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Official Name Change in Khallaca III

15-02-2004, 05:28
Official Announcement from the Grand Lady

My People, Today is a Great Day! For as of this day forth let this be known. Five minutes ago after a vote was taken by the Khallaca Republika Senate the official name of Khallaca III shall be changed to better reflect the glorious spirit of God who guides this nation.

No longer shall this be the Armed Republic of Khallaca III founded by my grandfather, Vladimir Wulf, a good friend of Adolf Hitler, but rather it shall be known as the Holy Republic of Khallaca III!

Reject the Sins of the Western Nations!
Reject the Devil in all His Corrupt Forms!
Seek Salvation in the arms of True Catholism!

One Nation!
One People!
One Faith!

Grand Lady Claudia Wulf
The Holy Republic of Khallaca III
The Protectorate of St Vroda
15-02-2004, 05:30
Uh....Yay?....Heh.....Lord God Almighty Rules, no really, he does! Lol, anywho.....
Centralamerican States
15-02-2004, 05:37
The Federation of Centralamerican States hereby and forthwith recognizes The Holy Republic of Khallaca III. A letter stating this, with the intentions of forming diplomatic ties has been sent to Grand Lady Claudia Wulf signed by President Alex R. Garay III.

William Graham
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Federation of Centralamerican States