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Champions League 4 RP Thread-First Qualifying Round

The Belmore Family
08-02-2004, 14:06
Opium City Rovers v Khandrais United
BVB 90 Spielplatz v FC Leve
Tombsdalen IL v Real Libertad
Macintosh Armadillos v Etiennebourg United
Vimesbairn United v Roberge FC
Slip City v Pabio Sergio Ghofers
Super J's v Parkville FC
SF Queldas v IFK NewHavanna
Rasmalla Raptors v Boromir Blades
Karela lines v NASTIC City
Headquarter Undertakers v Bad Moon London
Cronberg United v Byrana FC
Dirty Falcons FC v Alex The Tall XI
Lokomotive Karl MarxStadt v Goolsund BK
08-02-2004, 14:09
As previously viewed in The Brazillico Advance

Real Libertad Set To Face Tombsdalen IL

Real Libertad is said to be very confident heading into their series against Tombsdalen IL. Libertad has gotten off to a stunning 6-1-1 start in the Serie A, making them the best in the league. Newly transfered Rejistinian international Sil HILAT has wasted no time getting comfortable in his new home, and has added instant stability and depth to the midfield.

"We're pretty confident heading in," assured Real Libertad manager Mike Juarez, "We don't really know much about our opponents, we've never faced them or never even heard of them for that matter. Actually, we're scared we're not going to be able to find the place."

Juarez's worries are warrented, as the team's attempt to find Nomdia Fotball on a map, or any information pertaining to the nation have come up empty handed. This is a serious concern for Libertad, for if they cannot find the stadium in time for the match, it shall count as a 2-0 loss.

Real Libertad is so concerned that team officials and players alike have been seen roaming around the nation's capital, putting up flyers asking if anyone knows where this nation lies? Real has also arranged for an ad to appear on the left side of all Gulia Farms Dairy products, which will read in big, bold letters:




"We're making a plea to the Brazillican public," said Mike Juarez, "If anyone has any information pertaining to the location or whereabouts of Nomdia and has friends or family there, we need your help. We can't find Nomdia Fotball without your help, so if anybody has seen this nation, please, call 555-3834."

<edit:>The Brazillican Advance would like to apologize for any mispelled names, misquoted quotes or anything else we might have f*cked up in this article. We have a long and rich history of f*cking up things such as misreporting football scores, posting incorrect obituaries and inventing fraudulent stories to attract people to reading our paper. We again apologize for any offensive material or inconveniences we may have caused or subjected to our readers.
08-02-2004, 14:39
Bedistan Gearing Up for Champions League

With three BFA First Division teams representing Bedistan this year -- Yuba United, the Sonoma City Volcanoes, and the San Diego Iguanas -- excitement is high all over the nation.

However, they'll have to wait a while for action, as when preparations for this year's CL started, Bedistan still had a respectable national team ranked in the top ten in the world. This means that San Diego will begin playing in the second qualifying round, and Yuba Utd and Sonoma City are already through to the group stage.
08-02-2004, 15:16
OOC: from the sign-up thread. I thought copying the story is better than taging.
From the Karela City news:

Venue trouble for the Yellows
Karela lines intended to play the match against NASTIC City in the Sen-La-Sa~o promotion Stadium like they did last time, but suddently, the president of Sen-La-Sa~o Redy has quit the agreement with the Yellows because of schedule problems. Now the problem is, where Karela lines will play against NASTIC 2 side NASTIC city. The Yellow karela stadium, the karelian home-ground, is very likely to be used. That will be a problem for the fans, since this stadium has only place for 1,000 fans (the Yellows were a city league team for most of the time of their existence). Neutral analysts suspect another reason: After the promotion of SLS, the Yellows and SLS are rivals and perhaps the SLSian officials just wanted to annoy the karelian team.
08-02-2004, 18:53

BVB 90 Spielplatz v FC Leve

Wow it will be a very very interesting match for a lovisian football.
I hope FC Leve will present hight and good european football. :wink:

Go Go Leve
09-02-2004, 17:07



If there are some people that can't spell, then it is not our fault. We will show you some great dune football. We are always moving therefore you won't find us anyway.
09-02-2004, 17:18
Mattigool Sports

Goolsund meets Karl-Marx-Stadt

(Goolsund) In their first CL qualification match Goolsund BK will meet regional rival Lokomotive Karl-Marx-Stadt from Karl Marxxx. During MRC the national teams fought some hard battles, but finally Mattigool was the winner. Karl-Marx-Stadt will therefore be hot to beat Goolsund, but as Goolsund BK captain Gamsten said: "We'll show the Marxists that capitalism is superior."
Stalag 5
09-02-2004, 17:28
The only truth

Undertakers already dig London's grave

Headquarter Bad Moon London is the Undertakers first opponent in CL4. Nobody doubts that this moon will never rise at the Graveyard, where the Undertakers surely want to dig another grave. For 17 matches in a row the team is unbeaten at home, so howl, London, howl. It will be the last time you can. About 40.000 supporters will come to the Graveyard tonight to watch Bad Moon London's burial.
09-02-2004, 17:49
If there are some people that can't spell, then it is not our fault. We will show you some great dune football. We are always moving therefore you won't find us anyway.

After receiving a courtesy call by Nomadia Fotball, it has been confirmed that indeed, they are still alive.

"We recieved information from the authoirites that it was spelled Nomdia(OOC-Page 5 or 6 on sign up sheet)," said Real manager Mike Juarez, "We are glad to hear that they are still alive, but disappointed that they are still on the run and if anyone knows anything about their direct whereabouts, we'd ask you to call 555-3834"

When asked why Tombsdalen IL would do such a thing, Juarez took a rather confident stance on the issue. "They're clearly trying to avoid the irresistable force that is Real Libertad. They can run, but they can't hide, and when we find them, we're gonna crush 'em!"
Kaze Progressa
09-02-2004, 21:43
Matchday 1 results are to be telegrammed in the next hour.
10-02-2004, 02:33
Real Libertad finally caught up with Tombsdalen in some obscure region in Nomadia Fotball. The squad had made the trip by helicopter and through surveying the flat, sandy landscape, they were able to locate the Tombsdalen team only because of the bright uniforms of the Champions League officials accompanying them. Once the helicopters touched down, both teams walked side by side through the sweltering heat and loose sand for about an hour until they reached the coastline.

“This is where we shall play,” said the Tombsdalen captain, motioning with his arms the large expanse of sandy emptiness that surrounded them.

“That’s cute,” replied Junior Socrates, “There’s no stadium, or grass, or nets for that matter. How do you expect us to play here?”

“We shall build the nets,” replied the Tombsdalen captain, “As for the lack of grass, it’s home field advantage and we play dune football around these parts.”

The Tombsdalen team went about scavenging for driftwood to make the nets, as the Real Libertad players dug their heels deep in the sand to make the boundries.

“This is ridiculous,” whispered Batista to Sil Hilat as they tied spare shirts to sticks to make the flags for the corners, “Monte Melini FC even has a better field than this and they have the 114,526th best weather in the World.”

The Nomadia Fotballians proved to be quite skillful at making the nets, attaching three pieces of driftwood together and anchoring it deep into the beach in no time. They then proceeded to drape fishing nets over the woodwork, fashioning the finest and quickest makeshift net the Brazillican side had ever seen.

The match got underway soon after and it was obvious that Tombsdalen was more comfortable on the sand. Real Libertad seemed to sink and slide a tad bit on the sand, while the Nomadia Fotball side seemed to just float above it. All the roaming around had left Tombsdalen extremely fit and Real Libertad’s defense, which is the best in the Serie A, seemed to have a hard time preventing the Nomads from getting to their long, aerial balls upfield. Junior Socrates, arguably the best attacking midfielder in the Serie A struggled most of all, as his usually pinpoint accurate passes often took unexpected bounces, allowing Tombsdalen to reclaim possession.

Another player who struggled was Brazillican National goalkeeper, Salazar. After letting in an early goal by a Tombsdalen player streaking in all alone, Salazar had a chance to redeem himself as another Tombsdalen player was set free on a breakaway. The striker let go of a weak shot and Salazar dove to his left, but got nowhere as he sank in the sand as he pushed off, conceding what is usually referred to as a bad goal. This was the story for the entire first half.

During halftime, one could notice that a rather large crowd had begun to form on the beach, at least three hundred passer-bys had stopped to take in the action. They lined the sandy pitch, lay down their baggage, got off their burros and sat by to take in the game, a welcome change from all the wandering they had done.

After some early match jitters, Real Libertad seemed to get used to the loose, granular playing surface in the second half. After realizing Junior Socrates would not be the effective playmaker that he is on grass, Real employed Tombsdalen’s strategy and started playing long aerial through balls to the attackers. That is where the technical superiority of the Brazillican side shined through, as Jiminez and Roberto were no match for the Tombsdalen defenders, who made their opponents look bad all half with marvelous moves, scintillating shimmies and spectacular shots.

Despite the late charge put on by Real Libertad, they were only able to walk away with a 2-2 draw. That result has to be somewhat satisfying to the Brazillican side, as they were able to pull even with adverse playing conditions, collecting the all important two away goals. Not to mention their beautiful, emerald green, grassy pitch to look forward to and the 72,000 screaming Libertadians waiting for them at National Stadium.
10-02-2004, 13:41
place reserved for future RP

(or possibly a well disguised tag... who knows? 8) )
10-02-2004, 15:38
From the Karela City News:

Yellows draw against NASTIC City
The history of matches between Rejistania and NASTIC 2 is a history of draws. Now it continues in the champions league. The yellow karelian team archieved a 2-2 draw in the first match, which took place at the Karela lines stadium in Karela, KaMaRi kali. At least it was not the worst stadium in which champions league matches are played. As we have heard, Real libertad had to play in the bare sand.

