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Crimmond Imperial Totality Factbook(MK-II)

11-02-2004, 02:05
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The Imperial Totality

Background: The Polish government for some reason decided to strike down at a group of Imperialists that had gained power in Eastern Poland. The Polish army had arrested and killed many, expecting some violence... the responce they recieved brought all out civil war. The East/West wars lasted more than a century. Then came modern technology. In the late 1980s, the East, the Crims, had succeded in aquiring American and Soviet armored divisions and supplies. This turned the stalemated war at first and finally turned it in thier favor.

In the course of six months Gdansk, Warsaw, Poznan and Lodz fell. The Polish were in all out retreat and were forced into the Czech Republic and then into Germany and Austria. The Crims had won their freedom and Emporer Vladimir Saratov I was crowned ruler of Crimmond.

Soon, other provinces were conqured and it became apparent that the most effecient way to work around the problem of management was the way of the Romans. The Emperor or Empress would rule Crimmond itself and oversee the governers of the provinces.


The Imperial Capital Province of Crimmond
The Seaside Empire of Quarell(UN Province)
The Imperial Martian Province of Mizar 3(Martian Province, duh...)

Ruling Power:

Lord Reil Tian(Emperor, Lord of Crimmond Province)
Ambassador Krall'c((Head of Foriegn Relations)
Larea dinAthos(Assitant Head of Foriegn Affairs, Head of Interspecies Relations)
Fleet Admiral Telsia Munro(Head Military Advisor, Commander of First Fleet)
Doctor Pavel Saratov(Head of Science Council)
Agent 283(Head of Intelligence, Second in command of Black Staff)
Zonker Harris(New Age Guru)

Province Information:


The Capital Province. The heart of the Empire. Founded from a 40 year civil war that started after the Germans were beaten out of Poland in the 1940's, deals with the Soviets and the blood of tens of millions, it now boasts a populaton of over two billion and one of the best economies in the world.


The only UN province of the Totality. The free thinkers of the Empire. A nation older than the Capital, yet much smaller and more laid back, they were offered a choice of annexation or peaceful admitance into the Empire. They chose the peaceful method, as they were in a state of Anarchy and have only recently formed a stable government.

Mizar 3:

'The Empire: Domed' was what is was touted as to the public. Now it is a thriving civilization, more a full provice than a colony, but not yet ready for full self suffecincy. It has been rough, as the capital was destroyed by two asteroid impacts in close proximity to the dome, two of many impacts across Mars's southern hemisphere. The colony has recovered and is currently in the process of building it's own military.

Politcal Affiliations(By Alliance)

Global Domonation Of Dictators Against Democracy(MK-I)
War-Mongering Noob Killers Association
Crimmond Coalition Inter-Regional Alliance(Founder)
International Banking Alliance(or some such name)
Coalition of Universal Rights
Galactic Alliance

Allied Powers Trade Organization

Politcal Terms(Present)
(Does not include nations of above mentioned present alliances)

The Brotherhood of Nod(Former ally, good terms)
The Silver Turtle(same)
Steel Butterfly(former ally, uncertian terms)
Menelmacar(political ally, good terms)
Rave Shentavo(ally, good terms)
Baggera(former ally, cold war terms)
Santa Barbara(former ally, bad terms)
Automagfreek(political ally, uncertian terms)

GDODAD(former allies, uncertian terms)
Arda Alliance(political enemy, bad terms)
Pratt Co. Conglomorate(former allies, bad terms)
Coalition of Evil(political enemies, uncertian terms)

Leadership, A Closer Look:

Lord Reil Tian
Title: Emperor, Lord of Crimmond Province
Picture: Here (
Species: Half-Elf
Quote: "Holding me hostage with an empty pistol is an act of unmitigated gall... I like gall."
Profile: Cold and calculating when it comes to his work, he is quite the opposite in his free time. He proved he could be as ruthless as any madman though, ordering ortillery strikes on rebels against the Empire.

Ambassador Krall'c
Title: Head of Foriegn Relations
Picture: Here (
Species: Brute
Quote: (In response to an annoying ambassador) "You shall silence you inane gibbering or I shall rip out your vocal chords and feed them to you."
Profile: Hightly intelligent and strong willed, he hates to lose and grows annoyed often at the mammels around him. Getting assigned as his aide is just short of a banishment to hell. A prime specimen of the most intimidating species of the Empire, he usually gets his way at the negotiation table.

