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Until my dying day...(Finished, Comments please.)

12-02-2004, 10:54
OOC:The story is done, And Comments and Critisicms are welcome at this time.

Who am I?

That question raged on Edmund Dantes's mind for weeks now. Or Kungshao rather. The cares that he carried, would not let go, and the Dragon-God's presence within Edmund had been faltering as of late.

Edmund was sometimes in control. Sometimes Kungshao.

Mostly me, but mostly you...

The song lyric from one of Edmunds favorite songs by Bush also raged through his head.

He had made his choice. He would be the Incarnate for a Dragon-God of War. But there was too much he left behind. And now Augustus...Oh. God, Auggie, friend, my brother, what has happened,...why couldnt I have been there?

And than there was Alyssa, His true love...his lover....Oh, God...Alyssa, how could I have been so selfish..., I left, too leave you alone...I love you so much...

Kungshao seemed to hold slightly above his mind....he seemed to retreat from the Dominant position he normally held...but undeniably there.

Edmund was here...he looked at the bathroom mirror, and wiped some water on his face. He was back...for the first time in months, Edmund the Man was in control...the blood that pumped through his veins was that of Kungshao's, he was him, and he, him.

"Alyssa....." he whispered.
12-02-2004, 11:17
He left the bathroom, and went too his wardrobe. He put on a pair of grey slacks and a black t-shirt. Edmund looked in the Mirror, and ran his hand through his dark hair. It was messy, but he didnt care.

He grabbed a pair of keys and put on his jacket, he ran out to the Great expanse of Gardens and ran through the Great Grounds of the Office of the Executor.

A pair of Templar Guards ran after him.

"Executor! Lord Kungshao!! Where are you going? Wait for us! You cannot leave these grounds without an escort!"

"Fuck off!" Edmund raged. "I am leaving for a while, and noone is too know of this!"

He ran to the garages, and ran too one of his plain Cars. A subaru Outback, Sedan Edition. He opened the door, as the Black-BDUed Templar Guards looked at him with strange expressions.

He gunned it out of the Garge, almost running the guards over. And for twenty minutes he just drove...drove to where she was. The Local Templar Military Base....

On the way however he stopped off at a jewelery store. It was in one of Sanctus's main Business districts, and he took a few minutes too find parking. But as he walked through the crowded streets in the pre-afternoon hours, noone seemed to recognize him.

He walked into the store, and was greeted by an Elderly Gentleman, dressed in a faded button-up shirt.

"Hello Laddie! How can I help you today?" the man cheerfully greeted him.

"Hello Sir, I--uh--need a ring..." replied Edmund

"OOK. What kind of ring were you looking for? I have gold..silver..--"

"An Engagement Ring." Edmund cut the man off.

"OOH! Well, congratulations! Felt it was time too propose? Come over here, Ill show you my selection, Do you know the lucky ladies Ring size?" the an said as he gestured and walked too another part of the Store.

Edmund realized he did not. He stammered for a few seconds.

"" He snapped his fingers a few times, trying to remember.

Than suddenly Kungshao's voice echoed in his mind.


"SIX!" He shouted, suprising the Shopkeeper.

"Oh! hehe, a little excited are we? No problem...Its perfectly Understandable...this is a big step in your life, young man!"

Edmund smiled, and walked over too the display..and he saw the ring he wanted right away.

"Is that a size six?" He asked.

"Yes, it is as a matter of fact, that the one you want?" The Elderly man asked. "You dont want too see what else I have?"

"No, thats ok, thank you!" Edmund said softly.

The Man took it out and put it in a box. And walked over to the register, pleased to make the sale so soon.

"What's the Damage?" asked Edmund.

"Well, lets see, thats priced at 3,500 DD's but since I like you, Ill knock 500 off it for ya' son." the man said cordially.

Edmund pulled out 5000 DD's (Drakonian Doubloons) and handed it too the man.

