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AO Bumper Sticker Store!

Atlantian Outcasts
07-02-2004, 19:43
bored of watching the rear end of the Spaceship in front of you? Want some individuality? Well, the AO Bumper Sticker Store is now open! Anyone who owns their own privite ship/fighter/whatever can now buy one!

Now you can get hilarius stickers like:

"If you're too weak to defend your right to fly like an asshole, don't fly, asshole." (OOC Thanks to Pantera)

"If your close enough to read this, then I am close enough to aim a phaser Rifle at your forhead"



you can also have your's cousom made! So, all you priviteers, Pirates, Rich Guys, and other people with their own ships, COME AND GET EM!
07-02-2004, 23:52
We offer our popular: 'My other warship is a BMW' and the varients for your use.
Atlantian Outcasts
08-02-2004, 05:53