Larea dinAthos
Title:Assitant Head of Foriegn Affairs, Head of Interspecies Relations
Picture: Here ( and Here. (
Species: Human, Alpha Classification(OOC: I'll explain in another addition)
Quote: "Wars are not started by the military. They are started by bad diplomacy."
Profile: A pacifist to the core, she abhores violence and is shocked by Lord Tian's actions during the last war. That has not stopped their known, but still not officially confirmed, relationship. She is soft spoken and articulate, forcing people to pay attention and listen to what she says. They would pay attention anyway, given that she is naturally bald.

Fleet Admiral Telsia Munro
Title: Head Military Advisor, Commander of First Fleet
Picture: Here (
Species: Human, Delta Classification
Quote: "Sometimes the best diplomacy is an armed missile rack."
Profile: Take the standard military goal for an officer. To be strong willed. To take charge. To be trusted. To be loyal. To have the experience needed to get the job done. To be able to complete the mission, despite losses. Now put that into the form of a 28 year old girl from a small town no one's ever heard of. That sums her up pretty well.

Doctor Pavel Saratov
Title: Head of Science Council
Picture: Here (
Species: Human, Beta Classification
Quote: "In science, we seek to find answers, but only find new questions."
Profile: Insatiable curiousity. A scientist ready to do anything to try and quench his thirst for knowledge. A descendant of the first ruler of the Empire, he yearns to return his family to the throne.

Agent 283
Title: Head of Intelligence, Second in command of Black Staff(OOC: Another addition)
Picture:Here (
Species: Presumed Human
Quote: "No comment."
Profile: Need to know basis. And you don't need to know.

Zonker Harris
Title: New Age Guru
Picture: Here (
Species: Human, Delta Classification
Quote: "What you guys need is to relax and get a good supply of weed..."
Profile: One of the remaining hippies that never grew out of it. Still protesting the government's wars, despite working in the upper echelon. He and the people realise he's only there for PR value anyway. That and to annoy Ambassador Krall'c.

Organizations of the Imperial Totality

Red Shield Interntaional Aid: Run primarily by Kitsylvanian Refugees, the Red Shield is among the most helpful international charities, despite a lawsuit from a similiarly named organization.

Black Staff: Even its name comes from recently declassified roots. The Black Staff is named after one of the most secret branches of the GDODAD, the Intelligence Section. The Black Staff were to be governments used as spys in enemy alliances, feeding plans directly to the COMA. Unfortunatly, the GDODAD fell shortly thereafter and the plan was never put into effect in any large way. The Black Staff is now the most elite organization in the Empire, made up of spys and counterspy networks along with the Imperial Assasian Guild.

The Gaurdian's Errant The Gaurdians Errant. Part Three Musketeers, part Conquistador and all mercenary. The Gaurdians are a mix of former Imperial Assasians and the still loyal members of the defunct Hunter Corps, an experiment with Government trained and paid bounty hunters. The experiment was deemed a waste of expenses. Some are defenders of the realm, some are adventurers and some are just out for glory. They represent the best of the Empire: leaders, abilities and cunning beyond that of normal humans and personal strength. They do, however hold themselves at arms length from the politics of the Totality, which is usualy seen as a good thing.

Species Information

Elven: Slight of build, taller than average human, inclined to psionics and other mind training often associated with magic. Pseudo immortals, growing old at a miniscule rate once reaching adulthood, but able to die as all other creatures do.

Half-Elf: Stronger build, moderately taller than average humans, less inclined to mind training, but wiith an apptitude.

Alpha Class: Normal human, slightly longer life thanks to advances in medicine.
Beta Class: Geneticly engineered human, often called Genejacks.
Gamma Class: Cyberneticly altered human. Added memory storage, specialized skeletal grafting for user's feild of work.
Delta Class: Classic cyborg description. 35-45% synthetic. Uplink to Central Information Matrix, mostly in scientific or military tactic fields.

Brute: Large reptilian creature of advanced intelligence, yet mostly governed by primal instincts. Mostly in military service, although some prefer governmental and ambassadorial work.

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