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A Call For Feline Races.

Seck Sapeel
16-02-2004, 13:24
The great Valsharess has once again issued a request for any nation with a cat-people population to get in contact with her as soon as possible to negotiate a deal for a small number from their population. According to records, Vailphi has always had some interest in these beings and has tried in the past to include them into the population of Seck'Sapeel.

Valsharess Vailphi said the following at a press conference, "I have once again started to direct my efforts to introduce cat-people, or nekojin, or however they would prefer to be called, into the Seck'Sapeel society. I know I have had critisism in the past about this request, but I believe that this goal will strengthen bonds between us and the international community. Seck Sapeel may be one of the more dangerous countries to live in, but laws will be put into place to help keep racial minorities safe from Ilythiiri traditions. This is why I wish to negotiate with any nation with a cat-people community to get in contact with me in person."

This move blatently contradicts Ilythiiri traditions, yet another tradition that Valsharess Vailphi seems to be willing to edit in her attempt to 'prove that Seck'Sapeel isn't evil.'

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Seck Sapeel
17-02-2004, 00:10
The Ctan
29-02-2004, 17:06
The dark depths of Volistad Mountain Complex.

John Artego stalked the corridors of the cell complex. Occasionally despairing howls broke from the cells. Most of those rounded up had been from the Internal Security Agency terrorist list of terrorists and ‘hard’ criminals. There were a disproportionate number of cat-people here, as they were the ones wanted.

Technically, he supposed that this was a case of the ends justified the means, a favourite motto of both the ISA and the Imperial Special Service. The two Necron Lords with him wouldn’t care of course. He walked up to the door of the cell. One of the massive forms waited outside, the other walked in with Artego.

He looked at the prisoner, hanging suspended in a tensor field in the centre of the room, immobile but for her eyes. Artego picked up a panel from a cubbyhole in the wall, and read up on the records – Willingly providing financial support for The Ruling Bolshevik Faction of SeOCC. She’d do.

Silently Artego walked up to the Lord and took a small steel box from it. He opened it and took out a vicious looking black spike. He examined the spike for a moment, “You know dear, this will hurt you vastly more than it’ll hurt me,” he said, before holding the device up to her eye, as a black spindly spider like creature crawled along it.

He repeated this many times, and eventually wrote a letter addressed to Valsharess Vailphi;

“I believe we can arrange for the delivery of about one hundred cat-people in short order, any greater numbers may take some arrangement,

Humbly and respectfully yours,
John Artego, Office of Mephet’ran.”

He didn't know how it would get there, hardly his department, but he was sure it would.

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John Artego ( officer of the Imperial Special Service.
Seck Sapeel
01-03-2004, 21:35
The Valsharess returned to her palace after attending the music festival that had been held in Victory Square. She was quickly met by Elkqualyn, her House Mage who she had left in charge while all the females were at the event.

“My Queen,” he started, but was cut off coldly by Vailphi.

“I do not want to be disturbed, male. You know how much I get into these events,” she said to the slightly older male.

“But your majesty, this is about the call for those cat-people you sent out a while ago. There’s been a response,” he said, knowing that he had spoken well out of bounds. It was the occasional show of guts that he’s not been ‘demoted’. He knew exactly how much and how often he should show his courage when speaking to the females to keep them interested. This was one such occasion.

“Out with it then,” Vailphi snapped, sitting herself down at a table.

“Valsharess, this is the letter that came,” Elkqualyn said, passing the letter to his Queen. It was already opened, but she didn’t mind that. If it was trapped, then it would’ve been the one who opened it who would have been killed.

Vailphi read the letter and sighed, “One-hundred… This male must be mad.” She rose from her seat again, and proceeded to her personal quarters so she could write a reply. Reading that it started without addressing her, she decided that it was only fair to write a reply with just as much courtesy.

“Thank you for your reply to my call for these people. Although one-hundred of these specimens are hardly enough, it is a good start as a sample of what is to come. We accept this offer, but wonder what there is for you to gain in this tribute. A show of charity towards our people is rare to say the least. The city of Shinduagoche'el will be notified that you will be sending the cat people. Make sure they know who it is who is coming.

“Valsharess Vailphi Zauaphin”

After writing the letter, Vailphi called for her Mage to have it sent. She also called Burtana’thrae and Maynda to them on the plans Vailphi had in store for these cats.
The Ctan
11-03-2004, 23:55
"Valsharess Vailphi Zauaphin,

"Your gifts will be delivered to Shinduagoche'el, as requested. Further specimens would require preparation. Please specify the numbers you desire. As for our motives, well, we have never met your people before, and thus have no reason to refrain from charity. Should you have any wish to discuss the matter further, I shall accompany the

Yours, Ilene Vashon, Office of Mephetran"

After writing the letter, she watched from a balcony as the bound and gagged 'samples' were herded into the large dark arrowhead of a necron drop ship. They were mostly looking around with mixed expressions that Ilene took to be apprehension. She turned to Artego, "Well, it's certainly an interesting idea. How many did you nerve spider?"

"All of them."

"Certainly through."

"Quite. I take it you're going?"

"Yes. The intel nails them as ultra matriarchal, and thus It's me. I wish Samara were still her so I could palm this off on her. Then again, she'd probably get on well with these people, what with the torture and all."

