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The Ledan Independance War (Open Space-RP)

Leda colony
07-02-2004, 23:57
At the Ledan shipyards in the asteroid belt, the captains of the fleeing ships met aboard the Blue Horizon with the Admiral. They had done something no-one had ever dared do before, they had gone against direct orders from The Great Ineffable Bob.
Under the command of Admiral Klack, they decided that the time was right. For no longer would Ledan citizens be held under the iron rule of TGI Bob. For no longer would Ledans die for squabbles between Terran nations, that had no impact upon them whatsoever. For no longer would Ledans bow to the whim of the Terrans, merely because they had put them here. Under the direction of Ledan scientists, sectors of the outer Jovian Lunar System had been terraformed, where millions of people lived peacefully. More remained under heavy military protection, with entire moons developed into fortresses, to protect this little bit of paradise from pirates or vengeful Terrans.
For too long had Ledans fought and died for The Ineffable Empire, while those on Earth had done nothing for Leda. All of the Ineffable Spacefleet was funded by Leda Colony, yet they got nothing in return. But now, Admiral Klack was going to depose the puppet ruler of Leda Colony and rule Leda by a Ledan, for Leda!
08-02-2004, 00:02
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08-02-2004, 00:02
This looks interesting. This war might scare a few Nanakan Admirals into tightening Nanakaland's grip on the Nanakaland Moon Colony.
Leda colony
08-02-2004, 00:04
Leda colony
08-02-2004, 00:04
Open Transmission to All Nations in the Sol System
"Nations of Sol, Greetings. I am Admiral Klack, controller of The Ineffable spacefleets. For too long has Leda Colony been under the rule of the tyrant The Great Ineffable Bob. Now, with the backing of the fleets we shall become independant. I ask that all Ledan starships meet at my current location so that we may return to Leda in triumph, to depose General McGraw from his puppet-seat of power.!VtvpvwNtsnK9NlrVZMw1HXDMKx*ozMzVEu7Itrnu5gpRHtuguu6ftmPSHrS*hJVKUtIKVAG AI75MNvxgKfG6vC8X9Q/admiralklack.jpg?dc=4675450178878692752
Admiral Klack
Commander of The Ledan Starfleets

OOC: This is before he knows there's a large ship heading for Himalia, FYI.
08-02-2004, 00:06
Far out in space, two Thelasi battlegroups changed course, they were the product of the massive Sair Cuori ship yards. They changed course out of interest and out of the posible need to establish a Thelasi presence in the area.

On board the Thelasi ship, fighters were being readied, Thelas' best advantige, the Zero was the best fighter yet seen. The ships were new, newer than the Ledan ships, and the crews had more combat expirience, hopefully this would counter the fact that they were outnumbered.
Steel Butterfly
08-02-2004, 00:23
08-02-2004, 00:27
08-02-2004, 00:38
08-02-2004, 00:52

[OOC: If Leda wins independence, does that mean I have to update it's NationStates Super Thread entry?]
08-02-2004, 01:12
Hello Admiral Klack, I am Joe Joh, Dictator of Osterreich-Magyar. We would like to aid you. We will send you fifteen of our Kiev Class Destroyers:

These are older ships, but they will be able to do damage.

Hull design
The main changes are.

- Lengthened stern to enclose lander bay.

- Spin habitat as a modular ‘ring’ rather than individual habitats.

- The main hull is armoured with RSC 5 composite whilst the habitat is unarmoured and constructed from RTS 4 advanced synthetics.

Overall dimensions:

- Length: 70 m.

- Tonnage: 5860 tonnes

- 100 tonnes of fuel for small craft.


The overall layout of armament showed little change except for the innovation of UTES technology:

- 5 x Guiscard LL-69 laser weapons mounted on five UTES equipped turrets.

- 12 x Ritage-1 carried in three bays located in the bow with three remote piloting stations.


The combat system saw substantial revision with the use of the Rochard P-15T combat system.

- Active with one working station:

- DSAP S-2265. (Active: 10)

- Passive with two working stations:

- DSMSP S-2267T (Passive: 10)

- Standard Navigation systems, Gravitational sensors, Deep system scanners.

- Basic survey sensors.

Engineering Systems

- Power Plant: Alsthom 50Mw fission reactor.

- Drive: Rouchard-Ligget “Propulseur Jérôme” PJ-30; 30MW old military stutterwarp drive.


The Maréchal has a total of 73 crew:

- 14 in bridge.

- 11 in TAC

- 37 in engineering.

- 5 troops (can be expanded with correct modules).

- 1 in steward office.

- 2 in medical bay.

- 2 scientific.

- 1 small craft.

- Common hull design using standard RT2 composite materials. Whilst the sections had to be cast in a special facility they could be assembled in almost any shipyard.