"Here is an extra 1500 for you sir, and I was never here..." Edmund looked at the man, who seemed to start to recognize him.

Edmund grabbed the ring and ran out of the store, and ran all the way too his car.
12-02-2004, 11:26
He stuck the key in the ignition and gunned it. He sped out onto the street and sped the rest of the way to where she was. Edmund pulled up to the entry point at the Military Base. The guards pulled up and asked the Usual questions and Others put mirrors under his car.

"I need too see some Identification, sir." Said the Trisagion Imperial Trooper.

Edmund pulled out his wallet and handed his ID to the man, who than looked up at Edmund with a very suprised look.

"S-s-sir? What are you doing here without Escorts?" he asked very nervously, wondering if this was a test or not.

"Im here too propose too the woman that I love, and no,..I dont need some goddamn escorts! Let me in, and get outta my way!" said Edmund restlessly.

The Guard barked at the Gate Controllers to hurry the f-- up, and Edmund sped in. He parked in front of the Administration Building, and ran too the front doors, two Templars immedeatley recognized him and saluted, Edmund waved back, and ran in.

He forwent the elevator, and ran up twelve flights of stairs. ALl the way to her office.

He went to the door.

Commandant Alyssa Drake
Red Templar Division

And knocked.
12-02-2004, 11:37
Her Melodious voice, that was at the same time in Work Mode, Militaristic, said to come in.

He did so, and she was looking at some paperwork, Her shoulder length red-hair covering the rest of her pale, beautiful face.

"What is it?" she asked still concentrating on the Paperwork.

"Um, I dont know, I thought Id see what was going on with the woman I love." replied Edmund sheepishly.

She looked up in a strange, and suprised expression.

The two of them just stared at each other for a few minutes. Than she began too cry, and stood up.

"Get the f--- OUT of here!!" She screamed.

Edmund blinked.

"What?" Was all he could manage.]

"You heard me! Get the fuck out! I never want too see you again! Forgive me my Lord Kungshao, but it causes me too much pain too see the man I loved. I cant DEAL WITH THIS!" she screamed hysterically.

"NOW LEAVE!!" She screamed at the top of her lungs.
12-02-2004, 11:47
Edmund became defensive, why he did not know. And he shot back.

"Im not going anywhere, I am NOT Kungshao.....right now..." he trailed off realizing how he sounded.

"I-I-I mean,... I am...but....LISTEN TOO ME, GODAMMIT!" he screamed back.

"I am Edmund Dantes, right still the Incarnate, but I..I dont know...Kungshao has lifted some of his prescence in here...for you...I am here too...Oh, Fuck it..." And he got on his knees and pulled out the Jewelery Box.

"Alyysa Drake, Until my dying day, you have my love. Will you Marry me?"
He asked with a force in his voice.

She looked increduously at him.....and walked out of the room.
12-02-2004, 12:02
He walke out of the room and walked after her. He grabbed her arm and spun her around.

"What??!" She said sobbing, her tears spreading her mascara dwon her cheeks.

"Why cant you just leave me alone? I know your not the man I fell in love with! Why do you have too torture me like this?! Its bad enough you left me behind! Now this!" she sobbed hysterically.

He just looked at her realizing she was right. And than he just kissed her, it was all he could manage. She returned the kiss, full of longing and evident that she missed him. They rubbed each other for a full five minutes, Various officials walking by the hallway, with raised eyebrows, than realizing who they were, continuing on there business.

When they finally ended, she still crying, said softly, "I love you so much, I need you, could you do this too me?"

Edmund said softly, "I didnt hear you say no."

She laughed slightly,.still crying but not as much.

" I didnt."

"Lyss,...I know what happened, and what I did, but I swear too you, Im still me. I still love you, and always will."\

This made her cry harder. And he softly kissed her on the lips.
12-02-2004, 21:00
"You ASSHOLE!!" She screamed. And pushed him away.

