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NOD Using KSF Miranda-class Destroyer (on loan)

14-02-2004, 05:12
NOD is taking another Step into the tiberium future, we are trying to discover the orgin of Tiberium in space.

we know that it came from the Scrin system 2 Lightyears away, for this task we shall need a ship capable of travaling of beyond Lightspeed.

The NOD Space Forces have Borrowed a KSF (Kaderbaian Space Force) Miranda-class Destroyer for this mission.

Once they have arrived insystem they shall take some scans of the area and confirm if there's Tiberium there or not.

The Mission shall start within 2 Days.

If anyone wishes to participate in this mission just request a audiance with the Inner Circle and we shall see if we can allow your nation to participate in this historic event.

From the NOD Security Force
14-02-2004, 05:55
Mosky a "supporter" of Fordika will donate all of its space technolagy it currently posses.