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Proposal to Clean Up United Nations

07-02-2004, 13:59
Finally as promised, I have put forward a proposal to the United Nations suggesting that the organisation sticks with its mandate of control over nations a little more rigidly.

As most of you know, some recent resolutions passed by the United nations have been both out of the organisations control over nations and explicit or ridiculous.

Myself and many others have a very hardline stance on this issue and believe that the United Nations should not be allowed to effect the internal affairs of a nation AT ALL. It is our belief that the United Nations serves as an interaction between nations and as an organisation to police a nations laws that, to quote another follower of this belief, “have direct global effect”. Whether you believe in this issue with such thorough depth as this or not, most of you will agree that the current state of the United Nations System and the resulting crisis is unacceptable and I believe that most of you will agree that this resolution will remedy the problem.

The actual resolution is entitled “Proper Resolutions Act”. You all know how to find it and I ask all regional delegates aware of this proposal to endorse it and all valued UN member nations to implore their delegates to do so as well.\

Thank you for your support throughout this debate.

Tea and Coffee Anan
UN Representative and Regional Delegate, the Republic of Googlewoop

Jonathan Hay
President, the Republic of Googlewoop