"You think I dont know what will happen next? You marry me, than as soon as Kungshao feels like it, he comes back in and steals you from me again,.....and YOU let him in, in the first place!" She screamed.

"Its bad enough getting left behind Edmund, but dont ask me to love you, when you and I both know that it cant last...."She said with a much more calm tone in her voice.

Edmund looked at her, he didnt know what too say.

" never meant to hurt you, I meant only too help my people, I am Executor of this nation, and my people have too come before my own personal feelings. And if thier deity decides to come back, than that outweighs my love for you." he sighed out.

"Even though my love has proven too powerful for a god too maintain control of me, it would appear." Edmund laughed.

He sat down on one the hallway benches, God, I need a ciggarette.. he thought, it had been weeks since he had smoked, being incarnated and all.

He lit one up, while Alyssa still stood up and stared at him.

"Now you want too discuss this I bet?" she smirked, and sniffed her nose, her tears beggining to recede.
13-02-2004, 13:06
Edmund took a long drag, looking at the floor. He blew the noxious fumes out, and looked slowly up at her. His dark eyes met hers. She was obviously waiting for him too say something.

"Yeah,...I do...I dont see how you can throw away this oppurtunity, for whatever reason Kungshao has allowed me enough control too come back too you. My love was too much for even one such as he too hold back." he said in a low tone.

"YOU KNOW WHY!" she screamed. "I cant be hurt again like this....if you go off on some fools errand to defend this country, or, or, or, Kungshao decides he wants too regain control over you,...I mean, I am a TEMPLAR, I have dedicated my life too his--your..whatever,...Kungshaos teachings, I am a Kungshaoist, and now the man I love turns out to be his incarnate....Do you know how this has torn me up? Do you think any other Woman or Man, even I know, has ever had too deal with something like this?" she sobbed out, her tears returning.

"I think, despite your fear to be hurt again, you are wasting the time we do have, Alyssa. What if it takes three years, or three minutes. Thats time we spend together. And I for one would rather live for one second in your arms, than for however many years that Kungshao can keep this body intact." Edmund said strongly.

"I know. And so would I, but I CANT do this, Eddie." She sobbed.

She looked at him with her light Hazel eyes. The saddest eyes Edmund had ever seen.

"I just can't." she whispered.

Than she walked away, leaving Edmund too finish his ciggarette on the bench alone.
16-02-2004, 08:30
And with that he drove back to the Office of the Executor.

Almost Ironically, it began to rain, the sleets of water being tossed aside by his windshield wipers took the place of his tears, that refused too come.

He was numb. He felt the loss deeply, but for whatever reason he refused too feel it. He began too speed up, and he pumped the music on the radio louder. "Glycerine" by Bush was playing, and he sang along too it almost mournfully.

Must be your skin that I'm sinking in
Must be for real cos now I can feel

He sang louder, and drove faster.

I'm never alone
I'm alone all the time
Are you at one
Or do you lie
We live in a wheel
Where everyone steals
But when we rise it's like strawberry fields

He was driving very fast, on the rain-soaked highway. And his attention was compromised with Alyssa.

I treated you bad
You bruise my face
Couldn't love you more
You got a beautiful taste
Don't let the days go by-y-y-y-y-y!!

Then Edmunds hard life flashed through his mind. His parents death at Thirteen, The enormous responsibility of running a nation, and the sacrifice of his one and only love left in this world, for the sake of Kungshao, whom was still inside him, just not in control.

I needed you more
When we wanted us less
I could not kiss just regress
It might just be
Clear simple and plain
That's just fine
That's just one of my names
Don't let the days go by
Could've been easier on you

And as the curve that went by a cliff came up exceedingly quickly, Edmund barely had time to realize what it was. He would remember almost making the descision not too turn as the car sped through the railguard, and over the edge.
16-02-2004, 09:34
TNN News Exclusive

A beautiful blonde woman, looks at a camera and begins too read the prompter.