Artego merely suppressed a little grin. Ilene had never had much stomach for such things. Doubtless she'd have fun meeting the Ilythiiri.
Seck Sapeel
26-03-2004, 05:05
“Why cat people, Valsharess?” Maynda asked. She was sitting at a large circular table with Vailphi and Burtana’thrae either side of her. The room was the most secure location in the palace save the vault and Vailphi’s bedroom.

“Because,” Vailphi replied bitterly, she could have Maynda terminated right then and there, but she does her job well, “This is a test, and a way to show the surfacers that we mean no harm.”

“That wouldn’t be true though,” Burtana’thrae noted.

“Perhaps, but how we present ourselves will determine our future plans for the surface. Look what we’ve managed to do so far with just one contact. They granted us land which they were going to use themselves. We have ‘good’ relations with Menelmacar now already – all because of the way we’ve presented ourselves to them,” Vailphi explained.

“Well, to me that sounds like cowardice,” Maynda sneered.

“No more cowardly than you not attempting to take my throne. You know I’m stronger than you are, otherwise you would have tried to kill me by now, my dear daughter,” Vailphi said, grinning a little. “But enough of this. We are getting a shipment of one-hundred cat people, donated by C’tan. We need to plan how to use these few.”

“I suggest we sacrifice half of them, Valsharess. Lolth will be pleased by an offer of fifty of these creatures,” Burtana’thrae said. Maynda grinned at the idea, also agreeing with this idea.

“Indeed. The other half will be split into ten and forty. The ten we keep will be looked after almost as if they were royalty. Keep them away from the others who will be employed into the pleasure businesses of the main city. These ten; five males, and five females, will be our media group. It is important that the global media see these ten, not the others. Hopefully, with a little guidance, these people will be able to give their own decent accounts of their life,” the Ilythiiri Queen says, smiling at the thought of her own plan.

“What if they remember the other ninety, which won’t be hard to do I’m sure,” Maynda asks.

“Subtle persuasion,” Vailphi quickly responds. Everyone at the table knows what that means. “Now, prepare for their arrival. We must make sure that the representatives of C’tan receive a warm welcome. I have a feeling they could be a powerful ally.”
26-03-2004, 05:13
1. "Feline Races, eh?"
2. "Indeed."
2. "Well, we only have Komodren and Birthright Human, so we can't help."
1. "Nope."
The Ctan
27-03-2004, 22:42
The dropship coasted above the ocean, landing on the outskirts of Shinduagoche'el, landing silently. The vessel itself was about two hundred meters long, by thirty, in the overall shape of a dagger, with a hexagonal entrance large enough to hold vehicles on the underside. The dropship overall shined slightly, as if wet, covered in an almost organic pattern that slowly changed as one looked at it.

The doors opened slowly, to reveal a poorly lit interior. The 'passengers' could be seen practically hanging from an equipment rack, their hands bound together over a long pole, several - things, gleaming and metallic in the low lighting, lurked nearby.

A woman, about five foot ten, with an 'athletic' figure garbed in black, a long mane of red-blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, shining out from under her brows showing obvious intellect. With her was a towering, monolithic creature, seemingly mechanical, at least from the top of it which protruded from its set of all encompassing purple robes, on which were intricate silver tracings of a strange flowing script of circular sections and straight lines. From its top protruded a golden part, culminating in a long 'head' like section, with a single eye - irised like the shutter of a camera, and glowing with a sickly green light. The - thing - 's positioning was somewhat protective of the woman.

They waited at the bottom of the ramp, and looked around for the locals.
The Atheists Reality
27-03-2004, 23:15
:do anthro ligers count?
Seck Sapeel
11-04-2004, 17:42
For C'tan
With the Valsharess out of the country, Burtana’thrae was given the duty of meeting the C’tan representatives, and their cargo. However, she isn’t the one to meet them as she was told. Instead, a tall male in security garb is standing, waiting for the newcomers. Not just him, either. An entire security platoon has been assembled in the port; each guard wears black body armour, a full-helm with a black visor, and are armed with assault rifles. Only the notable male stands apart from the others, ready to meet the visitors. Unlike the others, he doesn’t wear a helmet.

The sun was beating down on the port town, a sub-section of the Shinduagoche’el metropolis. Some of the Drow in this port don’t wear eye protection – something that is becoming an increasingly frequent sight above ground. It is apparent why the security platoon wears the dark full-helms: without them, they would struggle to work with the light. The black motif couldn’t be comfortable to wear in the warmth.

The Drow male approached the female representative, bowed appropriately for his position in relation to the representative, and introduced himself, “Greetings. I am Teblyn of house Do’afin, the Valsharess’s chosen consort and the head of National Security. Unfortunately, Valsharess Vailphi is unable to meet with you here today as other matters have appeared which require her attention.” He knows that he isn’t strictly the head of National Security, but he has been instructed to impress the best he can. Besides, no one else in the area would dare challenge his word.

For The Atheists Reality
Yes, all anthro' felines are welcome.

Valsharess Vailphi Zauaphin

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11-04-2004, 17:50
Do Cigers count?

Ciger= Half-cat-half-tiger