Since the World Cup qualifications have ended, Xeseja Su and Hana Yla* could play as starters for the yellows. The match started as a typical 'System Karela'. The NASTICs could not get past the yellow defense for most of the time, but also the Yellows didn't have many chances. Xeseja Su once again proved to be the most valuable player, after his distance-shot in the 24th minute brought the lead. The fans cheered. Only three minutes after this, Taladi Liik fouled a NASTICian defender, the referee booked Liik'he, the following free kick was executed by <player> - and sucessfull. the score was equalized, everything possible. In the 42nd minute, NASTIC took the lead as forward <player> used a misunderstanding between Hana Yla and Milxi I Jen to get past the defense, shot and didn't gave goalie su Haxda the chance to hold the ball. Halftime-result was 1-2.

In the second half, NASTIC had the disadvantage to play to the direction of the sunset. Perhaps good NASTIC chances were so seldom because the players were blinded or perhaps the 'karelian wall' simply was solid enough to prevent them. The Karelians also had virtually no, but they have experience to take them. a counter, unexpected for the opponent, the coach and a part of the Yellow team itself equalized the score again in the 69th minute. Despite a few good NASTICian chances, the score remained 2-2 untill the end of the match.
10-02-2004, 17:44
Mattigool Sports

Marxists attacked Goolsund's Klokseth with gaseous substance

(Goolsund) "Did you ever play on a concrete ground? No? Then go to Karl Marx Stadt." Gamsten was pretty upset after Goolsund BK's defeat at Lokomotive Karl-Marx-Stadt. And to be honest, it was not his fault. This time goalkeeper Klokset seemed to be on drugs, two Marxist attacks led to a 2:0 final soring. Some people say that there has been a cloud over Klokseth all the time. Did Karl-Marx-Stadt use illegal drugs to win? We think they did and we offially accuse them. We want them to get kicked out off the League.
10-02-2004, 17:51
@ Brazilico
Good story :lol:
NEWI Cefn Druids
10-02-2004, 17:56

Trevor Groater in Meribel for Super J’s 0 Parkville 0

There was good news for Parkville last night, as they not only successfully managed to reach their destination in Meribel, but also managed to force a goalless draw. Parkville boss Dave Mallet was reasonably happy with the result. He told us, “Obviously, we would have liked to have won here tonight, but the long journey made it difficult to prepare. We were solid tonight, and perhaps should have had a penalty, but hopefully we’ll be better when we have home advantage.”

Indeed it did look like the Parkies should have had a penalty when, half way through the second half, a Super J’s defender jumped on top of striker Simon Greaves, sending him crashing to the ground. However, the officials missed it, and play continued. The only other notable chance of the match came at the other end, when the J’s number 8 hit a long range effort just inches wide of Parkies keeper Baldicini’s left-hand post. Hopefully, now, Parkville can go on to win the tie and a place in the second qualifying round.
Stalag 5
10-02-2004, 18:16
The only truth

London is almost buried

Headquarter The Undertakers won their first CL match in history. And we are very confident that it was not their last victory. Bad Moon London should been called Bad Football or Lucky Moon London. The undertakers were 2:0 in the lead until the 89th minute.
Latscher Pohl was succesful in 35th minute when Flankengott Kramer started a run on the right flank. His precise passing found Pohl at the spot whose fierce shot was no present for the London keeper.
Bad Moon London's counterattacks were rarely (was there one in the first half?), but the defense was good positioned.
But in 60th minute Manni Haudrauf's shot from 30 meters was successful. 40.000 were celebrating and Pohl almost made his 2nd goal, but the London keeper showed a fantastic reaction. The there was the 89th minute, when London started one of their few counterattacks. Blutgrätsche Meier tackled the London attacker (he should have been an actor), who stumbled. Then there was a whistle and a penalty. 40.000 were outragous.

Final Scoring
Pohl (35th), Haudrauf (60th)
<player 9> (89th, pen)
11-02-2004, 00:02
The Dune

Tombsdalen on the way
In an exciting match Nomadian champion Tombsdalen reached a draw against the favourites from Brazilico. The Nomads showed the so-called artists how to play dune-football and almost defeated Real Libertad. Unluckily the camel of Tombsdalen goalkeeper run away during the second half and his substitute played this part for the first time in his life. So lucky Libertad reached a draw during the last minutes of the match.
Kaze Progressa
11-02-2004, 22:56
Sorry for not being able to TG this lot out... too damn many of them... 8-)

Anyway, here's the results you've been waiting for:

Khandrais United 2 Opium City Rovers 2 [agg 6-3]
FC Leve 3 BVB 90 Spielplatz 1 [agg 5-3]
Etiennebourg United 3 Macintosh Armadillos 1 [agg 6-4]
Roberge FC 1 Vimesbairn United 0 [agg 1-2]
Pabio Sergio Ghofers 2 Slip City 1 [agg 4-2]
Parkville FC 0 Super J's 1 [agg 0-1]
Nastic City 1 Karela lines 1 [agg 3-3; Nastic City win on away goals]
IFK NewHavanna 1 SF Queldas 3 [agg 2-6]
Boromir Blades 0 Rasmalla Raptors 1 [agg 4-3]
Byrana FC 2 Cronberg United 0 [agg 2-1]
Bad Moon London 4 Headquarter Undertakers 1 [agg 5-3]
Goolsund BK 4 Lokomotive Karl MarxStadt 0 [agg 4-2]
Real Libertad 1 Tombsdalen IL 1 [agg 3-3; Real Libertad win on away goals]

Draw for the second qualifying round will take place on Friday.
12-02-2004, 14:51
FC Leve win, and go to the next round. Great. :wink:
NEWI Cefn Druids
12-02-2004, 16:28

Trevor Groater at Parkies Park for Parkville 0 Super J's 1

Parkville manager Dave Mallet last night condemned the referee in his team's defeat at the hands of the little known outfit Super J's last night. The only goal of the game came from a penalty conceded when a Super J's player fell to the ground with no-one for five yards around and at least three yards outside the penalty area. The penalty then hit the post, rebounding to the taker without making contact with another player, who dispatched it past a floored Wayne Thomas in the Parkies goal. According to the laws of the game, the goal should not have stood, but the referee seemingly didn't make a decision go the Parkies way all night.

The first controvertial incident was in just the third minute, when Parkies goalkeeper Baldicini was sent off for allegedly handling outside of his area. This was despite the fact that everyone in the stadium could see that he kicked the ball with his arms by his sides. Substitute goalkeeper Ray Keys then came on for defender Trvor Farthing, and, despite the disadvantage, the Parkies looked the more likely to score.

How they didn't is probably down to the referee. A Simon Greaves cross was met with an acrobatic header from an unmarked Thomas that flew into the top corner, but the goal was disallowed for an alleged pushing, despite the fact that there was no contact between any players in the area. A Parkies counter attack led to Greaves running from his own half with the ball, through on the J's goal, but it was somehow given as offside.

It continued after half time. Greaves was punched by a Super J's defended when he went up for a header in the box, but the referee strangely gave the away side a free kick and booked the Parkies striker.

The next controversy came when the penalty was awarded from which Super J's scored. At the time there was nobody within five yards of the player who was "fouled", and when sub keeper Farthing was sent off for it, there was an even greater commotion, as he was on his goalline at the time. After this, striker Thomas had to go in goal, and could do nothing to stop the illegal goal that would seperate the two sides at the end.

You could understand the fury felt by Mallet. "How can that cheat get away with it?" he asked afterwards. If I see a worse referee in my lifetime, then I'll be an unlucky man. I would say he should be refereeing Sunday league, not Champions league, but then I think that would be harsh on the poor souls who play in Sunday leagues. I don't know who he was, but he should never be allowed to referee again.

Just for the record, the referee was a Mr Gurg of Abysmalistan. He was unavailable for comment after the game.
12-02-2004, 17:38
From the Karela City News:

Perhaps you should start winning
The Karela lines drew yet another Champions league match against NASTIC City. The 1-1 was too less to bring the karelian Yellows to the second round. NASTIC City reached the second round on away goals where they hopefully get jisued by the remaining rejistanian team Hanin Sekhika.

Hana Yla could not play in this match because the supermarket where he works took inventory. Midfielder and high school teacher Xensu Idas couldn't play too, because his school didn't schedule excursions to fit his away-game schedule. Milxi I Jen is still injured and could also not play.

The match was a typical karelian match: A very defensive karelian team tried to keep the score down to nil all and an opponent team which attacks furiously. We have seen this in the heven mjehet often enough. Ra'he scored the first goal in this match in one of the rare karelian attacks five minutes before the first half ended. NASTIC City struggled against the 'System Karela' and for most of the time the match took place in the karelian half but with only a small number of chances for NASTIC City.

The second half was much like the first. but somehow, the NASTICians managed to equalize the score in the 69th minute. Goalie su Haxda commented after the game: "Such a shot, I didn't think they happen very often from this distance." The karelians tried to attack a few times during the remaining time, but Xeseja Su and Idan Ra lacked the luck.

Karela lines will now concentrate of staying in the heven mjehet and perhaps to get into the domestic playoffs again. It will be hard if you draw every match.
Cockbill Street
12-02-2004, 18:27
Ankh-Morpork C-mail
Cockbill Street Department

United Survive Scare
Go Down 0-1 But Still Through

Vimesbairn United, with a comfortable 2-0 cushion from the home game at the National, went to Roberge with high hopes of qualification. Obviously too high. The United players, disillusioned by their good performance in the recent match between these two teams, obviously thought it would be a walk-over. It nearly was, but to the other side. Roberge was much better when supported by their home crowd, and the United players were all but united on the pitch.