- Modular approach to internal systems allowing individual nations room to customise avionics, sensors and other systems.

- A heavy missile armament to maximise long range firepower. A laser armament providing close defence and allowing close combat against smaller targets.

- Protection in the form of hull armour and shields developed for the Ypres.

- A commonly produced drive system utilising a Alsthom designed 50MW fission reactor and a commercially available Clyde-550 stutterwarp drive.

Hull design

The hull is composed of three distinct parts all of which are armoured.

- The bow contains the bulk of the operational, non-engineering, systems of the ship. Including the bridge, computers, TAC, sensors, stores, life support and almost all of the weapons. It also contains much of the ship’s recreation space.

- The spin habitat, which includes only sleeping quarters and a very small med bay. These quarters are extremely cramped and are a bare minimum for extended operations.

- The stern contains the fission powerplant and the stutterwarp drive. In addition the bulk of the engineering components and fuel is stored here.

Overall dimensions:

- Length: 59 m.

- Tonnage: 5410 tonnes


The armament on the batch one was fairly standard, although several nations used different systems the fit remained the same. However as the ships went into refit a greater divergence of system emerged. The initial layout was:

- 5 x Guiscard LL-55 laser weapons mounted in five turrets.

- 12 x CESAM carried in three bays located in the bow with three remote piloting stations.


Sensor systems are provided by Darlan Opto-Physique whilst the targeting computer and combat system are based on the Black Arrow SSIS-2 developed for HMS Dreadnought.

- Active with one working station:

- DSAP S-2252. (Active: 10)

- Passive with two working stations:

- DSMSP S-2253T (Passive: 5)

- Standard Navigation systems, Gravitational sensors, Deep system scanners.

Engineering Systems

- Power Plant: Alsthom 50Mw fission reactor.

- Drive: Rolls-Royce Clyde 550 Old Commercial 30MW stutterwarp drive.


The Batch 1 has a total of 70 crew:

- 14 in bridge.

- 11 in TAC

- 37 in engineering.

- 5 troops.

- 1 in steward office.

- 2 in medical bay.

Living conditions in the Batch 1 are cramped and crowded, the spin habitats are used for sleeping only and are extremely claustrophobic. Life support is sufficient for 90 days of operations.

CESAD Batch 2

The main driver behind the Batch 2 design was to make the ship more comfortable for extended durations and make some minor improvements in the overall design.

Hull design

There only one change in hull design:

- The addition of two extra modules in the spin habitat for a total of four. The two new habitats are attached via walkways from the existing habitats and braced using cables.

Overall dimensions:

- Length: 59 m.

- Tonnage: 5450 tonnes


The Batch 2 saw the introduction of a slightly improved passive system.

- Passive with two working stations:

- DSMSP S-2260T (Passive: 6)


While crew numbers remained the same the double of volume in the spin habitat made the Batch 2 a much more comfortable ship for its crew and extended range missions became possible. Indeed life support capacity has been increased to 120 days.

Warp Efficiency: 2.57

Life Support: 90 days (72 personnel), Comfort: 0,

Price: 53 Mlv.

Ship Status Sheet

Movement: 5
Radial Reflected: 5(6)
Radial Profile: -1

Screens: 2
Lateral Reflected: 8
Lateral Profile: 1

Radiated signature: 3(6)
Targeting Computer: +1
Armour: 4


Bridge: Captain, Helm, Navigator, Communications, Engineering, Computer.

TAC: Active Sensors, 2xPassive Sensors, 6xFire Control, 3xRemote Operators

Hull Hits: 48/24/12

Power Plant Hits: 66/12

Damage Control: 6 teams


5 x2+1 turrets.


12 CESAM with 3 datalinks.

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08-02-2004, 07:07
We will send 500 of our Black Fighter IV's to assist you in battle:
We will send in 400 of our Light Assault Scouts:
We will send in 600 of our Starfury Fighters:
We will send in two of our Omega-Class Destroyers, Agamemnon and La Vios:
We will send one of our two Nova-Class Dreadnoughts, Schwartzkope:

Will you need ground assault? If so, I will give you a list of what we can send in.
08-02-2004, 07:19
Menelmacar sends its congratulations to you, Admiral Klack.

The Lady assures me that if there is anything the Eternal Noldorin Empire can do to aid you in your struggle for freedom, you have only to ask.

Long live a free Leda!

