and arrows... How barbaric... When Edolia needs to kill someone, we prefer to use cruise missiles or miniguns..."
Scottford von Harrick
Minister for Foreign Affairs
22-02-2004, 04:55
OOC: Edolia, why did you bother saying that, there was no point other than me saying.
Hey shut the hell up you Fucking Fucktard.
12-09-2004, 17:58
The target simply dropped to the ground, the many stars flying over his head. He then stands, leaps, and swings both swords down at the Assassins head.

"It ends."