In the end, Roberge only came out with the single goal, scored in the 14th minute when they broke through the central defense. After that, they pressed on, but luckily couldn't break through, and Vimesbairn United progress to the second qualifying round. Doubts remain over whether they will get anywhere further, but most people seem to still be hoping for the yellow-blacks.
Stalag 5
12-02-2004, 18:33
The only truth

Undertakers dug their own grave

Headquarter What a shame!! His Holyness Cee, holy emporer of Stalag 5 couldn't believe what was happening to his favourite football team in London. He made team manager Schleifer responsible for the 4:1 defeat and banned him lifelong.
12-02-2004, 18:50
Mattigool Sports

Goolsund BK turned things round

(Goolsund) It was a demonstration of football. After the 0:2 defeat at Lokomotive Karl-Marx-Stadt nobody thought that Goolsund BK would survive the first round. But last night the team showed that quality has a name: Gamsten! He made two goals by himself and one assist.
But again it is roumoured that he wants to leave the team. His almost perfect transfer to Fichte a while again was canceled by Fichte manager in the last second. Now it is said that foreign teams want him, but no concrete offers are mentioned. Gamsten himself refused to give any answers to the press. He just said: "I'm so happy! I can't describe it. Now I want to party with the team."
12-02-2004, 19:47

FC Leve in next round

We are very happy, because the Lovisian chapion FC Leve won with our opponent.
we waiting for drawing next round.

FC Leve - BVB 3-1 :wink:
13-02-2004, 11:03


Gurg outraged
First-league-referee Gurg was outraged about the judgement the NEWI Cefn Druids newspaper The Parkville Times and Parkville manager Dave Mallet. "simply was, I was confused that the pitch was not muddy and the sight was clear! I mean, how can you be a good referee when people actually see what's going on on the pitch?" The question if the manager of the Super J's actually used bribe was answered by him by: "Not the manager." Then he got into his new car and drove away - angry about this acusions
14-02-2004, 19:47
Draw for the second qualifying round will take place on Friday.

OOC: So, out of curiosity, who's playing who? ;)
Kaze Progressa
14-02-2004, 22:00
Damn! Never did do it on Friday :oops:

Will take place tomorrow.
15-02-2004, 15:21
Champions League 4 Roster - San Diego Iguanas

01. GK – Lisa Cannon (Brazillican, capped at U19 level)
11. D – Cherrie Pych
12. D – Lorelei Girbach
13. D – Ka Essen
21. M – Mikki Medling
22. M – Alexis Veness
23. M – Vanessa Provitt
24. M – Vito Bognar
31. F – Abigail Hamner (4 caps)
32. F – Fred Cage
33. F – Lea Wojcik

02. GK – Tameka Leth
14. D – Charlette Turkmay
15. D – Alvin Wilbert
25. M – Vaughn Travaglio
26. M – Ezequiel Frohwein (Tingitanan)
34. F – Hyo Vigen
35. F – Isaac Capaldi

Home: Blue-gray with turquoise number, name, and trim.
Away: Turquoise with blue-gray number, name, and trim.

Rosters for Yuba United and Sonoma City will be posted at the start of the group stage.
Commerce Heights
16-02-2004, 05:26
Damn! Never did do it on Friday :oops:

Will take place tomorrow.
Oh, really? It will? :P
Kaze Progressa
17-02-2004, 09:43
It's happened now alright, and here it is:

Simoleons United v FC Leve
Real Libertad v Whogivesa City
Lexington v City Centre
Nastic City v FC Atlantis
Super J's v SF Queldas
Natodrid FC v San Diego Iguanas
Kaza X-Teem v Boromir Blades
Vimesbairn United v Bad Moon London
Goolsund BK v Alotion FC
Pabio Sergio Ghofers v Farela City
New Orthanic United v Mackintosh Thistle Celtic
Alex The Tall XI v Byrana FC
Capone F.C. v Hanin sekhika
Etiennebourg United v Khandrais United
Talbott v SF Miserias
Dorminian Rovers v RGS Reigate

[edited - this version counts]
17-02-2004, 11:55
Dirty Falcons FC v Alex The Tall XI

Somehow you seemed to forget this one, KP.
17-02-2004, 15:18
The San Diego Summit

Iguanas Going Dotty
San Diego to play Natodrid FC

KAZE PROGRESSA -- The draws for the second qualifying round of this year's Champions League were announced last night by the Kaze Progressa FA, and the San Diego Iguanas will be playing Natodrid FC. Natodrid, who hail from One Red Dot, crashed out in the first qualifying round last time.

"I'm just getting to see all the famous footballing nations, aren't I?" remarked San Diego goalkeeper Lisa Cannon, who herself came from Brazillico. "What's next, Giant Zucchini?"

First Leg - Natodrid FC v San Diego
Second Leg - San Diego v Natodrid FC - Orange Stadium (cap 79288)
Giant Zucchini
17-02-2004, 15:49

The Champions League Second Qualifying draw has been released, with Simoleons United paired off against F.C. Leve and Capone F.C. against Hanin sekhika. Simoleons appear the more prepared side despite being the last minute entrants into the Champions League. Their capture of Brazillico's Filipo Cannon has boosted their squad, which already contains future Under-21 stars Daalglsch and Raasch, as well as Giant Zucchini senior international Shtaan. Meanwhile, Capone F.C.'s latest signing, Fin Bólin of Spaam, has not been as big a help to the squad as originally planned. His injury in a World Cup qualifying match has placed him in serious doubt for the rest of the clubs Champions League and domestic league matches. Of course, nothing is ever sure in football, and we will just have to watch and see how the clubs fare in the Champions League, as well as domestically.
Kaze Progressa
17-02-2004, 15:56
Dirty Falcons FC v Alex The Tall XI

Somehow you seemed to forget this one, KP.

THAT'S why the numbers didn't add up and I had to put X-Teem in again! :O

Alex The Tall XI went through as Dirty Falcons FC belongs to an ex-nation - and replace X-Teem in their slot in the otherwise unchanged draw, hence playing Boromir Blades.
Stalag 5
17-02-2004, 16:00
Dirty Falcons FC v Alex The Tall XI

Somehow you seemed to forget this one, KP.

THAT'S why the numbers didn't add up and I had to put X-Teem in again! :O

Alex The Tall XI went through as Dirty Falcons FC belongs to an ex-nation - and replace X-Teem in their slot in the otherwise unchanged draw, hence playing Boromir Blades.

Dirty Falcons belong to Dirty Birds which still exists.
Giant Zucchini
17-02-2004, 16:03
Ya, and if you need an extra space, there's Simoleons F.C. which doesn't exist.
17-02-2004, 16:12
Mattigool Sports

Goolsund BK plays Alotion FC

(Goolsund) In 2nd qualifying round of Champioms League Goolsund BK has to play against Alotion FC from Kingston. This one will be lot harder than KarlMarxStadt, and it was hard for BK to win against the Marxists. What does BK expect? Unluckily the first match will be in Goolsund, or is it an advantage? We will see, but we do not expect too much, because the team is not in its best form as the last defeat at Fichte (1:7) shows.
18-02-2004, 05:19
(OOC: Players are listed by number, name, position, and nationality is in brackets)

SF Queldas (Isolism)

Manager: Ansen Ameristel

1. Stefan Eriksson, GK (Tranquillitis)
2. Ekserin Pilseniuene, D (Nikea)
3. Melvin Lemjohn, D (Lemmitania)
4. Per Ljundqvist, D (Tranquillitis)
5. Morten Istenitel, D (Nikea)
6. Julio, M (Brazillico)
7. Kallinen Jaskertel, M (Nikea)
8. Teserin Rimestel, M (Nikea)
9. Jerin Markov, F (Nikea)
10. Mikael Andersson, F (Tranquillitis)
11. Ichirou Kitase, F (Nikea)


12. Kalin Orinitel, D (Nikea)
13. Terin Laseniuene, M (Nikea)
14. Ostarin Arkenistel, D (Nikea)
15. Midorin Torendel, M (Nikea)
16. Karinen Sterdel, F (Nikea)
17. Einen Roseniuene, F (Nikea)
18. Aserin Mortethel, GK (Nikea)


Home: Forest green, with white sleeves, white numbering, white lettering, and a white logo. The team's sponsor's logo, Melrenen Automotive Corporation, also has it's logo in white on the front of the jersey. Shorts and socks are also forest green.

Away: All black, with white sleeves, numbers, letters, logo, and sponsor logo. Shorts and socks are also black.
18-02-2004, 05:19
Queldas Hikari - Ruleth Isio Nesuntel A Seserim

SF Queldas In Second Round
Isolism Impressive Against IFK NewHavana
by Leresin Masketel

NEW HAVANA(NP) - SF Queldas is off to a dazzling start in this year's champions league.

A pair of 3-1 victories has sent the Isolism into the second round, and a matchup with the Super J's. In the first match against IFK NewHavana, in Solarin Stadium, the Islanders took an early lead. Mikael Andersson's shot was blocked, but Teserin Rimestel put away the rebound. Queldas struck again just before half-time, when Julio's cannon from 20 yards out bounced off the right post and into the netting, a mere 30 seconds before the half time whistle blew.

The visitors came out strong in the second. Ekserin Pilseniuene brought down a NewHavana player inside the box, and the ensuing penalty caught keeper Stefan Eriksson guessing the wrong way. It was 2-1, but the Islanders put it away when Ichirou Kitase's pass hit a NewHavana defender and deflected into the net. The match ended 3-1.

SF Queldas 3 (Rimestel 18, Julio 45, Kitase 74)
IFK NewHavana 1 (<player> 62 PK)

The second leg in New Havana saw much of the same. The Islanders opened up a 3-0 lead before half-time, with goals from Andersson, Torendel, and Markov. The second half saw the Islanders play a very defensive style of play. A slight slip in the 88th minute proved too little, too late for the home side, and the Islanders won the match by a score of 3-1, and advanced on an aggregate of 6-2.

Up next for the Islanders is a matchup with the Super J's, who squeaked through with a 1-0 aggregate victory after an away win. The Islanders hope to continue their dominance and move into the third qualifying round.

