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Test of the MK-600 supercavitating torpedo

10-02-2004, 08:37
The shallow water off the East coast of Taiwan was pristine and undisturbed. It was dark and swirling, typical of the treacherous tidal currents caused by the nearby rocks. There were no people there - it was one of the last remaining vestiges of Taiwan that were uninhabited. The darkness of night was now beginning to lift, and the sound of birds began to ring through the air.

A rusty hulk, anchored to the bottom like a dog on a leash drifted aimlessly a few kilometres off the shore. Still, this was not any rusty hulk. It was once a proud battleship, heavily armoured and with small bits of paint still on it. It last saw action against the PLAN almost 50 years ago.

Moving down a dirty dust stripe was a blue army jeep. It stood out against the green lanscape prominently. Behind the first jeep was a long, caterpillar-like convoy of trucks with various logos splayed onto their sides like tatoos - CNN, Xinhua, BBC.

The first jeep stopped, releasing a tall, well-presented man. It was General Zhang himself. The test must work now. To fail now would be to risk the wrath of the man himself.


A Virginia class submarine from 20km away launches the MK-600. A few seconds after the launch, the rocket motors fire up, propelling the MK-600 through the water at some 200 knots an hour.
North Yaman
10-02-2004, 19:37
10-02-2004, 19:42

1) Nice, at last, another realistic user of Super-cav
2) 200 knots, not 200 knots per hour, which would be the acceleration.
11-02-2004, 04:30
OOC: Corrected, knots is a measure of speed (not distance as I previously assumed)

Back on the shore, General Zhang was handed a pair of binoculars from a subordinate under his command. The cameramen from the various TV stations were beginning to be restless.

Suddenly he saw it on his computer-watch. It was a threatening red dot, moving at a fantastic speed. He yelled out to his now overexcited subordinates who were literally jumping up and down with glee.

"Link this to the main screen boys, we want the world to know of this." Zhang chuckled.

As the torpedo approached the shallow water where the battleship was anchored, many of the news reporters began to gasp and point. The torpedo was now well visible as a bright light moving underneath the water at great speed. The news programmes would have a lot to talk about tonight.

Colliding with the battleship in an enormous crunch, the bright light was no more.

A tense wait of a few seconds seemed like hours to the engineers watching. Had the torpedo penetrated? Had the warhead fail to detonate?

The engineers were relieved and elated when the rusty hulk suddenly exploded, sending a black cloud into the sky. The test was a success.
11-02-2004, 05:00
Congratualations to Taiwanese Government.

As Xiaguo has not a very powerful weapons technology sector, we have out dated missiles like those. May we ask for an atendence of a test performance?
11-02-2004, 08:24
A detailed engineers report has been delivered to the Weapons Procurement office in Xiaguo.