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Will Buy: Military Hardware of All Kinds, Immediatly

15-02-2004, 20:57
Nuff said. I await your offers.
16-02-2004, 16:29
The nation of Sasqumanja has a multitude of weapons and army supplus available. These range from standard light wieght semi-automatic weapons, to models equipped with grenade launchers and laser sights ideal for special forces. A mark V flak jacket, suitable for front line forces or guards, protects against most bullets blades or stabbing weapons, but is vulnerable to teflon coated armour piercing bullets.

In terms of vehicles, the majority of our models are designed and built locally. Armoured personel carriers, including the WOLF, equipped with twin machine guns and a rocket launcher, can target both land and air forces, while Pod transports are designed to get infantry units from A to B as quickly as possible.

Tanks come in two sizes, the smaller Pitbull tank and the larger Goliath. Due to its size and inch thick armour it is rather slow moving, but comes complete with two twin 800 mm. cannons chainguns and automatic AA missile defence. The Potbull is a scaled down single turret version without the AA defence and with lighter machine guns, but makes up for its reduction in weapons through speed and manoverability.

As a form of artillery the Devastator comes fitted as standard with long range mortar shells but can easily be changed to fire surface to surface and surface to air missiles (SAM). It is a small lightly armoured unit for speed of deployment, and is driven in much the same way as a Land Rover with the artillery unit attached and raised onto its back.

An adaption of a foriegn model, our new Jackal gunships are a modification of Apache helicopters, modified for an urban environment with reinforced armour across the fuel tank, twin chainguns, hellfire missiles and posts for snipers to take airbourne positions.

If you wish any further information about any of these models, wish to make a purchase, or want to enquire about any naval units, don't hesitate to ask; send a telegram to Sasqumanja and it will be passed to me. Ask about our NVG and sound sensing equipment today!

-Sasqumanjan Minister of War
Super American VX Man
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