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BBC - New UN Resolution - Joccia does bugger-all

20-02-2004, 10:09
Shocking news from the Nation of Joccia today.

Faced with the latest drivel from the UN, a spokesman for the Joccian Parliament said "This is one too many, we really can't be bothered to do anything about it"

It is understood that the Joccian Would Chipping industry has been limited to clearing no more than 50,000 square miles a day. Hitherto Joccia had no Would Chipping Industries. To compensate for the limits placed on the Would Chipping deforestation, the Wood Planking Industry has had it's limits increased to 100,000 square miles per day.

It is doubted that either industry will be able to achieve these new targets.
20-02-2004, 10:37
carlamnaria holds its forrest sacred but woodchips are made from the slash that lumbering would otherwise burn or throw away.

conspicuous was the abscence of any mention of clearcutting or why it occurs. the incentives that reward and encourage it or any suggestion of methodology for turning those incentives (i.e. demand for forrest products from the construction trades industry, in turn fueled by human population growth) arround.

we have instead a long standing policy, even cultural values, of minimizing the use of lumber and other forrest products in construction.

while we applaud loudly and cheerfuly the sentiment of protecting forrests, from which we get the greatest part of the air we breathe along with the sanity preserving inspiration of wild nature's diversity, frankly we are quite puzzled by these ommissions and what if anything this measure expected to accomplish in their abscence.

20-02-2004, 14:17
The Government of Joccia is preparing to put out to tender the large amount of forest clearing which our industries cannot cope with.

Any nation interested should register here