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Edolia's first ever elections

13-02-2004, 23:53
Edolian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) Special Election Report

"And it seems that the results are finally in, the final ballots are being tabulated and we should have the final numbers within a few minutes. This has been a very close election with both the Communists and the Socialists aggressively involved in the race. They are expected to both take a very significant number of seats in parlaiment and whoever is able to build the strongest coalition government will be the party to come out on top in this contest. Yes... the results are finally in... We've also got the decisions made by the minor party heads as to which coalition they'll be joining. Here they are!!

Edolian Communist Party (C): 23.4% --117 MPs
Edolian Socialist Party (S): 21.6% --108 MPs
Edolian Imperial Party (C): 18.1% --91 MPs
Christian-Capitalist Coalition (S): 12% --60 MPs
Freedom Party (S): 7.8% --39 MPs
The Red Flag Party (C): 7.5% --37 MPs
The Green Party (C): 5.3% --27
Other Independent Socialist Supporters (S): 3.1% --15 MPs
Other Independent Communist Supporters (C): 1.2% --6 MPs

And it seems that Communist Coalition supporters have picked up a majority of the 500 seats; 278 Ministers or 56%, as opposed to the Socialists' 222, or 44%. We'll bring to live to the Communist Party Headquarters where the new Chancellor-Elect, Jeni von Roth is reportedly celebrating with his Majesty, the Imperätor Erik von Blätterschplitt, the father of modern Edolian Communism and a strong supporter of the Communist Party cause. Before we do that, I have Mr. Chang Zeren, a political commentator for the Blätterschplitt Worker to tell us what this election means."

"Thank you, Derold. Well, for the most part, these results were what was expected. The Edolian Communist Party enjoys the support of the Imperätor and is also viewed by many as an example of Edolia's newfound prosperity. Speaking as a man who grew up outside of Edolia, I've got to say that I find it amazing how the people of this nation are always ready for change and that the Communists didn't get even more of the vote. But to stay on topic, this, Edolia's first-ever election has put the Communist ideology and the Throne clearly on top. With a Communist coalition in charge of the government, there is almost no chance that we'll see any laws that the Imperätor doesn't like getting through Parlaiment and it would be inconceivable that they'd get the necessary two/thirds majority to overturn the Imperätor's right of veto. There's also really very little chance that we'll see much of a change in leadership in the near future. Most of the parties are pretty much clearly in one camp or another. We've got the Imperial Party which supports the Imperätor, who supports the Communists, so they're not going anywhere soon. The Red Flag Party is pretty clearly in the Communist camp and the Greens, even if they did change sides, wouldn't make much of a difference. If anything, in fact, we could see increased Communist control. Freedom Party loyalists tend to support whichever major party they view as more likely to push for greater civil freedoms -the Communists for social freedoms and the Socialists for economic ones. As it is, they're right on the fence and really a very small shift in political winds could change which coalition they support."

"Thank you, Chang Zeren. And now, we'll bring you live to the Communist Headquarters..."