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The Soviet State declares status as nation!

20-02-2004, 05:25
Channel 3 News

The Soviet State comes into world!

At around noon today, Moscow time, Soviet Chairman Vassili Vladimir and the other members of the All People's Congress finished the drafting of the constitution that defined the Republic of the Soviet State. The three tiny proviences of Vladigrad, Bloskovi and Fidkrainia now have a centralized government and united peoples. Vassili Vladimir says, "Now our people can be at peace, knowing that we are protected and united under a single banner." The first general Chairman elections are due to begin within the month.

Corperate leaders rally against new government!

Shortly after the formation of the Soviet State, a group of wealthly corporate leaders lead protest in front of the Capitol Building today after their entire enterprises were reposessed by the new Socialist government. Government officials say that continued restlessness within the former corporate sector is to be expected for some time to come.