IFK NewHavana 1 (<player> 88)
SF Queldas 3 (Andersson 28, Torendel 34, Markov 41)

In other news, SF Miserias also makes an appearance in the second round, where they will take on Talbott. See the Miserias Seserim for more details on the Blues' attempts to qualify past the second round.
Commerce Heights
18-02-2004, 06:43
Part 4 of Commerce Heights vs Liverpool England To Take Place In Champions League
KAZE PROGRESSA - As the draw for Champions League 4's second qualifying round took place, it was discovered that Manhattanite and Liverpudlian teams would meet in sports for the 4th event in Champions League 4, with Lexington playing City Centre. When interviewed, the players' reactions to the draw primarily consisted of comments that "City Centre" sounded like it was supposed to be a city in New Manhattan, a reference to the similarly-named Clocktower City. Despite the name, it can be assured that the match will not be easy, as evidenced by previous meetings between Manhattanites and Liverpudlians in sports:
World Cup 7: 2-2 away, 1-2 home - Commerce Heights vs Liverpool England
World Cup 10: 1-0 home, 0-1 away - Commerce Heights vs Liverpool England
Field Hockey World Cup 9: 1-1 home - New Manhattan vs Liverpool England
Champions League 4: ??? - Lexington vs City Centre
When asked if Lexington had a team roster, the coach replied, "A roster? Who's going to read the roster? Why waste all that paper?" One of the players then mumbled something about writing the roster on the Holy India Tea Bag, and was immediately splashed on by an infuriated cup of tea.
18-02-2004, 14:55
Real Libertad gets a kick at the can with cross-FIFA rival, Whogivesa City. Both clubs have yet to meet, but Real Libertad can expect stiff competition coming from the Halfassedstates' side, ranked 19th in the World.

Real Libertad made a huge move at the transfer deadline, signing Olympic Kalita striker, and Brazillico international, Trevors. In the one year Trevors played at Kalita, he had a hard time finding his legs at Undelay Industries Stadium, allowing him to be expendable.

Olympic Kalita would have prefered a move that would have sent the Brazillican international abroad, but Trevors expressed interest to stay close to home, and the ones willing to put up the best money were hated rivals, Real Libertad. The deal was worth a reported 10 million Coronas.

Now Real Libertad boast five international starters in their line-up and arguably the strongest front three to ever come out of the Serie A, with Jiminez and Trevors on the wing, and Junior Socrates supporting them as an offensive midfielder. Socrates' talent to get the ball to his forwards is unparalleled and with the skill he now has to work with, we should see great things out of the Libertad side.

Real is likewise strong at the back, with Chili Bats captain, Batista, being the focal point of that defense. Former Rejistanian international midfielder, Sil Hilat, has also been doing excellent defensive work of late, helping Real Libertad allow a mere 14 goals in 20 games in the last year's Serie A, making their defense the best in the league.

Salazar is Real Libertad's goalkeeper. Once heralded as the best between the pipes in the country, he is recieving several stiff challenges for that title by Los Vallejo's Robinho and the San Diego Iguanas' Lisa Cannon. Nonetheless, Salazar still protects his cage fiercely and still shows some of the form that saw him win three straight "Serie A Goalkeeper of the Year awards", a streak which was snapped last year.
18-02-2004, 19:44
Hanin sekhika will play Capone F.C.
Even if Hanin sekhika hasn't played on international level, the match is highly anticipated. The Giant Zucchini side represents a totally different culture of game than the team from eastern KaMaRi. Giant Zucchini is for many rejistanian fans a country in which soccer is far more capitalistic. Especially the frequent player transfers in the Giant Zucchini league a thing which will remain incomprehensible for rejistanian fans. Most Hanin sekhika players come from youth divisions of KaMaRian amateur clubs.

Hanin sekhika is one of the best clubs in Rejistania and the only one, which remained 20 consecutive years in the first north-mintanian league. The Haninans look forward to show their skill on international level and - qoute of Hata 'Jisu them!'

The Hanin Sekhika roster:
10. GK, Nina Kansu
2. D, Lyku Selan
1. D, Inix Ra
6. D, Ji 'Jijen' Jen
4. M, Jara E Tade
7. M, Kansu 'Sykan' Syku
8. M, Dara Lyku
10. M Jana I Syku
13. F Elin Ivelmore
12. F Syku Syly
16. F Syku 'Hetrika' Kansu

11. GK, Ila Kori
15. D, Jeru Lyku
14. D, I Salin I Ka
31. M, Jara Tadere
21. M, Myk Miljon
19. F Kansa Syku
18. F Syku 'Salan' Kansu
19-02-2004, 12:51
Mattigool Sports

Tore Rismo new Goolsund BK coach

(Goolsund) After the heavy defeat at Fichte Goolsund coach was fired and former national team coach Tore Rismo became new head coach of Goolsund BK. As known from WC XI his relations to some BK players not so good. Exspecially Gamsten did suffer from Rismo's tactics. But Gamsten and Klokseth declared last night: "We are professional enough to accept the boards decision. Future will show, what Tore wants us to do."

This is the BK team for their match against Alotion FC:
Klokseth; R. Bertheussen, Lagerfeld, Kallihainen, Goolason; E. Bertheussen, Gamsten, Strand, Verner; Juliussen, Eriksson
Europa Brittania
22-02-2004, 19:55
Khandrias march on.

Placing the tantalising prospect of a third league championship in four attempts to the side, and concentrated on advancement in the NS premier footballing tournament, the Champions League.

Paired against Opium City Rovers, and approaching the game with custom aggression and pace, Khandrias carved out a formidable three nothing lead. A brace from Hernanio Verisciti, and a goal from the spot after a foul on David Nimere, scored by Liion Cerstauf, before Opium pulled one back from a bullet corner headed from open play.

An aggregate 6-3 win booked Khandrias on the road towards joining bitter rival FC Atlantis, who as runners up last year were still to enter.

Draw brings interesting pairings.

The draw for the second qualifiying round of the Champions League paired Khandrias United with NASTICn City, and their Brittanian rivals FC Atlantis with Etiennebourg United. Both Brittanian teams have never played their new opponents in open competition, but will be looking to make their mark.

Marcus Holland, Khandrias manager added-

"Etiennebourg are a side I'd have liked to avoid, they're dangerous going forward, and they have a decent backline that can push up, and pull back faster than most forwards can work at. It'll be a tough game, but winnable."

F.C Atlantis coach Graeme Weir, was more upbeat-

"Defeating NASTIC is within our range. We must remain focused, and clear on our goals. Our route to the finals last season is repeatable, and I will make sure we approach this game with the consideration it deserves."
26-02-2004, 16:50
BUMPing from the bottom of my egosearch...
Giant Zucchini
10-03-2004, 06:58
The wait is over, I have resumed charge over the Champions League, and the 2nd qualifying first leg has been played. I apologise if some of the results are unrealistic, I'm using a makeshift spreadsheet. Anyway, without much further ado...

Simoleons United 1 FC Leve 0
Real Libertad 1 Whogivesa City 3
Lexington 1 City Centre 7
Nastic City 2 FC Atlantis 4
Super J's 0 SF Queldas 0
Natodrid FC 2 San Diego Iguanas 0
Kaza X-Teem 3 Boromir Blades 0
Vimesbairn United 1 Bad Moon London 1
Goolsund BK 1 Alotion FC 1
Pabio Sergio Ghofers 5 Farela City 0
New Orthanic United 2 Mackintosh Thistle Celtic 1
Alex The Tall XI 0 Byrana FC 5
Capone F.C. 1 Hanin sekhika 1
Etiennebourg United 0 Khandrais United 3
Talbott 4 SF Miserias 1
Dorminian Rovers 7 RGS Reigate 0
10-03-2004, 12:33
blimey - had totally forgot about this league
10-03-2004, 16:43
Salazar Continues To Suffer

Salazar struggled badly during the World Cup and continued to show this wishy-washy form, as the Champions League finally got back underway when Real Libertad faced off against Whogivesa City. Although Whogivesa were clearly the better side on this day, Salazar gave his squad no chance to stay in it, letting in two goals within the first 25 minutes which could have been stopped.

Real Libertad was able to pull within one in the 38th Minute after Sil Hilat hit Junior Socrates would a good pass in the box. The Real midfielder redirected the pass towards net with his heel, fooling the Whogivesa keeper.

However, Whogivesa City were far too potent on this day and proved it with their final goal in the 74th Minute. A gem of a passing play between the Whogivesa City players lead to a cross from just outside the box, which the star striker met with a swift shot that tickled the twine off the crossbar. The 3-1 scoreline would stand as a final.

Salazar's poor play has fueled rumors that Manager Mike Juarez is ready to do away with the 30 year old Salazar and is looking both domestically and abroad for a potential replacement. Salazar was solid during World Cup 11 and qualifying as Brazillico's starting goaltender, winning team MVP distinctions in both contests. He also is won the Goalkepper of the Year award three time in the Serie A with Real Libertad, but it appears that his stay with the club may soon come to an end.
10-03-2004, 18:24
10-03-2004, 19:27
From www,hades-hakim,rj

KaMari'lil lasane'het raju!*

While a certain amateur team from Riandu, which currently is on the 14th place in the league tends to lose in the champions league nearly every match, the Hades'he'ny started their first international match impressively by drawing aginst the favorite Capone F.C. in Giant Zucchini. It was impressive: The opponent team consisted of Zucchinis and and humans. Most of the plaers of the lasane** were not used to play against a team partly consiting of non-humans and that advantage was capitalized by Capone F.C. in the 14th minute. The Hades'he'ny began to get grip of the game after this unfortunate goal and started to press for the equalizer, but despite furious action and one of the best matches of the Hades'he'ny in this season, they had no luck. they had luck and skill enough to prevent a goal for the opponents. Especially Jijen was in a great form. In the second half, the Lasane archieved the equalizer in the 46th minute. Hetrika once again showed that his nick is totally justified. 1-1 was also the final result of the match, partly because Nina Kansu and the defense played a great match and partly because the referee didn't know the offside rule.

