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*News* Poromangermand Makes It's Claim

08-02-2004, 01:04
It is claimed "Poromangermand" is a nation full of mandatory anger issues. Whoever made this mystery claim would be right. But Poromangermand is a good nation,despite all that. Poromangermand not only allows same-sex marriages, it's government has religious works owned by a New Age guru, and gambling is banned. Poromangermand also cares about the enviornment, civil rights and political freedoms for all.
Poromangermand's leader would also like you to know that "we have nothing against anyone, unless you are a dictatorship or something like it".
Poromangermand's leader also stated that "We care about our people, and are proud to be a part of the world who seeks out for the better of mankind." If you would like to comment on the article, go ahead in this post and let your opinion be heard.
Slutbum Wallah
08-02-2004, 01:15
The Ministry of Foreign Relations were going to congratulate Poromangermand for it's free-thinking and modern outlook on society, but unfortunately the Ministry is entirely in the pay of the United Trading Conglomerate. Sadly since the U.T.C company chairman, Lord Haberdasherie is in favour of impaling gay people on spikes and believes that politics should be 'kept to those who really understand it' i.e not the common populace, we cannot support you in any way shape or form. Greetings all the same.