~Lord Turelio nos Fingolfin
Prefect of State
Eternal Noldorin Empire of Menelmacar
08-02-2004, 11:22

ARGH!!! PICWANKAGE!!! :shock: :shock:

Oh... *cough*

Der Angst
08-02-2004, 12:43
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"Nations of Sol, Greetings. I am Admiral Klack, controller of The Ineffable spacefleets. For too long has Leda Colony been under the rule of the tyrant The Great Ineffable Bob. Now, with the backing of the fleets we shall become independant. I ask that all Ledan starships meet at my current location so that we may return to Leda in triumph, to depose General McGraw from his puppet-seat of power.

Ivanova listened interestedly while she prepared to depart for Konanian Ganymede. This were... interesting news.

On the one hand, an Independant Leda- colony could be useful... and with Klack being the controller of the Ineffable spacefleets, there was a possibility he could indeed succeed.

But then, she didn´t know who he was. Was he an insane megalomanic or reasonable?

One thing was for sure: He was a military man, and thusly fairly dangerous. And neither she nor her superiors wanted to actually provoke The Silver Turtle... although it might have been to late for that, considering the recent events at Mars.

There was something she wanted even less: War at Jupiter.

This was something she very much disliked. Well, she would probably bring this matter up after arriving in the Konanian colony...

In any case, for now, she intended to keep it simple, no guarantees, nor hostilities. For now...

For a moment, she looked curiously at the message. He doesn´t seem to believe in secrecy..., then composed an answer:

From: ACJA
To: Admiral Klack
Subject: Lega

"We do not intend to meddle in internal affairs of other nations, and simply hope that extreme casualities can be avoided. However, we sincerely hope that any conflicts in the jovian system will be fast, and with a minimum of bloodshed... since, in the interest of Jovian security, we`re not overly excited regarding massive warfare in the jovian system."

~ Susan Ivanova, head council of the ACJA

She smiled, and pressed the 'send' button. Then she ordered a few (three) of the new 'Void' class frigates to monitor the situation. Just in case...
Leda colony
08-02-2004, 21:31
Klack looked over the report. It seemed several nations were concerned in one way or another about his takeover move. He'd just found out that McGraw and the first spacefleet had destroyed the ship sent to destroy Ledan territory. All ships in the system had recieved his report, but most of the first fleet had remained with McGraw and TGI Bob. Nevertheless, most of the Ledan Defence Fleets were with him, only a skeleton of the regular defence patrols had remained while the rest of the fleets had joined Klacks rebellious armada. He also now controlled the fighter fleets in the asteroid belt, and therefore he controlled the major mining and shipbuilding facilities. The 1st fleet was arranging itself as though to bar his passage to Leda, and the Bob-Loyal ships from Mars, along the TST orbital defence fleet, would certainly try and stop him.
However, TGI Bob only controlled 2 and a half to 3 fleets, while Klack himself had 4, not to mention the extra fighter fleets from the belt. Still, Klack didn't like it. He preferred overwhelming superiority of numbers and firepower. Bob controlled all of the dropships, and over half of the Ledan ground army with them. If it came to a ground war on the moons, The Great Ineffable Bob would surely win, with the ability to deploy far more forces than Klack could ever raise. He had to halt his former master in space.
But the battle was still a way off. Whoever controlled the asteroid aand moons converted to fortresses would certainly have an advantage. They were his first objective. He already controlled half of them, but he would have to either take the others by propaganda by force. But before that he had to remove the first fleet from his path to the Jovian system. As he gave the attack orders, he transmitted several messages.

Lord Turelio nos Fingolfin of Menelmacar, I thank you for your kind words. Hopefully, with the support of your great nation and others like it my nation shall finally be free of the tyranny of The Great Ineffable Bob and his empire. If we are in need of assistance we shall be glad to call upon your aid, but for now I believe we can hold out.

Admiral Klack,
Commander of The Ledan Rebellion

What is this Lega you speak of? Are you referring to Leda? If so, know this. We would not strike at leda, or any other Jovian moons if it could be avoided. We are fighting for our own independance, why would we attempt to destroy ourselves in the process? I doubt even Bob and his puppets would try such a thing as genocide, although I may be wrong about that. However, I believe that many of my people feel as I do, and that most blood shall be shed by our enemies in the Ineffable Empire.

Admiral Klack,
Commander of The Ledan Rebellion

Greetings Joe Joh. I am pleased to see you take such an interest in our fight for independance. I am sure with the help of your ships we shall be victorious in our fight. I thank you.

Admiral Klack,
Commander of The Ledan Rebellion

Unknown ships, identify yourselves. You are near a conflict area. Please indentify your origins and alliegance. Be warned, if you are allies of the Ineffable Empire then come no closer or you shall be fired upon by the Ledan fleets.