The Hades'he'ny archieved one important away goal and have any chance to beat Capone F.C. when they play them in Desnike.
(Eda Riku)

*KaMaRi has a great team (part of a hades fan chant)
**'the team', it refers to the team of which the writer is fan.
10-03-2004, 23:10
The San Diego Summit

Team Surprise Leads to Loss
Rushed Iguanas couldn't handle Natodrid

ONE RED DOT -- Early Wednesday morning, San Diego Iguanas manager Lonnie Schwenk received a phone call from the Giant Zucchini FA. The Zucchini on the other end informed Schwenk that Champions League IV was underway again after about two years of downtime. He also told him that the team's first second qualifying round match away at Natodrid FC in One Red Dot was to begin in just twelve hours. Schwenk frantically called up his players and they all rushed to the San Diego airport to catch the first available flight to One Red Dot.

The Iguanas arrived just twenty-six minutes before kickoff, and their lack of preparation showed in their match performance. Either it was that or the team's waning ability -- the Iguanas had finished third in the First Division in the year prior to the start of CL4, but they have finished 9th, 9th, and 15th in the past three seasons, making them potential relegation candidates now. Star striker Abigail Hamner played very poorly, managing just two shots on goal, both significantly off target. Defender Ka Essen brought down a Natodrid attacker in the 35th minute, and as he was the last defender, he received a red card, leaving the Iguanas with ten players for the majority of the match. Virtually the only San Diego player to come out with any credit was goalkeeper Lisa Cannon, who nevertheless allowed two goals through due to the inept play of her teammates.

"That was awful," commented Schwenk after the match. "But we were not prepared at all, and had just come off of a nine-hour flight. Surely we'll do better back home."

Final score:
Natodrid FC 2
San Diego Iguanas 0

San Diego bookings:
K. Essen (red 35)
F. Cage (yellow 62)
L. Girbach (yellow 69)
Giant Zucchini
11-03-2004, 09:31
2nd qualifying 2nd leg:

FC Leve 1 (1) : (1) 0 Simoleons United (Simoleons win 3-2 on penalties)
Whogivesa City 2 (5) : (2) 1 Real Libertad
City Centre 4 (11) : (2) 1 Lexington
FC Atlantis 5 (9) : (4) 2 Nastic City
SF Queldas 0 (0) : (1) 1 Super J's
San Diego Iguanas 1 (1) : (2) 0 Natodrid FC
Boromir Blades 0 (0) : (10) 7 Kaza X-Teem
Bad Moon London (AG) 0 (1) : (1) 0 Vimesbairn United
Alotion FC 0 (1) : (2) 1 Goolsund BK
Farela City 1 (1) : (10) 5 Pabio Sergio Ghofers
Mackintosh Thistle Celtic (AG) 1 (2) : (2) 0 New Orthanic United
Byrana FC 1 (6) : (1) 1 Alex The Tall XI
Hanin sekhika 0 (1) : (2) 1 Capone F.C.
Khandrais United 3 (6) : (1) 1 Etiennebourg United
SF Miserias 1 (2) : {8} 4 Talbott
RGS Reigate 0 (0) : (13) 6 Dorminian Rovers

Groups for groups stages to be announced shortly.
Giant Zucchini
11-03-2004, 10:22
Champions League 4 Group Stage Draw

Group A
FC Atlantis (Europa Brittania)
Prehistoric F.C. (Giant Zucchini)
Pablo Sergio Ghofers (Pablicosta)
Horsham F.C. (The Belmore Family)
Group B
Forest (Halfassedstates)
Quarua Lakeside (Kaze Progressa)
Khandrais United (Europa Brittania)
Orean United (Liverpool England)
Group C
Dorminian Rovers (The Belmore Family)
Toryo Wolfpack (Kingsford)
Commerce Heights (Commerce Heights)
Simoleons United (Giant Zucchini)
Group D
The Cenataurs (Halfassedstates)
Goolsund BK (Mattigool)
Capone F.C. (Giant Zucchini)
Yuba United (Bedistan)
Group E
Whogivesa City (Halfassedstates)
Talbott (Liverpool England)
Super J's (Meribel)
Schimpol Bulldogs (Liverpool England)
Group F
Alan City F.C. (The Belmore Family)
Wurthington Wanderors (Giant Zucchini)
Chisai'nihon FC (One Red Dot)
New Hampton (Commerce Heights)
Group G
Byrana FC (Kingsford)
Kaza X-Teem (Kaze Progressa)
Natodrid FC (One Red Dot)
Marauding F.C. (Giant Zucchini)
Group H
Mackintosh Thistle Celtic (The Weegies)
Sonama City Volcanoes (Bedistan)
City Centre (Liverpool England)
Bad Moon London (Creedence Clearwater)

Matchday 1: 1v2, 3v4
Matchday 2: 3v1, 2v4
Matchday 3: 1v4, 2v3
Matchday 4: 4v1, 3v2
Matchday 5: 1v3, 4v2
Matchday 6: 2v1, 4v3
Commerce Heights
11-03-2004, 16:23
City Centre 4 (11) : (2) 1 Lexington
11-03-2004, 22:25
City Centre 4 (11) : (2) 1 Lexington

Heh. Hopefully Sonoma City can avenge that utterly humiliating defeat for you. :P

EDIT: Holy cow, my 1000th post? Hard to believe, as I've rarely posted anything outside the WC/CL/CoH/etc. threads...
11-03-2004, 23:31
The Bedistan Sports Digest

Valiant Effort Not Quite Enough
San Diego home victory not enough to topple Natodrid

SAN DIEGO -- The San Diego Iguanas were slightly more prepared for today's Champions League match at Orange Stadium against Natodrid FC. The team played a great deal better as a whole, and actually gave the Dottian side an appreciable challenge. Abigail Hamner opened the scoring from a 31st-minute corner, and Lisa Cannon just barely managed to prevent a Natodrid equalizer five minutes later. The Iguanas went into halftime up 1-0.

Hamner then managed another goal just thirty seconds after the second half kickoff, or so she thought. The referee declared that fellow striker Lea Wojcik, who was absolutely nowhere near the ball, was offside. Hamner was enraged and only just managed to escape with only a yellow card. San Diego would not get any more good chances, and the final scoreline remained 1-0. Alas, that was not enough when combined with Natodrid's 2-0 victory in the first leg, and the Iguanas bowed out of CL4.

Final score:
San Diego 1 (Hamner 31)
Natodrid FC 0
(Natodrid FC win 2-1 on aggregate)

Group Draws Announced
Yuba Utd, Sonoma City to commence CL play

GIANT ZUCCHINI -- The draws for the group stage of Champions League 4 have been announced, and the two remaining Bedistani teams have been drawn as follows:

Group D
The Cenataurs (Halfassedstates)
Goolsund BK (Mattigool)
Capone F.C. (Giant Zucchini)
Yuba United (Bedistan)

Group H
Mackintosh Thistle Celtic (The Weegies)
Sonoma City Volcanoes (Bedistan)
City Centre (Liverpool England)
Bad Moon London (Creedence Clearwater)

Yuba Utd will face the well known Cenataurs of Halfassedstates, along with Giant Zucchini's Capone FC. Goolsund BK of Mattigool is a relative newcomer to the international scene, but they managed to overcome their opposition in the two qualifying rounds and certainly cannot be underestimated.

Sonoma City appears to have a slightly easier draw, facing relative unknowns Mackintosh Thistle Celtic and Bad Moon London. They will, however, have plenty to fear in Liverpool England's City Centre FC, which is coming off two huge wins over Lexington by the scorelines of 7-1 and 4-1. Surely the Volcanoes will do their best to avenge their fellow Terranordalis footballers.
Giant Zucchini
13-03-2004, 07:10
Liverpool England
14-03-2004, 01:43
CL Group Draws Made as all 4 LE Teams Qualify


Lexington 1 City Centre 7
Talbott 4 SF Miserias 1
City Centre 4 Lexington 1 (City Centre 11 Lexington 2 on aggregate)
SF Miserias 1 Talbott 4 (Talbott 8 SF Miserias 2 on aggregate)

Group Draws:

Group B
Forest (Halfassedstates)
Quarua Lakeside (Kaze Progressa)
Khandrais United (Europa Brittania)
Orean United (Liverpool England)

Group E
Whogivesa City (Halfassedstates)
Talbott (Liverpool England)
Super J's (Meribel)
Schimpol Bulldogs (Liverpool England)

*This is the only group where teams from the same nations meet*

Group H
Mackintosh Thistle Celtic (The Weegies)
Sonama City Volcanoes (Bedistan)
City Centre (Liverpool England)
Bad Moon London (Creedence Clearwater)
Giant Zucchini
14-03-2004, 08:49
*This is the only group where teams from the same nations meet*

:shock: I missed one!
Kaze Progressa
14-03-2004, 09:47
The Champions League draw is complete, and the two Progressan sides face a tough route to make the last sixteen.

Quarua Lakeside have sensationally drawn Orean United, with whom they swapped Aqizen Muqlin for Jaukaskis Blochtitis, as well as Khandrais United with whom X-Teem executed a similar swap with Aeuwal Maurto leaving for Michaele Lomardi. Halfassed side Forest complete the group, and should make a fullassed effort.

Speaking of X-Teem, they hardly got it easy. Reunions with Byrana FC and Natodrid FC, who partly blocked their sensational run to the semi-finals in CL3, are positively tame compared with defending champions Prehistoric FC.

