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The Empire vs The Red Snakes (Announcement of verdict)

20-02-2004, 02:33
Mighty Governments of NationStates,

I come to you again. This time, it is not with great news. The Imperial High Court found guilty all members of the coup that overthrew my government.

They will be excecuted at a time and place set by the High Court and listed below are the charges that they were found guilty on.

1) Inciting riots
2) Inciting an open rebellion
3) Overthrowing the government..also called a coup
4) Theft of Imperial Equipment
5) Attempted Assassination
6) Refusal to dismiss when ordered to do so
7) Violations of The Imperial Commerce Code
8. Violations of numerous treaties created by The Empire and other nations.

All seven members of the revoultionary group: The Red Snakes were convicted on all eight counts.

The method of execution has yet to be decided, but it will be public.

Thank you for your attention,
Emperor Beav