Admiral Klack,
Commander of The Ledan Rebellion
The Silver Turtle
08-02-2004, 21:58
The Great Ineffable Bob put down the report with a hand trembling from rage. Colonel O'Neill had just informed him of what had happened at Mars. TGI Bob could understand not wanting to be blown to bits, and could recognise when it was suicide, but to rebel entirely?
This was unacceptable. If the Ledan rebellion was successful, there was no telling how it might disrupt the Empire...Then again, the populace were barely aware of the colony as it was. They need never know of it... Still, the rebellion had to be squashed.
He knew Klack controlled the majority of the fleets. However, TGI Bob still had the funds of the empire behind him, while Klack merely had Leda funds, if that. TGI Bob could buy more foreign ships than Klack could build, but if he did that too much then he could ruin the empire. But hopefully his current order would be enough. The Thelasi were on his side. He was sending several hundred thousand men to go to their shipyards to help with the reconstruction of their military, as he had promised.
Still, Klack had to be stopped now. TGI Bob still controlled a sizeable portion of the fleets, and he had the Black Hole, his own personal ship. He was going to visit the colonies personally. With a fighter escort, he left the planet for his ship, and began assembling what ships that remained loyal to him under the command of Colonel O'Neill.

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The Silver Turtle
08-02-2004, 22:56
09-02-2004, 04:36
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A message was fired off in quick order to TGI Bob, from Force Commander Kentherin, who had personally taken command of the Thelasi fleets,

"Sir, we met at the Thelasi diplomatic ball, I am sending this message to ask if you need any support, I have two fleets and a full Thelasi Army Group under my command, in need be, we could be within strike range in two hours."
Steel Butterfly
09-02-2004, 07:18

*grumbles...come up with your own damn names...there are so many out there...*
The Silver Turtle
09-02-2004, 21:45
The Ineffable Imperial Fleet left orbit of The Silver Turtle. Consisting of 2 Hecate and 3 Achilles class destroyers purchased from Klonor, a small fleet of ships still loyal to the Empire, and TGI Bob's personal ship the Black Hole.
Twice as long as the largest military ship in the fleet, it barely had half the living room. Few people knew why. It was because the Black Hole was the single heaviest-armed ship in the Empire. It had grasers, it had pulse-lasers, it had hundreds of missile tubes, it had railcannons and it had two massive heavy coilcannons running down the length of the ship. And it was about to be the sting in the wrath of Bob. Never before had this killer been deployed in a military use, but now its capabilities were about to be tested.

As the fleet moved towards Jupiter, Klacks fleets began engaging the 1st.

"This is General McGraw. Admiral Klack, I order you to stand down, in the name of The Great Ineffable Bob cease this foolish rebellion or I will be forced to fire upon you."

Klack's response was swift,
"General McGraw, why do you fight for a man whose sole purpose is to oppress those beneath him? Join us or leave. We will do what we must to free Leda."

As the first fleet received this message, they assumed attack formation, and began firing on their former comrades.

OOC: Await the next exciting installment in the next post, as the Ineffable ships take on the rebel ships, as I'm just too bloody bored to do it right now!!! [/sarcasm]
Der Angst
10-02-2004, 12:47

*grumbles...come up with your own damn names...there are so many out there...*

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The three frigates were far away, merely watching the events, occasionally playing with themselves, staging fake attacks, generally testing their own capabilities...

This events could prove to be fairly interesting... unfortunately, they were not yet in a position to interfere...

Not yet...
The Silver Turtle
10-02-2004, 21:52
"Ahh, Commander Kentherin, nice to see you again. Yes, any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you."

His Imperial Majesty, The Great Ineffable Bob.
Leda colony
10-02-2004, 22:33
The Ledan fleets approached the first fleet. The Ineffable ships first shots caused little damage; the crews were reluctant to destroy their former friends.
The Ledans, however, had no such compassion. They were fighting for their freedom, and the Ledan assualt was brutal.
Thousands of fighters swarmed over the Ineffable ships, overwhelming the frigates. Assualt ships and DSAs annihilated the larger ships. Only the STSS Supernova seemed to be holding out, with a small group of fiecely fighting frigates and DSAs around it. General McGraw was not giving in, but there was no way he could hope to fight Klack and win. He had the same ships, but more. He knew all the tactics, and more.
McGraw was faced with no choice, he ad to take what ships he had and meet with TGI Bob, and the rest of the Ineffable ships.

As McGraws remaining ships jumped to Earth, Klack moved on into Ledan space. Ineffable loyalists would have to be ferreted out, defences would have to be re-arranged, and prepared, ships in dry-dock would have to be launched. He knew the Ineffable armada would be here in a few hours, and he needed to be ready to face them. Looking at an overview of the territory under Ledan command, he began planning what he would do...

OOC: I'm going to make a map of the Ledan territories, and I'll expand it to include the rest of the Jovian system. Nations with Jovian territories telegram me with your claims please. I'll make a thread about it later as well.