GetLucky have taken a pessimistic line over the clubs' prospects after the early elimination of the Progressans in WC12, and offer as little as 7-4 against both sides going out in the first round and 11-2 that both finish bottom of their group.
Liverpool England
17-03-2004, 04:48
Perhaps a bump would suffice?
Europa Brittania
17-03-2004, 14:09
Atlantis and Khandrias make their mark.

Despite tough encounters with both Etiennebourg and NASTIC, The two represents of Europa Brittania powered on to the group stages of the Fourth Champions League.

Khandrias United defeated Etiennebourg 6-1 on aggregate, with Phlip Lester scoring a hat-trick to secure advancement to the next round.

FC Atlantis did likewise, in an extremely high scoring game, with the Brittanians coming up trumps, and defeating NASTIC 9-4. Lionel and Noel managing three and two goals respectively.

Both teams now relish the group stage, having made their considerable mark on the competition once more.

Old rivalries resumed.

The group draws for ther Champions League saw old hatreds resurface, especially in the case of FC Atlantis.

Atlantis were drawn in group A-

Group A
FC Atlantis (Europa Brittania)
Prehistoric F.C. (Giant Zucchini)
Pablo Sergio Ghofers (Pablicosta)
Horsham F.C. (The Belmore Family)

Coming up against Giant Zuchini side Prehistoric FC. The footballing history between these two nations is nothing short of infamous, and when they resume their rivalry, sparks will surely fly.

Khandrias United found themselves in group

Group B
Forest (Halfassedstates)
Quarua Lakeside (Kaze Progressa)
Khandrias United (Europa Brittania)
Orean United (Liverpool England)

A tough group, particularly the L.E side Orean United. Khandrias Fans no doubt harp on at former first choice goalkeeper MIkel Hansen, who left the club for Orean, has found himself transferred to GZ, and midtable obscurity in their eyes.
17-03-2004, 16:27
Draw for CL made, Halfassed sides all hopeful!

The draw for the group stages of this year’s Champions league had thrown up some interesting fixtures.

Group D
The Cenataurs (Halfassedstates)
Goolsund BK (Mattigool)
Capone F.C. (Giant Zucchini)
Yuba United (Bedistan)

Last seasons HFL champions The Cenataurs will be hoping for a much better campaign than the poor 3rd spot they claimed in this stage last year. With their quintet of international players having returned from the WC, the Cenataurs will be hoping to make an impact on the event. With a trip to the footballing hotbed of GZ to face Capone FC in game two, the Halfassed champions will see 3 points from the opening fixture against unknowns Goolsund BK from Mattigool as a must. Yuba United from Bedistan are the fourth team in the group and should also provide a tough test for the Cenataurs. The local team should have enough firepower to progress however.

Group B
Forest (Halfassedstates)
Quarua Lakeside (Kaze Progressa)
Khandrais United (Europa Brittania)
Orean United (Liverpool England)

Last seasons runners-up, Forest, will face a major challenge in Group B. Drawn alongside our FIFA neighbours Kaze Progressa’s representatives, Quarua Lakeside, the cash-strapped side face daunting, but potential money-spinning matches against Khandrais United (of Europa Brittania) and Orean United from Liverpool England.
With the loss of star striker, Robin Sherwood to Rentuck Rovers during the transfer window, the Forest side will have to rely heavily upon their other internationals for experience in a team that is otherwise loaded with youngsters.

Group E
Whogivesa City (Halfassedstates)
Talbott (Liverpool England)
Super J's (Meribel)
Schimpol Bulldogs (Liverpool England)

Whogivesa City made it to the group stages after beating off Real Libertad from Brazillico in the qualifying round 5-2 on aggregate. The signing of Adam Marks from Borderers had a major effect on that game, and the City supporters will be hoping for more of the same from Marks and his international partner Perfect in midfield. Huge questions will also be asked of Jennung in the Citizens goal, behind what is acknowledged to be an unpredictable defense! With difficult trips to Talbott and Schimpol Bulldogs (both in LE) and the unknown journey to Meribel to face the Super J’s, the Citizens will be hoping for maximum points at the City of Whogivesa Stadium to help them progress.

With all three Halfassed sides at home in the first round of matches, I would advise anyone not needing to travel through the International airport at Whogivesa to avoid the area! Its going to be busy and football fans, its going to be great!!
Giant Zucchini
19-03-2004, 12:24
I presume most of you know that it has started. I'll continue then to keep the momentum going. Group stage Matchday coming up...
Giant Zucchini
19-03-2004, 13:08
Group stage Matchday 1

FC Atlantis (Europa Brittania) 3 : 4 Prehistoric F.C. (Giant Zucchini)
Pablo Sergio Ghofers (Pablicosta) 4 : 2 Horsham F.C. (The Belmore Family)
Forest (Halfassedstates) 2 : 0 Quarua Lakeside (Kaze Progressa)
Khandrais United (Europa Brittania) 1 : 0 Orean United (Liverpool England)
Dorminian Rovers (The Belmore Family) 5 : 1 Toryo Wolfpack (Kingsford)
Commerce Heights (Commerce Heights) 1 : 2 Simoleons United (Giant Zucchini)
The Cenataurs (Halfassedstates) 2 : 1 Goolsund BK (Mattigool)
Capone F.C. (Giant Zucchini) 1 : 1 Yuba United (Bedistan)
Whogivesa City (Halfassedstates) 1 : 3 Talbott (Liverpool England)
Super J's (Meribel) 0 : 4 Schimpol Bulldogs (Liverpool England)
Alan City F.C. (The Belmore Family) 0 : 3 Wurthington Wanderors (Giant Zucchini)
Chisai'nihon FC (One Red Dot) 2 : 1 New Hampton (Commerce Heights)
Byrana FC (Kingsford) 0 : 0 Kaza X-Teem (Kaze Progressa)
Natodrid FC (One Red Dot) 0 : 5 Marauding F.C. (Giant Zucchini)
Mackintosh Thistle Celtic (The Weegies) 3 : 2 Sonama City Volcanoes (Bedistan)
City Centre (Liverpool England) 4 : 0 Bad Moon London (Creedence Clearwater)
19-03-2004, 16:13
Whogivesa Gazette

Cenataurs scrap to the win.

In what was a less than friendly opening match in this years Champions League, HFL champions got off to a winning start against Goolsund BK of Mattigool.
The match at The Glade in Aso was a sell out, with many of the home supporters hoping to see an avalanche of goals against the unknown opposition.
However, things never come easy in the CL, and the Cenataurs soon found that out, with the Goolsund players showing all the battling properties that had helped them beat Alotion FC in the qualifier.
The Cenataurs players seemed less than happy with some of the challenges, indeed Ewan Totti received a yellow card for his reaction to a hefty tackle by the Goolsund #8.
Just before half-time the deadlock was finally broken, as Totti got revenge, nutmegging the #8 before sliding an inch perfect pass into the run of Carl Smith who beat the keeper with ease.
The start of the second half saw the frantic pace continue, as the Goolsund players continued to hassle the Cenataurs midfield. Without the time and space on the ball, the Cenataurs attack was often breaking down before it got started, and it eventually took a good old fashioned route one move to extend the lead. Keeper Samuel threw the ball to Small, who punted it up the field. Smith managed to out pace the centre back and keep the ball in play. His cross evaded the keeper, and fell to the on rushing Strike who’s first time volley almost ripped the net apart.
Two up with 20 minutes to go, it should have been a stroll, but the Goolsund players continued to harry any Cenataur player in possession, and it paid off. Strike played a poor pass to Totti, who was immediately under pressure. Instead of hitting the ball out, or upfield, he tried to pass it back to Upton. The big defender was slightly slow to react, and the Goolsund #9 stole in to gain possession. Small tried to cover across from right back, but she wasn’t able to make it in time, as the #9 placed the ball brilliantly into the bottom corner of the net, just beyond the reach of Samuel.
The goal set-up a great finish as the Mattigool side pressed for an unlikely equalizer, an the Cenataurs held on grimly. Totti was subbed after a thumping challenge, which he was lucky to escape from without getting a card. His replacement was the ever improving youngster Keane, who put a lot more bite into the midfield and helped Strike contain the Goolsund threat. Upton also got booked late on for a cynical challenge on the #9 as he threatened to burst clear, but the Aso side were able to hang on for the win!
Final Score: The Cenataurs 2 Goolsund BK 1

In the other games involving Halfassed sides, Forest scored a surprise win over Kaze Progressa side Quarua Lakeside. Captain Steve Cook was the hero, with the two goals. One either side of half-time, while vetren keeper John Fleck showed his reactions are a good as ever with a couple of great saves.
Final Score: Forest 2 Quarua Lakeside 0
The main talking point in the game however was the absence of striker Gregg in the starting line-up. Instead 18 year old Robin Ya was thrown in alongside regular starter Sean Brady. It is rumoured that Gregg was in Brazillico discussing terms with Los Vallejo over his probable move. Further back-up to that story was received when Los Vallejo defender, Jonas Brigao was spotted at Meadow Road during the game. The 20 year old is reported to be involved as a make-weight in the Gregg deal.

The final Halfassed side in the CL, Whogivesa City suffered a set-back, losing 3-1 at home against LE side Talbott. Marks continued his fine form since his transfer from Borderers, heading the opening goal after 18 minutes. The joy for the Citizens fans was short lived however, as #9 equalized two minutes later.
An uncharacteristic mistake by Jennung gifted Talbott their second, and with the home side pressing for the equalizer, a Talbott counter-attack sealed the win with just five minutes left.
Final Score Whogivesa City 1 Talbott 3
Kaze Progressa
19-03-2004, 23:05
Progressa TeleSport update

In the Champions' League, Quarua Lakeside slumped to a 2-0 defeat over Forest of Halfassedstates. [cut to footage] Steve Cook opened the scoring with this curling low drive in the 19th minute, [cut to goal 2] and three minutes into the second half this volley from a lob from teenage star Robin Ya sealed the deal. [cut to Fleck save] Faiwe Irafma created Lakeside's best chance on the hour, but was denied by this superb reflex save from John Fleck.

