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USSNR Calls for International Leadership Conference

08-02-2004, 03:16
Message from the Allied Conference Room in the USSNR

Comrade Brethren of the International Community, I call unto all of you, Alien or Human, to come and participate in this Conference. I assure you there is a Great Purpose for this, for we wish to make Alliances with All Nations, Alien or Otherwise.

You see, it is our belief that every nation, whatsoever, is a Comrade Brethren Nation. Perhaps an Ally, perhaps not, it does not matter. We wish to back up this belief by having a Conference to see the Point of Views and Beliefs of our Comrade Brethren everywhere, to better understand the World we live in.

It is our intention to maintain Peace with all, even if they either are unsuccessful in making an Ally of us or do not attend. We only wish Peace, Alliances, and Trade, possibly Alien Intergration, with our Nation to others.

Thank you,
Chief Socialist President Thomas Alexandri Ha'Goth
Leader of the United Socialist States of Nodea Rudav


Just post your response either in arriving or whichever with the Conference. Talk with either the USSNR or other nations. Peaceful thread, no flaming as it is IC with Leadership RP between other Leaders.