"Good Evening, This is Silvia Holsten, with a TNN News Exclusive. Late this afternoon in the Capitol City of Sanctus, Executor Edmund Dantes was reported as driving off the side of a cliff on I-14, 3 miles south of New Haven road. It was some thirty minutes between the time of the accident and the time that the Emergency Officials rushed to the scene."

"He miraculously survived the accident, and is reported in Stable Condition at Saint Christophers Hospital. Further reports indicate.."

Alyssa clicked the TV set off, her hand was over her mouth and her eyes red from was.....unreal.

She felt as if she were in a dream...just hours ago she pushed Edmund away too prevent either of them being hurt, and now this.

She an out of her House and gunned the car full speed to the Hospital.
18-02-2004, 14:15
Alyssa Drake, a hardened warrior, Commandant of the Red Templar Divison, and True love of Edmund Dantes, was reduced too tears and fear for her love.

She arrived in the parking lot of the Saint Christopher Hospital, and ran out of her car, rather than in normal armor attire, she was in casual clothes, a Pair of jeans, T-shirt, and sneakers.

She ran into the Hospital, there were Templar Guards in their Black BDU's and Swords and Automatic H&K G36's ready for anything.

"Commandant Drake!" one of them cried.

"If you are here for Dantes, than he is in room 346, the Doctors would not allow visitors, but he made an exception in your case by Executorial Command."

"So...the asshole was expecting me!" She laughed.

The other Templars smiled at her remark, and she wiped the tears from her cheeks and styled her hair.

She got on the elevator, and pressed 3, Two Templar also in the Elevator, their radio's giving and recieving Informaion, they told the guards around the room that she was here.

Well, that ruins the suprise, She thought wryly.

The elevator dinged on the third floor, and she steppe off, her sneakers echoing her footsteps down the white, sterile, corridor.

She approached his room, with Templar Guards standing outside, one of them commenting. "The bastard just took off earlier this afternoon, said too fuck off...Eh serves him right....Commandant Drake! Welcome!" he said opening the door for her.

SHe walked in and saw Edmund sitting upright in bed. His expression was that of confusion and peplexment.

"I...heard about your...accident." she said uncomfortably.

"Yeah, It was pretty bad, I went off a cliff, and there was an explosion,....the Doctors dont know why Im unscarred....They dont know about...him." said Edmund.

"Yeah, hes handy to have I guess..." She said, Trailing off.

"Damn it Alyssa, I dont want too get ino the trap of small talk,....If I wasnt who I was, than I would be a crispy critter right now...And we both would be parted until the next revolution of life. I know why your here, you know why your here...But can you admit it too yourself?" Edmund said irritably.

She stared at him for a moment, her mouth slightly open ready too say something, and her eyes glimmered ready too cry, she went with the latter, he tears simply spilling forward.

"I..I can say it. I love you Edmund, more than anyone in my life, and I will marry you, if you can go now, I will do it! I dont want us too be parted ever again! I love you, and I love my Deity, Kungshao. I can live with both of you...." she sobbed out.

He opened his palm, and in it was the engagement ring. "I was found unconcious, and the EMT's said I had this clutched in my hand, I dont really remember what happened. But I believe in signs."

He got up from the bed, and groaned as his body was still healing, he wasnt completely healed, but considdring what he had been through, he was healing much quicker than the average human.

"Alyssa Drake, will you give your hand in marriage? And love me as I love you, until my dying day?"

She smiled, pure unadulterated joy being expressed through her lips. The tears flowing now, were ones of happiness.

She put out her left hand As Edmund gently grabbed it, waiting for her response.

"Yes." She said plainly, there was no need for any other words.

He slipped on her finger, the ring. And thusly they were engaged.

He stood up, and they kissed more passionatley than they had ever.
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18-02-2004, 14:22
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Awww, a happy ending! :) I'm glad they found their peace.

Well written story, I like the rain and the fast driving thing, very atmospheric.
18-02-2004, 17:45
aawww thank you Chimaea!
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