[cut to Byrana defence holding out against X-Teem attack] Kaza X-Teem fared somewhat better, holding Byrana FC to a scoreless draw. X-Teem had the best of the chances but dogged defending from the Kingsford side put paid to most attacks, [cut to X-Teem desperate clearance] and - as might be expected - much the same was true at the other end, where Mert Rarrli made several vital contributions.
20-03-2004, 21:34
The Bedistan Sports Digest

Football - Champions League

Sonoma City laughingstock of CL
Despite two very nice goals by Tessie Arts and Antigone Kleid, the aging Erik Oldenburg's goalkeeping performance was very much not up to par in the recent Champions League match against Mackintosh Thistle Celtic. The defense was quite shoddy, giving up three penalty kicks (though Oldenburg was able to save one of those), and an early Claude McGraph red card did not help matters for the Volcanoes. When the dust cleared, the Weegies side had successfully defeated Sonoma City by the score of 3-2.

This, though, is not what makes the Volcanoes the laughingstock of the Champions League. That unofficial title is a result of the fact that Sonoma City has just been relegated from the First Division. Yes, a CL side got relegated. That's how bad they are. Manager Jesse Tousignant could not be reached for comment, though we think it unlikely that he will remain the Sonoma City manager for much longer.

Final score:
Mackintosh Thistle Celtic 3
Sonoma City 2 (Kleid 61, Arts 80; McGraph sent off 19)

Yuba, Capone draw
Things looked a little better for Yuba United, who faced Giant Zucchini's Capone FC yesterday. Ironically, both goals scored in the match were from Zucchini players. A Capone goal kick in the 23rd minute was launched upfield, eventually coming to <player 6>, who slammed the ball past the outstretched fingertips of Jason Mazzini. At halftime, Capone held their 1-0 lead. In the second half, though, Yuba Utd showed everyone why they've finished in the top two in the Bedistani First Division for eight straight years. Ex-international striker Darren Morlock zoomed up the right wing and took a shot on the Capone goal, only for it to be kept out by the Zucchini keeper. Another Zucchini got hold of the ball, but that Zucchini happened to be playing for Yuba Utd -- Zonk. Zonk immediately sent the ball back toward the net, and this time it would go in. Only twice have Bedistani and Zucchini teams met, and like last time at the U21 World Cup, this match would end in a draw. The score this time, though, was 1-1 instead of 4-4.

Final score:
Capone FC 1
Yuba United 1 (Zonk 63)
Giant Zucchini
21-03-2004, 16:16

Zonk scored a dramatic equaliser for Yuba United after Chutt put Capone F.C. ahead in this Champions League encounter. Chutt smashed a lovely ball past Yuba keeper Mazzini from a well punted goal kick. Zonk pounced on a rebound in the second half to give Yuba the equaliser. In other Champions League news, Phoot scored a late winner to give Prehistoric the win over 2nd seed FC Atlantis, while Shtaan and Raasch put Simoleons United ahead of Commerce Heights. Brazillican Joao Cannon defended stoutly against Alan City while some last gasp heroics from Zucchini keeper Kaan allowed Wurtherington a clean sheet, while Garranncha, Charrtaan and Ppakkaddumm gave Wurtherington a commanding 3-0 lead. The biggest result was Marauding's 5-0 trouncing of Natodrid FC. Urk, Sandro Cannon, Alex Cannon, Kerrnigit and Tobias Cannon were on the scoresheet for Marauding, while Natodrid can only hope for a better outing next time round.
22-03-2004, 01:28
Mattigool Sports

Almost a surprise!!!

(Goolsund) Goolsund BK lost its first ever CL group stage match against The Cenataurs from Halfassedstates. The well organized defense was the basis for this tight result. If the Goolsund attacking line will improve during the next weeks Goolsund BK would be good for real surprises. So the only Goolsund goal was a result of a Canataurs' defender's mistake. Coach Tore Rismo was content: "It's our first CL-season, and perhaps our last one for a long time, because no team is able to beat Fichte SK in the Mattigoolian league, and as it seems they will be champions for the next years."
22-03-2004, 01:28
double posting
Giant Zucchini
22-03-2004, 12:08
Matchday 2 results

Pablo Sergio Ghofers (Pablicosta) 4 : 2 FC Atlantis (Europa Brittania)
Prehistoric F.C. (Giant Zucchini) 3 : 1 Horsham F.C. (The Belmore Family)
Khandrais United (Europa Brittania) 4 : 2 Forest (Halfassedstates)
Quarua Lakeside (Kaze Progressa) 1 : 3 Orean United (Liverpool England)
Commerce Heights (Commerce Heights) 1 : 1 Dorminian Rovers (The Belmore Family)
Toryo Wolfpack (Kingsford) 4 : 2 Simoleons United (Giant Zucchini)
Capone F.C. (Giant Zucchini) 1 : 4 The Cenataurs (Halfassedstates)
Goolsund BK (Mattigool) 1 : 2 Yuba United (Bedistan)
Super J's (Meribel) 0 : 4 Whogivesa City (Halfassedstates)
Talbott (Liverpool England) 4 : 5 Schimpol Bulldogs (Liverpool England)
Chisai'nihon FC (One Red Dot) 0 : 4 Alan City F.C. (The Belmore Family)
Wurthington Wanderors (Giant Zucchini) 3 : 1 New Hampton (Commerce Heights)
Natodrid FC (One Red Dot) 4 : 1 Byrana FC (Kingsford)
Kaza X-Teem (Kaze Progressa) 2 : 4 Marauding F.C. (Giant Zucchini)
City Centre (Liverpool England) 0 : 2 Mackintosh Thistle Celtic (The Weegies)
Sonama City Volcanoes (Bedistan) 1 : 0 Bad Moon London (Creedence Clearwater)
Liverpool England
23-03-2004, 11:25
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Commerce Heights
25-03-2004, 18:12
Lexington 1 City Centre 7
City Centre 4 : 1 Lexington
Commerce Heights (Commerce Heights) 1 : 2 Simoleons United (Giant Zucchini)
Chisai'nihon FC (One Red Dot) 2 : 1 New Hampton (Commerce Heights)
Commerce Heights (Commerce Heights) 1 : 1 Dorminian Rovers (The Belmore Family)
Wurthington Wanderors (Giant Zucchini) 3 : 1 New Hampton (Commerce Heights)
something is wrong with this formula ;)
26-03-2004, 13:13
Whogivesa Gazette

Cenataurs march on.

HFL champions the Cenataurs thrashed GZ side Capone FC in the second match in group D.

The home side had got off to a good start, with Chutt blasting them in front after just 10 minutes. The Halfassed side however, slowly started to get control of the ball, and by the half-hour mark, the majority of the Capone fans were in a nervous silence as the Cenataurs took over.

On the stroke of half-time, Strike whipped in a cross which Totti chested down before volleying home the equaliser. The goal came at exactly the right moment. The Cenataurs kicked off the second half and went on the attack. Strike ran at the full-back and slightly lost control of the ball, but luckily it rebounded off the players shin and into Strikes path. Finding himself 1-on-1 the captain made no mistake. 2-1

Just a few minutes later, the capone defence picked up a loose ball, but fatally, the player dallyed on the ball and Totti nipped in to steal. He then passed to Smith whose shot from the edge of the box settled in the bottom left hand corner of the net. 3-1

A free-kick on the edge of the box gave Strike his second of the night, and the team their fourth as the rout was completed.

The win puts the Cenataurs top of the group with four games to go.

In group E, Whogivesa City stormed back from their opening day defeat with a resounding 4-0 win at the Super J's of Meribel. Peter Perfect scored the opener after a slip in the J's defence with just 20 minutes gone. 10 minutes later, Perfects cross allowed Marks to score the first of what was to be a hat-trick with a powering header. City's third came on the hour. McMillan played a long ball through, and Marks outpaced the defender before sliding the ball past the keeper into the net. The hat-trick was achieved in the final minutes, as Marks converted what was a dubious penalty award after there had been some barging in the box at a corner.
The other match in the group, was undoubtably the match of the round, as LE sides Talbott and Schmipol went head to head. The Schimpol Bulldogs eventually came through victorious in a 5-4 thriller!

The other game featuring a Halfassed side saw Forest go down 4-2 at Khandrais Utd, Robin Ya scoring the Forest goals. The EB side now sit top of the group on 6pts, while Forest sit on 3 points level with next opponents Orean Utd.
Europa Brittania
26-03-2004, 21:08
Former Finalists Stumble.

F.C. Atlantis look in disarray as their champion's League exploits fall to tatters, following a 4-3 defeat to bitter rivals Prehistoric F.C, and a disappointing 4-2 loss to Forest FC.

Atlantis went behind quickly against the GZ side, losing two goals in twelve minutes to find themselves with a mountain to climb before half time. Slick passing gave way to desperate punts, and little was achieved in the time before the interval, save to rattle nerves and enrage the Atlantis bench.

The former finalists rallied on fifty minutes, Lionel nodding a near post ball into the net and cutting the deficit. the Brittanian giants brought it all square only five minutes later. A rocket of an effort smashed from the crossbar with the keeper well beaten, and a simple tap in for the former X-teem forward gave Atlantis a chance.

It went decidedly pearshaped on sixty minutes, when schoolyard defending gifted prehistoric another goal, and a way to seal the tie.

Atlantis huffed and puffed, totally unable to mount offense while continually under pressure from the Zuchininis.

Prehistoric added a fourth goal, a spot kick awarded for a crude challenge which Willox was lucky to escape a red.

With Frank Desai refusing to give an interview afterwards, and the season ticket holders of New Providence park further enraged by a 4-2 loss to Pablo Ghofers, in which Lionel hobbled off with a tight hamstring, and Atlantis finding themselves three to nothing down before mounting any kind of fightback, this season has been an unmittigated disaster for the Eastern Europan side.

