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Red Queen Arena: 007 VS Viktor Trotska (invite)/[pics]

The Red Queen
16-02-2004, 07:09
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Welcome to The Red Queen Arena

Welcome to the second fight! I hope you enjoy!

This arena is within a crypt. Enjoy your fight! There is no interaction from the outside unless spectating.

Prepare to fight!
16-02-2004, 08:12
ooc:- I'll post image to help "visualise" this :P
Name: Unit 0073423#

007 Woke up and looked around it looked like it was in the arena called the crypt, standing up it streched and looked around. It could see the heat source of a small creature near it, it smelt like rat...a faint "squeek" is heard as it moved with a rapid motion as it impaled the rat on one of it's sharp claws. As it ate the rat it looked around and sniffed the had been promised a human to play with, not sensing anything it started to move out of the enclove it awoke in and down the long dark hall.

As it moved down the hall 007 head moved side to side as it searched for it's prey, it's claws on it's feet clicking as it walked and it's tail swung from side to side in anticipation of the hunt.
16-02-2004, 15:25
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17-02-2004, 00:13
Troska appeared in the crypt, "Wonder what I have to kill..." He pulled his swords out of sheathes hanging on his belt. He began to hear a light clicking coming from down the hall, "What the hell is that?" He began shouting and calling attention to himself. He would let it attack, that was always their mistake...
17-02-2004, 05:53
007 heard shouting echoing through the crypt his head swung from side to side as it tryed to locate the source of the sound, but the echos made it impossible to get a fixed location. Feeling a little fustrated at not knowing the location of his prey 007 let loose a low base rumblerling growl, which started low & work itself up to to a bellow which echoed even more then the human shouting.
The Red Queen
18-02-2004, 21:27
Is everything going alright?
18-02-2004, 21:36
Yeah, just been a little busy.

Troska shivered at the sound that echoed through the crypt. He began to run wildly looking for his prey. He turned a corner and saw it. "Holy shit!" he put his swords up in a defensive position and began to back away...
19-02-2004, 05:24
007 saw the human at the same time the human saw it, the smell of fear came to 007's nose as the human swore at seeing it. 007 took note of the 2 swords in the humans hands they looked sharp, as the human backed away 007 growled "Leaving so soon prey? A shame since I was going to invite you to be my dinner." With that 007 grinned showing a mouthful of sharp teeth and slamed it's tail against the floor in anticipation of the human attack.
19-02-2004, 15:22
Troska flashed a grin and let fly with one of his sword at the creature in front of him...
20-02-2004, 06:33
007 moves back just in time to avoid most of the blow, a tiny cut across it's chest bears witness at the sharpness of the Humans blade. With a sarl 007 drops & spins in a circle lashing out at the human's legs with his tail, seeking to cripple the human and making it harder for him to run away.
20-02-2004, 14:31
Troska tried to dodge the tail but it clipped him on the left leg and tossed him to the right into a pillar. He picked himself up, hefted his remaining sword and attacked. He ran up to it with a slight limp and began trying to attack it's head with a series of quick stabs...

Edit: Sorry about not being descriptive enough.
21-02-2004, 03:10
Troska tried to dodge the tail but it clipped him on the left leg and tossed him to the right into a pillar. He picked himself up, hefted his remaining sword and attacked. He ran up to it with a slight limp and began trying to attack it's head...

ooc:- Could you please make your attack more discriptive, as I can't decide what move to make if I don't know if it's a standard straight up down stroke, or a left rigght get the picture :P My response depends on the stroke.
21-02-2004, 03:17
Changed previous post...
21-02-2004, 06:51
<snip>He ran up to it with a slight limp and began trying to attack it's head with a series of quick stabs...<snip>

007 backpedaled trying to avoid the stabs, several of which almost piecing his eyes. With a quick leap backwards he cleared some distance between them while snarling at the human, then it tucked into a ball and rolled rapidly at the human as it rolled towards the human its sharp spines on its back left little gouges in the floor.
21-02-2004, 07:23
Troska tried to dive out of the way of the rolling monster, but his hand was pierced with the things spines. He dropped his sword, but quickly picked it back up in his other hand. His hand was bleeding profusely and the pain was very great.
21-02-2004, 14:20
007 rolled too fast & couldn't stop.....he bounced of the wall at the end of the hall, as it stood up it shook it's head and looked at the human. It could smell the blood from the human injuries, licking it lips it started to walk towards the human. It was a bit wobberly at the start but it soon regain it's balance as it near the side of the hall, where it started to climb up the wall and onto the roof of the crypt. Upside down it aproched the human all the while it making a barking laughter as it approched in an attempt to further unsettle the human.

ooc:- It's claws are sharp & the crypt is not smooth so it can do it.......just :wink:
The Red Queen
23-02-2004, 18:05
Oh goody! Interesting! Is everything going alright? :lol:
23-02-2004, 23:58
Everything is going fine. (Except for the fact that it took a good 20 minutes to post because of the server. :))

Troska watched as the monster crawled up the wall and began approaching him. It's barking laughter sent chills through his spine. Troska looked around desperately. "There!" he had sighted his other sword laying on the ground from where he had thrown it. He dashed quickly over too it, doing a quick somersault and grabbing it off of the ground. Troska looked at where the monster was on the ceiling, he rushed as fast as he could, dived under it and thrusted his swords at the things feet... (Basically, he is trying to pin him to the ceiling.)
24-02-2004, 04:22
007 try's to dodge but is unable to avoid both swords, one pieces its left leg send pain messages to it brain. With a half scream of pain and half roar of anger 007 beends almost in half, its left hand going for the pining sword & it's right hand swiping at the human face in an atempt to blind him.
28-02-2004, 10:27
Viktor tried to dodge the claws coming at his face but was not fast enough, he managed to get his hand over his right eye in time. His vision from the left eye was gone. He quickly thrusts the sword that missed into the creature as it is trying to dislodge the other one.
28-02-2004, 12:10
ooc:- Thrust into? ok I'll go with it......but it cost ya a sword or 2 I'll let you decide if I get both or just 1.

007 Screamed as the other sword pieced his other leg, in a fit of rage he slamed his hands into the swords breaking one of the swords but missing the other. Falling to the ground it got up with thick greenish red ichor oozing from the wounds, it fell down again but it was a faint as it swung it's tail towards the blind side of the human.
03-03-2004, 04:01
It would be no fun if I had to fight you with my fists.

Viktor tried to dislodge the swords, getting 1 out before the creature snapped one of them with it's hands. Viktor was thrown across the room as the creatures tail hit him in the blind side. Viktor pulled himself up, bleeding profusely from his many wounds and his vision wobbling. "I can't keep this up much longer." He gripped his remaining sword weakly.
03-03-2004, 06:56
007 fell to the floor again snarling in pain after strike the human it got up snarling even more, the spines on it's back stood upright as it started to move cautiously towards the human on all fours.