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Hell Bovines wake up from hibernation! (I'm back! yay!)

Hell Bovines
12-02-2004, 08:01
IC: The duque Mooo IV yawned and slowly opened his eyes. The sun was illuminating the entire chamber, covering with its golden light the body of the humanoid cow and of his lovely hamsterian wife, duchess Fussyball.

The sun, it had finally appeared on the sky. After two long weeks of cold and rain, the grand duchy had a warm temperature again.
The weird metereological effect had forced the sentient bovinoids into hibernation but now it was gone and the nation was slowly getting back on its tracks again.

The duque made a public message: "To all nations of the world. The chilling phenomena has dissapeared and the nation of Hell Bovines is now back on its tracks. Thanks for helping us in this period of need."

In the streets, the country was slowly working again.
People (or should I say cows), opened their windows and greeted the sun with a pleasant smile. It was a nice day indeed in Hell Bovines.

OOC: Ok. I'm back from my holydays! Had a good time and now I'm ready to RP again!
There's no need to reply or bump this thread. It was just to announce that I'm back and to give a RP-ish ending to my 'i'm leaving' thread.
BTW, Thanks to all who replied in the previous thread. (yes, I checked who did it)
I'm looking forward to some RP's again! :D