Yin and Yang?

Whilst their western rivals flounder, Khandrias go from strength to strength. Within sight of capturing their fourth league championship in seven attempts, Khandrias United have exploded on to the International scene, and where Atlantis stood as a pinnacle, It is their much maligned cousins who now stand to steal their crown.

The rivalry between the clubs need no further explanation. It is a mutual dislike that has roared to flames and occasionally, violence over the years. Derby affairs are heated, unpleasent things that are best watched at home, especially if a loss is forthcoming. But recent investement, and the appointment of young and fresh manager Jonathan Melorit had led to a rebirth.

Having pipped Atlantis to the league title four times in the last seven years, they now stand at the top of their qualification group, with a genuine chance to progress further.

Orean United fell foul of the Brittanian bememoth, going down 1-0 to a lone David Winters strike. The veteran thirty four year old in his final season of competitive action, and scoring the goals that are gifting the club with countless oppertunities.

Forest football club were next put to the sword. Four goals to their two were enough to take the points, and make the name Khandrias one to notice, and remember.

Many football pundits predict that if Khandrias does not slow their momentum, they will topple Atlantis from its lofty perch, and cement themselves as the true Brittanian giant.
Giant Zucchini
28-03-2004, 16:18
Matchday 3 results:

FC Atlantis (Europa Brittania) 0 : 2 Horsham F.C. (The Belmore Family)
Prehistoric F.C. (Giant Zucchini) 2 : 0 Pablo Sergio Ghofers (Pablicosta)
Forest (Halfassedstates) 0 : 3 Orean United (Liverpool England)
Quarua Lakeside (Kaze Progressa) 3 : 1 Khandrais United (Europa Brittania)
Dorminian Rovers (The Belmore Family) 4 : 1 Simoleons United (Giant Zucchini)
Toryo Wolfpack (Kingsford) 1 : 1 Commerce Heights (Commerce Heights)
The Cenataurs (Halfassedstates) 4 : 3 Yuba United (Bedistan)
Goolsund BK (Mattigool) 2 : 2 Capone F.C. (Giant Zucchini)
Whogivesa City (Halfassedstates) 1 : 4 Schimpol Bulldogs (Liverpool England)
Talbott (Liverpool England) 3 : 3 Super J's (Meribel)
Alan City F.C. (The Belmore Family) 1 : 0 New Hampton (Commerce Heights)
Wurthington Wanderors (Giant Zucchini) 3 : 1 Chisai'nihon FC (One Red Dot)
Byrana FC (Kingsford) 2 : 1 Marauding F.C. (Giant Zucchini)
Kaza X-Teem (Kaze Progressa) 0 : 2 Natodrid FC (One Red Dot)
Mackintosh Thistle Celtic (The Weegies) 3 : 3 Bad Moon London (Creedence Clearwater)
Sonama City Volcanoes (Bedistan) 3 : 1 City Centre (Liverpool England)
Giant Zucchini
28-03-2004, 16:35
Halfway stage tables:

Prehistoric F.C. (Giant Zucchini) 3 3 0 0 9 4 5 9
Pablo Sergio Ghofers (Pablicosta) 3 2 0 1 8 6 2 6
Horsham F.C. (The Belmore Family) 3 1 0 2 5 7 -2 3
FC Atlantis (Europa Brittania) 3 0 0 3 5 10 -5 0
B 0
Orean United (Liverpool England) 3 2 0 1 6 2 4 6
Khandrais United (Europa Brittania) 3 2 0 1 6 5 1 6
Quarua Lakeside (Kaze Progressa) 3 1 0 2 4 6 -2 3
Forest (Halfassedstates) 3 1 0 2 4 7 -3 3
C 0
Dorminian Rovers (The Belmore Family) 3 2 1 0 10 3 7 7
Toryo Wolfpack (Kingsford) 3 1 1 1 6 8 -2 4
Simoleons United (Giant Zucchini) 3 1 0 2 5 9 -4 3
Commerce Heights (Commerce Heights) 3 0 2 1 3 4 -1 2
D 0
The Cenataurs (Halfassedstates) 3 3 0 0 10 5 5 9
Yuba United (Bedistan) 3 1 1 1 6 6 0 4
Capone F.C. (Giant Zucchini) 3 0 2 1 4 7 -3 2
Goolsund BK (Mattigool) 3 0 1 2 4 6 -2 1
E 0
Schimpol Bulldogs (Liverpool England) 3 3 0 0 13 5 8 9
Talbott (Liverpool England) 3 1 1 1 10 9 1 4
Whogivesa City (Halfassedstates) 3 1 0 2 6 7 -1 3
Super J's (Meribel) 3 0 1 2 3 11 -8 1
F 0
Wurthington Wanderors (Giant Zucchini) 3 3 0 0 9 2 7 9
Alan City F.C. (The Belmore Family) 3 2 0 1 5 3 2 6
Chisai'nihon FC (One Red Dot) 3 1 0 2 3 8 -5 3
New Hampton (Commerce Heights) 3 0 0 3 2 6 -4 0
G 0
Marauding F.C. (Giant Zucchini) 3 2 0 1 10 4 6 6
Natodrid FC (One Red Dot) 3 2 0 1 6 6 0 6
Byrana FC (Kingsford) 3 1 1 1 3 5 -2 4
Kaza X-Teem (Kaze Progressa) 3 0 1 2 2 6 -4 1
H 0
Mackintosh Thistle Celtic (The Weegies) 3 2 1 0 8 5 3 7
Sonama City Volcanoes (Bedistan) 3 2 0 1 6 4 2 6
City Centre (Liverpool England) 3 1 0 2 5 5 0 3
Bad Moon London (Creedence Clearwater) 3 0 1 2 3 8 -5 1

(I apologise the lack of formatting, maybe I'll do it up later, but I'm really busy now, so sorry again...)
The Weegies
28-03-2004, 17:10
OOC: Jesus, I forgot all about this.

Weegies Star Sport Report

Weegian Football Doing Well: Pundits Suspect Something.
But we're not sure what.

A Weegie national squad top of a World Cup Qualifying Group, and the Jaggy Men beating squads from notable footballing countries like Bedistan and Liverpool England. One question is on everyone's lips; when did we get good?

Confidence was restored in most Weegie pundits that these were actually Weegie players, and not some kind of evil football playing cyborg race that uses sporting achievements to further their ever increasing cycle of domination (happens all the time), however, when the Thistle were held to a draw at home by a team nobody had ever heard of before, Bad Moon London, from Credence Clearwater.

The Thistle looked strong at the start, and through physical presence managed to bully their way into the Bad Moon box and score two early goals, the first a diving header from Kovac who nailed it past the unassuming Bad Moon keeper, and a scappy goal in the 15th minute as, after two desperate saves the keeper finally capitulated as Mathieson scraped it over the line.

Bad Moon got the upper hand as Thistle stepped back, thinking they had demoralised the opposition, but a Bad Moon striker wheeled his way through the back line in the 37th minute to put the ball beyond the reach of Sartré. The defences tightened up after that, and up to the end of the first half the game became mostly a battle for dominance in the centre of the pitch.

After the second half Thistle surged forward again, thinking the best defence was an attack, but again Bad Moon soaked up the punishment and blasted numerous counter-attacks to the Thistle to catch them unawares. And it worked, with Bad Moon scoring again in the 63rd minute to level the match.

Thistle pushed their physical dominance to work again, with Kovac streaming past the Bad Moon defence in the 76th minute to score from 20 yards, blasting the ball past the keeper.

But it was not to be Thistle's night, as a goalkeeping error by Sartré right at the death allowed the Bad Moon side to simply poke the ball in the net, and end Thistle's run of excellence.

Team: Sartré, Fredrikkson, Johansson (Crawley 56), Berkely, Connolly, Murray, Ferguson, Mathieson, Leander, Urquhart, Kovac (Arthurs 78). (4-4-2)
28-03-2004, 17:16
OOC: Hmm, I'm a bit behind here, but I'll catch up on the RPing today. Both teams second in their groups; looking good! :D
Giant Zucchini
06-04-2004, 08:25
Matchday 4 scores

Horsham F.C. (The Belmore Family) 2 : 4 FC Atlantis (Europa Brittania)
Pablo Sergio Ghofers (Pablicosta) 2 : 5 Prehistoric F.C. (Giant Zucchini)
Orean United (Liverpool England) 5 : 0 Forest (Halfassedstates)
Khandrais United (Europa Brittania) 3 : 0 Quarua Lakeside (Kaze Progressa)
Simoleons United (Giant Zucchini) 0 : 4 Dorminian Rovers (The Belmore Family)
Commerce Heights (Commerce Heights) 1 : 1 Toryo Wolfpack (Kingsford)
Yuba United (Bedistan) 1 : 0 The Cenataurs (Halfassedstates)
Capone F.C. (Giant Zucchini) 0 : 0 Goolsund BK (Mattigool)
Schimpol Bulldogs (Liverpool England) 1 : 3 Whogivesa City (Halfassedstates)
Super J's (Meribel) 1 : 2 Talbott (Liverpool England)
New Hampton (Commerce Heights) 3 : 5 Alan City F.C. (The Belmore Family)
Chisai'nihon FC (One Red Dot) 3 : 1 Wurthington Wanderors (Giant Zucchini)
Marauding F.C. (Giant Zucchini) 4 : 4 Byrana FC (Kingsford)
Natodrid FC (One Red Dot) 3 : 3 Kaza X-Teem (Kaze Progressa)
Bad Moon London (Creedence Clearwater) 1 : 2 Mackintosh Thistle Celtic (The Weegies)
City Centre (Liverpool England) 3 : 2 Sonama City Volcanoes (Bedistan)
13-04-2004, 10:41